Why do you dream about a slap? The dream book will help you find the answer to this question!

  • October 8, 2019
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If you dream of a slap in the face, you should definitely look into the dream book. After all, this is a rather meaningful, symbolic vision, which is a harbinger of certain events. Which ones? It depends on the details present in the plot and the interpretation of a particular interpreter.

Now it’s worth turning to the most popular dream books that can help you understand this topic.

Interpreter of the 21st century

Many interesting interpretations can be found in this well-known book. This is what this dream book says:

  • A man received a slap in the face from the object of his passion and this, of course, upset him? Surprisingly, this turn of events foreshadows unexpected joy.
  • Did the dreamer himself give a slap in the face, and to his best friend, who didn’t deserve it at all? This means that in the near future he will have to ask knowledgeable people for advice.
  • Did a person witness a parental quarrel in which they simultaneously exchanged slaps? This plot reflects his personal life. Perhaps in reality the dreamer is afraid of parting with his soulmate. But it is possible, since he too clearly imposes his views on her.
  • Did you happen to receive a slap in the face suddenly, and from a random passerby? But this is a good sign. He represents met expectations.

What is written in the collection of Freud's interpretations?

Dr. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a product of the subconscious mind. That is, they refer to unconscious mental manifestations that indicate the true state of mind or the desires of people.

Scenes with slaps in the face that appear in men's night dreams are evidence that a person experiences fear and uncertainty. He has to do something that he wants, but is afraid of not being able to handle. Therefore, he subconsciously looks for something that can push him towards the inevitable, help him decide.

Such a dream may indicate an upcoming first experience in sex. But it may not have a sexual connection. For example, this dream is quite likely to visit a young man who needs to find a job and stop depending on his parents. Those who are deeply depressed and contemplating suicide may also experience such a dream. To fully and correctly understand the meaning of a dream, you need to take into account its details and correlate them with life circumstances.

A psychoanalytic collection of interpretations directly connects slaps that women dream about with sex. According to him, the dream indicates a desire for same-sex relationships and all types of love pleasures, with the exception of traditional ones. Of course, an accurate interpretation of a dream is possible only taking into account the personality and life situation of the dreamer and the details of the night’s plot.

Interpreter Vanga

If you believe this book, then a slap in the face seen in a dream is a very polysemantic symbol. If a person received it from someone, it means that soon he will have to take some decisive action in order to establish himself in life. And you will need to take this step without any outside help.

Did he slap someone himself? But such a plot predicts a breakdown in affairs and a complete failure of plans. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a real black streak.

Dream Interpretation from “A” to “Z”

You should definitely take a look at this interpreter. According to this dream book, a slap in the face may portend one of the following:

  • Did the woman receive it from her lover? Perhaps someone will soon offend her greatly.
  • The dreamer, regardless of gender, received a slap in the face from some woman? This means that in real life he will find himself in an unfavorable society, among people of bad taste.
  • Has a person ever gotten a slap in the face from one of his parents? Such a plot foreshadows a protracted conflict with relatives.
  • Have you ever slapped a child in the face in a dream? After such a plot, you need to be more careful. There is a risk of making a serious mistake, which will be fraught with irreparable consequences.
  • Did a woman happen to slap a man in the face in a dream? Oddly enough, such a plot personifies self-confidence and peace of mind.
  • Did the girl “reward” her lover with a blow? This means that in real life he will carry her in his arms.

Beat up your chosen one and cry

As a rule, tears have the opposite meaning in reality . Beating your spouse and crying means that in reality the married couple will receive good news that will dispel all existing doubts in the dreamer’s life. If tears flowed in a stream, then a period of carefree and prosperity awaits the woman ahead. Such a dream should not worry, since it portends only positive emotions and changes in life.

Sometimes the image you see means that in reality the time has come to free yourself from accumulated emotions that you have to restrain every day. It is recommended to use your energy to create something or just have a good cry.

There are several meanings of what you saw: as a rule, dream books refer to dissatisfaction with your sex life. It’s quite possible that in reality it’s time to start adding variety.

Soon events will happen in life that will prompt the dreamer to show her most positive qualities. If you don’t give up ahead of time and complete all assigned tasks, a rapid leap up the career ladder is possible. If the blow with a stick was struck without a reason, then in reality the solution to the problem will come suddenly, all current affairs will have a favorable outcome for the dreamer.

If a wife beat her dead husband in a dream, then this is not a good sign. Most likely, unfavorable changes will occur in family life. According to most dream books, what you see means that soon the dreamer’s secret will become known to everyone. However, there is another, completely contradictory interpretation: a woman will meet a new friend, receive a valuable gift or find her. One of the authoritative dream books also has the following interpretation: beating a deceased husband means the collapse of all plans.

According to Miller

You should definitely look into the interpreter of the famous American psychologist if you want to know why you dream of a slap in the face.

Did the person himself “award” it to someone? This means that you should really expect unplanned troubles and major troubles. They will have to be resolved very quickly, otherwise there is a risk of disrupting long-planned plans or a profitable business.

Have you ever received a slap in the face from a loved one? It’s unpleasant, of course, but this particular plot is a harbinger of unexpected joys and surprises.

In his dream, did the man hit his boss in the face with all his heart? Such a plot is considered a harbinger of career growth, obtaining a new position, or moving to a new, more promising place of work.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

If you happen to see a slap in the face in any context, then you need to be wary. This image is associated with receiving a strong insult in real life.

Did you have to watch from the sidelines as two people enthusiastically slap each other? This refers to the nagging and disputes that will arise in the near future between the dreamer and the people around him.

A dream with a slap in the face has a more positive meaning for a girl. She needs to perceive this symbol as a harbinger of relaxed, easy communication with a person who has long been a source of sympathy.

Did you dream about slaps falling one after another? This means that in reality, relatives and friends were greatly yearning for attention from the dreamer.

A slap from your best friend is considered a sign of a fun time. The feeling of sharp pain promises emotional gatherings with relatives. But if a person himself gave someone a resounding slap in the face, so strong that a red imprint remained on the “victim’s” face, it means that in reality he will be presented with a simply stunning gift.

Getting such a slap in the face yourself is also good. Such a vision is associated with replenishing the budget, making new friends and connections, as well as promising endeavors.

Beating your spouse for cheating

If in a dream the cause of the conflict and fight was the betrayal of a spouse, then in reality the dreamer will face great failures . Before making decisions, you need to weigh the pros and cons, think everything through and make adjustments if necessary.

There is another common interpretation of what was seen: in your close circle there is a person who is jealous and wants to betray. It is recommended to identify him as soon as possible, since he will deal a crushing blow at the first opportunity. Perhaps someone is abusing the dreamer’s trust and kindness.

Family interpreter

Finally, it’s worth looking into this dream book. The slap is interpreted differently by them, and here are some predictions that were not previously mentioned:

  • A person was slapped in the face by a child? This means that he will soon be invited to some luxurious celebration.
  • Have you ever felt a blow from your boss on your cheek? This promises him new acquaintances and, possibly, a new promising job.
  • Did you see a slap in the face from a stranger? Such a plot reflects the dreamer’s subconscious desire to try something new, which previously seemed difficult and unattainable.
  • Did your best friend hit your dreamer on the cheek? This promises him open doors in promising areas of activity.
  • Did a person slap a child? This means that in reality it’s time to take a short time-out and rest from work, otherwise his nerves will soon give way.
  • Have you ever slapped a friend? But this promises a meeting with your soulmate.

The main thing is that a person does not happen to watch in his dream how someone hits the object of his passion on the cheeks. Since such a plot warns of the likelihood of a violation of his long-planned ideas for implementation or problems in harmonious relationships.

The general meaning of “massacre” in a dream

A face in dreams is considered a sign of our communication with those closest to us. It is customary to decipher dreams with this symbol based on the emotions that we experience in the dream. So remember: why did you (or you) get hit, what did you feel, what happened next?

What exactly was used to strike?

  • Palm: a dream for career advancement.
  • With a fist: to a showdown among your relatives.
  • Gauntlet: fate challenges you.
  • With a stick: something bad will happen to you.
  • Something heavy: you will soon feel disappointed.
  • With a rag: you will be sucked into household chores.

Where did he go?

  • On the nose: something will excite you.
  • On the cheeks: You will be ashamed or ashamed.
  • In the eye: a dream means a wrong look.
  • To the cheekbone: something will disappoint you.
  • By the jaw, by the teeth: you will lose something.

Did you get a slap?

  • Why do you dream that you are the one being hit in the face? In real life, you are morally “pressed down” by a person who has power over you (teacher, boss, mother, wife).
  • Did blood appear after the blow? If yes, then you should prepare for a visit from a loved one. If not, the guest will be a stranger. Well, if you have a bruise on your face, the dream says: you may get sick.

Were you the one handing out the slaps? And who exactly got it from you?

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  • To your loved one: he may turn out to be unfaithful.
  • To your spouse: in fact, your marriage can be called successful. If in a dream you beat him out of jealousy (say, he winked at another woman), this means that in “real life” he will be faithful to you.
  • To your spouse or girlfriend: you should learn a sense of proportion. And not only in the manifestation of their emotions, but also in food.
  • To a stranger: you are destined to meet the nicest person. If you argued with a stranger and emotionally “treated” him to a slap in the face, the dream means: your colleagues (partners) will really let you down.
  • To your ex: you still miss him.
  • To your rival: your loved one is not cheating on you.
  • To your mom or dad: expect bad changes in your life. If your mother cried at the same time, the dream means that in real life you don’t get along. If after the slap she laughed, you should expect positive news.
  • To yourself: you will achieve your goal.
  • To the deceased: you do not want certain information about you to become public.
  • To your colleague: sleep means victory in an argument.
  • To someone else’s child: in order to “pull out” your project, you will have to take justifiable risks.
  • To your child: you will learn something new, and new knowledge will be very difficult to acquire.

Or maybe you were just an unwitting witness to the “massacre”?

  • According to the dream book: they hit your real friend in the face in front of you, but you do nothing, this means that you are offended by him. If you rushed to help a friend, it means that in fact you offended your friend and are now tormented by remorse.
  • If a person you seem to know was hurt in a dream, it means that you regret something.
  • You saw how a woman was hit and she fainted: you will keep some secret. If, on the contrary, Madame lost consciousness and was tapped on the cheeks to bring her to her senses, your secret will be revealed and will also “explode” like a powerful information bomb.
  • If your friends (a couple, a guy and a girl) were fighting among themselves, this dream says that in real life you will soon be present at a stormy showdown.
  • If you saw your child being hit, it means that you are unhappy with your life.
  • Was the baby crying his eyes out? The dream promises a lot of trouble. On the contrary, he didn’t even cry? The dream promises a successful completion of your affairs.
  • You saw your adult daughter with a broken cheekbone: you will have a lot of trouble, and it will not bring the fruits you think about.
  • You saw your husband in the role of a boxer in a dream, and his partner in the ring was a woman you didn’t know: your husband’s career (business) is in danger.
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