Green snake in a dream - all interpretation options according to dream books

A green snake in a dream is a bad sign. You need to avoid conflict situations and quarrels with loved ones. The dream foreshadows problems at work and in the family. In this case, you need to remember the slightest details of the dream in order to interpret it correctly. Next, we’ll take a closer look at what a green snake means in a dream according to popular dream books.

Who dreamed of a green snake

A reptile squeezes the dreamer’s neck - the dream warns of health problems. The interpretation is relevant to people of any gender and age.

Why does a married or unmarried woman dream?

An unmarried lady will have to fight temptation. The dream indicates feminine cunning. Probably, in your immediate circle there is a vile woman who is plotting intrigues - she is jealous of other people's happiness. Why does a woman dream of a green snake:

  • in a difficult situation, you should listen to the advice of your elders
  • this is not the time to make serious decisions
  • you need to watch your diet - poisoning is possible
  • It is better to prefer permanent relationships to temporary ones

For a pregnant woman, a dream predicts the birth of a healthy child. A green snake crawled in bed - for the birth of a girl, under clothes - for the birth of a boy.

To a young girl

A reptile of impressive size warns of many admirers. The girl will bask in the rays of success and popularity. The dream indicates a certain temptation that must be fought so as not to do something stupid.

Why does a man dream?

The viper crawled past and behaved calmly - leading to a passionate romance. The love will be mutual.

The aggressive behavior of the snake changes the interpretation of the dream:

  • there is a meeting with an insidious person who will change a man’s life for the worse
  • the dreamer will be drawn into an unpleasant situation
  • the guy will lose a lot of money

A positive interpretation is also possible: it will be possible to get rid of bad habits. In some cases, the green snake symbolizes vitality and strength.

Fantasies of Morpheus

Let us note right away that we will be talking about the most ordinary reptiles, endowed with a green color by nature, and not at all about that “green snake” with which more than one generation of our compatriots has been fighting in vain. The image of these representatives of the class of reptiles, according to many respected interpreters, is extremely contradictory and depends not only on the size of the reptile, its behavior, the circumstances under which it appeared, but also on the gender, as well as the marital status of the dreamer.

Since night visions often gift us with the most fantastic pictures, we should not be surprised if we happen to see in a dream a green snake flying through the air, swimming on the sea, or even speaking in a completely understandable human language. This is not a reason to worry about your psyche, but simply one of the fantasies of the god of sleep named Morpheus.

Nuances of the dream

A reptile crawls in the grass and does not pay attention to the dreamer - to hidden dangers. You can't relax. The snake is basking in the sun - you will have to be disappointed in your old friend. A viper crawling across the road symbolizes minor troubles.

The snake fell

For some time you will have to depend on circumstances. It will be difficult to influence what is happening. It all depends on the color of the reptile:

  • light green - problems are short-lived, they will be easy to solve
  • dark green - difficulties will drag on and seriously affect future life

It may be difficult for the dreamer to cope with upcoming events alone. You cannot refuse the help of loved ones.

Snake in bed

There is no need to lose vigilance in business and love relationships. Care and caution must be exercised. There was a small green snake in the dream:

  • under the pillow - there is a high probability of making a mistake; a mistake will affect your future career
  • under the blanket - to problems on the love front
  • crawled past the bed - difficulties and anxieties will be left behind

The dreamer stepped on or lay down on a snake - to a long-awaited victory over ill-wishers.

Big or small snake

A large reptile - to exacerbation of chronic diseases; small - to minor problems that will be resolved quickly. A giant viper represents fears and anxieties.

Attacks or bites

A reptile attack in a dream is a harbinger of troubles and hardships in reality. The dreamer will cause trouble. The viper is poisonous - it will be difficult to return life to its previous course. To fight a snake is to fight the enemy openly. If the sleeper wins, the issue will be resolved in his favor.

A snake bite means disruption of plans and impossibility of completing assigned tasks. Problems will arise due to the fault of an ill-wisher.

One or many

There was only one reptile - the dreamer has one serious unresolved problem. If you don't solve it, your reputation will be ruined. The detailed interpretation depends on the behavior of the snake:

  • creeps towards the sleeping person - the streak of bad luck will drag on for a long time
  • crawled past - if you don’t get into trouble, nothing bad will happen
  • bites or attacks - to health problems

A lot of snakes means a lot of envious people surrounded.

About the machinations of envious people and family scandals

Having studied the quirks of this capricious deity, most interpreters have come to the conclusion that if he shows a person a green snake entwining his arm or body, then this is a sign that the dreamer’s career growth is being hampered by certain envious people who are preventing further development and climbing to the next step of the career ladder. In this case, he should take a close look at his surroundings and, if possible, take the necessary measures.

The famous astrologer and soothsayer of the 16th century, Nostradamus, argued that seeing a green snake in a dream is an omen of major family troubles, scandals, and possibly the complete collapse of the home. Therefore, he strongly recommended that everyone who dreamed of this reptile under the cover of darkness should show more sensitivity and attention to their half.

Interpretation by days of the week

Interpretation by day of the week is secondary. First of all, the emotions of sleep, the size and behavior of the viper are taken into account.

TuesdayMeeting with an old friend, haven't seen him for a long time
WednesdayReceipt of a small amount of money
ThursdayJoyful Events
FridayArrival of relatives who were not expected
SaturdayReconciliation after a long quarrel
SundayDifficulties will be successfully overcome

Other points of view

In fairness, we note that in dream books compiled by other authors, one can find other interpretations of the plots discussed above. In particular, a green snake seen in one’s own bed is often assigned the role of a kind of harbinger of home theft and indicates that after such a vision one should put additional locks on the doors, and also check the reliability of the window frames.

In addition, there is an opinion that a snake that has climbed into the dreamer’s bed can also serve as a harbinger of radical changes in life. At the same time, it is impossible to say in advance whether they will be directed in a positive or negative direction. This dream is equally capable of foreshadowing both a favorable and disastrous chain of events.

Interpretation of a dream about a green snake according to various dream books

Don't be afraid of sleep. If you take the right actions in time, negativity can be avoided. The dreamer can always influence the outcome of the situation.


The green snake symbolizes problems that will arise through no fault of the dreamer. It’s all the fault of ill-wishers who plot intrigues. The interpretation of the dream depends on the gender of the sleeper:

  • man - there is a risk of being drawn into an adventure
  • woman - to a quarrel with a colleague or close friend
  • girl or guy - to meet an unpleasant, cunning person


The dream warns women of betrayal by a friend.


The dreamer's frivolous behavior will cause a quarrel with friends. A married woman had a dream - she would have to look after her husband’s parents.


A warning dream warns against unnecessary financial expenses and mistakes. Spending should not be allowed; now is not the time for large purchases. Otherwise, you will have to go into debt.


The dream represents dissatisfaction with intimate life. Perhaps the dreamer is tired of relationships without obligations and wants to find a permanent partner.

Loff's interpretation

Green snake - to the emergence of an additional source of income. The dreamer admires the colors of the reptile - a sign of a vacation trip to distant lands. A small snake symbolizes health and longevity. Poisonous viper - an event will occur that will ruin your mood for a long time.


The dream personifies the desire of the sleeper to always be in the center of events. In the near future he will be able to climb the career ladder.


The dreamer will face the betrayal of a close friend. Green snake:

  • crushed - to win an argument
  • bitten - to deterioration of material wealth
  • crawled away without showing interest - to a stormy and passionate romance that will not develop into a serious relationship

The sleeper took the reptile in his arms - his cherished wish will come true.


The playing green snake symbolizes sexual relations. A reptile bite means betrayal, deception, and illness.


Interpretation of sleep for men and women:

  • take a green snake in your arms - to attend an unusual event
  • feed - to depression and anxiety
  • ironing - means meeting an influential person; in the future he may become a patron
  • watching a reptile means money


There will be disappointment in a close relative - he will act unworthily. The green snake tried to bite, but could not - an unpleasant situation could be avoided. The viper hisses and behaves aggressively - leading to scandals.

Simon the Canaanite

A reptile attacks other people's children - to unsuccessful attempts by competitors to harm the dreamer. The enemy will be found and neutralized in time.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

The dream warns of impending physical work and a nervous breakdown due to constant overexertion.

According to Azar

A reptile hiding in the grass means disagreements in the family.

According to Ivanov

The green snake is a symbol of foresight and wisdom. Perhaps the dreamer has a hidden gift.

According to Grishina

The reptile symbolizes conflict, contradiction. A small snake means a quarrel, a big one means recovery after a long illness.

According to Soboleva

Attacking snakes represent remorse. Walking among snakes - a dream shows anxiety and fears.

According to Dmitrienko

A friend spreads slander behind his back.

Interpreter of Solomon

The dream warns of troubles in several areas of life.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

Watching a green snake means deception on the part of colleagues.

Interpreter of Artemidorus

A green snake is dreamed of before concluding a deal - to the success of the intended business.

Healers Akulina

Children playing with a reptile means unpleasant situations and health problems.

Maly Velesov

The green viper bit:

  • by the hand - to deceive a friend
  • by the leg - to commit a contradictory act
  • in the neck - to difficulties at work


Regardless of the behavior of the snake, you will be able to get rid of the boring routine and change your life for the better.

According to the 21st century dream book

A man saw a green snake crawling near his wife - to the woman’s pregnancy. A floating snake warns of the end of a difficult period.

Dream book 1918

Seeing a green snake means illness. A viper bite means enmity between blood relatives.


The interpretation depends on the phase of the moon:

  • the celestial body is growing - to the solution of a long-standing problem
  • decreases - to participate in a conspiracy
  • full moon - for money
  • new moon - to family troubles


The dreamer will have to experience intense emotions. Whether the changes will be bad or good - it all depends on him.

Astrological dream book

The reptile represents a strong and dangerous enemy. Being bitten by a snake means victory for an ill-wisher.


I had a dream:

  • at night - you will be able to find out someone else's secret
  • in the morning - you'll have to look for a new job
  • in the afternoon - an unpleasant conversation with parents awaits
  • in the evening - plans will change dramatically

The dream warns married women about problems in the team, men - about jealousy on the part of their partner.


The dream warns of an intimate relationship with a colleague. A married man has to learn about his wife's infidelity.

Russian folk

It's time to get rid of bad habits. If this is not done, the dreamer will lose both his job and his family.

Slavic dream book

Treating a wound after a reptile bite means health problems due to bad habits.

A girl feeds a green snake - it is necessary to provide assistance to relatives.

Islamic dream book

A snake bite symbolizes temptation - it imperceptibly poisons the soul, just as snake venom spreads throughout the body. You need to find the strength within yourself and get rid of the factor that takes you away from the right path.


The dreamer will take part in a charity event or help a person who finds himself in a difficult situation.


Changes are coming in your personal life.


It will be possible to expose the insidious plans of enemies in time.

Chinese interpreter

Mayan Dream Interpretation

The green snake is free - you can relax and unwind, no significant changes will happen. The reptile is in the aquarium - to the machinations of enemies.

What do snake bites mean in night visions?

Interpreters recommend that a person take a careful look at himself if in a dream green snakes bite not him, but one of his relatives or close friends. This plot twist suggests that in reality he often shows intemperance towards people close to him, which causes them undeserved offense. What you see should be taken as a signal that you need to work on yourself and reconsider your attitude towards people.

To complete the picture, we note that some modern interpreters, based on materials they gleaned from the works of Eastern mystics, claim that snake bites can also have a positive interpretation. According to these authors, they promise a person unexpected luck and wealth. Even if he does not become a millionaire, he is guaranteed a generous inheritance, winning the lottery, or at least a bonus at work.

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