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The pig is a complex collective image. This is both a dirty animal, which people often remember with a feeling of some disgust, and a caring mother, not only ready to feed a litter of her own piglets, but also serving as food for humans. There is an opinion that if you dream of a pig , expect change. This is not an entirely correct interpretation, because depending on the circumstances of the dream, a pig can promise both adversity and prosperity.

General value

According to the Chinese and traditional horoscope, the animal personifies concern for family well-being, kindness and mercy. The interpretation of the image is ambiguous. Namely:

  1. A boar running around the yard represents prosperity and good luck, prophesies a lucrative job offer or a quick acquisition of the desired item.
  2. The image of a fat pig foreshadows a large fee and complete independence. The fatter the animal, the greater the profit.
  3. A dead neighbor's pig is a positive sign. You will be able to uncover the deception and avoid an awkward situation provoked by envious people.
  4. A strange piglet entered the house - to an unexpected surprise, bright troubles.
  5. Eats grapes - this plant has always been associated with abundance, especially in the monetary sphere. Portends the successful completion of the project.
  6. An animal sitting on a sofa or armchair in the boss’s house means an enemy will plot intrigues at work.
  7. Thin - indicates a prank with unpleasant consequences.

Sell ​​a pig at the market. To achieve what you want, you will have to work hard.

With other animals:

  • with a dog - a positive sign; friends will provide support in any situation;
  • with a cow - to doubling your well-being;
  • with chickens - unexpected news;
  • with a horse - for a quick trip;
  • with sheep - to the implementation of ambitious plans;
  • with geese - indicates the imminent receipt of news or letters;
  • with a bull - speaks of a lot of unfinished business in real life;
  • with a cat - to troubles in your personal life.

Seeing a rat kill a pig means deception from a dishonest friend.

Tips for a woman

Khavronya reports great prospects opening up to the dreamer. They can affect personal, financial, career spheres.


Hints at a possible job change. Such changes are not viewed negatively, but rather the opposite. New opportunities and prospects will open up. If a woman is currently looking for a job, then success awaits her.

Some are given an indication of a quick addition to the family.


Seeing a pig means a possible meeting with a reliable man, an imminent wedding. But beware, the young man may be too jealous.

If a woman cuts a pig, it doesn't always mean trouble. Depending on how the carcass was cut up with or without blood, the interpretation will vary:

  1. An animal slaughtered with its own hands speaks of safety and deliverance from traps set by enemies.
  2. If there was blood, close relatives may arrive soon.

Giving birth to a pig is a warning. Ill-wishers take advantage of the sleeping woman’s too soft character and pliability. You need to trust strangers less.

For a girl

For young ladies, a boar is a sign of strict control and lack of freedom. In such a situation, you should talk to your family about independence and begin to prove your position with deeds.

A sow with offspring portends a large family. Meet a good guy with whom you will have numerous offspring.

For pregnant women

A woman who dreams of sow in an interesting position indicates the sex of the baby in the early stages. Prepare the dowry for your son.

For a man

The pig plot heralds a lack of emotion in a relationship with a partner. The dreamer constantly has to deal with rudeness, while the other half can actually be loving and caring. The image of an animal hints at the need to have a heart-to-heart talk, to discuss all sensitive issues. This is the only way to reach mutual understanding and avoid future conflicts.

What does a child's dream about Piggy mean?

Advice from psychologists is based on the emotional response of a sleeping baby:

  1. Frightened - suffers from inattention, withdrawn. It’s worth spending more time with your child.
  2. He spoke calmly - he was studying the world. Keep him interested.

Who dreams

To a woman

For a woman to see a big pig in a dream is a good sign. Most likely, she already has a man under whose reliable protection she is. For married people, such a dream promises strengthening of marital relationships, a way out of a family crisis, pregnancy and a successful outcome of childbirth.

For a pregnant girl, sleep promises good nights and a guaranteed good amount of milk. Singles who see the pig will face their fate in the near future.

To a man

If a man dreamed that he and his colleagues or friends were slaughtering a pig, this means that success and prosperity will await him in business.

The more blood, the easier and more enjoyable the path up the career ladder.

The killing of a wild boar while hunting in the forest in a man’s dream symbolizes a real fight or a cold confrontation with a rival who will lay claim to his private sphere - his wife, home, children.

Seeing a live pig in a dream means the emergence of new responsibilities and household routines.

What kind of pig did you dream about: detailed interpretation

The meaning of the dream depends on the nuances: the size, gender and color of the animal.

Items stylized as a pig mean:

  1. Piggy bank - temporary financial difficulties. It is necessary to try to distribute finances correctly.
  2. Toy - someone close to you is lying.
  3. Figurine - hard work will be rewarded.
  4. The figurine is good luck in your planned business.
  5. The picture is of recovery after a long illness.

Can you describe the artiodactyl in one or two words? Then he will look at the explanations.


A large specimen is multifaceted:

  1. A well-fed animal portends a serious conversation that cannot be avoided.
  2. Huge - for a surprise prepared by your lover.
  3. Large - all difficulties are far-fetched. Diligence and hard work will definitely bear fruit.

The piggy giant inspires heroic deeds. Stop seeing work as a burden. Through it a person is realized.


The moment of prosperity is coming. Seize every chance you can see. Fate will support.

A running piggy means pleasant troubles.


Caring for children and younger relatives.

A lot of

A large number is a society. Interpreted according to the nuances:

  1. Watching a mischievous flock of little piglets brings family well-being.
  2. Large individuals - financial assistance will come, additional income and part-time work will be found.
  3. A herd of animals is a great joy. Don't get too proud, so as not to cause envy. Unfortunately, the bright streak won't last forever.
  4. Two - to victory in the fight against the enemy.
  5. Three - to joint profitable work. Focus on collective creativity.

Huge and small together - a variety of events, good and not so good.


Warning about the appearance of a rival. Someone will encroach on your achievements.


Reconciliation of quarrels, resolution of disagreements.


Business negotiations, conversation with the manager. During the discussion, you will be able to earn points if you are well prepared.


Betrayal with uncertain consequences. Tears and emotions are guaranteed.


Waste of energy, gossip, idle discussions. Pay more attention to your responsibilities to avoid being reprimanded.


Dramatic changes in the life of the heart.


Sometimes the color of the animal is different from the real one. This can't be missed:

  • burgundy - revenge of an offended friend;
  • yellow - painful parting with a former friend;
  • green - a small bonus, wasted on small things;
  • blue - cooling in relationships;
  • blue - empty dreams;
  • purple - unjustified expectations;
  • multi-colored - variety of events.


A pig's corpse is a warning about committing a rash act. Review your planned goals. One or more require detailed analysis.

Interpreters provide the following explanations:

  1. One dead one means there is a risk of falling into the hands of scammers.
  2. Several chopped carcasses are a sign of self-deception caused by infatuation with a certain person. You don't notice your friend's obvious shortcomings. The main one is laziness.
  3. Stabbed to death with one’s own hand - stability of the material sphere.
  4. Killed by another - help in competition.
  5. Without a head - a flash of passion, a desire to forever be next to your lover.
  6. Dying of hunger - to melancholy.
  7. The patient means disagreements with relatives.

A dead pig hints at the dreamer's excessive impulsiveness. You act and then you only think.


End of the black stripe. Things will go uphill, relationships with loved ones will improve. A well-groomed pig is a serious increase in social status. An unmarried woman will start a family with a rich man.


Enemy machinations, suffering. Sometimes it marks a relationship with a miser. The betrothed's greed will allow him to exist comfortably, but uninterestingly, boringly, even unhappily.


Reveals the dreamer's hot temperament. The plot advises holding back, otherwise constant conflicts cannot be avoided. By situation:

  1. Mad - to offense from the enemy.
  2. Forward - you will have to fight for your “place in the sun”.
  3. Evil - vengeful thoughts will prevail.
  4. Cannibal - victory over business competitors.
  5. Attack - activation of envious people.
  6. Running away means elevation in society if you managed to hide. Shame if I caught up.
  7. An escaped pig is a missed opportunity.

Did you dream that one pig was eating another? Urgently address current problems. Small difficulties will lead to larger troubles.

Fat or thin

The prophecy depends on Khavronya’s fatness:

  1. Fat, well-fed - the dreamer’s success.
  2. Thin and hungry - to illness and failure.

Skinny piglets are a clue. If you don’t make time for your loved ones, you will be left alone.


Symbolizes the resilience and strength of character of the dreamer, who easily copes with troubles. General interpretation:

  1. Boar - trading operations are now successful.
  2. Hog - meet an honest, reliable person. Subsequently, this can lead to the beginning of a strong friendship or romantic relationship.
  3. Running wild piglets - a chance to improve your existence.

Hearing the grunting of an animal close or far away indicates that envious people at work will spread unpleasant gossip, which, however, will not cause much harm.


A symbol of prosperity, prosperity, if alive and well. Dead livestock - to loss, need. Detailed interpretation:

  1. Own pig - to positive emotions, profits.
  2. Pinned for the holiday - financial stability.
  3. A pig's snout, a nickel - someone will interfere in your affairs.
  4. Adults - the authorities will assign a promising task.
  5. Skin is friendship with an insincere person.
  6. Legs are obstacles on the way to the goal.
  7. Hooves - to the road.
  8. Tail - you need to beware of events related to breaking the law.

Pig shit is a good omen. The dreamer will receive unexpected profits from a business that was started for fun. If you had to clean the manure yourself, then you will be shoveling money.

I dreamed about a sow

Piglets with their “mother” are a sign of long-term well-being. When the pig is cheerful, cheerful and reasonably well-fed, it means that the future will turn on the bright side. Important details include:

  1. A sow with piglets - you have to try hard to prove yourself. To do this, you don’t need to spare money on gifts and your appearance.
  2. Pregnant - an unexpected inheritance.
  3. Gives birth - a fruitful business, agreement or contract.
  4. Having a child is an improvement in health.
  5. She farrowed, newborns were swarming nearby - help from an unknown person, which would turn out to be very useful.
  6. Piglet - promises a conversation with an unyielding person who is accustomed to going ahead.
  7. Find out about farrowing - take revenge on the enemy.

Seeing dead or lost pigs means financial losses.

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  • 1-Jan-2021 Lydia I dreamed of a big fat pig, as if she lived at her sister’s house. The room where the pig was located was clean, but there was a lot of hay. What does this dream mean?
  • 19-Aug-2020 Elena I dreamed that two black pigs live in a cemetery, my mother and I feed them there and keep them in a fence, then they ran away, and I catch them around the city and an expensive shopping center, and they are smart and obedient, like dogs .
  • 19-Dec-2019 Polina I had a dream that a black boar was giving birth and there were a lot of piglets, but they were pink.

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What happened in the dream

Sometimes the characters' behavior is memorable. The interpretation must begin with the action. The remaining facts should be taken into account as additional.

Pig bites

Good sign. The different actions can be interpreted as follows:

  1. Biting a hand or a leg means getting rich without any work. A gift of fate.
  2. A painful bite means you won’t be able to cope with the problems on your own; you’ll have to turn to loved ones for help.
  3. A whole “pig gang” attacked and bit you - envious people will start spreading gossip, so you need to be mentally prepared and not react to what is happening.
  4. Wants to bite, but cannot - troubles will pass by.
  5. Trying to claw - to good luck in a risky event.
  6. Pursuing - promotion at work
  7. If you chew your hair, your planned trip will be delayed.

If a pig hugs a woman, news will arrive about a new addition to the family of acquaintances.

Cutting an animal

Multifaceted picture. The exact explanation depends on the details:

  1. Cutting a carcass with a knife means supplies, bins full of goodness.
  2. Kill with blood - defeat terrible enemies.
  3. Slaughtering a boar with your own hands means increasing your material well-being.
  4. Cutting raw meat or a carcass means your health will fail at the most inopportune moment.
  5. Seeing how others cut and stab a pig - dishonest people can take advantage of the dreamer’s indecisiveness.
  6. Slaughtering livestock - you will easily deal with matters.

The brutal killing of an animal, the mutilation of a corpse is a wrong action under the influence of an impulse.


If you went to the pigsty with buckets of slop, you have leverage. Be sure to use them. If you poured grain and poured water, it means you will achieve your intended results. Keep working.

If the piglets pounced on the food, then everything is going right. If you refuse food, you will encounter an unexpected obstacle. Don't ask for help. They will refuse.

Catch, chase

Pictures in which the sleeper acts as a swineherd show a wise personality in him. You know how to plan and progressively develop success. Specifics:

  1. Driving it into the yard or barn is a successful completion of the matter.
  2. Catching is the beginning of another period in life.
  3. Beat - it's time to think about your behavior. It causes rejection and hostility.
  4. Running after an animal is the wrong professional direction. Success is problematic.

If you were kicked out of the house - open up to your loved ones. It is impossible to constantly restrain negativity and tolerate injustice.


The dreamer is trying to get rid of the burden of responsibility that weighs heavily on him.


Scratching a piglet means teasing a tough boss. You'll finish the game! To stroke means to demonstrate excessive helpfulness, to indulge one's superiors. Sometimes this line of behavior has the opposite result.

Sell, buy, receive as a gift

Getting rid of livestock is a waste. A purchase, on the contrary, means the receipt of funds. The gift of Khavronya signifies a win. Take care of purchasing a lottery ticket. If you are given a boar, beware of lies.

Interpreters have found an explanation for the type of purchase:

  • the pig is clean - satisfaction from what is happening;
  • dirty - luck will not bring joy.

Headed to the store for pork delicacies? Interpretations:

  1. If you bought a smoked carcass, you will become the founder of a good business.
  2. Fresh cuts for the feast.

Meat of excellent quality symbolizes a quiet and peaceful life in abundance; spoiled, rotten - quarrels, failures.

Other actions

The variety of storylines cannot be fully described. Here are the most requested pig scenes:

  1. Milking is a chance to make great money.
  2. Riding or riding is an unusual pastime.
  3. Fight - join the competition. Win.
  4. Hiding from the boar means avoiding responsibility.
  5. Eating something alive means greed.
  6. Eating fried food means losses.
  7. To save from murder or danger will bring you disrepute.

Sitting on her back is a fun time.

Where did you see the pig?

The environment corrects the interpretations:

  1. At home - successful times.
  2. In the barn - to prosperity, absence of adversity.
  3. In the paddock - an unexpected triumph.
  4. Water improves health.
  5. In the yard - a difficult election.
  6. In a pigsty - to unusual experiences.
  7. Dead in the straw - to troubles, scandals.
  8. In the garden - to the envy of your wealth; digs a garden bed - they will try to lure out money by deception.
  9. Inside the huge box is an incredible surprise.
  10. In the mud - to defend your own interests.
  11. At the trough - news from efficient relatives.
  12. In a puddle - instability of partnerships

The presence of other personalities in the plot is also important:

  1. Living parents - harmony in relationships, open communication.
  2. A child is rewarded love.
  3. A deceased father or mother means significant waste.

An amazing picture of a road of pigs means activities that will lead to success. If white sheets appeared in the dream, then worries will be forgotten against the backdrop of charming adventures.

Lots of piglets

Many dark-colored piglets in a dream indicate an alternation of dark and light stripes in the dreamer’s life. If a sleeping person experiences joyful emotions at the sight of babies, in reality he will experience an improvement in his financial situation.

Clean babies symbolize significant profits, while dirty, sickly-looking piglets warn of unexpected financial losses.

If black piglets are fussily running around a pigsty or house, the dreamer will face empty troubles, and he will have to spend a lot of time and nerves to solve problems.

Value by day of week

It's not every night that a prophetic scenario appears. Astrologers have compiled tips for the days, taking into account the planetary ruler of the day:

  1. On Monday - contact with a former acquaintance, classmate.
  2. On Tuesday - management recognition.
  3. On Wednesday - useful professional acquaintances.
  4. On Thursday - material security will improve.
  5. On Friday - to minor troubles.
  6. On Saturday - not fulfilled.
  7. On Sunday - the coming day will be successful.

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