Why do you dream if a male boss kisses you - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, if a male boss kisses, it means a new romantic acquaintance, building strong relationships, and finding personal happiness. In Vanga’s publications - to material and monetary success, to buy a long-awaited item, to achieve the realization of goals and dreams. But sometimes you have to make an important decision, find a source of inspiration, be on the verge of an important choice. Much less often - waiting for relatives on the occasion of a celebration, resolving important issues, making plans for the future.

The meaning of this dream has been viewed differently by various interpreters and researchers. In order to answer as succinctly and accurately as possible the question of why you dream about being kissed by a male boss, we analyzed all known editions of dream books. Classic collections by Vanga and Miller will tell you about the meaning of the dream. And the lunar dream book will give the answer to which lunar phases to expect it to come true.

Kiss according to the French dream book

Kissing someone's feet in a dream means offense and humiliation.

Feeling that someone is kissing you promises you an unexpected joyful event.

Such a dream foreshadows illness, mild illness or disappointment in a loved one. Girls dream about a new acquaintance or an erotic adventure. Kissing a pleasant but unfamiliar person means a new acquaintance or surprise; kissing a guy you like predicts joy and reciprocity in love.

An unpleasant or forced kiss with an ex-boyfriend foreshadows worries and tears, and sometimes dreams of a scene of jealousy. If the unpleasant man was unfamiliar, then the dreamer will change her rules and be happy contrary to expectations. Kissing an enemy or ex-boyfriend to whom the dreamer dreams of returning means unexpected reconciliation.

Kissing your boss

For a married woman, seeing her kissing her boss promises frustration of plans and minor professional problems.

. If a man dreams of a kiss with his boss, then he will soon receive a promotion or increase in salary.

If a woman is kissed by a president, a king, or one of the highest officials of the state in a dream, then in life she will experience profit and sudden wealth.

Any dream is a manifestation of the subconscious. From the point of view of psychologists, a dream about kissing on the lips expresses the dreamer’s unconscious desire for love and new adventures. It is worth reconsidering the relationship and paying more attention to your partner.

A dream in which a boss is present is quite ambiguous. It can be prophetic, talk about hidden desires, or simply be the result of events experienced at work. But one way or another, it means something. Finding out what he dreamed about is quite simple. You just need to remember the circumstances of the dream. Especially those that were bright and realistic. And compare them with what the dream books say. So, why do you dream about the boss?

A dream in which a boss is present is quite ambiguous

There are many dream books, and everyone has their own interpretation of a dream about a boss. For example:


Non-standard situations

Why do you dream about a director who smiles at you? This dream has a dual interpretation. It is possible that you are tired, but now is not the time to relax, you need to approach the matter with all responsibility, and then a good reward will await you.

If a leader hugs the dreamer in his night dreams, it means that he will soon be able to do what he has long dreamed of.

If your boss hugs you in a dream and at the same time says something encouraging, the fulfillment of your desire will give you a great charge of positive emotions.

A drunk director, interpreters believe, symbolizes that the dreamer treats his current superiors without respect. Maybe you should find a better place to work? But don’t rush if you dream of a drunk director in a non-work environment - in reality he will soon leave his post, and you will be able to claim the vacant chair.

If a woman dreams that a drunken boss is pestering her in a work environment, most likely in reality she will be entrusted with a new responsible task. But the boss from whom you are in your dreams tells you: you need to take on a responsible project yourself - this will improve your material well-being.

Separately, it is worth considering the question of why the director of an educational institution dreams. For a child, a dream in which the first person of his school appears means that the dreamer will be given a responsible assignment. The alphabetical dream book believes that the principal in a parent’s dream is a sign that they will have to meet with the children’s school management in reality.

But the school principal may also mean that the sleeper needs to be more critical of various kinds of “authoritative opinions.” Also, the school director can foretell a quick and successful job change.

Girls, hide me, otherwise I’m in so much debt that they’ll come to kill me now,” my boss whispered, turning pale and stuttering.

My girlfriend and I were sitting at a festively laid table, and the boss was not invited to the name day. He had just burst into my house, disheveled and frightened. The birthday party was becoming more and more interesting - after the boss, his creditors burst into the apartment with threatening faces. Neither my girlfriend nor I wanted to see the climax, so we hastily retreated. Then I woke up, never knowing why the boss was dreaming, or how the whole story ended.

Kissing your boss on the lips according to the dream book

Home / Dream Interpretation / ... Kissing your boss on the lips in a dream is an ambiguous, sometimes contradictory symbol. On the one hand, the dream means huge troubles in the workplace, on the other hand, unresolved problems of a sexual nature, especially if you dreamed that you didn’t like what was happening. Popular dream books explain why scenes with kisses occur in dreams.

Interpretations in Miller's dream book

The psychologist's dream book calls for vigilance if you dreamed that kissing your boss or touching him with your lips was not entirely pleasant. The dream means a string of problems with reports and other business papers. However, the interpretation of a dream in which one has to accept affection from management or see sexual harassment can also promise prospects.

To clarify what kisses of any type mean in dreams, you need to pay attention to the emotions experienced in the dream:

Be bolder

Why you dream of kissing your boss on the lips, the famous psychotherapist Freud interprets in his dream book very, very positively. The subconscious mind throws up scenarios of love scenes when a person is looking for a strong, dominant partner, but is afraid of his own desires. What you see pushes you to make bold decisions and crazy actions.

Seeing frank affection towards yourself on the part of your direct leader in a dream is an omen of romantic adventures. A dream is a good symbol for someone who would never dare to do something like this in reality. Especially if you dreamed that the caresses came as a complete surprise.

Traditional dream books call for vigilance

Desiring passion while kissing or taking initiative in a dream is not always favorable. More often what is seen indicates the onset of the disease in the genital area. Dream books recommend immediately undergoing examination at a medical institution if you dream of persistent, moderately frank hugs.

Interpreters advise not to neglect protective measures during sex in the coming hours and days. Even scenes with innocent kisses foreshadow the hassle associated with examination by a doctor and complex treatment.

Take the chance

Nostradamus warns of misunderstandings at work. Showing up relationships with colleagues, fuss, betrayal, slander - this is exactly what you dream of kissing your boss on the lips. According to the dream book of the great soothsayer, a difficult week is ahead with enormous physical and moral stress.

For a married woman to see hugs with her boss in a dream - to disappointment, disruption of plans and expectations. It is better for the fair half to hide and not show itself once again to the eyes of the management. For men, what they see can be a hint: finally, the time has come to act, to produce interesting ideas. A promotion is just around the corner.

Action dreams

What to do if in your dream you killed your boss? Don't worry. Most likely, in reality you will receive a promotion

Sometimes the subconscious gives us very strange dreams:

  • Seeing yourself as the head of the mafia in a dream means a scandal in the family.
  • Killing your own boss means promotion and promotion.
  • If you dreamed of a deceased boss, but you had nothing to do with his death, such a dream may foreshadow a difficult conversation with the boss, during which you will either find a compromise or be fired.
  • Dreaming of a fight with your boss means a salary increase.
  • A dream in which your boss beats you speaks of your internal tension, a hidden conflict that you do not want to sort out.
  • A quarrel and verbal altercation with the boss can mean both a small profit and a showdown with the director in reality. If, during a quarrel, the leader threw thunder and lightning, there may be trouble in love affairs.

What other interpreters say

According to Miller's dream book, the boss is often dreamed of by those who are burdened by freedom. According to the interpretation, the dreamer lacks a person on whose shoulders he can shift responsibility and live according to his orders.

According to another popular interpretation of dreams, a boss seen in a dream does not bode well. He is secretly dissatisfied with you, and his anger is about to spill out.

Explaining why you dream about your boss, the Esoteric Dream Book focuses on fear of him. The dream interpreter advises gaining trust, winning favor, and even making a little friends with the director - this tactic will help get rid of nightmares.

Freud's dream book offers his own interpretation of what the boss dreams about. A woman often sees a leader as a potential sexual partner, or, as modern psychologists say, an alpha male.

According to Freud, a man sees a competitor in the director, admittedly more successful in all respects. This is what he proceeds from when interpreting what the boss is dreaming about. A man is guided by a natural desire to displace the boss in order to take his place.

“Dream Interpretation of Kissing with the Boss, I dreamed about why you dream about Kissing with the Boss in a dream”

A dream about kissing your boss is a warning about possible dismissal, as well as subsequent financial difficulties.

Kissing your boss on the lips means tension in relations with management and conflicts with colleagues.

Why dream of kissing your boss? Favorable situations will appear at work, it is possible that you will receive a promotion or receive a monetary reward for your work merits.

Kissing a man’s boss, according to Felomena’s dream book, means trouble in the work sphere. Your bosses or colleagues will show their dissatisfaction with your work, think about it, otherwise problems cannot be avoided.

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The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in dreams that the conscious mind gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Why do you dream about a leader?

Men and women living in the 21st century are at work much longer than with their families, because the lion's share of time spent at home is spent sleeping. It is not surprising that in dreams we see not only our loved ones, but also everyday work and our bosses.

No matter how democratic the relationships in the team are, the boss always remains in charge

The relationship between a manager and his subordinates is always based on the primacy of the boss, so a certain tension is always present in them.

During sleep, a person’s subconscious processes the smallest details of events lived during the day. It is likely that if you see your manager scolding you in a dream, then during the day you caught his disapproving glance, but the brain “digested” this information with a delay - in a dream.

As a rule, “work” dreams speak of a person’s overwork, or indicate unresolved problems or conflicts. If you start dreaming about your leadership too often, think about taking a vacation.

“One comes to the interpretation of dreams from dissatisfaction with reality.”

Mikhail Mamich

The boss's emotional state

The favorable mood of the boss in night dreams indicates that in reality he is too strict and the dreamer lacks gentleness in his treatment. If the boss smiles and treats you with kindness and affection, it means that soon conversations and gossip will appear behind the sleeper’s back. Some of my colleagues are slandering and plotting. It is recommended to be cautious and be suspicious of fellow employees.

A cheerful director foreshadows troubles at work. It is likely that the dreamer will soon have a strong quarrel with his superiors. If you see an aggressive and angry boss, this symbolizes obsession with work. The sleeper takes his responsibilities too seriously and does not feel entirely comfortable in the workplace. The fear of taking the wrong steps provokes troubles and prevents you from fully performing your duties.

Seeing a quarrel with management in a dream speaks of fear of him. You need to reconsider your attitude towards your boss and become a little bolder. Cursing and offending the director in a dream means that in reality someone is offended by the dreamer. If you dreamed of a boss scolding and scolding a sleeping person, this means that in reality he is haunted by serious problems. It is possible that a person is not satisfied with his social status or behavior pattern in the family.

Finding your boss in tears may indicate that the dreamer will be the one who removes him from his post. A vision in which the boss looks too tired or seriously ill has the same meaning.

Previous job

Sometimes it happens that you may dream about your previous place of work, colleagues and boss whom you have not met for a long time. Such dreams indicate that soon someone from the past will appear in the dreamer's life. Whether this will happen for good or bad can be determined by remembering your own feelings and emotional state.

If after the vision there is an unpleasant aftertaste, a feeling of anger and indignation, then you should not expect anything good from the appearance of a friend from the past. Conversely, experiencing pleasant emotions during sleep is a sign of a pleasant meeting.

Such a plot can also symbolize unfinished business in the past. It is recommended to recall the actions and moments associated with the dreamed person.

Kissing in a dream with your boss

Such a pleasant action as a kiss evokes emotions not only in life, but also in your dreams. Moreover, the interpretation of such a dream directly depends on what kind of person you kissed. This article will tell you why you happened to kiss your boss in a dream.

A dream where you kissed your boss warns that there is a real risk of having problems at work. Your carelessness and inattention to tasks can cause a reprimand, even dismissal and, as a result, financial problems. This dream encourages you to be responsible and do everything on time, and not enter into confrontation with anyone. Only in this case will it be possible to avoid all sorts of troubles.

When in a dream you met with your boss and kissed as if you were your boyfriend, this means that in real life work takes up all your time. Most likely, you don’t have any time left for yourself and your family. It is possible that you have problems with them on this basis. Think about what is your priority.

Did you see not only kisses, but also more intimate moments? Such a dream is unfavorable, as it warns that in reality you may somehow anger your boss. Try to do everything right if you don’t want to get completely riled up by him.

Kisses and hugs with your boss in your dreams indicate that your boss seems to have too much influence on you in real life. You don’t like that he’s trying to control absolutely every step you take, and you’re really thinking about changing something in your real life.

A dream in which he kissed you on the cheek says that you consider yourself obligated to your boss in reality. It sounds like he's done a lot for you and you really appreciate it. Kissed your forehead? Great, this dream promises successful completion of projects.

If he kissed your neck, then this is a sign that you should be more active at work. Don't hide your talents, act and get a good reward for it.

If a drunken boss kissed you against your will, then this dream shows that you dislike him. Think about your real attitude towards him.

Kissing your former boss in a dream clearly hints that you have some unfinished business. Perhaps you did not complete a project that could have brought a good profit. Think about it at your leisure, perhaps it makes sense to finish what you started?

Communication style

Did you dream about a production manager with whom you calmly communicated in your dreams? The dream tells you that you need to stop worrying about trifles. Your worries have no basis, forget about them and go about your business.

A high-ranking executive in your dream - for example, a CEO - foretells advancement up the career ladder.

It is also possible that the dreamer will be offered another job with a higher salary. The dream in which the sleeper had a calm conversation with the director has the same meaning.

When you dream of your former boss, it is very likely that you will have to return to solving matters that for some reason were put on the back burner. A former director in a dream symbolizes that now is the best time to pull up all the “tails.” The former boss suggests that completing old cases can be not only useful, but also profitable for the dreamer.

  • If a former director speaks to you in your dreams, this means that you need to more decisively defend your own interests.
  • A former boss commands you - this is a sign that you underestimate yourself, you need to value your strengths more, then you will have the right to count on greater respect from others.
  • If the former boss in your vision admits that you are right, then soon you will be able to “build bridges” with those people with whom relations were damaged for various reasons.

If the head of the company you work for is in your dream, in reality you will be able to do a very profitable business, says Melnikova’s Dream Interpretation. A conversation with him symbolizes that you yourself will soon be able to become a boss.

Plot Features

The environment of caresses also plays a certain role for correct interpretation. Imagination gives us the most amazing stories. They must be taken into account when decrypting. It is worth paying attention to the emotional factor. If you remember that it was raining or snowing in your dreams, then focus on receiving news regarding your personal life.

The psychology of a woman is difficult to analyze. She can hate outwardly, but feel compassion deep down. Awareness of this fact comes in a dream. Hugs and kisses with a hated person are a reflection of a deep attitude towards the situation:

Sweet kiss

Pleasant sensations from your partner’s lips bode only well. The depth of passion in this case does not play a special role. Dreams are interpreted according to a man’s personality:

Rough caresses reflect the dreamer's state of mind. The girl is in a broken, upset state. And this is reflected outside. Those around you intuitively sense the woman’s condition. This results in actions:

Stranger's lips

Exciting sensations sometimes remain in the memory after waking up, and all other details are erased. This picture has nuances of interpretation:

We invite you to familiarize yourself with what people dream about - the meaning of people’s dreams according to the dream book


The breakup leaves an imprint on the girl’s worldview. Dreams involving an old partner sometimes reflect her experiences, in other cases - hopes. They are interpreted like this:

Head of the dream book

Home / Dream Interpretation / ... The nature of the interpretation of what the boss dreams about is often determined by the quality of relationships in the work team. The dream book often explains what is seen in a dream by the level of independence and initiative of the dreamer. Anyone who dreams and sees himself in the role of a boss is probably full of fresh ideas, and, quite possibly, is already taking the first steps towards their implementation. Interpretations will tell you the meaning of such dreams in reality.

If you feel quite comfortable as a subordinate, the dream often suggests that at this stage you are not really the master of the situation. You are not driven by ambition, but rather by the desire to shift responsibility to someone else, and with it some of the obligations. Dreams often feature non-standard situations involving the director.

If you happen to see your boss in a dream, the interpretation is largely determined by your attitude towards him. If in reality you respect him as a high-ranking manager and a competent specialist in his industry, in a dream you seem to be recharged by his success and respectability.

If you dreamed about your boss, it is likely that your immediate supervisor will not last long in his position. He is expected to retire or retire in the near future, although it is possible that he will be promoted to a higher management level.

Bosses cry too: non-standard situations

If you dreamed about your boss crying, the dream may well mean that his place in the near future will be occupied by none other than the dreamer. A dream in which the director looks unhealthy or extremely tired has a similar meaning.

If you happen to hug your boss in a dream, be on your guard in reality: there are many competitors in the team who are ready to prove their superiority at any cost. Gullibility and an overly friendly attitude can turn against you.

According to another interpretation, if a boss hugs you in a dream, the dream is a harbinger of the fulfillment of desires in reality.

The meaning of a dream in which your boss kisses you does not promise anything good. Moreover, it may be a harbinger of a severe reprimand and even dismissal.

Kissing a boss in a dream often happens to ambitious dreamers who, in real life, dream of power and dominance. The dream book advises to adequately assess your ambitions.

A kiss with a boss in a dream often represents dissatisfaction with oneself and a subconscious desire to assert oneself in this way.

If you happen to make love with your boss, the dream book believes that you feel extremely insecure in your position. The reason for this may be a lack of experience or difficult relationships with other employees.

When an affair with your boss repeatedly appears in a dream, the dream book encourages you to think: are you devoting too much time to work? Such workaholism will not lead to good either in relationships with loved ones or in health.

If you were lucky enough to see a drunken boss in a dream, such a plot can easily be explained by individual qualities. Regardless of rank, you feel superior. Soon you will have more opportunities to influence the boss.

What a drunken boss dreams of will undoubtedly contribute to career advancement. You are valuable to management, and therefore have a certain influence. The details of what you saw in a dream contain clues on how to manage the current situation.

Why you dream that your boss is pestering you, the dream book explains in a natural way. Female subordinates see not only a manager, but also a successful man. It is not surprising that there are vibes of sympathy in the air, often mutual.

Interpreting why a boss’s wife dreams of a male subordinate, the dream book cannot help but draw a parallel with scandalous intrigues in royal families. In all centuries and times, a high-ranking spouse has increased the status of a woman, and at the same time her attractiveness in the eyes of surrounding men. Women also sometimes dream of the above-mentioned person; many of them secretly would like to be in her place.

If you had a dream that your boss died, the dream book believes that you will have a difficult conversation with your boss. The tension in the team has reached such a critical level that you have only two options: either find a way to defuse the situation, or quit. Your inner readiness will help you make the right decision.

Work days

What the boss's office means in a dream indicates a secret desire to someday take the boss's place. The dream book does not promise a leadership position, but an increase in salary is very likely.

If you often see your boss in a dream, the dream book dares to suggest that not everything is going smoothly at work. It seems that your premonitions do not deceive you, no matter how you have to look for an alternative source of income.

Many people are probably familiar with this dream: a conversation with a boss. According to the dream book, he has several explanations. One of them says that the dreamer is faced with a problem in which he is not competent, the second warns of an imminent business trip.

When you have to talk to your boss in a dream, there is almost always some tension, even despite the fact that in reality the management style in the work team is quite democratic. The dream book explains the dream by accumulated irritability, which requires release.

When you dream that your boss is scolding you in a dream, with a high degree of probability the dream book believes that serious problems are haunting you. It is not a fact that they relate to the production sphere; it is quite possible that you are not satisfied with your social status or family behavior pattern.

Interpreting why you dream of a quarrel with your boss, the dream book offers several options for the development of events in reality. According to one of them, a small profit awaits you, perhaps an increase in salary. Otherwise, it is possible that there will indeed be a showdown with senior management.

If you happened to quarrel with your boss in a dream, and at the same time he was beside himself with rage, the dream book warns that you may actually be in trouble. Only they will not affect the production sphere, but, oddly enough, family life or romantic relationships.

If you dreamed that at your enterprise, instead of the good old boss, albeit not always, a new boss suddenly appeared, the dream personifies indecision. Current events require you to react quickly with no room for error.

Such a tense state throughout the working day in a dream is replaced by a desire to shift responsibility to someone else. This “other” is the very new leader you dreamed of.

Your own boss

If in a dream the director, manager, boss is none other than the dreamer himself, there is every reason to believe that you will be able to realize your own ambitions. Your demands and wishes are completely justified.

The dream book explains why you dream of being a boss by your dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. You are determined to change something in the way you think is right. The dream book notes that under certain conditions you will be able to achieve your plans.

If in a dream you were lucky enough to become a boss, in reality the projection of this dream in reality can show its reverse side. What leadership dreams about often in reality turns into troubles, difficult conversations, family problems that you will have to solve.

What other interpreters say

According to Miller's dream book, the boss is often dreamed of by those who are burdened by freedom. According to the interpretation, the dreamer lacks a person on whose shoulders he can shift responsibility and live according to his orders.

According to another popular interpretation of dreams, a boss seen in a dream does not bode well. He is secretly dissatisfied with you, and his anger is about to spill out.

Explaining why you dream about your boss, the Esoteric Dream Book focuses on fear of him. The dream interpreter advises gaining trust, winning favor, and even making a little friends with the director - this tactic will help get rid of nightmares.

Freud's dream book offers his own interpretation of what the boss dreams about. A woman often sees a leader as a potential sexual partner, or, as modern psychologists say, an alpha male.

According to Freud, a man sees a competitor in the director, admittedly more successful in all respects. This is what he proceeds from when interpreting what the boss is dreaming about. A man is guided by a natural desire to displace the boss in order to take his place.

Interpretation of dreams about a boss

Logical explanations for our dreams certainly exist, but scientists have not yet unraveled the secrets of the human subconscious. Dreams are perceived by a person as a hint, as an opportunity to outsmart one’s own destiny by deciphering the images proposed by the subconscious. So what does the subconscious tell us, once again palming off the boring bosses at work instead of pleasant dreams?

Interpretation of dreams allows a person to feel psychological comfort

Dreams about bosses can have several plot developments: you became a boss, your loved one or relative became a boss, or your immediate boss appeared in the role of a brother, father or other relative.

  • If a relative or acquaintance becomes your boss in your dream, it means in reality you feel the pressure of this person, he is somehow trying to command you. Moreover, the place where the dream takes place speaks of an area of ​​life in which you experience discomfort from the intrusiveness of a relative.
  • If your boss suddenly became a relative in a dream, it’s time to think about whether you are spending too much time on work, and whether work is causing family quarrels.
  • A dream about your boss in a normal work environment speaks of your fatigue and the need to change the “picture”: go somewhere with friends, go on vacation, in a word, unwind.

“Seeing yourself as a boss means your ambitions are completely justified, and if you put in a little effort, they will be satisfied. The dream speaks of an unresolved problem of subordination.”

Esoteric dream book

If you fall asleep at work and you dream about your boss, pinch yourself on the hand - suddenly it’s not a dream anymore

  • If you dreamed about your real boss, it means that you suffer from his authoritarianism, in reality he suppresses you in some way or another, and the fear of losing your job lives in you.
  • If the boss in your dream is a stranger to you, there is a reason why you are not happy with your current manager. Such a dream may foretell a change of job.
  • A past leader who appears in dreams can be a harbinger of the return of past problems. For example, you will be reminded of an old debt.
  • Seeing a drunken boss in a dream means defeating an enemy in reality.
  • If in your dream the boss was sick, confused or looked dejected, you will have the opportunity to replace him in this position sooner than you expected.
  • If you dream of a job interview conducted by your boss in his office, it means that in the near future you will find yourself an authoritative patron, not necessarily in a work environment, maybe in love or a hobby.
  • A face-to-face conversation with your boss in dreams may portend his dissatisfaction with your work in real life. If this conversation does not take place at work, someone is spreading obscene rumors about you, for example, accusing you of theft.
  • If in a dream you became so close to your boss that you became friends, expect nasty things from your colleagues in reality.
  • If in a dream you were a leader, but lost this position, you have vigilant competitors at work who are waiting for your slightest mistake in order to take the vacant position.

General interpretations

Kisses in a dream symbolize the insincere attitude of friends and relatives towards the dreamer. They are interpreted as harbingers of deception, lies, deceit and envy. It is impossible to say unequivocally what the kiss meant in a dream. It can be different, and each type (friendship, love) has its own meaning. Therefore, the interpretation of each dream depends on the specific circumstances under which it appeared to the sleeper:

Often dream books interpret it as a symbol of upcoming disagreements or hidden enmity. If you happened to kiss your boss in a dream, then in reality the dreamer will have to face a deterioration in his relationship with this person.

This could be an open confrontation or an increase in internal discontent on both sides.

Other interpretations:

What deserves special attention is what a kiss between lovers means. It all depends on the level of relations between them. If the partner is permanent, then the dream has no meaning.

If the sleeping person sees how he kissed a person who is a stranger to him, then in reality there is either no reciprocity, or the relationship has not reached the desired level. The dream itself is interpreted in a negative sense.

Should I believe it?

Dreams are information processed by the brain, freed from daytime worries. No matter how strange the dream may be, you can find an explanation for it, and what to use for this, logic or the experience of generations reflected in dream books, everyone decides for himself.

Using images suggested by the subconscious, believing in their interpretation or not is everyone’s personal choice. Now, after sleeping with a frightened bankrupt boss, whom creditors had come to kill, I was offered a new job, although not a single interpretation predicted this.

Bosses, by the way, also see dreams, including about their subordinates. I wonder how they interpret them?

In order to interpret a dream with a boss in the leading role, you need to think about your relationship with him in real life. A dream often shows the independence and initiative of the person who observes the vision. If, for example, the dreamer felt himself in the place of a boss, then it is possible that he wants to take this position because he considers himself a suitable candidate.

Meanings for a guy or girl

If a girl saw in a dream a kiss with a guy she doesn’t know, it means that in real life she lacks communication.

Perhaps she is experiencing discomfort from loneliness. A girl needs to pay attention to herself, identify her weaknesses and work on them.

This will improve mutual understanding with others. Other transcripts:

There are no differences in the interpretation of dreams for guys from girls' dreams. If a girl kissed a girl, then the meaning of the dream may be as follows. An ordinary friend, with a friend - in reality, there is a spiritual closeness between them. If the action happened with an unfamiliar girl, then you need to remember what she looked like.

If a child kisses the boss or director of the company where the sleeping person works on the cheek, this portends trouble. They will not be serious, but will take a lot of effort and time. If the dreamer was kissed by a colleague (it is important that he was not a friend), then in reality you should expect a dirty trick from this person. He may attempt to remove the sleeper from his position. You need to show prudence when communicating with a colleague, avoid making mistakes and not allow yourself to say too much. Anything can be used against the dreamer. After all, management may believe that he cannot cope with his work responsibilities.

Kissing a dead person in a dream is frightening. However, there is no need to be too sad. In reality, such a dream promises girls an acquaintance with an interesting young man who will be financially secure and attractive in appearance.

For businessmen, such a dream foreshadows the conclusion of lucrative contracts with good profits.

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