What does it mean to see a horse in a dream: interpretation of the dream according to dream books

White Horse: Pixabay Often our dreams have deep meaning and reveal a person's unconscious desires. The images that fill dreams have different interpretations. Let's talk about the most noble, graceful and stately animals. The image of a horse symbolizes endurance, courage and loyalty. The superiority of the spiritual over the material is personified by the winged horse Pegasus. Find out what horses dream about.

Why do you dream about a horse according to Vanga’s dream book?

Is it a good sign to see a horse in a dream? In the dream book of a famous soothsayer, a horse in a dream has a dual meaning:

  • if the horse is stately and beautiful, this is a good sign indicating success and prosperity;
  • if in a dream you see an old, sick, dead or wounded horse, this is a bad sign that does not bode well.

For the Bulgarian seer, the color of the horse was significant. A black horse in a dream did not foretell anything good: this omen meant that bitter disappointment and a series of failures would come in your life. A white horse is a sign of good changes, but if a horse kicks you, illness and disease are inevitable.

The fortuneteller promises global catastrophes if a person sees a herd of dead horses in a dream. To dream: galloping on a horse means excessive gullibility and loss of caution. Falling from a horse promises trouble, but curbing a mad horse is a sign of successful career growth and material wealth.

Girl and horse: Pixabay

Interpretation of details

It is considered a bad sign to see a herd of horses dragging a broken cart. This indicates financial difficulties. They will affect not only the dreamer, but also his loved ones.

This dream has the following interpretations:

  • identical horses are galloping past the dreamer - an opportunity will arise that should not be neglected;
  • the troika is harnessed to a sleigh - a series of pleasant events awaits the dreamer;
  • horses harnessed to a broken carriage - troubles will occur through the fault of the dreamer;
  • to drive several horses - family well-being and prosperity;
  • a herd is rushing towards the dreamer - there is a risk of getting into a dangerous situation.

If you dreamed of a herd of beautiful horses running, this indicates good luck in your work. The dreamer is respected by his colleagues and management, but there is a lot of work to be done. Seeing horses walking across the steppe is a sign of big changes. Don't be afraid and refuse everything new.

Seeing beautiful horses wandering through the desert means that in reality you will have to train new employees. Flying horses have a good interpretation; they foretell the fulfillment of all desires.

If the dreamer cleaned the stables, this foretells hard work that will be well paid.

Horse color

If you dreamed of a herd of horses, you need to take into account some details. For example, the color of horses.

Black horses only portend bad news. But if the horse was beautiful and well-groomed, this speaks of a secret admirer or admirer.

  • white horses - luck in all areas;
  • red horses - making a profit;
  • brown - easy money, but it will not bring joy;
  • black - change of plans.

Wild animals symbolize the freedom and creative nature of the sleeper.

If the owner of the animals was the sleeping person himself, this means that those around him respect him and listen to his opinion.

Why do horses dream according to Freud?

Since Freud's psychoanalysis significantly expanded the theory of sexuality, this dream book associates the horse with the feminine principle, the image of an ideal and desirable woman and sexual partner. A beautiful, stately horse symbolizes your desire to find an impeccable and perfect representative of the fair half of humanity.

It is also worth paying attention to who sees the horse in a dream:

  • if a woman dreams of a horse, this is a warning about betrayal or treason;
  • for a man to see horses in a dream is a symbol of freedom and an omen of new, successful and highly profitable projects. If he rides a horse there is a chance of adding to the family;
  • if a girl dreams of a horse, it means an engagement;
  • Why do you dream of horses in water? Seeing a horse in the water means fulfilling long-standing plans, but crossing a clear river while riding a horse means passionate and happy love.

Interpretation for men

The herd symbolizes a promotion at work for a man

When a man dreams of an unkempt herd of black horses, it foretells news of someone's illness or death. If you saw a beautiful threesome running past the dreamer, then in life he is trying to seem better than he really is.

A man dreams of a herd of horses:

  • promotion at work, the opportunity to prove yourself will soon appear;
  • you will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve your goal;
  • the dreamer may have to change his place of work.

If you had to independently manage a herd of beautiful horses, the dream book says that he will soon receive a promotion or increase in salary. But you need to make an effort and take the initiative.

Why do you dream about a horse in Miller’s dream book?

Miller’s dream book considers seeing a stately and beautiful horse in a dream as a guarantee of great success in a career, indicating imminent prosperity, and a horse-drawn carriage is overcoming difficulties and obstacles, a sign of successfully approaching the goal.

In this dream book, their color is of great importance when interpreting dreams about horses:

  • Why do you dream about a white horse? This promises success in your endeavors and good friendships. For women who have a dream, a white horse is a good sign indicating a happy marriage;
  • dappled horses (spotted) are a symbol of freedom and a good prospect for future affairs;
  • a black horse in a dream indicates that there is a lot of meaningless fuss in your life.

Moon and Horse: Pixabay

Expect problems

A dream where a horse appears is an indicator of real affairs and the general condition of the sleeping person. This image signifies strength, power and freedom.

A dream about a sick horse directly indicates future problems in all areas of activity. Sometimes an animal dying from a disease shows your fears for the health of those closest to you.

The dream book claims that a skinny, tired horse predicts hard work in life to satisfy the most pressing needs.

Why do you dream of horses according to the Islamic dream book?

In this dream book, the image of a horse appears as a symbol of goodness and blessings:

  • if a man dreams of black or gray horses, expect to meet a religious and humble woman;
  • seeing a white horse in a dream means good luck and joy;
  • if a man dreams that he is sitting on a horse, this is a sure way to achieving an honorable position and greatness.

Conversation with an animal has a special interpretation in the Islamic dream book:

  • neighing heard in a dream is a prototype of the speech of an authoritative and noble person;
  • if the dreamer hears the words of an animal, they should be taken literally, since horses are sincere and faithful friends of man.

Why do you dream about a horse biting a man? To the betrayal of his wife, and to see a dream in which a horse dies is a harbinger of the death of his wife.

Dream: Horse

According to the dream book, horse

- is a reflection of your thirst for intimate pleasures.

She is stately and thoroughbred

- you will be inspired, you will also be lucky in your personal life.

If all that was left of her was skin and bones

- wait for your circumstances to worsen.

Black horse

- portends you some losses.

You dreamed that the horse was decorated with ribbons and bells

- Change your job in the near future.

If she's not alive

- an excellent sign, you will hit a big jackpot.

She's hobbled

- Beware of slander and ridiculous gossip, there is someone next to you who spreads them.

You're sitting in the saddle

— you can coordinate even the most confusing and unsafe events.

You are riding a horse

- you will achieve enviable success in different areas of life. If at the same time it is snow-white, everything that currently occupies your attention will be resolved in the best possible way.

She bucked and knocked you out of the saddle

- achieving your plans will become somewhat more difficult due to suddenly formed obstacles.

If in a dream she drags you along the ground

- your financial situation will improve significantly.

You are in a hurry and constantly whip your horse

- you can cause a lot of trouble not only to yourself, but also to those who to some extent depend on you.

Talk to the mare

- do something that many will not understand and cannot accept.

See a lost horse

- to an official separation from your chosen one.

She was kidnapped from you

- your soulmate may die untimely.

A dream in which you remove the harness from a horse

- portends you to reassess your role among your family and household.

See her with her foal

- for a woman this is a sign that she will give life to a successor to the family.

Pregnant horse in a dream

- for a woman, this dream is a reminder of the main role, the role of the mother.

She was galloping and suddenly fell

- be careful not to bring yourself to irreversible bankruptcy.

You are chasing her and are unable to catch her

- expect some unfavorable turns of fate.

In a dream you are trying to subdue a horse and put equipment on it

- prosperity and good luck in everything await you, improve your financial situation.

Sick, injured horse or stallion

- negative news that can affect your life in general.

Dreaming of a sick horse that requires your care

— you will have to go through a number of difficult life obstacles, solve difficult problems, and cope with difficulties.

I dreamed of killing a horse

- the careless words you accidentally dropped greatly hurt one of your relatives.

A beautiful horse

- peace and harmony in the family; for men, this dream signifies the desire to find a good and beautiful wife.

Handsome stallion

- the work will bear fruit faster than you expected. There will be an opportunity to realize what you have long dreamed of.

White or gray horse

- a wonderful future awaits, without shocks and worries.

Falling off a horse in a dream

- the path of life will be filled with various kinds of problems, which will have to be solved as they arise.

Kissing a horse

- become a victim of scammers and adventurers. There will be obstacles and obstacles along the way every now and then.

Horse in the water

- there will be an opportunity to realize your wildest plans.

Eat horse meat

- They will treat you dishonestly.

Crazy horse in a dream

- empty worries, groundless anxiety. Your comrades will not support you, and your loved one may be leading a double life.

Dreaming of hugging a horse

- any day you will have to make a responsible choice, it will change your whole life for the better.

White horse

- things will go smoothly, if until recently you did not believe in your abilities, now the results achieved leave no doubt - you will be able to do everything you set your mind to.

Black horse in a dream

- what you dreamed of will come true, but will bring disaster. If a woman sees a black horse, then the surrounding reality disappoints her.

A dream in which I happened to ride a horse

— at work you occupy a leading position. You can reason soberly without letting your emotions get the better of you. This dream promises good news, happy events.

Herd of horses

- you are in your place and happy with your life, in which there is happiness, love, and interesting work.

Dream about riding a white horse

- new joyful events, pleasant friendly gatherings, happiness in the future.

Riding a horse that tries to throw you off means minor difficulties in life. There is a possibility of mild illness.

Black or brown horse in a dream

- you will be able to achieve great heights, get a good position at work.

Horse and cart, according to the dream book

- these are the tasks that you have to solve in the near future. You walk through life with a burden of responsibility, so the path is characterized by delays and hitches.

Dead horse

- there may be negative consequences of the absent-mindedness that has characterized you lately.

I dreamed of feeding a horse

- one of his acquaintances will need support, but he will not dare to ask his friends.

A dream in which a horse bit

- You will be able to achieve significant success at work. Completing your last project promises you a promotion.

Running away from a horse in a dream

- a romantic meeting will happen any day now. The one you meet will meet all your requirements and become your ideal lover.

Red horse in a dream

- you are on the eve of the turmoil that will accompany some serious event.

Clean, wash and pet the horse

- you want to be loved for your inner peace, and not as an object for satisfying carnal pleasures. If a girl has a dream, then your loved one has probably found another woman.

running horse

- a favorable signal that what you want will most likely come true.

Horse head, according to the dream book

- means that you are true to your principles and do not change plans, which can play into your hands. Perhaps such a sequence of actions will lead to success.

Dreaming of a brown horse (bay horse)

- you will meet a faithful comrade on the path of life.

If you have a bay horse under you, you will be lucky in all your endeavors. At this time, try to make every effort to achieve maximum results.

Red or chestnut horse

— most likely you live following your intuition, without listening to the voice of reason. However, issues should not always be resolved this way.

Horse with foal

- Expect a new addition to the family in the near future; most likely, the new family member will be male.

Wounded horse

- bad news.

If you dream of a wounded horse that you decide to help, expect an increase in income and improved well-being.

Sit on a horse

- prosperity in business, good luck in all endeavors.

Sitting on a black horse, as the dream book says, means feeling anxious and worried about your future.

Sitting on a bay horse means a luxurious life, a fruitful business trip.

A dream in which you happened to sit on a red horse means the death of someone you know.

Sitting on a golden-red horse means worries and troubles.

Sitting on a white horse means pleasant changes, a bright future is just around the corner.

Why do you dream of horses according to the Chinese dream book?

In the minds of the Chinese, a horse is able to help the rider and lead him to the “gates of immortality”; in the Chinese dream book, the horse is included as an association with the image of a dragon and symbolizes power and glory. The Eastern interpretation of dreams where horses are present differs significantly from the European one:

  • a herd of horses rushes near your house - a sign that the troubles will end and you will return to a normal, calm lifestyle;
  • riding a white horse does not bode well - it means illness;
  • but white horses harnessed to a cart are a sign of good luck;
  • why dream of riding a horse back and forth - success in the literary field;
  • According to the Chinese dream book, a horse bite means advancement up the career ladder.

Herd of Horses: Pixabay

General interpretation

A herd of horses according to Miller’s dream book means a person is under the strong protection of Higher powers. This vision also predicts communication with a large number of people, or a new job. perhaps the dreamer will be offered to work on a new project.

If you dreamed of driving a herd of horses yourself, the dream foreshadows the receipt of an inheritance or a big profit. But sometimes such a vision says that a person is in search of himself and is looking for an area in which he can realize himself.

A running herd predicts a rapid change of events; the sleeper will not have time to react to them, but they will all bring positive emotions. If you dreamed of three black horses, this means that you need to be more careful, there is a risk of injury.

Interpretation according to different dream books

Vanga's dream book says that a herd of horses portends change. He will have to make a difficult decision.

According to Freud, such a dream means a desire to prove oneself. If a person is too impulsive, he should channel his emotions in the right direction.

The modern dream book says that the sleeper has real friends; you can rely on them in a difficult situation.

For an accurate interpretation, it is necessary to take into account the actions of animals:

  • the herd rushes quickly and destroys everything in its path - a collapse of plans;
  • dream about grazing - stability and peace;
  • driving a herd is a trouble that can be dealt with quickly.
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