Why do you dream of sandals: interpretation of the dream depending on the shoe model and the dreamer’s actions

Very often, in a dream, a person receives clear signs that, when deciphered well, help make the right decision and even predict the future. Such dreams are usually called prophetic and the dream book recommends paying special attention to their interpretation. For example, why do you dream about sandals? This dream is the key to many areas of life.

Prophetic dream and its details

The most common interpretation of such a dream concerns future relationships. Especially if a girl or woman dreamed of new sandals. In this case, you should wait to meet an interesting man.

In turn, Miller’s dream book claims that putting on new sandals in night dreams is a sign of grandiose changes that will bring exceptional benefits to the dreamer.

However, as in any prophetic dream, the details are everything. For example, why do you have a dream in which you choose high-heeled sandals? The dream book believes that in reality you are looking for a spouse, a job, or a new hobby. If you accidentally lose your shoes, then all your plans will be ruined.

Shoe color

Often, the dream book interprets the appearance of summer shoes in night visions by their color. For example, red sandals symbolize gossip and unpleasant conversations, white sandals promise a marriage proposal, black sandals dream of the eve of a fun party and a pleasant pastime.

In turn, green ones guarantee a rich admirer, and yellow ones warn of parting with a loved one. Orange ones appear before upcoming purchases, and pink ones promise attention from a male boss.

At the same time, blue ones predict a cooling of relationships, but if you dreamed of golden ones, a happy marriage awaits you. However, if you had to watch someone else try on your sandals, then your rival may get all this happiness.

The dream book also advises taking into account the meaning of the colors themselves when interpreting a dream. Thus, white sandals are related to spirituality, red ones symbolize passion and romantic relationships, and black ones guarantee trouble.

Shiny shoes promise a meeting with a rich but stupid person, and wearing sandals of different colors in your night dreams means an exciting and long journey in reality.

Why do you dream about sandals?

Sandals represent events with a positive connotation. Probably a long journey, expanding your circle of acquaintances, finding valuable mentors and starting a promising business.

For people who have given up and stopped fighting for their rights, sandals portend stagnation in business and worsening problems. There will be more rejections, unpleasant conversations and losses in your life.

Determine your priorities and focus on them. An indifferent attitude towards your life will cost you dearly.


Interpretation by days of the week

The day on which the dream was seen is also of great importance. From this, the decoding may vary slightly. Why do you dream, for example, that your sandals are torn?

Any day of the week this is a sign of unpleasant news. However, this same vision that visited on Tuesday night is positive and the news will be good.

If on Sunday night you dreamed that you were wearing someone else's sandals, then in the near future you will lose your closest friend.

If from Wednesday to Thursday you had to see a lot of people wearing red sandals, then evil tongues will drive you out of your own home. According to the dream book, this same vision on Saturday gives you a chance to avoid trouble.

If from Thursday to Friday in your dream you buy light shoes that you don’t like, then if you lose a loved one, you will not receive support from your loved ones.

Actions in a dream

To understand what sandals mean in dreams, it’s worth remembering what exactly you did with them in your dream. If you spent a long time choosing, trying on, and then bought beautiful sandals, then in the real world the task for which you have been preparing for a long time will bring positive results. The main thing is that the new sandals come at the right time and are comfortable.

It’s even better if you dreamed that you were given summer shoes. It is not difficult to understand why such a vision occurs in a dream - a streak of good luck and prosperity awaits you. However, it is worth paying attention to whether the shoes that are given in a dream are comfortable.

A dream in which your sandals were stolen is considered a very unfavorable sign. The dream book recommends gathering your will into a fist - there will be difficult times ahead with great emotional distress.

Lunar dream book

The highest probability of this dream coming true, according to the lunar dream book, occurs in the first and third quarters. This period corresponds to the days when the Moon begins to wax, as well as the first half of the days when it wanes. The remaining dates of the lunar cycle do not have such a high percentage of probability. Moreover, the chance that white sandals in a dream will come true during the dream is much lower.

You can find out the current moon phase and quarter in our lunar calendar.


Model features

One more nuance will help to explain why this or that dream is happening. This is a model. For example, you dreamed that you were trying on children's sandals that were clearly too small for you - the dream book claims that in the real world you often behave like a child, running away from responsibility.

If you dreamed of familiar shoes in which you feel confident, then your life is moderately comfortable and measured. If you had to wear high-heeled sandals and you felt some unsteadiness and uncertainty, then the same feelings, according to the dream book, haunt you in reality.

In general, the dream book believes that high-heeled shoes symbolize a strong position in society, as well as personal character traits. The thicker the heel, the stronger the willpower and confidence in the future. In this regard, it is ideal if you dreamed of platform shoes.

Night dreams of brides

It’s interesting to know why I dreamed of white sandals shortly before the wedding. Beautiful ones foretell a successful marriage; if you dreamed of disfigured ones, family life is unlikely to be cloudless.

Don't be scared if you see your wedding shoes on a stranger. The dream book promises that soon you will hear about the engagement of your beloved relative or close friend.

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