Why do you dream of a black cat according to various dream books?

Muslim dream book on the Koran and Sunnah cat in a dream

Dream book Muslim dream book on the Koran and Sunnah cat dreamed of why a Muslim dream book on the Koran and Sunnah dreams of a cat?
To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically). Now you can find out what it means to see a cat in a Muslim dream book according to the Koran and Sunnah in a dream by reading below free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books!

In a dream, see a black cat cross the road

Dream prediction Quran

Reading the Koran in a dream means trying to go to church.

Why do you dream about the Koran?

Reading it in a dream is a sign of honor, joy from Allah and victory.

And whoever among the sick sees that he is reading something from the Koran, the Almighty will heal him.

Reading the Koran in chant is a sign of the numerous good deeds and the height of the degree (darja) in the afterlife.

Whoever sees that the Koran is being torn to shreds is a person who does not believe in Allah and does not recognize Him.

And if he sees that he has done something in the Koran that he would never have liked in reality, then this is a sign of the destruction of his faith and character.

And whoever sees the Koran with him in a dream will gain power and knowledge, and if the one who saw the Koran is sick, then he will get rid of his illness.

To see reciters of the Koran gathered in a certain place in a dream means that statesmen from among the sultans, merchants and alims are gathering in this place.

If a person reads verses from the Holy Quran in a dream, telling about joy and mercy, then he has earned the mercy and protection of the Almighty.

If the verses read in a dream contain lines about punishment, punishment for sins and warning, then this dream means that a person sins in life; he should repent and sin no more.

A person who reads the Koran very beautifully and expressively in a dream will succeed in the future in everything he does not undertake.

Whoever sees himself reading the Koran written in ugly and illegible handwriting will soon repent of his sins.

In general, reading the Koran in a dream means leaving a large inheritance. Such a dream also indicates that the reader of the Quran is protected from people who do not believe in Allah.

The Koran says: “When you read the Koran, we place a hidden veil between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter.” (SURA-ISRA, 45).

Putting the Koran under one’s head in a dream means doing wrong things in life.

Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w., said: “Do not put the Koran under your head.”

Taking the Koran with your right hand is good; to return the Koran to someone - to greatly regret something.

Whoever sees that lines from the Koran are written on his shirt is a very religious person. But if they are written on his left hand, then he may commit a bad act.

Seeing a non-believer holding the Koran or some other Arabic book in his hands is a sign of failure.

A person who holds the Koran in his hands in a dream and does not read it will soon receive an inheritance.


Cat's dream islamic dream book

Dream book Muslim dream book on the Koran and Sunnah cat dreamed of why a Muslim dream book on the Koran and Sunnah dreams of a cat? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a cat in a Muslim dream book according to the Koran and Sunnah in a dream by reading below free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books!

Cat Islamic dream book

Dream Interpretation Cat Islamic dream book dreamed of why the Cat is an Islamic dream book in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a Cat in an Islamic dream book by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

The cat is one of the most difficult symbols that one has to deal with when deciphering dreams.

The thing is that the image of a cat can appear in a dream for many reasons, and it is almost never possible to determine exactly how our subconscious worked at the moment when we saw a small kitten, a Siamese cat or an affectionate cat.

Perhaps in reality we encountered an amazing person who, despite all the difficulties, managed to avoid a seemingly imminent danger. After all, looking at just such people, we remember the folk wisdom: “He’s like a cat, everything falls on his feet.”

The appearance of a cat in a dream can also be facilitated by meeting an independent, independent and slightly frivolous woman. And this is no coincidence, because in real life we ​​call such a woman “a cat that walks on its own.”

Or maybe the image of a cat in a dream arose as a result of the fact that memories of how the cat washed itself were deposited in our subconscious: the folk sign “The cat washes its face for guests” is no secret to anyone.

A cat can appear in a dream even when we are watching with pleasure how a young guy caresses and plays with a cat: after all, it’s rare that another folk wisdom does not come to mind at this moment: “He who loves cats will love his wife.”

What if we dreamed of a cat, as a warning of impending danger (after all, during the day we were very worried when a black cat crossed our path)?

As for those human qualities that characterize a cat, they are, without a doubt, known to everyone. This is cunning, deceit and malice.

But at the same time, we must not forget that in ancient times cats were deified and considered special animals. This means that any dream in which you saw a cat is prophetic. The most important thing is to be able to decipher it correctly.

Watching a cat wash itself in a dream means guests. It is possible that you will meet old good friends with whom you will have a great time.

Watching a dog hunt a cat in a dream is a warning that you should under no circumstances deceive your friends. Having learned about your deception, your friends will turn away from you forever.

Seeing in a dream a small kitten hiding in a tree from an angry dog ​​is a sign that in real life you should be very careful.

If you dreamed of a kitten who, having noticed a dog in the distance, immediately runs to hide on the roof, then you should beware of a danger that you have already managed to avoid once.

If in a dream you saw a cat hunting for mice, then in the near future your life will be hectic and not entirely joyful. Various problems will arise on your way due to the deceit and evil machinations of your secret enemy.

If a cat scratched you in a dream, then in reality big problems await you, about which you will be very worried.

If you dreamed that a cat drove its claws right into your chest, then emotional anguish, sadness and sorrow await you.

Why do you dream about a CAT? What does it mean to see a CAT in a dream according to the dream book?

his vision indicates greatness, strength and tenderness along with rage and enmity. They also say that seeing a cheetah in a dream is a sign of human indifference, struggle, crime and deception.

this is a servant, and it is also said that this is a thief from among the household. Some scientists believe that seeing a domestic cat in a dream is a sign of joy, tranquility and relaxation in the coming year. Others claim that a cat seen in a dream is a symbol of female betrayal.

A wild cat in a dream is a sign of failure and fatigue.

Seeing kittens in a dream - Islamic dream book

Sometimes it is very difficult to explain what you see in a dream. We receive strange signals from the world of dreams, which are fundamentally important to decipher correctly, since what will happen in the near future depends on it. You should not associate events from a dream with things that can take place in real life.

It may be that you dream of hair that symbolizes prosperity, longevity and grace, and not at all thick hair in real life. However, you should take into account every nuance that could go unnoticed.

With the help of popular dream books, you can better understand the meaning of hair and prepare for dramatic changes in the near future.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z: trimmed hair in a dream

If a dreamer goes to a hairdresser and ends up with his regular hairdresser, success will await him in the professional sphere if he follows his principles and habits.

When a sleeper finds himself in a completely unfamiliar salon, and he is served by an inexperienced young student, in reality he will be expected to receive reproaches from his spouse or adult children.

If a person gets a very good haircut at a hairdresser, the time will soon come when he will achieve what he was striving for, which will bring happiness. When a sleeping man gets a terrible haircut at a hairdresser and he is upset, in reality they will write about him in the media, and they will characterize him in a bad way.

If a person in a dream cuts people’s hair in a salon, and the clients are happy with the work, joyful events await him in reality. However, if the dreamer gets terrible haircuts, in real life he will be disappointed in his work and change his occupation.

Dream Interpretation of Winter: trimmed hair in a dream

If a person has a beautiful haircut in a hairdresser, this means that in reality ideal order and harmony reign in his thoughts. The sleeper is able to make meaningful and correct decisions.

When he is dissatisfied with the hairstyle that the master did, or being in the hairdresser for some reason is a burden to him, such a dream is a warning against making any important decisions. It seems that the time has not yet come for them.

Being dissatisfied with an excessively short haircut in a dream is a warning against excessive haste and fussiness. They can greatly harm the dreamer in business.

Why do you dream about a cheetah or a wild cat? what does it mean to see a cheetah or a wild cat in a dream according to the dream book?

his vision indicates greatness, strength and tenderness along with rage and enmity. They also say that seeing a cheetah in a dream is a sign of human indifference, struggle, crime and deception.

this is a servant, and it is also said that this is a thief from among the household. Some scientists believe that seeing a domestic cat in a dream is a sign of joy, tranquility and relaxation in the coming year.

Others claim that a cat seen in a dream is a symbol of female betrayal.

A wild cat in a dream is a sign of failure and fatigue.

Miller's Dream Book

The famous American psychologist Gustavus Hindman Miller in his book “Dream Book or Interpretation of Dreams” notes that the cat is a mysterious, secretive and dangerous animal. This means that a cat in a dream acts as a warning, symbolizing a secret enemy nearby. The psychologist pays special attention to the appearance of the cat: if the animal is dirty, thin and sick, the dreamer’s health is in danger , and it is urgent to think about your well-being. If the cat is healthy, strong and ready to attack, the enemy is very close: he is plotting, spreading gossip or planning a scandal.

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Detailed analysis of the dream

Interpretations of dream books

Few people know that the first dream books were written 2 thousand years BC in Ancient Egypt. The entire history of mankind is associated with the desire to guess the future and fate, and there were different methods for this. Essentially, a dream book is a book that interprets dreams and allows you to find out the future, and therefore influence it.

Dream books helped people protect themselves from evil spirits, enemies and all kinds of misfortune, at least they believed in it... and many still believe in it. We do not undertake to judge the veracity of the information provided in such books, since many people confirm the “workability” of dream books from their own experience.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian fortuneteller Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova) became a guide for many people and foresaw several major events significant for humanity. Let us note that during her lifetime Vanga was blind, which gave her the strength to “look” beyond ordinary human existence. There was a lot of gossip and speculation around Vanga. Many called the seer a fraud and even linked her “work” with the Bulgarian intelligence services.

What does Vanga’s dream book say about dreams with a little kitten? In Bulgarian, cats are called “cats” and, as Vanga believed, cats in dreams do not bode well.

Vanga’s dream book says that a cat that comes in a dream brings to life:

  • Quarrels with loved ones.
  • Sensuality and touchiness over little things.
  • Selfishness in its worst manifestations - either you all love me, or I will be offended by you.
  • Love of freedom - when one of the couple suddenly begins to feel that he “hasn’t had enough time” and that the bonds of marriage are too difficult.
  • Breaking off relationships with your other half.

A little kitten that scratches and gets angry for no reason tells you that the jealousy that is eating you up is unfounded. It is interesting that there are no real, significant reasons for the emergence of a feeling of equality, but against the backdrop of emotional experiences, a quarrel or even a break in the relationship may occur.

If an angry kitten starts to run away from you, and you catch up with it, know that your partner is behaving selfishly and you are suppressing your resentment. A cat running away in a dream may mean that a “slippery” person who knows how to love only himself is trying to enter your life.

Vanga's dream book contains interpretations of dreams about kittens of different colors. All colors, except black, are interpreted similarly to what is written above. If you dreamed of a black kitten, you have a smart, cunning and insidious enemy. If a black kitten just came in a dream, perhaps a conflict can be avoided... but if it attacks, the enemy will attack you in the face, perhaps taking revenge for past grievances.

Miller's Dream Book

Psychologist Gustav Hindman Miller is considered a classic in the art of dream interpretation. During his lifetime, Gustav Miller was a very inquisitive person with a healthy amount of material interests. The psychologist wanted not only to serve people, but also to receive a decent reward for it.

Who dreamed of a cat?

Cats personify comfort and tranquility, but in dreams they carry information warning of troubles and troubles.

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To an unmarried girl

To a woman

Seeing a well-groomed cat in a dream means sensing your feminine intuitive self and the feminine half of your essence.


To a man

If a man dreams of a pet, then it also does not carry a positive connotation. This applies to your personal life: the girl you love will soon become grumpy and conflictual, so happiness and mutual understanding will cease to reign in your couple.

A cat dreamed of by a man who holds a high position means that one of the staff is playing dirty, lying or wants to set him up.

Black cat according to Meneghetti's Italian dream book

In dreams, cats represent a man’s unquestioning service to his mother or some other woman to the detriment of his own interests. At the same time, this woman considers her own ideals sublime, which, as a rule, carry hidden aggression. It is a symbol of the illusion of security, success, softness, femininity, which are actually used by the machine for the purposes of vampiric capture, social aggression, mental “absorption” of another person, as well as empty eroticism.

Interpretation of the dream book when a cat bites in a dream

Such a dream has a double interpretation. It all depends on the color of the animal, its appearance, state of health and the intentions with which it attacks you. If she just bit you as a joke and was just playing around, without causing pain or leaving scratches, such a dream means a pleasant surprise, joy and light flirting.

The event will be very pleasant and deliver pleasant emotions. If the dream book says that a cat bites for real, not as a joke, and scratches until it bleeds, this means big troubles, quarrels and scandals, not at all on a comic level. This is what such a turn of events means in a dream.

Men's dreams

An adult man often dreams of a cat as a symbol of various manifestations of sexuality and feminine tricks. Pay attention to its appearance and color, as well as its grooming - it will tell you who the cat in your dream may be.

Typically, representatives of this natural family become affectionate and, when flirting, can lightly bite or scratch their prey without causing pain. Thus, they engage in flirting, caressing and flirting; sometimes a bite becomes an analogue of a kiss.

The color of the cat may match the hair color of the flirting woman. A man in a dream, if she bites him lightly, dreams of a new hobby, happy love and affection. For a young man, such a dream predicts that he will be very passionate about a girl and will begin to enjoy increased attention from the opposite sex.

If a cat in a dream was fluffy and well-groomed, what is this dream about? The dream book writes that very soon he will become interested in a beauty with long hair of the same shade as the color of the cat. Sometimes its color shows character.

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White – innocence, charm of a blonde, quiet, gentle, feminine and very vulnerable. Gray in noble shades denotes modesty, grooming, glamor, as well as a quiet and completely unnoticeable character.

If in a dream a cat bites a man in all seriousness, the animal scratches and attacks, this always leads to a big quarrel with the woman.

The Dream Interpretation writes that a conflict is possible not only with a wife or neighbor, relatives and mother-in-law, but also with a former mistress who will pretend to continue the relationship or begin to blackmail with a child or by revealing a trade secret or trick.

In any case, getting along with her, as well as breaking off relations, will not be easy.

Why does a guy dream that a cat attacks him and rushes at him in his sleep? This dream means a conflict with a woman, in some cases with a mother or neighbor. In some cases, this may mean an attack by an unpleasant person, a classmate or the mother of his girlfriend, who begins to behave meanly and cruelly, or simply protests against being in a relationship with her.

It is in this image that a cat appears and rushes at you, attacks and scratches you in your sleep. If she left scratches on her hand, then there will soon be a public scandal that will erupt due to the fact that she will reveal a secret or give evidence to her wife about treason.

Why dream of a quarrel with a cat that unexpectedly attacks you? This dream predicts a conflict with a woman, girl, neighbor or classmate. This is why such a dream most often occurs.

The color and location of the animal's appearance mean in a dream where the conflict will be and how it will develop. If a cat attacked you at school, then a quarrel will take place with a teacher or classmate. Sometimes it can be very difficult and painful due to constant nagging and troubles, as well as as a result of the arrogance of this person.

Why do you dream that a cat attacked you in the entrance? This dream means a conflict with a neighbor or guest who decides to sort things out right in your house. If she attacks you unexpectedly, expect trouble and a blow from an unexpected direction.

It is possible that the enemy or his revenge will come from a pleasant and quiet person who will cause you a lot of grief with his unexpectedly revealed feelings. Therefore, you should be wary of an unexpected and strong blow that may come.

If you go on a date with a guy, and the cat attacks you while leaving the house, then expect disapproval of your choice by your family and a quarrel over a new date with your loved one. It is likely that the cat in your dream will be your mother or grandmother, aunt or sister.

But why dream that a cat is hovering in front of your boyfriend and attacks you, not letting you come to him? Such a dream means the appearance of a rival, who he may not like, but claims a relationship with your soulmate.

Why do you dream that a cat attacked your child?

Expect aggression from neighbors, relatives and other parents who may be protecting their children. It is for this reason that there will be a big quarrel, about which you will be very worried.

If the cat was simply flirting with him and biting him while playing around and joking, such a dream means joy and good news, a joyful pastime. But when an animal tries to harm him, scratches him, expect strong aggression and trouble directed towards him.

The interpretation of a dream where a cat bites you indicates trouble. They will be caused by the actions of a familiar, calculating person, guided only by his own benefit. This person is able to competently play with other people's weaknesses.

It is recommended to exercise extreme caution and attentiveness in order to successfully avoid troubles and prevent the occurrence of stupid mistakes out of the blue.

Miller's Dream Book

cat dream interpretation

Dreams in which a cat is present, according to psychologist G. Miller, carry negative meanings. For example: If a sleeping person dreams that a cat is aggressive and attacks him, then in reality the sleeping person should worry about his property, because one of the enemies will intend to take it away and also ruin the dreamer’s reputation.

If the dreamer sees in a dream that he is not afraid of the cat and drives it away, then the troubles will pass, and enemies will not be able to desecrate the name of the sleeper. If an exhausted and skinny cat appears in the dreamer’s dream, then this portends a serious illness for a person close to the dreamer.

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What if you dream about a cat according to Islam

The most detailed description: “seeing a cat in a dream is a Muslim dream book” - all from professionals, which is relevant in 2022.

Why do women dream about cats?

Every day, each of us lives a small life, and most likely even more than one. And, probably, wandering along the unexplored paths created by Morpheus, waking up, we thought more than once - perhaps they showed us this for a reason?

In this article we present the most popular interpretations of dreams about cats, and we will also try to figure out why cats squeal and meow in dreams, how dangerous it is to see cats in a dream, and how the color of the animal can change the meaning of the dream.

Miller's Dream Book

If you saw a cat in a dream, you can be sure that such dreams do not bode well.

An attack by animals on the dreamer or his relatives is considered a particularly unfortunate combination - apparently, you have new enemies who in the future will try to steal your fortune or, at a minimum, leave a mark of shame on your good name.

However, according to the book, if the tailed one can be driven away or destroyed, the dark streak in his life will soon end, giving way to new ideas and opportunities.

  • Skinny, dirty cats are of particular importance in the interpretation of dreams - they bring bad news, usually such as the illness of friends or comrades. By driving away such a messenger, the dreamer can ensure the speediest recovery for the patient.
  • Meowing and cat squealing during dreams most often warn a person about a false friend standing behind you and trying to harm you.
  • Scratching predators announce very unpleasant news to the dreamer - your enemies are successfully pulling off unprecedented scams, depriving you of a share of the profits from the business on which you have spent a lot of effort and time.
  • A dreamer's visit to dazzling white animals is a sign of confusion arising in your life. It will entail loss of property and misfortune.

Assyrian dream interpreter

  • According to the Assyrian books, if you catch a cat while dreaming, your wishes will certainly come true. Also, you will soon have a wisest patron, which will undoubtedly advance the sleeper to a new spiritual level.

Freud's Dream Book

These animals, according to Freud, notice the excitement and excessive sentimentality of a person.

  • If the dreamer strokes a kitten in a dream, there is a desire for an intimate relationship with a partner who is much younger than him.
  • But when cats creep themselves, without involving the dreamer in this activity, this certainly indicates his generally recognized attractiveness from the opposite sex.
  • Feeding an animal in a dream confirms the dreamer’s unnatural desire for intimate contact with children and adolescents.
  • Killing or perverting an animal in a dream shows a person’s preference for revitalizing intimacy using sadism. Having scratched a person, the cat most fully reveals the dark side of the dreamer - he clearly enjoys intimacy, revealing masochistic tendencies.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

According to Tsvetkov, in the general understanding, cats dream of sorrows and infidelity. Depending on the coat color, those with a mustache during dreams indicate completely opposite situations:

  • If the predator is black, an embittered enemy is waiting for you behind you.
  • If the predator is white, there is a deceitful friend hiding behind your back.

Russian dream book

  • If we consider the appearance of cats in dreams from the perspective of Russian beliefs and omens, mustachioed friends announce to the dreamer an upcoming meeting with pretenders or rivals, in fact, as they foreshadow betrayal and betrayal.

Dream Interpreter of Nostradamus

  • If you see animals infesting a city in a dream, you can reveal this message as a harbinger of waterlessness or a natural disaster.

Ukrainian dream book

  • If the predator shown by Morpheus represents enemies, then a cat slowly swimming past the dreamer foreshadows a fatal catastrophe.
  • When a tailed animal bites or scratches a sleeping person, it is a sign indicating apostasy and fornication or the triumph of an ill-wisher.
  • Cats coming to a man in a dream are an omen warning of a young woman’s attempts to cast a spell over him.
  • Cats that a girl dreams of warn her about the presence of a homewrecker.
  • Ash cats dream of drunkenness, snow-white cats open the dreamer's eyes to what is happening behind his back - a lot of scammers and hypocrites want to get something from him.
  • Dreaming of young cats means deceit; street cats mean disputes with neighbors.
  • A large number of kittens in dreams represent future relationships with unreliable people.

Muslim dream book

  • If you were injured by a cat in a dream, according to the Muslim dream book, this is a harbinger of fears and ill health.

English dream book

Cats in the interpretation of English beliefs are harbingers of treason and slander.

  • Having dreamed of a young man, the animal warns him that his dear one will soon become a true vixen.
  • When a girl dreams of a cat, it indicates the unreliability of her betrothed.
  • Seeing cat offspring in a dream foreshadows a friendly family, making the dreamer’s life fussy and empty.
  • The murder of a mustachioed friend in a dream is an omen declaring that the dreamer will soon reveal the thoughts of his enemies.

French dream book

  • A cat fight in dreams warns the dreamer of an imminent robbery.
  • A snow-white cat in a dream means betrayal of a dear person, black female betrayal.

Veles book

  • A cat in a dream is a bad sign, but cat meat is a good sign, promising the speedy return of stolen or lost wealth.

Dream book of the 21st century

  • Petting a cat in a dream portends mistrust and suspicion.
  • The dreamer's meeting with a cat that is coming towards you is a warning about an undisclosed deceitful friend or ill-wisher.
  • If you catch a cat in a dream, then the person will soon refute the lie erected against him.
  • Injuring a cat is a reminder that the dreamer is gnawing at his conscience.
  • A mouse caught in a dream by a cat is a good sign and is interpreted as an unexpected appearance of wealth and wealth.
  • A dead cat is a renunciation of an unpleasant acquaintance.

The most popular and interesting articles:

Vanga's Dream Book

why do you dream about a cat

Bulgarian psychic Vanga also believes that cats in dreams portend troubles, such as quarrels, discord and misunderstandings with loved ones. Chasing a cat means meeting a very narcissistic individual on your life’s path.

You may be filled with a feeling of jealousy towards your other half if you dreamed that a cat scratched you or even bit you. Be on the lookout and don’t be afraid to play it safe once again if you dreamed of a black cat. The dream book says that it is a black cat that promises you the appearance of enemies.

You may not be able to avoid a shameful situation if you dreamed of a lot of meowing cats.

Muslim dream book (Islamic)

Draws attention to the number of animals (The number of animals is the number of people. If there were a lot of cats, then the dream indicated the “power” of the events taking place.), as well as your emotional state in the dream.

According to the Islamic dream book, if in a dream you see a beautiful cat that is caressing you, then perhaps you have a admirer. Dreaming about sick cats means the end of difficulties and illnesses.

A new love affair is at stake if you caught a cat in a dream.

Loff's Dream Book

cat according to the dream book

The cat is a symbol of human intuition. If you dreamed of a cat, listen to your intuition, and it will help you avoid difficult situations. Dreams with cats may be a sign that the dreamer wants to learn occult sciences or learn witchcraft.

Esoteric dream book

A dream in which a strange cat walks through your apartment and turns into a person foreshadows the appearance of an enemy and serious troubles associated with him. If in a dream you saw your cat with its throat cut, it means that false friends wish you death, and, perhaps, are performing magical work against you. A black cat dreams either of deception or misfortune.


Many people have experienced such a state when, upon awakening from sleep, it is impossible to move. You can’t move a single limb, your body seems to be paralyzed.

Nowadays, people endowed with special gifts - psychics - can explain a lot that is connected with the world of dreams.

Why do we see people in our dreams who are no longer with us? Why can we talk in a dream with a person whom we have never known and could never know in reality? Why do the dead disturb our dreams?

German scientists from the Max Planck Institute conducted an experiment on dream control in which subjects were told before falling asleep.

Some scientists believe that dreams serve as preparation for threats in real life. The brain simulates anxiety so that the dreamer can cope with it in reality. There are claims that such training helps humanity survive.

It turns out that in order to get enough sleep, it is not at all necessary to have super knowledge or super abilities, like Napoleon, who only needed 4 hours to sleep.

Difficulties and problems at work, worries, irritability, anxiety, nervous breakdowns; ultimately it all spills over into our dreams.

Characteristics by gender of the dreamer

Sometimes the gender of the dreamer is of great importance. For example, if in a dream a predator bites a representative of the fair sex, this plot may symbolize a clash with a rival. There is a possibility of future or already occurring betrayal of a beloved man. Getting rid of the homewrecker will be very difficult.

If a cat cuddles up to a girl's feet, she may not feel loved by her partner. A man can take advantage of her gullibility and be with her for his own benefit. Of course, it is stupid to part with your lover because of the plot you saw, but it would be useful to check his intentions.

A pet rubbing against the legs of a representative of the stronger sex says that it is worth taking a closer look at your friends. One of the comrades or friends may try to defraud the dreamer of a large amount of money. If an animal asks a man for food, most likely the sleeper is in the power of a strong woman, who does not give him the right to choose and limits the expression of his will.

A woman dreamed of a small kitten: interpretation

Islamic dream book

Muslim culture implies that the dreams of only those Muslims who are truly faithful to their own culture become prophetic. Representatives of the Islamic religion sincerely believe that dreams will begin to appear precisely during the time close to the day of judgment. Moreover, if you believe Islamic manuscripts, then it is Muslims who will be able to save themselves on the last day from the punishment that is inevitable for other infidel peoples. Moreover, this salvation will be indicated to the nation precisely in their dreams, in order to indicate the right path of salvation. Such information is a direct explanation of the interest that the Muslim people have in the mysteries of the world of dreams.

Quite a few collections of dream interpretations have been published in Arabic, but it cannot be said that these books are in demand among ordinary people. "Islamic Dream Book" is an online collection of interpretations based on interpretations of dreams drawn from the contents of the Koran and Sunnah. A significant part of the interpretations are borrowed directly from the works of Imam Muhammad, who is considered one of the most talented followers of the prophet and was a significant scientist of his era.

Since the time of the Prophet, dreams have received enviable attention in Arab countries. It was believed that it was dreams that influenced the formation of personality and were able to indicate the righteous path to protect from sinful acts.

In addition to the interpretations of dreams themselves, the free “Islamic Dream Book: Interpretation of Dreams According to the Holy Quran and Sunnah” by Ibn Sirin contains methodological instructions for the correct analysis of dream images, and examples of dreams that came true are indicated. This publication is very useful to all those who strive to understand the psychological background of Islam.

In Arab countries, the interpretation of dreams is almost equated with scientific knowledge, because there you cannot just become an interpreter; a certain experience and level of trust are required. This dream book is based on the most reliable and proven interpretations of dreams in Islamic culture. And despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since the compilation of this collection, it has not lost any of its usefulness and content for a modern person, and especially for a representative of the culture of the East. This almanac includes direct references to events at the dawn of Islam.

It is difficult to find such a strange person who would not be touched by the mere sight of adorable kittens.

Cute, fluffy babies evoke so many pleasant emotions! But in the world of dreams, the opposite is often true, and phenomena that we are accustomed to consider good and nice in reality may not mean something not entirely favorable.

Also, the question of why kittens dream may have unexpected answers. Cats are generally a symbol of mysticism, the other world, and magic.

It is believed that cats live both in the real world and in the astral world. So the symbol is complex, ambiguous, mysterious.

Each interpreter of night dreams interprets visions in which a kitten is present in different ways, and for women, girls and men.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s dream book, a kitten is a symbol of minor troubles and problems. Reconsider your surroundings. It is possible that someone is trying to put a spoke in your wheels, holding dirty discussions behind your back. Expect squabbles, quarrels, conflicts.

A good sign is to see a white fluffy kitten or a light-colored mustache in a dream. The problems will soon be resolved, and the dreamer will gain the respect of others.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller's dream book, a kitten in a dream is an unfavorable bad sign. A long streak awaits the dreamer. You should not expect a quick solution to controversial issues. Such a dream means poverty, financial losses, disagreements with colleagues and loved ones.

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For a woman, such a dream means that she will fall into a cleverly placed trap without knowing it. Men should temporarily refrain from making financial transactions and signing contracts. The deal may fall through due to the tricks of a stronger competitor.

Under what circumstances did you dream about a kitten?

A small kitten that comes into a dream or is present in the background suggests that it is a good time to defend your opinion. Perhaps right now luck is on your side, and you will be able to resolve long-simmering conflicts. However, beware of meaningless quarrels, try to conduct a dialogue and argue your opinion.

Remember! A kitten promises quarrels in the family, usually groundless, flaring up against the backdrop of long-accumulated grievances.

Small and sick kitten

A sick, emaciated, goner kitten is interpreted by Miller’s dream book as a warning that you have believed the shell of a person without considering his true motives.

Animal actions, interactions in a dream with a kitten

If in a dream you were given a kitten, the baby is well-groomed, energetic, affectionate - expect a gift, an improvement in your financial situation, a promotion. But having a kitten means that because of your kindness and innocence, you will take on other people’s problems, responsibilities, or a task that is beyond your strength.

Catching a kitten is a good sign. In real life, you can catch your enemy red-handed. An exposed ill-wisher will not be able to harm you in the future and will cease to be a real threat.

Losing a kitten is a good auspicious dream. A problem that you could not solve for a long time will go away unexpectedly and a white streak will come in life again.

Petting a kitten

Holding a kitten in your arms and stroking it in a dream means you are afraid to make decisions and avoid responsibility. The dreamer often does not know what to do in a given situation. Such a vision can also mean a quarrel with a loved one.

Feeding a kitten in a dream means for the dreamer that not everyone around him has sincere feelings for him. Someone from your close circle wants to blame their problems on you or is preparing a “trap” for you, which you can fall into through your kindness or carelessness.

If a kitten shits in a dream, such a vision can mean both unexpected profits and financial losses. Be careful in your actions, make decisions carefully. Perhaps someone close to you will do something mean or mischievous at a time when you were not at all expecting it.

Kitten's condition: correct interpretation of sleep

To correctly interpret night vision, first of all you need to remember what position the animal was in, what actions the mustache performed and your interaction with it.

A thin, sick, severely weakened kitten - expect bad news. Perhaps a deterioration in health, loss of strength, loss of vital energy will follow, and prolonged depression will set in. In some dream books, seeing a thin, sick kitten in a dream means the loss of a friend, loved one, as well as financial difficulties and material problems.

Active kitten

An energetic, active, cheerful kitten in a dream is always a good sign for both women and men.

The dreamer can expect good news and events. Perhaps someone is preparing a pleasant surprise for you.

Aggressive kitten - expect trouble. Someone from your environment is setting “traps” for you, into which, through carelessness or your own stupidity, you can fall. If in a dream a kitten scratches or bites, such a dream signals an unfavorable period in life, a protracted black streak. Be prepared for quarrels, squabbles, deception, and minor troubles.

Hungry kitten

Hungry kitten - the dreamer will be faced with problems that will affect all areas of life. To see a hungry and angry kitten in a dream means that in reality a person will encounter an aggressive, vile person.

Fluffy kitten

A cute, fluffy, well-fed kitten is a pleasant acquaintance, the appearance of a new friend. It's especially good if you pet or play with a cute fluffy ball. But still, such a dream warns that you need to take a closer look at your surroundings, and especially be careful. vigilance with new acquaintances.

Dying kitten - problematic situations, unresolved disputes, problems, conflicts. The dreamer should be careful. Ask your family and friends for help.

If in a vision the dreamer saw a wounded, bloody kitten, such a dream means that you will be able to get even with your offenders and ill-wishers. But you need to be prepared that a difficult period in life will begin in the near future.

Place and time of action

Black cat

The connotation of a black cat in a dream differs from established superstitions.

White cat

Stray cat

A stray cat means that hopes will not come true in the near future, and it is better to postpone all plans to a better time.

Dirty cat

A dirty, skinny cat dreams of bad news: one of your relatives or friends will get sick or get into trouble.

Pregnant cat

A cat in position is a good sign that will help you deal with problems and achieve financial well-being. Woman giving birth: a warning that you should think through your actions before committing them.

Cat catches mouse

Dead cat

A dream in which you see a dead cat, oddly enough, has a positive meaning.

Meowing cats

Hearing a cat meow in a dream, but not seeing its silhouette, means that you will soon be deceived or betrayed.

Scratched by a cat

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Drive away the cat

What color was the kitten in your dream?

Almost all dream books decipher dreams about cats, with reference to their color and behavior. Oddly enough, the usual symbolism does not work in dreams: a black cat is bad, a white cat is good, a red cat is good luck. In dreams everything is a little different, deeper and more interesting. Whatever one may say, kittens of all colors act as symbols and warnings; whether to listen to them is a personal matter.

This is interesting! Complex, long dreams in which kittens are present are recommended to be interpreted using several dream books at once.

Black kitten

A black kitten is a symbol of gossip, intrigue and unfair games of competitors. The four-legged one calls on you to be careful, because the blow will be unexpected. A special problem is that a black kitten symbolizes betrayal on the part of loved ones whom you are accustomed to trust.

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