Why do children dream of lice in their heads: interpretations of different dream books

The images seen by a person in dreams are formed in his subconscious. That’s why objects, phenomena, animals, insects that are not uncommon in everyday life and are easily recognizable so often appear in dreams. Lice also belong to such images.

In real life, these insects cause a lot of trouble, causing feelings of shame, disgust and disgust. However, you should not transfer such emotions to a dream. In night dreams, ideas and concepts that are completely opposite to reality often operate.

Why do these insects dream? General value

A louse in a dream is a good sign. Such a dream promises only good things. As a rule, lice are seen in dreams as a sign of quick success in business, study, and personal life. They also dream of unexpectedly receiving big profits, gaining wealth, and living in abundance. The most common interpretation of this image is related to money.

A dream can also portend a large number of worries and troubles that will not be associated with troubles. Rather, on the contrary, they will bring joy, increased earnings, a career boost, and a change in social status.

According to almost every dream book, lice in a child in a dream indicate excessive guardianship over him, which becomes the source of a lot of children’s troubles. For example, it creates difficulties in spending time with friends or choosing a hobby to your liking.

Nits according to Vanga’s dream book

And in this dream book, a nit seen in a dream is an extremely positive phenomenon. Here, on the contrary, the bug promises well-being and success in the financial sphere, material stability, increased social status, and advancement up the career ladder.

If the louse is big, the profit will be big. Are you crushing lice? This means that you will solve a serious problem very soon.

If there are a lot of insects, a person may get sick, but recovery will occur quickly, so there is no need to be afraid. It is possible to receive an expensive gift from a stranger.

What is important to consider when interpreting?

The interpretation of dreamed symbols is never unambiguous. Decoding the meaning of a dream always depends on its details, the smallest details. Of course, not a single dream book makes an exception for dreams of parasitic insects. Lice in a child's head is the plot of a dream, which can be interpreted in completely different ways, depending on what kind of insects were in whose hair they swarmed - their own children or strangers.

To decipher the meaning of a dream, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • where the parasites swarmed - in the hair on the head or crawled along the body;
  • what the color was - black, white, brownish;
  • whether lice laid eggs;
  • whether they were destroyed in a dream.

Each of these points can help in correctly understanding what the dream about lice meant.

Gustav Miller variant

In his dream book, Miller noted that such a vision acts as a warning - previously started but unfinished business is hanging over you and this is weighing you down. Moreover, the more you see these insects in the child’s head, the more unfinished tasks hang over you in reality and this haunts you.

Often such a vision also indicates problems with the baby’s health, but you had to push them - expect a test from life, but you will cope with it with valor. Seeing them in your own head means you are too worried about both your personal life and work issues.

What is written about in the Veles collection of interpretations?

Such a dream portends only good things, as this dream book states. Interpretation: “Lice in a child’s head - there is no need to worry about his health.” That is, such a dream indicates that parents’ concern about the physical development or health of their child is unnecessary.

But a dream has a completely different meaning, in the plot of which there is only one louse slowly crawling over the body. Such a dream is a warning. It makes sense to pay close attention to the area of ​​the body through which the louse moved. It is quite possible that the dream foreshadows the development of a disease in one of the internal organs. But such a dream can predict not a serious illness, but an injury. For example, if a louse crawled along a child’s knee, then the dream may foretell that the child will hurt himself.

Modern dream meanings

Lice are a rare phenomenon in the modern world, and it often happens that the dreamer understands that he dreamed of these parasites, but he cannot remember exactly what they look like. This happens because man himself has never isolated these insects. Modern traditions, which are also close to us, say different things about such dreams - from large minor troubles to financial successes that will follow one after another over a long period of time.

Since these parasites do not cause much trouble in our time, and their destruction is a matter of just a few hours, the interpretation of dreams may already differ. And if previously a large number of them in the house (from livestock and children) was considered a manifestation of wealth, now it can symbolize minor troubles, the solution of which is not worth a damn.

Such dreams are quite unpleasant, but do not foretell any particular misfortune.

What is written about in the collection of Vanga’s interpretations?

This dream book does not unambiguously decipher stories about parasites. Lice in a child's head in a dream may portend any worries or troubles that his parents do not expect. But the meaning of a dream is significantly influenced by its details.

Black insects are a harbinger of disease. The smaller the lice, the less significant the upcoming health problems will be. Such a dream may portend headaches due to excessive stress at school, colds, bruises, etc. Large insects are a harbinger of more serious problems.

A white louse is a good sign. Such a dream promises good news and recognition of merit. This dream may portend high grades, success in writing a test, or easy passing of exams.

This dream book also gives meaning to the actions taken. Lice in a child’s head, which had to be crushed all night, are a harbinger of a successful resolution of current affairs. For example, if a child is having difficulty mastering a school subject, then such a dream portends that the child will be able to figure everything out. A dream can also predict the end of a string of troubles.

If in the plot the dreams of parasites are not crushed, but shaken out of the hair, then the meaning of the dream remains almost unchanged. The only difference is that in reality the child will cope with various current problems with ease, almost without effort.

Options for dream interpretation

One nit

If you dreamed of a bug alone , look around - which of your friends remained nearby? Most often, such a dream signals a person’s loneliness. Make an attempt to improve relationships with old friends, think about why you stopped communicating.

If you were the reason for this, do everything to regain your former friendship. And stop withdrawing into yourself and walking away from people who are trying to look into your soul. Remember that people who suffer from loneliness live shorter lives than others.

A lot of nits in a dream

a lot of parasites ? This indicates the great wealth of both partners in the family. For single women, such a dream promises an acquaintance with a wealthy patron, a relationship with whom can lead to marriage. If you believe folk superstitions, then such a dream is a harbinger of problems with the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

If you have gastritis, it is better to give up junk food for now. If you dreamed of nits with larvae, expect a huge scandal with your work colleagues.

A dream where you crush nits

If you crush insect larvae, you will lose your last chance to improve your financial situation. If instead of larvae there are eggs, then to achieve a difficult task you only have to take the last small step.

What is written about in the collection of Miller's interpretations?

This dream book interprets such a dream in a unique way. Lice in a child’s head, according to Miller’s collection, indicate the presence of unfinished business, which there is no way to avoid. This collection of interpretations also attaches importance to the details of the dream and the presence of actions in its plot.

Squashing or catching parasitic insects is a harbinger of successfully passing exams or overcoming any challenges. In addition, finding lice in a child’s hair in a dream is a sign of a difficult new task ahead, which you can cope with only if you make every effort.

Interpretation of the Gospel

Seeing a large number of lice in your own baby’s hair in a dream means you will soon face a whole bunch of problems and troubles. Moreover, these problems will affect both the dreamer himself and his baby - be attentive to yourself and your actions, and to your family.

When interpreting a dream, it is also worth paying attention to the color of the insects in the child’s hair - if they were white, then this promises you good news, but dark ones promise problems with the child’s health, illness. When in reality problems came upon you, and in a dream you were able to squash insects, you will cope with them on your own.

What is written about in the collection of Freud's interpretations?

This dream book interprets the dream as evidence of the state of the individual. The interpretation of the dreams “lice in a child” and “parasites in one’s hair” is different. A louse, according to Dr. Freud, is evidence of the presence of an internal crisis, some problems, questions or dissonance that corrode a person from the inside, constantly disturbing him.

If insects swarm in a child’s hair in a dream, then the dream speaks of problems associated with the child. For example, a parent who had such a dream may constantly worry about his child - whether he ate, how he slept, whether he was sneezing, and about other similar things. In other words, a dream is a direct reflection of feelings that are manifested in reality and are excessive, such as care, guardianship, and anxiety.

Lice and nits in the Islamic dream book

The concentration of lice in large numbers means losses, troubles, tears and destruction. The more lice, the more trouble. If you destroy parasites, then you will cope with all difficulties, albeit not without difficulty. If nits bite you, think about whether there are people around you who slander you behind your back?

Try to find out who it is and cut off contacts with ill-wishers forever.

For woman

If a representative of the fair sex dreams of parasites, you should not draw hasty conclusions, since the explanations for such a dream can be quite different.

But more often than not, such a dream means the appearance of a man in your life who is not worthy of you. Be on the lookout, don’t reveal your soul right away, don’t share your innermost secrets, but rather take a wait-and-see attitude.

You run the risk of being very deceived and disappointed in a person you know little, but who has already become very important to you. Remember, a man whose attitude is based on sincere feelings will not put pressure on the object of sympathy, try to manipulate him, but will allow the woman to choose the option for further development of events.

Found nits on your child? Relax parental controls!

From another person

Do you see a nit in the hair of a stranger? Don't be alarmed, but someone hates you. There's a good chance you deserve it. Be more honest with others and with yourself. Why do you crucify yourself in front of people you don’t respect, trying to hide your strong contempt behind a good-natured smile? You think that no one notices anything, but you are wrong.

The child has

Are lice in your child's hair? Try to loosen your parental control a little and give your child at least some freedom. Excessive guardianship slows down the development of children, makes them feel flawed and unloved. You don't want your precious baby to close himself off from you, do you? Let him breathe.

If you dream of parasites in the hair of someone else's child

Almost every dream book gives good meaning to such a dream. Lice in the head of someone else's child in a dream mean that your own child may get into trouble in the company of friends. The incident will not have any serious consequences. But it will cause a lot of trouble and reasons for worry.

If in a dream you happened to comb parasites out of someone’s hair, then such a plot foreshadows rapid career growth at the expense of others, as the dream book states. Lice in the hair of a stranger's child, combed out in a dream, predict that your own child will quickly achieve popularity in the school community and will be in good standing with teachers. But this will be achieved by infringing on the interests or feelings of other children.

Interpretations from the Middle Kingdom

Did you dream of lice in your hair? A dream book from China claims that such a vision is a harbinger of deliverance from all adversity. This interpretation affects almost all areas of activity of the sleeping person. So if you have experienced discomfort from lack of money and loneliness, then get ready for the fact that a loved one will appear in your life, as well as the opportunity for stable income. Just don’t forget to thank the Universe for such a gift.

Crushing a nit with your own hands in the kingdom of Morpheus is a sign that a person has been moving towards his intended goal for a long time, but those around him and even close relatives are trying in every possible way to prevent him from doing this. To achieve the desired result, try to concentrate on the goal, and not on what others say. Otherwise, ill-wishers will be able to realize their plans, and the person risks plunging into depression for many years.

How do the emotions experienced in a dream affect its meaning?

Details, details and actions are not all that need to be taken into account when interpreting, as almost every dream book claims. Lice in a child’s head are the subject of a dream, which is usually accompanied by vivid feelings and emotions felt by the dreamer. Of course, the sensations experienced must also be taken into account when deciphering the meaning of a dream.

If the dreamer feels very confused, panicked, and does not know what to do, this means that in reality he will have to face an unstable emotional or nervous state, hypochondria. For example, a dream may portend a manifestation of hyperactivity or difficulty falling asleep.

If a sleeping person is upset or upset, in reality he will be faced with empty worries and fuss over affairs and problems that will be resolved on their own. For example, a dream may predict that a child will have conflicts with classmates or that he will get involved in some ridiculous stories.

If the person who sees the dream experiences joy and relief after getting rid of parasites in children's hair, then this is an extremely good sign. In reality, the child will have success in all his endeavors, some activities will become easy, and parents, accordingly, will be able to be proud and happy.

A dream in which the sleeping person experiences depression, a feeling of loneliness, and strong fear has an alarming meaning. Such a dream promises loneliness in reality when faced with any life difficulties or trials. Considering that the dreamer feels similar emotions when observing lice in a child’s hair, we are talking about the child’s loneliness. After such a dream, you need to pay attention to your children and think about whether they are given enough time.

What kind of lice did you dream about?

White lice

White lice in dreams give the green light to all your endeavors.
You will become more organized, wiser and more consistent, thanks to which you will minimize risks and successfully complete what you start. Use the near future for financial transactions, solving legal issues, purchasing property or looking for a job. Sometimes this plot serves as a reminder of a conversation that you have repeatedly postponed due to your indecision. You are afraid to admit to your boss that you made a mistake, to notify a business partner that you are leaving the business, to ask your ex-spouse for permission to travel for a child, or to tell your parents about your pregnancy. The later you do this, the less likely it is that your ideas will be supported.

Black lice

If you dreamed about black lice - in reality you will have to sweat a lot. Most likely, at work you will be faced with several urgent problems at once that will help you unlock your potential and assert yourself in the team. Their successful resolution will result in a monetary reward from the boss or the conclusion of a lucrative contract.

Large lice

The vision of large lice has a positive interpretation. It promises great success in material matters. A valuable find is likely, the conclusion of a lucrative contract, a substantial profit from trade, or the acquisition of an expensive item at an affordable price.

Sometimes such a dream prophesies the realization of a secret dream. Opportunities for this will be given to you by people whom you will soon meet on your way. Probably a trip to an exotic country after employment at a travel agency or an invitation to a party from a new acquaintance, where you will find your destiny.

Small lice

Small lice usually appear in dreams of people who are concerned about solving money problems. For the sake of a decent standard of living, you take a disciplined approach to your main job, take on part-time jobs and make plans to open a personal business. Your dedication, hard work and activity will soon bear rich fruits.

Live lice

Live lice promise an improvement in your financial situation. Its source can be either your main place of work or close relatives. A transfer to a position with a high salary, a bonus for services to the employer, or a valuable gift from a significant other is likely.

Large lice

Large lice dream of victory over a competitor. The long rivalry will come to an end and end in your favor. The decisive moment will come when you are least ready for a new fight.

Little lice

According to the dream book, small lice refer to fake people. There are people gathered around you who want to trip you up and bring you down to the bottom. Don't trust anyone now. Avoid meeting new people.

Linen lice

Linen lice promise success and prosperity. You will successfully pass the exam, pleasantly surprise your boss, find a profitable part-time job, or recover an old debt. The absence of difficulties in business and finance will open the way to unprecedented heights.

For people with bad intentions, such a plot promises the failure of their insidious plans. You will be caught taking bribes, forced to answer for theft, your friends or significant other will suspect you of betrayal. You will have to answer for your crimes not only according to the law, but also according to your conscience.

Pubic lice

A dream in which you saw pubic lice should alert you. After it, you risk getting seriously ill, embarrassing yourself in a public place, taking up an unprofitable business, or quarreling with your chosen one. Caring for your body and the ability to listen to your partner will lead you to a carefree future.

Lots of lice

A lot of lice symbolize problems, troubles and troubles that you will have to devote to in the near future. Their source will be new work responsibilities, the arrival of guests, apartment renovations, the dismissal of an experienced subordinate, or the illness of a significant other. A proper daily routine and the ability to negotiate with people will help you avoid emergency situations at work and find a good doctor for your loved one.

Lice and nits

Lice and nits promise good news. They will bring you relief, hope for the implementation of plans and new prospects. They will forgive you a debt, reciprocate your sympathy, or offer you a good position.

Sometimes such a plot suggests that an envious person is hiding near you. This person is sensitive to your successes and craves your defeats. Observation and cunning will help you figure it out.

Lice and fleas

Dreams about lice and fleas draw your attention to people from your immediate environment. Some of them, with their obsession, pessimism or pedantry, make you feel irritated or disgusted. Breaking off your relationship with this person will relieve you of negative emotions.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of lice you dreamed about:

  • Human - to the illness of an elderly relative.
  • Huge - a chance to start all over again.
  • Dead - to exacerbation of the disease.
  • With blood - to severe fatigue at work.
  • Moose - to need and disappointment.
  • Red - to failures on the romantic front.

Depending on the type of lice

When deciphering a dream in which parasites appear, it is necessary to take into account their appearance.

  • Small ones - to a series of small victories.
  • Large ones - to a promising deal that will bring you profit.
  • Brown - to deterioration of health physically or morally.
  • Linen - to receive passive income. It is also likely to receive an inheritance or an expensive gift.
  • Pubic - experience unrequited love affection.
  • Dead - to illness, regrets, major financial losses.
  • White - your patience will run out, and you will break into a scandal.
  • Yellow - to tears from the betrayal of a loved one.
  • An unusual color means receiving a surprise gift.

Note! A dream in which lice appear, mixed with fleas, bedbugs and other parasites, foreshadows the visit of unpleasant guests.

Flea animals

To determine why fleas are dreamed of, you need to keep in mind where they are present - in a person or an animal. The appearance of fleas in a dream may be a sign of impending financial changes for the better or unplanned expenses. Fleas bite a girl - this is a warning about a temptation that should not be succumbed to. Seeing fleas on a dog or cat in a dream indicates the dreamer’s envy of the financial success of another person or a benefit from which a loved one or friend may suffer.

The destruction of fleas on a pet foreshadows forced interference in other people's affairs after unpleasant futile efforts. If you dreamed of a flea-ridden kitten, then the sleeping one will soon cause harm to loved ones or your friend will change his attitude towards you. Often fleas on cats dream of intrigues and quarrels.

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