Why do you dream about killing enemies, dreaming about killing enemies in a dream

Rituals to destroy enemies, conspiracies on how to destroy an enemy, will help men and women get rid of personal and industrial offenders. Performed both in home and public places. To perform the rituals you will need to accurately identify your enemy.

An insult inflicted on a person, or a member of his family, calls for revenge. Of course, contacting the police or friends does not count, but sometimes the former release the detainee for money, and the latter admit that they cannot handle it. Then you have to turn to magic, black or white. You cannot leave injustice, betrayal or a crime unanswered, no matter where it was inflicted: at home or in public, on the street or at work. This is contrary to religion, but for some reason I don’t want to forgive, and evil without compensation will lead to its repetition. However, the magic of retribution strives for justice; it denies any negative actions towards an innocent person. Therefore, before starting the ritual, it is necessary to analyze the situation and find out whether a particular person is really guilty of this.

Miller's Dream Book: comprehensive analysis

Since ancient times, murder in a dream has been viewed from different angles. Gustav Miller interprets the details of what happened as follows:

  • Seeing reprisals against an enemy from the outside means encountering treachery.
  • Destroy the enemy yourself - overcome the surrounding problems.
  • Killing an enemy seen for the first time means coping with internal contradictions.
  • Mistaking a friend for a villain in a dream and killing him means a quarrel with this friend.
  • Winning a fight with an attacking beast means success in business or promotion.

Consequences of using magic

There are three types of black magic - witchcraft, sabotage and sorcery. Directing evil towards enemies is sabotage. The exception is protective rites. It is this type of magic that has the most serious consequences.

For the one who performed the ceremony

If the ritual was performed with evil intentions, without protection, the consequences will be serious:

  1. Health problems. There may be a deterioration in general health and problems with specific organs. Often tests do not reveal illnesses, but a person feels how quickly he is losing strength.
  2. Loss of attractiveness. Men can suddenly turn gray and lose their hair. Men seem to stop noticing women.
  3. Problems in relationships with loved ones. After conspiracies, the personal relationships of the performer may collapse. Fate seems to test a person’s strength.
  4. Mental problems. The performer often develops depression, problems sleeping, and his mood often deteriorates. The feeling of depression and devastation persists.

After any sacrament performed, the performer needs rest and good sleep. Physically he may not feel tired, but his astral body experiences a serious loss of resource. Therefore, it is recommended not to talk to anyone and go straight to bed after the ceremony.

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Important! To protect yourself as much as possible from the consequences, they cast a spell after sunset. It is also important to perform rituals in private and not tell anyone about them. It is advisable to leave a payoff for the dark forces - coins, vodka, food left at the crossroads.

For the ill-wisher

Any magical influence disrupts natural energy flows. Outside forces interfere in someone else's life, which cannot happen without consequences.

The consequences depend on the purpose of the ritual:

  1. If the performer wanted to return all the evil to the offender, he will receive in full for each crime. Provided that he does not use protective rituals, is not a believer, and does not have strong patrons.
  2. The victim feels like he is losing control of his life. The events of his daily life seem to cease to depend on him.
  3. A person constantly feels sadness and devastation.
  4. If the ritual is aimed at protecting against the atrocities of others, then the person who committed the evil will feel a loss of energy and strength. He will lose the desire to gossip or interfere with the person who has performed the protective ritual.

Share your results in the comments. Do you believe in the power of protective rituals? Do you have enemies who want to return all the negativity?

Defeat circumstances

To be a victim of an attack in a dream and to offer worthy resistance is a multifaceted plot that is given a detailed interpretation. To dream of defending yourself and killing the enemy in a fierce battle means a difficult situation from which internal tossing makes it difficult to find a way out. Killing him in a dream is a sign that in reality a person will cope with indecision, he will have enough courage to rise above the circumstances. There is a parallel between the ability to kill an opponent in a dream and achieve victory in real life.

If you dreamed that, instead of a fair fight, you were persuading someone else to kill your enemy, this means a bad omen. In reality, everything will happen differently - someone will meanly take advantage of your trust and cause damage to your finances or reputation.

When should you use spells?

A person may think that he is completely safe. However, everyone has enemies and envious people who can harm not only with their actions, but also with their thoughts. Their negative energy makes a person unlucky, awkward, lost, and prevents them from getting rich and developing. A conspiracy from enemies eliminates negative energy and the consequences of its impact on a person’s life.

Important! You can use spells only if you are completely sure that there is an enemy. Otherwise, you can get yourself into trouble.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. First, they check for the presence of an envious person. Before going to bed they ask for a prophetic dream, they say: “Angel, show the enemy.” If the dream is not remembered, or is positive, there are no enemies. If a clear image appears, a ritual must be performed.
  2. A ritual is selected that matches the skills and capabilities of the performer.
  3. After its completion, no one is told about magical actions.

Simple protective rituals are considered the safest and easiest. They have no impact on the enemy. However, the performer receives serious protection from higher powers.

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If influence on the opponent is implied, dark energies are activated. Working with them is quite dangerous and can cause harm if the procedure is not followed. When casting spells, you cannot change the words, rearrange them or throw them out.

A conspiracy of amulets, reading prayers is white magic. Inflicting damage, the evil eye, wishing evil on the enemy is black magic.

Creepy details

It is difficult to remember the method of execution without shuddering, but it is necessary - the interpretation of the dream depends on it. According to the Chinese dream book of Zhou Gong, if you dreamed of finishing off an enemy by piercing a knife, this means good luck and wealth, and according to Freud’s dream book, it means bodily pleasures. Seeing blood at the same time is a sign of joy. Chopping with a saber or knife means poverty. If you dreamed about another person trying to kill someone with a knife: Freud suggests that the dreamer has a tendency towards cruelty.

Shooting an enemy with a pistol in a dream means an easy resolution of difficulties, the fulfillment of a plan. Perhaps someone will suddenly offer help. If you dreamed of shooting at an enemy with a pistol, and then finding out that you made a mistake, this is a warning against excessive gullibility: someone will try to slander a good person or a devoted employee. The sounds of deafening pistol shots are remembered for high-profile news.

Step-by-step instructions for carrying out conspiracies to destroy the enemy

My family never had enemies, at least that's what I thought. My sister agreed with this too. But one day she needed surgery, and her doctor friends offered to perform the operation at their home, citing the fact that they had all the instruments.

A few days later, my sister ended up in intensive care, where she died.

A one-year-old child was left in the arms of her husband. I was outraged by the visit of a messenger from the doctors, who warned that if we went to the police, my nephew’s stroller would be hit by a car while walking. Apparently, I was very angry that I spent a whole month running around among the whispering grandmothers, after which I had several conspiracies to destroy the enemy.

Step 1: Identifying the Enemy

To bring down your anger on your head, you must first know whose. But the sister did not tell either my husband or me which doctor performed the home operation. Therefore, I had to identify the culprit of her death. To do this, I performed a simple ritual, turning to Saint Samson:

  • Before going to bed I read these words:
  • At night I had a dream where I saw one of the doctors who could perform the operation.

Often proof alone is not enough for us, but during the day I twice heard the name of that doctor from women talking to each other. That same evening, that messenger appeared again and brazenly declared that his owner, a doctor, would help with money for raising the baby, while giving his last name. Now I knew exactly my enemy, and not just one.

The revealing ceremony is carried out at night on the eve of any Christian holiday. The presence of an icon of St. Samson is not necessary.

Step 2. Closing all roads

The messenger who came from the doctor also said that his owner should be promoted. Then he will be able to sell more drugs, and will help my nephew with money. However, buying a person’s life for money, especially dirty money, was not in my rules. Therefore, I decided to close all roads to the offender. This required cemetery land and a photograph of the offender. The last one I found was from a friend of my sister's, where there were a lot of people on the card. But in order not to cause harm to strangers, I cut out only his profile:

  • uttered several curses on the ground towards the enemy;
  • sprinkled the photograph with the attribute of a conspiracy during the day;
  • in the evening he scattered earth at the entrance to his house, garage, sauna;
  • On the way home, I cast the following spell:

You can take soil from an unmarked grave during the day. The last words should be pronounced as if after the first, but with sincere anger.

Step 3. Ground red pepper

I didn’t want to do anything to kill my offender - the main thing was that he would suffer more. This desire was helped by the red pepper ritual, let him feel bitter as if he had eaten it. For this I used the following ingredients:

  1. Dry willow branches - 6 pcs.
  2. Dry fern leaves - 4.
  3. Ground pepper - 0.5 tsp.
  4. Burdock oil - 1.

My actions were as follows:

  • at 2 o'clock in the morning, put all the ingredients except the oil into a bowl;
  • lit them from a candle;
  • slowly said the magic formula:
  • the ashes were filled with burdock oil;
  • stained the photo of the offender with a mass.

The procedure is carried out only on a day when its date is a multiple of 3. You can also stain a personal item or the enemy’s front door with the mass. The effect of fulfilling the spell appears after a week.

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Step 4. On the bow

I was so angry that I left out the red pepper and also performed a ritual on the onion. But for the procedure itself we had to wait until nightfall:

  • in the afternoon he scratched the name of his sister’s offender on an onion with a needle;
  • I placed a cross on top of the vegetable and below, filled them with church candle wax;
  • put the onion in a bowl, poured out the holy water;
  • at night he lit a candle next to the bowl, so that its wax would drip onto the water;
  • whispered a spell 40 times in a row:
  • collected all the attributes and tools, put them in the closet;
  • he threw away the candle stub at a distant intersection;
  • two days later he ordered a magpie in the church for the health of the offender;
  • the next night the ritual was repeated, hid all the attributes for 40 days;
  • after the expiration of the period, he took the melted wax and onion out of the water with chopsticks and laid it, together with the needle, on a piece of new fabric, except for the bowl;
  • tied everything in a bundle, buried it in a distant vacant lot in a hole under a dried tree;
  • added the following words three times:
  • poured the water as close as possible to the villain’s threshold.

There is no need to peel the onion. The fabric can be any, but it must be new. After pouring out the water, throw the bowl away.

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Step 5. Whisper conspiracy

A few days later I met a well-fed doctor's partner at my house. From his incoherent sentences I realized that the owner was in huge trouble at home and at work. At the same time, he pulled out a knife and, blaming me for all the troubles, attacked. I managed to knock out the knife, after which the messenger turned around and ran away. I already knew his name, so I followed up with the following speeches:

Words can be uttered every time at the enemy’s back.

Step 6. Hex on a church candle

The more often I met the physician assistant, the more anger I grew towards him. One day he arrived in a gray BMW and muttered through his teeth about my imminent death as a result of crossing the road incorrectly. This was a reason to perform a ritual with blood. During the day I prepared the attributes for a conspiracy to destroy the enemy, and at three o’clock in the morning I began to carry it out:

  • lit a church candle;
  • on a white sheet of unlined paper, with a ballpoint pen with red ink, he wrote a punishment for the offender;
  • heated a sterile sewing needle black in the fire of a candle,
  • pierced the bun on the ring finger;
  • crossed out what was written on the sheet, crosswise with drops of blood;
  • He said the words three times, as if addressing the enemy:
  • I burned the paper in a candle fire, sprinkled the ashes with holy water;
  • scattered to the wind.

I don’t know what happened, but I never saw the doctor’s accomplice again.

The procedure is performed at the specified time of day, the date of which must be a multiple of the number 6. When setting out the type of punishment, it is necessary to accurately formulate the form of retribution. The spell begins to work after three days.

Step 7. To repent

Now I understand the phrase well: the world is not without good people. I mean, there are only evil people around, but there are also good ones. I ran out to the nearest kiosk for cigarettes, but forgot my money at home. And then he slapped himself on the forehead in frustration that he had forgotten the keys in the door. The prepared money on the nightstand was gone, but in the hallway there was the familiar disgusting smell of my drunkard neighbor. I didn’t want to go to him because of a pack of cigarettes, but decided to teach him a lesson, fortunately I knew his first and last name. The next morning I did the following:

  • without washing or having breakfast, he lit a candle;
  • wrote down the neighbor’s full name formula on paper;
  • he spat on the paper with hatred;
  • put it on a saucer, lit it with a candle;
  • uttered the following phrase:

I left the saucer with the ashes at a distant intersection, adding three small coins.

A few days later my neighbor came and assured me that he would no longer steal. At least for me.

If this is a robber, instead of the last name you can write the word - thief, or use his photograph. If the offender is a man, the procedure is carried out on men's days of the week, for a woman - on women's days. Masculine days of the week are masculine nouns, feminine days are feminine.

Step 8. On the green candle

Probably in any work team, when it comes to promotion, ill-wishers appear, both from among old employees and new ones. The director of our organization considered several candidates for the vacant position, among which was mine. Squabbles and infighting ensued, each trying to trip up the other in a friendly manner. This is where the plot on how to destroy the enemy came in handy, especially since it took several minutes to carry out:

  • lit a green candle at home;
  • Using a small spoon, he carefully threw salt onto the flame, trying not to put it out;
  • uttered the following verbal formula:
  • ate a pinch of charmed salt.

The ritual can be performed at any time of the day, during the waning moon phase.

Step 9. Conspiracy to destroy the enemy using blackcurrants and blackberries

This is where my cooking skills came in handy. True, this time there were not cutlets, but jelly made from black berries, which will help destroy the enemy:

  • mixed black currants and blackberries, poured them into a saucepan, and filled them with water;
  • when the brew began to boil, he added starch, making the following speeches:
  • I drank the prepared jelly, imagining how failures awaited the offenders.

The brew can be drunk in one gulp or several times, depending on its volume, but with the obligatory presentation of punishment. The names of enemies can be replaced with the word enemies. Any black berries are suitable for the procedure.

In the attached video, white magician Svetlana Veda tells how to punish an offender with two small denomination coins:

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