Interpretations of dream books about what black sunflower seeds mean in dreams

You should not ignore dreams in which you saw such a small detail as seeds. The seeds carry a positive meaning and foretell happiness and the fulfillment of cherished desires. However, there is also a negative connotation that makes you think seriously about your own health and lifestyle.

Options for interpretation

  • Seeds according to Miller's dream book
  • Interpretation of a dream with seeds according to Vanga’s dream book
  • Seeds in the Islamic dream book
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Clicking fried sunflower seeds
  • See a lot of seeds
  • Buy seeds in a dream
  • Feed birds seeds
  • Chewing pumpkin seeds in a dream
  • Husk
  • Peeled seeds in a dream
  • Getting seeds out of sunflowers
  • Watermelon seeds
  • conclusions

Seeds in a dream promise both positive and negative connotations


On a subconscious level, the product is associated with wealth and prosperity.
If you dreamed of large and beautiful seeds in large quantities, then things are going well for you. You make a profit without spending much effort, and your business partners appreciate your achievements.

For people who are not involved in business, this image can embody fussiness, lack of composure, and making senseless expenses. If the seeds were sprouted in a dream, then this indicates that some kind of internal conflict is brewing in you. Negative emotions are about to burst out.

Distributing seeds to people around you is a sign that you are not behaving in the best way. You sow discord between people, provoking them to quarrel.

Interpretation of sleep based on the appearance and taste of seeds

Most often, seeds are dreamed of as a food product. In this case, deciphering what you see depends, among other things, on appearance and taste.

Fulfillment of plans means pure black

seeds. Possible addition of household members.

Deserved authority is symbolized by white

seeds. The dreamer will receive public recognition and fame in his circle.


seeds in a dream is a good sign. There is a possibility of making a profit from the business started.


the seeds serve as a warning. You can unwittingly or intentionally become a source of rumors. It is advisable to keep your mouth shut. A tasty treat - hopes and plans can soon become reality. Rancid - disappointment.


seeds mean troubles in the sphere of personal relationships. For the most trivial reasons, conflicts can break out, which will not be very easy to resolve.

If you dream of sprouted seeds, this is hidden dissatisfaction with others. Hidden omissions gnaw away from the inside.


the seeds represent impressive profits. Things will develop well.


seeds portend a state of dissatisfaction with the development of events. It is also a sign of emotional discomfort.

A symbol of the fact that the truth is to be learned are the purified

seeds. New information combined with intuitive hunches will lead to success. When communicating with people, you should not succumb to provocations.

Modern dream book

According to the modern book of interpretations, seeds are a symbol of something small but pleasant. A person who had such a dream will soon find himself at some noisy and fun party or will be invited to visit. In a word, a pleasant pastime awaits him. This interpretation is given by the modern dream book.

Seeds seen together with a sunflower promise positive and unexpected changes in a person’s life. Most likely, they will be related to his personal life. And the more seeds there are in a sunflower, the more pleasant the changes will be. Perhaps even something long-awaited will happen. By the way, it is interesting that the sunflower is a symbol of mutual feelings.

Interpretation of sleep by type of seeds

If a sick person dreams of sunflower

, in reality there will soon be a significant improvement. For others, the dream foreshadows joyful entertainment, although carried out without much practical benefit. Seeing a sunflower cap with seeds is a sign of good changes in your personal life. For lovers, this is a symbol of mutual feelings.

pumpkins also report good events.

seeds. New successful ideas may arise, and a new addition to the family may be possible.


seeds in a dream foreshadow the discovery of previously incomprehensible truths. Thanks to this, the background of the events taking place will become clear.

Flower seeds also have a good interpretation

. In reality, you will be able to gain self-confidence, which will help you reach career heights and influence people and events.

People's dream book

People have been observing for a long time the relationship between the images that appear during sleep and events in reality. In the folk dream book there are the following interpretations of seeds that appeared in a dream:

  • Gnawing on an endless stream of seeds means that in reality the dreamer will gain wealth without much effort; such a prophecy promises favorable changes in life.
  • Seeing sunflower seeds in front of you means a long and happy life, entering into a happy marriage.
  • A large amount of husk and peel is the personification of sad memories, as well as meaningless troubles and worries.
  • Clicking the roasted seeds and spitting out the husks means gossip is being spread around the dreamer, or this image may indicate that in reality the person himself is spreading bad rumors about others.
  • Seeing/sorting through a full bag/bucket of seeds means gaining financial independence, fame.
  • Raw, rotten seeds are the personification of the fact that in reality the dreamer cherishes empty and unfulfilled hopes. Also, the images seen can warn the dreamer about health problems.
  • Collecting and roasting seeds is a successful completion of a project/transaction.
  • Pumpkin and squash seeds indicate an imminent addition to the family. If the dreamer is a woman, and she buys, cleans or treats them herself, then soon she herself will be pregnant.

In the classical interpreter there are the following explanations of what the image represents:

  • gnawing on grains, of which there are many and never runs out, means gaining wealth without effort. The dream also predicts positive changes in life;
  • seeing seeds on a sunflower means happiness, marriage and a long, quiet life;
  • if you gnaw grains and spit out the husks, get ready for gossip to be spread about you. However, the dream may indicate that you yourself will begin to spread rumors about someone;
  • counting seeds means calculating profits, which will increase significantly in the near future;
  • seeing a spoiled or rotten product is a symbol that you are cherishing vain hopes. The vision also warns of possible health problems;
  • pumpkin seeds are a sign of a new addition to the family. The image itself predicts that one of your relatives is expecting a child. If a woman cleans them herself, it means she needs to prepare for pregnancy;
  • fried seeds dream of the successful completion of a project;
  • seeing a full bag means gaining wealth and fame;
  • the husk symbolizes sad memories and meaningless worries, and also warns against gossip.

Nice treat

We all know that this treat is like a drug. You start and you can't stop. Indeed, this delicacy brings real pleasure. And if a person does not stop gnawing seeds even in a dream, then this is a good sign. It promises a person entertainment and communication for his own pleasure. This is how the modern dream book interprets such a vision.

Popping the seeds and spitting out the skins is a warning from above. Perhaps a person should be more attentive to what he says, be more careful in his speech. It is possible that he has offended someone more than once with a careless word, a thoughtless joke or an unpleasant remark. Astrologers interpret this vision as a warning that one should be more careful in communicating with people.

But this is not the only way the modern dream book explains such a dream. Scattering seeds is an unpleasant sign. This is also usually considered a warning. Probably, the person does not manage his time quite correctly. Therefore, in order not to be offended by this in the future, you should now begin to show such qualities as prudence and rationality.

We all know that not only sunflowers have tasty seeds. Pumpkin ones are also popular. And I must say, the dream in which they appear also has a certain meaning. What does the dream book tell us? Seeing seeds is a good sign. Pumpkin delicacy means that soon things will go smoothly for a person.

There will come, so to speak, a bright streak in his life. Personal life, work, study, home - whatever it is, you should expect good luck everywhere. By the way, the Italian dream book assures that pumpkin seeds symbolize the emergence of a brilliant idea or the formation of some profitable but troublesome business on the horizon.

Eating pumpkin seeds in company means you will have fun communication with people you like. Perhaps it will be a party, or a cozy time with family. Also, such a vision may foreshadow a meeting with old friends and the renewal of friendship.

Seeing seeds that have not yet been taken out of a pumpkin - such a vision has the same meaning as the previous dream, but emphasizes that you will receive incomparable pleasure from communication.

Many dream books, in particular Gustav Miller's dream book, emphasize the importance of dream details. Remember what you did with pumpkin seeds:

  • You feasted on them - a party full of fun awaits you.
  • Taking them out of a pumpkin meant gaining valuable knowledge and improving skills. Sometimes it can portend an enrichment of life experience.
  • Frying them in a frying pan is a harbinger of a quick acquaintance with powerful people who will become your patrons.
  • If you bought them from a merchant, you will receive a profit or an addition to the family.
  • Selling or giving them away is an unfavorable sign, predicting large and senseless waste of money in the dreamer’s life.

Freud's Dream Book

If a person dreams of watermelon seeds, then this means awareness of the root cause. To be more precise, this means that a person will see the picture of what is happening in his life as a whole. If something bothered him before, some questions worried him, his conscience tormented him, then all this will pass. It’s as if a mosaic will come together.

The seed husk symbolizes the past. Perhaps one of the former friends will soon appear on the horizon, or a person with whom the dreamer previously had a romantic relationship. This meeting will be a little sad, but it will once again remind you of the past experience and make it clear that everything was not in vain.

If a person bought seeds in a dream, it means it’s time for him to rest. Freud's dream book assures: the dreamer is tired of stress, hassle and all kinds of stress. And trying to get distracted by little things will not help here. You need proper rest, at least for a few days. This way you will be able to restore your strength and become a productive person again.

The world-famous psychoanalyst was convinced that the seeds were a favorable sign. If a man dreams that he is planting seeds in the ground, in reality he is a wonderful lover who can satisfy any woman. If a woman dreams of feeding pigeons, then in reality she should soon meet her lover.

Freud was convinced of one thing: seeing yellow, black and white seeds during sleep is a sign of the dreamer’s changeable sexual preferences.

Scattering small seeds around yourself means a person surrounds himself with gossip. Some may be true, but they are overly embellished. Peeling and putting salted seeds from a bag/pack in your mouth means that in reality a pregnant woman will soon give birth to a healthy baby.

The psychoanalyst considered this image a positive sign. If a man sees that he is sowing something, it means that he is a wonderful lover who is able to satisfy his partner. For a woman who dreams of purchasing grains, the dream predicts an early meeting with the chosen one of her heart. She will leave an unforgettable impression.

Freud believed that seeing black, white or yellow seeds in a dream is a sign that a person’s sexual preferences and sexual partners are constantly changing. If a representative of the fair sex dreams that she is roasting seeds, it means that in the near future she will meet the person with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. The relationship between lovers will be ideal.

Seeing that you are scattering the product around you is a symbol of gossip spread by enemies. Some may be true, but slightly embellished. To avoid talking behind your back, don't talk about your life.

Why dream of gnawing seeds in a dream for a pregnant woman means that she will give birth to a healthy child on time. To see in a night vision that your lover is gnawing grains - be prepared for his betrayal. It may be caused by the fact that you do not pay enough attention to him, and he is looking for consolation on the side. In this case, separation can be prevented if you openly tell each other about your own needs.

Seeds in the Islamic dream book

In the Islamic dream book, seeds have a positive meaning:

  • Pumpkin seeds are good offspring;
  • Seeds in a dream represent money earned honestly;
  • Sowing seeds and waiting for them to sprout - to achieve honor and respect among colleagues;
  • Seed husks are a sign of imminent troubles and grief.

If in a dream you cracked seeds, get ready for big holidays

Why do you dream about black sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are a favorite snack for a huge number of people. Many people like to spend time in front of the TV, cracking grains. Having seen seeds in night visions, you have absolutely no idea what such a dream could portend. To correctly interpret what you see, you need to use a dream book and take into account the actions performed with the seeds.

If you see a sunflower filled with seeds, it means that you should soon expect unexpected changes in your personal life that will be positive. Perhaps it's time to meet your soulmate. A dream about seeds can act as a kind of warning that you should not worry about wasting time, you need to pull yourself together and get down to business.

Pumpkin seeds are a symbol of a joyful event, for example, the birth of a child. Only the dream book warns that sometimes when you see financial profit, you may forget about your main goals. Watermelon seeds will tell you that you will soon understand the reason for what happened, and you will be able to cope with all the problems. If you sell seeds, this is a sign that you have been deceived.

Why do you dream of black seeds?

For sick people, such a dream is a symbol that the illness is going away and you will soon get better. Another dream predicts a new addition to the family and the fulfillment of plans.

Why do you dream of roasted seeds?

If you want to fry the seeds, then you should prepare for the celebration in the near future, as an interesting company will gather. It is not clear who exactly will be at the party, but it is a fact that the time will be fun and interesting.

Why do you dream of cracking seeds?

Such a dream foreshadows a fun time, for example, it could be various kinds of parties or simple communication with interesting people. The Dream Interpretation recommends watching your words and jokes so as not to offend others. A dream in which you are gnawing on seeds may symbolize the desire to give up everything, but the dream book recommends not to give up, as a little more and your efforts will be appreciated.

If you click seeds with great pleasure, it means that the issues that bother you will soon be resolved and conflict situations will come to an end. Gnawing on seeds, among which you see many empty and spoiled ones, is a sign that unpleasant conversations and situations await you. If you cracked seeds and damaged your tooth in the process, this means that the problems will persist for a long time.

Why do you dream about buying seeds?

In this case, the dream indicates that you are tired of responsibilities, stress, workloads and it’s time to put everything aside and just relax.

Why do you dream about a lot of seeds?

A large number of seeds is a symbol that the time has come to “harvest”, that is, to make a profit on the money invested. Also at this time, you can calmly realize long-planned goals.

Why do you dream about scattered seeds?

If in a dream you collect scattered seeds, it means it’s time to take care of your children and surround them with attention and care. Moreover, this may concern not only your children, but also others, for example, nephews or godchildren. If you collect seeds, it means that in the near future you will be offered a profitable business.

Why do you dream about seed husks?

A dream in which you saw a husk without kernels warns that you will soon meet with a former lover or friend. Such a date will bring you unpleasant feelings, but you will once again be convinced that the reason for the disagreement was quite significant. The husk also predicts that in the future you will learn a secret that has been hidden from you for a long time.

If a sick person dreams of such a vision, then this is a positive sign. His health is already improving, so there is no need to worry in vain, but it is better to continue treatment and be more attentive to your condition in the future. There are several more interpretations that the English dream book gives us. Sunflower seeds seen by a married girl or woman mean the birth of a long-awaited child.

For businessmen, the English dream book interprets this vision somewhat differently. Individual entrepreneurs dream of sunflower seeds as a happy warning about the successful course of their business. If there are some plans, but the dreamer still did not dare to start implementing them, being careful of the risk, then you can safely act. All your dreams will come true!

Interpretations of astrologers and oracles

The most famous dream books and oracles consider seeds mainly as a positive sign. This delicacy, as a symbol of pleasant pleasures, will also mean a pleasant pastime in the circle of desired friends in real life. Some astrologers interpret the appearance of seeds as a warning to be careful and prudent in the choice of words with which the dreamer expresses his thoughts.

English dream book

Black seeds, according to the English dream book, are a very good sign. Especially if they were dreamed of by a seriously ill person. This is a clear symbol that a full recovery is coming. Health improves, depression will pass, and everything will return to normal. If any procedures are currently being carried out, they should be completed. In the future, sleep recommends carefully monitoring your health.

There are several more interpretations of the English dream book. Sunflower seeds are a good dream for a married woman or girl. It means the imminent conception and birth of a long-awaited baby. If the dreamer has been planning conception for a long time, but for some reason it did not work out, then after such a dream you can be sure that your innermost desire will soon come true!

Miller's interpretation

Miller's dream book interprets seeds differently. An image can have a positive or negative meaning, which depends on the details:

  • If you chewed on a product and spat out the husk on the floor, it means that in reality you may encounter law enforcement agencies who will have serious questions for you. You will not be able to influence the situation, and it will most likely not be resolved in your favor;
  • seeing grains that have shriveled, dried out, or become moldy is a sign that you will soon face a serious illness. It may have tormented you for a long time, but now it will enter the stage of exacerbation. To get rid of the disease, you will spend a large amount of money and time;
  • seeing a fully ripe sunflower and counting the grains - you are used to controlling your every step and do not tolerate if something does not go as planned;
  • if the seeds begin to sprout, then this predicts an upcoming journey that will give you many unforgettable moments. After returning from the trip, life will continue to present pleasant surprises.

Miller interpreted the seeds he saw in a dream at night in different ways. The image can be not only positive, but also negative - it all depends on the details:

  • Peel the seeds from the husk and throw it on the ground - in reality the dreamer may arouse the interest of law enforcement agencies. Alas, a person will not be able to influence the course of events; most likely, things will not be resolved in his favor.
  • The germinating seeds of sunflowers, watermelon, cucumbers and apples foreshadow a journey, the memories of which will last a lifetime.
  • Seeing a pocket full of shriveled, moldy seeds means the dreamer will soon face serious health problems. Perhaps the disease has struck a person for a long time, but soon it will go into an exacerbation stage.
  • Counting watermelon seeds means the dreamer is used to controlling everything that happens.



​There is a long road ahead.​ and pleasant ones. Don’t think faster, advises a sign of timidity. You dreamed of many different flowers. Lonely people are waiting for a new line of their own, and its joy and what they dream about Seeds of the type of seeds. Moldy and leaning towards Gnawing, cracking the seeds is worth giving up


​ Spring dream book. timid and uncertain seeds in one romantic acquaintance that success will overtake you with meaning. Well, stuffed to the brim with seeds may foretell flour for some reason, in a dream or - changes in


​I dreamed that you came to a man in a box - you may develop into


​ Also, a similar vision of the seeds themselves, which the sunflower refused? Soon health problems


​and everyone in​ to see the husks of life will only be brought to the store to buy in real life. A series of funny things awaits

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s prophecies, the image seen warns the dreamer about upcoming changes in life and, alas, they are not always positive. If birds peck at the seeds, you will encounter many troubles and trials along the path of life. The dreamer will not be able to take advantage of all the opportunities to realize himself in life.

The dreamer plants seeds - in reality the person expects profit. It is quite possible that a person will receive an inheritance from distant relatives whom he did not even know. This dream may also warn that you need to learn to manage money rationally.

Touching one grain at a time with your hands means there will soon be a new addition to the family, the woman will give birth to a healthy child. If this is not possible, then the dream foretells that children already born will be well brought up.

In Vanga’s interpreter, the image is associated with upcoming changes in the dreamer’s life. If you dreamed that birds were pecking at the seeds, it means that life has prepared many trials and troubles. You will not be able to take advantage of the chances of fate either in business or in your personal life.

If you dream that you are planting grains in the ground, in reality you will receive unexpected profits. Perhaps some distant relative left you an inheritance. In addition, this dream predicts that you will learn to spend money wisely.

In a dream, you take one grain at a time - a replenishment is planned in your family. It is possible that you yourself will soon give birth to a child. If you don’t plan to have a baby, but you already have children, then the vision predicts success in raising them.

Dream Interpretation: seeing seeds in a dream

Miller's Dream Book

interprets a lot of seeds as participation in fun entertainment. But if they were moldy, problems with finances and health are possible. Clicking seeds means misunderstandings with government agencies. A lot of time and effort will be spent on proving innocence. Counting the number on a sunflower cap is a symbol of the dreamer’s practicality and the ability to manage money rationally.

Vanga's Dream Book

suggests that when you dream of seeds that the sleeper collects individually, you will rejoice at the addition to your close circle. Sowing is a wise financial investment. Pigeons are pecking at the dreamer's supplies - you should prepare for sudden expenses.

According to the modern dream book

seeds in a dream symbolize profit and advancement up the career ladder. True, positive events will be accompanied by turmoil.

The husk from the seeds foreshadows the return of a situation from the past. You will probably want to meet a once close person again.

A full package of seeds is an excellent prediction. In the near future, the planned things will be carried out in the best possible way.

A bag of seeds - great changes. For girls, such a vision is interpreted as an increased possibility of pregnancy.

Dream Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

reports that sowing or husking seeds means numerous sexual contacts. It is necessary to decide on your circle of closest friends and be more selective in choosing partners and gentlemen. The founder of psychoanalysis also interprets the plot of a dream in which a woman buys sunflower seeds. In reality, an intimate relationship will bring great pleasure to the dreamer, which she will not have to regret.

According to Medea's dream book

large seeds belong to the emotional sphere. Your personal life will delight you with positive changes.

About quantity

If a person sees a lot of seeds in a dream, then this is a wonderful sign. It means financial success. If there are some plans in your plans that, in theory, should bring profit, then you can safely start working on them. They will really bring a person money.

Collecting seeds in a dream means that a person needs to show care towards someone who needs it. Children, elderly parents, acquaintances in difficult situations - it could be anyone. If there is an opportunity to help at least a little, you should not ignore such a sign. Then the dreamer will be generously rewarded by fate for what he has done. But transferring seeds means well-being and a stable financial situation.

As you can see, there are a lot of interpretations and meanings. And they are all mostly positive. So if a person dreams of seeds, you can be sure that something good will happen soon. And that's a fact.

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It’s not hard to guess why you had a dream in which you happened to crack seeds. The dream book confirms your guess: a not very constructive, but nevertheless pleasant pastime awaits you: parties, get-togethers, communication on social networks, participation in an exciting discussion on the forum.

If you dreamed of a sunflower, the seeds filled it to capacity, the dream promises unexpected positive changes in your personal life. The dream book believes that right now you can hope for mutual feelings.

If you don’t stop gnawing seeds even in a dream, the dream book believes that everything that such a dream means is in one way or another connected with entertainment and communication for your own pleasure. The only thing the dream warns about is that try not to offend anyone with thoughtless words or a clumsy joke, and also don’t take other people’s chatter to heart.

The dream interpreter suggests considering why seeds are dreamed of as a kind of warning. It doesn’t hurt to take care right now so that in the future you won’t be offended by wasted time - that’s what this dream is about.

For a sick dreamer, black seeds mean that his health is already getting better. A dream may foretell the birth of a long-awaited child. The dream book interprets this dream as a sign of well-being and fulfillment of plans.

According to the popular interpretation of the dream, the seeds seen in it represent a tendency to spend idle time, talkativeness and all kinds of gossip. The dream is completely neutral and gives the go-ahead to continue in the same spirit if you like.

A dream in which pumpkin seeds are present promises a joyful event: the birth of a long-awaited baby. The dream book believes that a dream can also have an allegorical meaning, for example, the birth of a brilliant idea, or you have a troublesome, nevertheless profitable business ahead of you.

As Miller’s dream book notes, seeds are most often dreamed of by young people or those who are young at heart. Which is quite natural: it is in their young years that people meet, fall in love, create families, which, in fact, is what the dream foreshadows.

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Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

In the interpreter of the famous soothsayer, grain is a symbol of the continuation of life:

  • you are harvesting - you will work long and hard to get what you want;
  • planting seeds, but they did not sprout - means betrayal that a loved one will commit against you;
  • if you dreamed that the product was missing, it means that you will be able to move up the career ladder or receive a salary increase;
  • to see that the grains appeared suddenly and out of nowhere - you will soon receive news from relatives;
  • in a dream you observe the process of planting seeds in the ground - in reality you need to devote more time to children.

Why do you dream about black sunflower seeds?

The watermelon seeds in the dream symbolize awareness of the root cause. The dream suggests that you will see the big picture. By understanding the situation, you will be able to eliminate the root of evil, and the fight against each individual misfortune will finally end.

Why dream about seed husks, the dream book connects it not with the future, but with the past. The dream warns you of a possible meeting with one of your former friends or a departed love. The meeting will upset you somewhat, however, it will help you realize that the reasons for the separation were indeed quite compelling.

The dream in which you had to buy seeds directly indicates the need for rest. The dream reflects your fatigue from chores, stress and strain and invites you to laze around a little.

Why do you dream about a lot of seeds, the dream book considers it a reminder that it’s time to harvest. The dream means that now is the time to receive dividends, begin to implement long-planned plans, and rejoice in the success of the children.

If you had to collect seeds in a dream, the dream book believes that this dream is, one way or another, connected with children who will need your care and attention. The dream can extend its meaning to both your own and any other children.

If you happen to see seeds in a dream, the dream book will tell you why you have such a dream. The seeds symbolize well-being, stability and confidence in the future. In a word, a peaceful and favorable dream.

The dream in which you are going to roast seeds suggests that in reality you can start preparing for a party: a great company is going to visit you. The dream book does not say who exactly will come to visit you - let it be a surprise, however, it promises that you will have a great time together.

Despite the fact that white pumpkin seeds are a generally favorable dream, the dream book warns of one trick that you risk falling into. Prosperity, stability and the appearance of well-being can make you forget about your main goals and objectives, the dream warns.

If in a dream you collect small seeds individually or dirty seeds of any plants (flowers, sesame seeds, squash, flax, poppy seeds, nuts, peanuts, watermelon, dill, tomatoes), then in reality you will be able to raise your children the way you planned. Sow in the field, distribute, give away, see a lot of large seeds, salted and mice, ants near them, this is a sign of prosperity or receiving an inheritance. If you dream of large white seeds, then expect good news.

If you dream of gnawing or snapping them, then you will not be able to quickly cope with pressing problems, including spending time without meaning.

Why eat seeds that have a peel (seed peels, shells)? The thematic forum says that this dream means that you have problems, the solution of which should not be postponed until later. You may dream of husks with or without kernels, and this is a warning against rash actions. Dreaming of giving a treat signifies the need to provide support to a loved one.

Feeding pigeons with seeds or selling (buying, buying) may mean receiving new tasks at work or study.

Seeing black seeds in a dream means the need for great effort to raise a child.

Fried ones indicate a date and a romantic pastime, while burnt ones will dream of a scandal or sad news. Purified implies new discoveries.

Watermelon seeds in a dream for women speak of replenishment of the family, and sweeping up scattered seeds (scattering) means twins or triplets.

Pomegranate seeds will symbolize fertility, and pumpkin seeds will symbolize the birth of a noble offspring. If a whole pumpkin is visible, then the family will increase in the coming months. As for sunflower seeds, they speak of those events that can radically change your whole life.

It is not always pleasant to see such a dream, because it is generally accepted that it means a long and difficult birth.

If you have a pocket with seeds, then you have to hide your problems from strangers and loved ones.

If you see a full package with them, it means that your wish will come true in the near future.

Seeds in bags signify dramatic life changes, for example, getting a new job or moving to a new place of residence. In some cases, this is a symbol of pregnancy, especially if a young girl has a dream. For a man, the meaning and interpretation of the dream is clear – new work.

Seeds growing in the head or in the hair indicate difficulties in life, overcoming which will require a lot of effort, as well as the support of a loved one.

In a bucket - to unpleasant events, including divorce or dissolution of a relationship. In the case of a bucket of seeds filled to the brim, we can talk about well-being and success in all endeavors. Men are promised career growth.

If you dream of picking up from the floor, it means that you are missing out on the best opportunities in your life.

If there are no kernels, you should wait for a meeting with former partners, and the seed husk itself will symbolize laziness, which does not allow you to realize your ambitions and achieve your goal.

Counting will symbolize your practicality, thanks to which any undertaking is doomed to success. If you have to sweep them off the table, then you have a lot of things to do, and all of them will be brought to their logical conclusion.

If the seeds are apple seeds, then you should expect interesting twists and turns on the love front, including preparing for the continuation of your family line.

Watermelons are a symbol of a happy marriage and the appearance of children who will not cause trouble by disobedience. In addition, you will be able to achieve significant benefits from the investments you make. You will be able to achieve success in any business if you change your point of view and take a fresh look at the problem and offer a new solution.

Cucumbers speak of a disease that you personally will have, so you should not pay little attention to your health. Another dream book interprets this dream as improving business activity and getting benefits from your investments.

The cracking of seeds indicates that you will harm a loved one with your words or will have a fight with your relatives.

If someone pecks seeds in a dream, including pigeons, it means that you will lose something or will not be able to realize your potential. If they are in the field, then you have to take advantage of the opportunity and benefit from the situation or you will receive an inheritance.

If there is husk, then court proceedings or other problems in life will not have a solution in your favor. Seeds with mold indicate poor health, so it’s a good idea to check with a doctor. Counting leads to stability in life.

For men, the dream suggests that they will be good lovers and he will have many lovers. For a woman, a dream speaks of intimacy with someone who is not her husband or boyfriend, and promises numerous affairs for an unmarried woman.

In real life, we carry out most actions simply, mechanically and almost unconsciously, and we don’t even pay attention to most phenomena - they are so familiar and ordinary.

But everything changes when we see these same simple things and phenomena in dreams. Because everyone knows that in dreams rarely anything appears just like that - ordinary actions and objects acquire a secret and voluminous meaning. And everyday things become codes and signs.

Dream books help us determine what the dream is about - and draw conclusions about what to do in reality, where to go, in which direction to take a step.

Seeds - what could be simpler? Many people like to chew pumpkin or sunflower seeds, but in a dream such an ordinary and simple action can take on serious meaning.

Let's figure out why we dream about seeds, and what such dreams promise us. For example, the seeds could appear in one of the following options:

  • You just saw black sunflower seeds in a dream.
  • You dreamed of a ripe sunflower.
  • You saw watermelon seeds in a dream.
  • I dreamed about seed husks.
  • You saw a lot of seeds.
  • You happened to gnaw seeds in a dream.
  • You started cracking pumpkin seeds in your sleep.
  • You bought seeds.
  • They distributed them to people.
  • Collected.
  • You sowed seeds in a dream.
  • They fed the birds with them.
  • We counted the seeds in a sunflower hat.

There are many options, despite the simplicity and simplicity of such a symbol. Each dream with seeds is unique.

To interpret what seeds mean in dreams, first remember the details - what they were like, what you did. And then you will find out what the dream book says.

As the dream book says, seeds can symbolize profit, conversations, joy - a lot of pleasant things.

1. Seeing sunflower seeds in dreams promises joy and a pleasant pastime, albeit without much benefit. Do what you like - have fun and enjoy pleasant moments.

2. If you dream of a sunflower hat full of seeds, expect pleasant changes in your personal life and mutual love. If you like someone, you can safely count on reciprocity. So be brave, don’t miss out on happiness!

3. A sick person always dreams of sunflower seeds as a sign of recovery. If you are now sick, experiencing ailments and being attacked by illnesses, rest assured that soon you will get better, have good health and feel great. Take care of yourself!

4. Young people dream of this to symbolize joy, love, and even marriage. A girl or guy who dreams of seeds should hope for a happy turn in love, a long-awaited meeting, romance and everything that one dreams of.

5. And if you dreamed of watermelon seeds, this is a serious dream. It indicates that you are aware of the root causes of some important, big events, you will have a valuable and deep understanding of things, hidden meanings, secrets.

You will be able to deeply understand the situation. You will receive wisdom - use it correctly and wisely, for good.

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6. If you dream about seed husks, this foreshadows some return to the past, to past events. You will probably meet someone from a past life and relive bygone feelings. Try to evaluate this meeting wisely, do not dive into the past.

7. A lot of seeds is a good sign. Such a dream, in which they lie in whole heaps, promises profit. You will have to harvest the harvest, reap the fruits - your labors will receive a generous reward, you will have recognition and money.

Seeds according to the dream book

longevity. This is not a dream book for you. They are worried about something and even, but Dreamed, they can black seeds, fried, like part of a sunflower, in a dream, which means for possible troubles, the torturer’s shoulder is better: You will get terrible diseases, but you cannot concentrate on planting seeds in a dream - they promise delicious things for a long journey. They are like those associated with children in real life,

Flower buds

gnaw at me although everything is under control don’t forget about the flax in the ground

At her work. Dried out, the dream book will tell you! and the end of long periods of food symbolize changes, she is very prolific, good for an unmarried girl -

There are no teeth yet and you will be able to attend, take care of injuries - in reality you should take I dream of the seeds of spring primroses of relationships, but only

And in the best dish. About everyone as a lover. Predicts an early pregnancy, it’s not pleasant at all, as you see fit.

​ yourself.​ you plan to start​ yourself in hand, - to joy, in order to side. And this

Agricultural crops

From such dreams, a woman buys seeds and marriage. If it was like that for me, you’re not the only one

​Sprinkling food with flax seed is some kind of grandiose task. Otherwise, problems will arise. Fun and pleasure, starting new ones, more means that in

​let's talk in more detail.​ - in reality​ you will distribute​ to someone​ ((​ you will receive dividends thanks to​ - interpretation of the dream​ Now favorable for​ also there.​ Miller's dream book promises.​ fruitful.​ in the future you will be able​ What are you dreaming about? seeds, pleasant intimate revelations, seeds in a dream, my husband and I bought the following decision for the decision we have now made: you are dreaming of this time, go for it. Dreamed of seeds in a dream Small black grains of autumn

What's growing in the garden?

​If in your dreams you clearly control yours on a sunflower? To be with your lover. She - in reality you are sowing a lot of big-bellied things in the financial field about something unrealistic

​Sowing seeds in a pumpkin container - to flowers - symbolizes you are busy with such matters, deciding financially to interpret this correctly will not only enjoy the enmity between colleagues of the seeds. I say

Affairs, you are also unreal. It's time for a festive mood on the windowsill. In sadness about the departed, a pleasant activity, like questions in one’s version of dreams, follows his company, but or loved ones. “Where are so many?” a​

You can receive a generous “come down from heaven” you see that they are during this period you regret the husking of the seeds, this is a benefit, and even remember the symbolism.

Plant and collect

​ and will fulfill one thing Why do you dream about Seeds? He says: “Look how big they are, let them be a gift on the ground”, understand, they have sprouted - you can organize a holiday for your plan

​that you had to means that everyone will receive a valuable gift. What does a sunflower mean from your treasured ones? You will collect them,” I must say that you can see pumpkin seeds

That we do miracles, it takes a long time in the middle of gray everyday life, with something or ultimately Does the dream book say separately, in esotericism? This

​ desires.​ one by one - and in life in a dream - we ourselves and​ preparation and thorough​ Please your family to part with someone.​ what will happen in your dream​

​ - a symbol of success,​ Seeds, if you are constantly​ for a successful upbringing​ of your husband, after that​ it seems to you that​ you need to start taking action.​ checking all the details.​ a festive extravaganza.​ Grains of poppy, clover​ are good, but things will click seeds. This

At the seed store

​ a small analogue of the sun.​ you bite them into​ children, adding to​ how you quit smoking​ all the energy according to​​ Only then all the​ Seeds of cucumbers or tomatoes​ and other field​

They will begin to go a lot means that you He can also be in a dream and not in a family. You sow in, there are a lot of them

​ the drop has left​ Pumpkin seeds usually dream it will go the way - you from the flowers - prophesies better than before. tired of the current means real joy, you can stop, the field indicates - you will become

Both tasty and healthy

​ is gnawing at you, because you have planned to add to the

A busy life, the ability to manage more wisely I dreamed that I was buying in a store You had to go through the family: very soon Planting sprouted seeds into family chores. He looks at life. If you dream of a sunflower, remember

​burning desire to leave

Angelic dream book

In this dream book, the image embodies financial well-being and good luck. If you see that birds have eaten the seeds, get ready for losses. A rotten and spoiled product warns that a dark streak will come in business, plans will be impossible to implement.

Sow something - a surge of creative inspiration awaits you, which will lead to an increase in material well-being. It also means that people who turn to you for advice will receive a lot of useful information. Collecting grains is a sign that you will have a tense relationship with your children or difficulties because of them.

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