A man was hit by a car in a dream: what does the dream book say about this

A dream in which you are hit by a car usually symbolizes important events or news related to work. The business that you have been doing for a long time may encounter some complications, and the project completion time will increase through no fault of yours. According to the modern dream book: being hit by a car means pleasant news from distant relatives whom you have not seen for a long time.

If an accident can be avoided and you escape unharmed from under the wheels, such a dream foreshadows joyful events and a prosperous life.

Another interpretation is offered by a modern dream book: hit by a car - try not to go anywhere for at least some time and not engage in active and dangerous sports. This dream can act as a warning of misfortunes that can be avoided if you are more careful about your health and do not take unnecessary risks. There is a high risk of contracting a contagious disease, so after such a dream it is better to consult a doctor in advance for prevention.

When in a dream a car hits a relative or acquaintance, in reality try to surround this person with affection and care, which he so lacks now. Perhaps he will soon need serious help from you.

Analyze the situation and your potential

Running over a person yourself in a dream is a warning. The dream book reports: the path chosen to achieve the plan is not entirely correct. Analyze the circumstances to make the right decision.

Why do you dream that a car hit a friend? The dream book states: such a plot is a reflection of concern about this friend.

If you dreamed of seeing yourself hit someone with a car, pay attention to your inner self. You have probably killed some trait in yourself, so you should pause your waking life a little, assess the situation in a new way, and understand what changes entail.

When there is no meaning

Usually, after news, various programs, especially criminal ones, many people see something similar in their dreams.

However, they do not foretell anything bad in life if the plot repeats footage from television or computer games, as well as educational material on driving.

Therefore, in such a situation in everyday life, you should exercise the usual caution - such dreams do not foretell big troubles, so you don’t have to worry. Unless the car crushed an animal or person you know.

About to meet a special person

In a dream, hitting a person of the opposite sex with a car, and experiencing strong excitement, means: an amazing meeting awaits. Such an episode will not go unnoticed, as it can lead to love at first sight or great passion.

Why do you dream: the stranger you hit turned out to be quite handsome? The dream book promises: there is a pleasant meeting ahead that can become fateful.

To hit a person and see how the person who was hit got up and left the scene of the incident in a dream without visible injuries - despite significant problems, the sleeper will be able to achieve his plans with minor losses.

“Why do you dream about a car in a dream? If you see a Car in a dream, what does it mean?

American dream book

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A car most often symbolizes your physical body or your own Self. Pay attention to the state of the car and where it is moving. Who is sitting in it?

English dream book

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In a dream, examining some cars with interest is a sign of prosperous business: trade, production, finance. Success will be driven by growing customer demands. Thanks to a successful situation, you will quickly become rich and will be highly respected by others.

For a woman who sees her future husband among cars in a dream, this dream suggests that her lover will always be hardworking and, although he is not rich now, will definitely become rich in the end thanks to his perseverance and organization.

Idiomatic dream book

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A soulless cold machine - cynicism; complex mechanism - aspect of complexity; “not a person, but a machine” - inexhaustible energy; “mechanically” - stupidly, habitually.

Italian dream book

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The car symbolizes movement. When analyzing this image, the greatest importance must be given to the role of man in relation to the machine.

If a person drives a car himself, this means progress towards a certain goal or avoidance of an undesirable situation.

If another person is driving the car, this means that the current life situation is controlled not by the subject himself, but by someone else.

If a person sees a car that leaves without him, this is a symbol of missed opportunities that are not used

Psychoanalytic dream book

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The steam engine is the stomach. Sexual impulse, instinct.

Machinery - mechanical behavior.

Family dream book

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If you saw a car in a dream, you will take on a project that will cause you a lot of anxiety, but in the end it will be fruitful for you.

An old car is a sign that your enemies will be able to ensure their well-being faster than you.

If in a dream you find yourself pulled into a working car, get ready for business losses and a series of other troubles

A broken car portends the loss of friends.

Fire truck - promises some kind of emergency or unpleasant matter.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about a Car?

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Seeing cars in a dream means that you will implement a new project that will bring you a lot of excitement and anxiety and ultimately great benefit.

Seeing old cars means that your enemies will gain the upper hand and destroy your plans to control your own destiny.

Accidentally falling into a working mechanism predicts losses in commercial affairs and a series of troubles. Such a dream foreshadows losses from unprofitable transactions.

If you saw an emergency service car in a dream, it means that you find yourself in a difficult situation that could result in a nervous breakdown. Try to take a vacation and relax soon.

A dream in which you call an emergency vehicle to fix a burst pipe means that you must be careful, as serious injuries are possible.

Seeing yourself driving an emergency car means dissatisfaction with the results of your work. You may want to change your job.

If a married woman sees her husband working on an emergency vehicle in a dream, it means that she will be the instigator of quarrels and disagreements in the family.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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A machine is a reflection of mechanicalness in general. Reflection of the physical state of the organism, body and/or internal, spiritual state. The need to eliminate “breakdowns” in life, which are hinted at by breakdowns in dreams.

Dream book for lovers

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A dream in which a girl sees herself riding in a fire truck foreshadows her participation in a dangerous business, the cause of which will be her connection with an unworthy person.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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A car most often symbolizes your physical body or your own Self.

If you find problems with your car, try to more accurately determine their nature.

Dream book for a bitch

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Getting out of the car means satisfaction from the successful course of affairs.

Buying a car in a dream means you will be able to achieve a high and strong position in society again.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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A car or truck in a dream symbolizes personal capabilities in carrying out private affairs. Its condition shows what your chances of success are.

Steam engine - portends your participation in a process that will be accompanied by emotional intensity and require a lot of stress.

A broken car is a sign of an unexpected stop in business and discord with partners.

Seeing that the gears of a working machine threaten to pull you inside the mechanism is a warning that you should not get involved in something, otherwise the consequences may be irreparable.

Dream Interpretation of Health

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Seeing any machine-mechanism in a dream means you need to engage in more mental activity; see any computer - do more physical activity.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Gasping in a car means getting into trouble with the traffic police.

Rolling over in a car means prosperity on the road.

Starting a car means solving a problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Revving your car in a dream means your car will break down.

If in a dream you wash a very dirty car, this means a car accident.

Starting a car in a dream means a long trip.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Gasping the car means an accident.

Roll over in a car - you will experience unusual feelings.

Starting a car in a dream, but it doesn’t start, means a hopeless situation.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

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If you dream that you are getting into a car, this means that in reality you are unhappy with your sexual relationship with your partner. Most likely, you are dating him just to avoid being alone, guided by the principle “it’s better this way than nothing.”

Miller's Dream Book

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Seeing cars in a dream foretells that you will undertake a project that will cause you great anxiety, but in the end it will be useful to you.

Seeing an old car is a sign that your enemies will surpass you in your efforts to ensure their well-being.

Being pulled into a running machine is a harbinger of business losses and the beginning of a series of near misfortunes. This dream generally foreshadows losses from unsuccessful transactions.

A broken car portends the loss of friends.

If you dream of a fire truck, this promises you anxiety and worry associated with an emergency.

If a young lady is racing in a fire truck in a dream, she should be careful in order to avoid participating in an unpleasant business.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see a car in a dream?

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In a dream you are driving in a car - in reality you are active, cheerful, full of energy and you manage everything without much hassle. This is if you are being driven. In the case when you yourself are driving, there is little good, nothing but losses and illness.

Falling out of a car at a sharp turn or being thrown out of it at full speed promises bad news.

Just seeing a car or cars in a dream is most likely a sign of upcoming trips, pleasant trips, good changes in the fate of your loved ones, which will also affect you.

You have arrived somewhere and are getting out of the car - sleep peacefully, because your plans will come true, which will add strength and self-confidence to you.

To discover in a dream that for some reason you have lost your car or it was stolen before your eyes - alas, your plans, on which the future largely depends, will encounter serious obstacles.

A broken car, or crumpled as a result of an accident - continuous failures, a streak of bad luck.

If you dreamed of a luxurious, expensive convertible with the top down and you get into it, joy will reign in your home, and happiness will reign in your soul and heart.

If you dreamed of a truck, a heavy-duty vehicle with a huge semi-trailer, this means profit and generally success in trading, if you have something in common with this, but in the case when this vehicle is loaded.

Empty, on the contrary, promises only poverty and worries.

A fire truck can mean anxiety and excitement associated with extraordinary circumstances.

If you are driving a fire truck, it means that you should be careful in life to avoid participating in an unpleasant business.

Seeing a moving sprinkler spraying jets of water on everything in its path also portends some danger.

Riding on it means providing significant help to friends in life.

Seeing an antique or just an old car is a sign that ill-wishers will do their best to interfere with your success and business.

The open hood of the car and the engine seen under it indicate that you have not sufficiently thought through all the details of the business that you intend to carry out.

If you dig into the battery while trying to start the car, this promises you significant income from monetary transactions.

Dream book of the past

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The car symbolizes movement. Pay attention first of all to the role of man in relation to the machine.

If you dream that you are driving a car yourself, this indicates your successful progress towards your intended goal or avoiding an undesirable situation.

If another person is driving the car, this means that control over your life is exercised not by you, but by someone else.

If in a dream you saw a car that leaves without you, this means missed opportunities that you did not use.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Car - deception, success at work; writing - the dispute will be settled; sewing - rapid development of a started business.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Seeing cars in a dream means that you will take up a project that will cause you great anxiety, but in the end it will be very useful for you.

Being pulled into a working machine is a harbinger of business losses and near troubles. Also, such a dream foreshadows losses from unsuccessful transactions.

A broken car means the probable loss of a friend.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Car according to the dream book?

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Driving a car is the general course of personal life, independent of external circumstances; self-control (based on the nature of the traffic and the road).

Alarm engines - severe anxiety, restlessness of the sleeper, more often unfounded and associated with one’s own outbursts of emotions, passions for various reasons (“fire engine”) and a cry for help (“ambulance”) due to a feeling of loneliness, loss, helplessness, despair , depression. Much less often they report a real disaster or accident.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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To dream of buying a car with bulletproof glass means becoming a participant in an interesting event that will bring you great benefits.

Painting your car with new paint in a dream means unexpected profits.

Washing the interior of a car with car shampoo means maintaining friendly relations with an influential person.

In a dream, painting over scratches on the fender of a car means a conflict with your wife’s or husband’s relatives.

If a car enthusiast has such a dream, he must be extremely careful on the roads; an accident is possible.

Freud's Dream Book

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Any machine, like a complex mechanism, symbolizes the male genital organs.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

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If you dream that you are driving a car, in reality you will undertake a rather hectic, but very useful task, which will be resolved with a successful outcome.

If you dreamed that your car broke down, it is possible that you will lose true friends, or you will encounter obstacles that, if you make the right decision, you can overcome.

If in a dream the car is going in reverse, think about the fact that perhaps in life you are “backing away”. Analyze what is stopping you from moving forward.

Universal dream book

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If someone else is driving your car, perhaps this person is controlling or trying to control your life.

In a dream, are you a machine yourself? Determine the color and condition of the car inside and out. The appearance of the car represents the social side of life, and the interior of the car represents your inner state.

What color is the car in your dream? What do you associate this color with? If it is red, it speaks of ardor and passion; white color symbolizes purity and innocence.

If you are driving a friend's car, perhaps you want to have something that this person has: a thing or a character trait.

Gypsy dream book

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Seeing an ambulance in a dream is a call for caution: an accident may happen to you.

Driving in an ambulance yourself means you have made a serious mistake. Think back on your actions recently and see if you can recognize and correct your mistake.

The car is another symbol of spiritual development.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Car according to the dream book?

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According to the dream book, if you closely study cars, you will soon achieve incredible success in business.

More interpretations

If it is faulty, you will stop communicating with close friends.

To see an ancient car in poor condition - be more active and resourceful, otherwise your competitors will leave you far behind.

Seeing a fire truck in a dream means something out of the ordinary will happen, or problems will arise.

If this is an auto service for troubleshooting various problems, you will face a very stressful period, during which problems will arise one after another, your psyche may not be able to cope with it.

If someone gets into a working unit, this may portend numerous financial problems for you.

If you dreamed that you were sitting at the steering wheel of a car, you were in danger of losses and health problems.

It is controlled by others - you do not have complete freedom of action, almost everything depends on another person.

You dream that you are looking after the car in which you were supposed to travel - fate gave you a generous gift, but you could not accept it properly, and in the end you were left with nothing.

At the end of the route, leaving the car - everything that is planned will definitely come true, so don’t worry in vain, believe in your strength.

On a bend, you accidentally fall out of the car - you will be told something unpleasant.

In a dream, your car was stolen - in order to implement grandiose plans that affect the course of all your affairs, you will need to bypass more than one obstacle.

If in a dream you cover distances by car, it means that in reality you are trying to get rid of what weighs you down; or you simply have a cherished dream that you are steadily pursuing.

Seeing someone get hit by a car is a sign of unforeseen circumstances at the enterprise where you work, which will have irreversible consequences.

If you yourself hit someone, be extremely careful, be attentive to those who are dear to you, they are in serious danger.

If you were presented with a car in a dream, be prepared for the fact that in real life you will face exorbitant expenses and losses.

If you dream about getting into a car, especially in the driver's seat - you are incredibly lucky, you can finally accomplish your plans, circumstances will work out in your favor, and you will achieve great success.

If you get into the car in the passenger seat, you lack initiative; you always try to get away from some important responsibilities, transferring the reins of power, and remove the burden of responsibility into other hands.

If you dream of a huge car, you will be able to successfully achieve your goals, and the larger its dimensions, the more successful everything will turn out for you.

The dream book interprets a car from a prestigious executive class brand as a very lucky sign for you, which foretells success in everything you undertake, but only on condition that you also show maximum effort.

If in a dream you saw a beat-up car, be prepared for the fact that you will become less fortunate than your enemies.

An old car is a sign that your enemies will be able to ensure their well-being faster than you.

If the car is snow-white and at the same time washed to a shine, in the near future fate will grant you serene happiness, everything will turn out as well as possible for you and as if by itself.

But seeing a white car dirty in a dream is a warning that you are doing something wrong, going the wrong way, reconsider your behavior and attitude towards life.

The dream book interprets a scarlet car as a sign of successful and rapid progress towards your high goals, this can be either a promotion in your career or personal growth, this is a sign that all your plans and ideas will come true. At the same time, a scarlet car portends that everything will not be so easy for you, the path to your goal will be thorny, you will worry and worry a lot.

If a man dreams of a red car, this may also mean his excessive love fervor and obsession with relationships with the opposite sex.

If you dream of a black car, you will be able to realize all your plans, achieve your goals, although it will not be as easy as you would like, but the sweeter the taste of victory will be.

A blue car is associated with something mysterious, astral knowledge, and although there is an opinion that it portends something wrong, in fact it is simply a symbol of stability, peace, care and patronage.

A car painted green in a dream foreshadows a fateful meeting; you will be overwhelmed with high and bright feelings.

If its color is yellow, you will be incredibly lucky to significantly increase your well-being; at the same time, on the path to well-being, you risk forgetting about your own health and those who surround you and love you.

The dream book interprets a completely new car for representatives of the stronger half of humanity as a signal that the time has come for active action, the implementation of grandiose projects, or the beginning of new relationships.

If a woman sees a car from a showroom, her life will soon change dramatically due to the appearance of a new life partner.

If you dreamed that your car was stolen by thieves, be prepared for the fact that not everything will turn out the way you planned, some failures and disappointments await you. This may also be a warning about losses and financial difficulties.

Seeing your car broken down means be careful, troubles may happen in the near future, and your expectations will not be met.

If at the same time it remains on the move or is at a service station, you will safely overcome all difficulties and ultimately achieve success.

A dream in which a car is engulfed in flames portends very great difficulties for you; be vigilant in order to respond in time to unforeseen circumstances.

If you are in it, this is a warning that your well-being may seriously deteriorate, and there is a possibility of falling into depression.

If she went under water, most likely unforeseen circumstances will greatly complicate your affairs, or even completely upset all your plans.

If you see a large vehicle for cargo transportation, this is a warning that you need to be as restrained and courteous as possible in a conversation with management, since there is a high probability of serious disagreements, because of which you will find yourself in a very unenviable position.

You saw a fire service car - in real life something will happen that has never happened to you before, it will unsettle you, but in the end everything will work out as successfully as possible for you.

According to the dream book, a large number of cars in one place means that you have to cope with a very difficult and important matter, about which you will be quite worried, but at the same time you will receive a proper reward for your efforts.

A dream in which a girl washes her car herself suggests that she needs to be extremely careful in real life, as ill-wishers will spread ridiculous rumors about her. It is very important for her to establish a close relationship with those who can provide her patronage.

You dream of a car on which road dust is clearly visible, it is covered in dirt and it is clear that it has been running for a long time - you urgently need to take serious measures to improve your situation, otherwise your rivals will be many steps ahead of you.

If in a dream you are busy unsuccessfully searching for your car, something has knocked the ground out from under your feet, you can no longer be calm, as you constantly doubt yourself and your ability not only to succeed, but also to simply cope with difficulties.

Seeing how you transfer your car to another owner is an unkind sign, warning that your whole life can change significantly and not for the better.

The dream book interprets an exploding car as a warning that you should be patient, since people from your environment will every now and then provoke you with their actions, your anger will cause failures in many matters.

If you observe the moment of explosion, you will soon have a rather stressful period in your life, disappointments and great losses await you.

Be careful: there is a serious threat ahead

Why do you dream about running over a close friend or relative in front of your eyes? The dream book warns: health complications and illnesses are possible. If this happened to someone close, the vision promises serious concern about him.

Did you dream that a bus hit a man to death right in front of your eyes? There is serious danger ahead. Someone close - he is in danger, he needs to be warned to avoid risky situations.

To see the corpse of a passerby who was run over to death in a dream - according to the dream book, sad news and misfortune lie ahead. Failures in business are possible - things that were going normally will suddenly come to a standstill.

Others should be taken into account more

Another interpretation of the dream about how the sleeper makes a hit: he does not take anyone into account, he goes ahead to achieve his plans. We need to moderate our own ambitions and respect our loved ones and acquaintances more.

Driving yourself in a dream and hitting a person with a car means: the obstacles that appear will not be able to dissuade the sleeper from his plan.

Dream details

Remember exactly how the collision was made in a dream:

  • motorcycle - possible prolonged loneliness or groundless hopes;
  • a car with someone asleep at the wheel - be careful: not all means can be used to achieve a goal;
  • a tram hits you - meetings with important people are coming;
  • on the road - you need to be careful while driving to avoid trouble;
  • train - injury is possible, you need to take care;
  • train - the dream book advises: there is no need to rush to make a decision on an important issue.

Also, if a tram hits someone in a dream, this means: changes may occur in the dreamer’s family life. Train - many small troubles will arise, the fight against which will take a lot of energy.

Did you dream that it happened on the road? Unexpected circumstances will arise that affect work issues. Irreversible consequences are to be expected.

Who got into the accident

Dream books offer other explanations of why you dream that a car hit a child whose fate you are not indifferent to. Often, an accident breaks into the nightly dreams of parents who find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that their child is growing up.

A frightening plot is often inspired by natural concerns about children, in which case the meaning of the dream is neutral. Moreover, it means that no accidents are expected in the near future.

When a nephew or the son of friends appears in a dream, his family will soon need help. The dream book promises that responsiveness will result in benefits, not necessarily material ones.

If you dreamed about a baby you know getting into an accident, the symbol means a conflict between his parents.

Dreams on the topic

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