The most truthful fortune telling for dreams - how to see your betrothed?

A girl can dream of finding out who she is destined to marry, starting from her youth. There are many different ways to do this, but many of them can lead to unpleasant consequences for your life.

For some people, visions of fate come on their own, without fortune telling, conspiracies or other mysticism. The main age is 12–16 years, when a girl can see her future husband in a dream.

It happens that such stories come to parents, mother, older sister and even a friend if you have a sincere and trusting relationship with her. Here are several ways to see your betrothed in a dream.

Traditional methods

There are several rituals; you can choose the one that inspires more confidence. The simplest is fortune telling using your own hair. It is recommended to carry it out at night from Wednesday to Thursday:

  • Unwind your hair and comb it using a wooden comb. At this time, the girl should call on her betrothed - silently ask him to come to her in a dream (say several times: “My betrothed, come comb me”). After this, the comb is removed under the pillow. The groom should come in a dream. If this does not happen, the ritual is repeated a week later.
  • There is also a method using a wedding pie (or cake). You need to take a piece home, then carefully wrap it in a napkin and leave it under your pillow. You will also need a ring, which is placed on the ring finger of the right hand. Shoes should be placed near the bed to form the letter “T”. After these preparations, go to bed.
  • For another ritual you need a church candle and clean water. Place the candle on the nightstand near the head of the bed. Leave a glass of water nearby. The spell is read: “My betrothed, mummer, if you get tired on the road, come to me to drink water.” You should drink water in the morning.

There are other conspiracies. What is important is not so much the method the girl chooses, but her ability to focus on the result.

You need to take what is happening very seriously, or nothing will work out.

Dreams from Thursday to Friday

There is a saying that from Thursday to Friday dreams come true. You can check this for yourself. Fortune telling from Thursday to Friday will bring you an exact answer to the question. Options for bedtime spells:

1. “Friday-sister, let me dream about my beloved who is striving for me”; 2. “Flip over from Thursday to Friday, matrix. May my future husband appear to me.” By the way, after this you may not dream about your husband, but just light hints about the future, about your personal life; 3. “All the days of the week are together, but Friday, like me, is lonely. Three angels in my heads, I’m lying in the mountains, let the angels point out the future and show the way.” Basic rules that should be followed when telling fortunes about your betrothed: 1. One of the main and first: faith in fortune telling; 2. It is better to do this from Thursday to Friday, as this is considered the most mystical night. Fortune telling is also often done on Christmastide and the night before Christmas; 3. A prerequisite is your relaxation. If you guess tensely, after work, then the likelihood of an accurate result is reduced to zero; 4. It is believed that the day after your fortune telling for your loved one, it is forbidden to wash your hair, bathe and talk to strangers.

Fortune telling is incredibly interesting. Do not be afraid and guess with pleasure, hoping for the best. Do not worry under any circumstances if suddenly you do not see your betrothed or anyone at all. It's not scary. Perhaps you misunderstood exactly how to guess, or the time has not yet come. Happiness in family life is a complex thing and both need to work for it. So keep guessing, but when you find your soul mate, don’t think that everything will happen like magic regardless of you.

Rules for conducting rituals

To see your betrothed in a dream, you must meet a number of conditions. Otherwise, as psychics say, nothing will come of it:

  • Fortune telling can be repeated only if it was unsuccessful. For example, I dreamed about a guy, but his face was not visible. But if you just don’t like the look, don’t tempt fate.
  • Yuletide fortune-telling can only be done at a certain time - after Christmas. They should not be used on other days.
  • Only your own jewelry is suitable for rituals, preferably made of gold or silver.
  • Most magical rituals must be performed alone, and not in the company of girlfriends.
  • After the plot is read and the ritual is performed, you should immediately go to bed, you cannot talk to anyone else that day.

Ritual actions should begin at 22:00 so that by midnight the girl is already asleep - this is what custom requires. The Orthodox Church considers any fortune-telling to be a sin, therefore, if a lady is baptized and goes to church, after performing the ritual, she should tell the priest about this or refrain from performing it altogether, patiently waiting for the meeting .


There is also fortune telling on cards for the betrothed, and more than one. Among girls, it is quite simple, at home, on ordinary playing cards.

You need to take four kings from the deck and wish for a guy for each of them. In order not to forget, it is better to write down the suit of the king, and next to it - the name of the person. This way you can determine which of your friends is most suitable for you.

After you write the name opposite each suit, put the piece of paper aside and begin fortune telling with playing cards. Place the kings in a row, and the rest of the deck, after shuffling well, place them under them into 4 equal piles.

Then examine each stack to see how many of which suits are in it. Which suit predominates under the king, you will have more of that if you are together.

  • Worms are love.
  • Clubs - failures and troubles.
  • Diamonds - money and well-being.
  • And the peaks are the probability of children.

So, after examining the stacks, choose the king that you least like based on the suits that were drawn, and put it aside along with the stack of cards that was dealt to it. Shuffle the remaining cards again and repeat the operation with three kings. Study again what fell to whom, and remove one king.

In the end, you will choose one of the two, and see which of the young people you have a happy future with. Well, the choice, of course, is yours!

Fateful visions

There are dreams about meeting your future husband. They are described in all known dream books. After waking up, you should write down in every detail what you dreamed. This is the only way to correctly interpret the meaning. Here are the stories that foreshadow an important acquaintance:

  • The front door is a symbol of impending changes for an unmarried lady. The dream suggests that the same romance will begin in the near future - it is important not to miss your chance.
  • Storks - these birds symbolize the family hearth. Therefore, the woman whom they dreamed of could expect a serious acquaintance, marriage and the appearance of children.
  • Lions, dolphins, rabbits - all these representatives of the fauna also portend marriage. The king of beasts is the beginning of a new relationship, dolphins are seen as happiness in your personal life, rabbits (but only white ones) are a symbol of the devotion of the other half.
  • Chocolate - eating chocolate candies with pleasure in a dream means the beginning of a passion. But if a girl enjoys cakes, then she should be vigilant, because her new acquaintance will turn out to be an insidious deceiver.
  • Trying on jewelry - expensive rings, necklaces, bracelets in night vision foreshadow an imminent marriage. If a lady is already dating a man, then a significant event is very close. Especially if she's trying on a ring.
  • Receive an offer - a dream may be a consequence of the fact that the girl is constantly thinking about marriage. But if not, the vision will soon become a reality.

There are many more stories that foreshadow a quick change in the status of an unmarried girl .

It is important not to focus on dreams, but in reality to strengthen your positive qualities that can attract a man.

It's hard to believe, but I saw my future wife in a dream

Voronezh, February 14 – AiF-Chernozemye

This beautiful couple amazes with their optimism and radiant smiles. The love with which they look at each other is transmitted to anyone who sees these happy lovers. In honor of Valentine's Day, AiF-Chernozemye will tell one of the most sincere and romantic love stories that happened in Voronezh these days.

“I understand - this is mine!”

The story of their acquaintance begins on the global network. Dima and Marina started communicating via the Internet about their studies (both graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VSU). Over the course of some time, they began to notice that they were interested in discussing things together and chatting for hours.

Dima immediately realized that Marina was a girl with whom there was something to talk about:

“I immediately realized that Marina is not a stupid girl who is only interested in shopping and entertainment. We could talk for hours, and I would tell her absolutely everything, even things that I couldn’t tell anyone else. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend.

Interpretations from the dream book

Those who dreamed of their future husband are often perplexed. How to react to such an event, because it does not always leave pleasant feelings. The appearance of a man and his actions are important for interpretation. If lovers quarrel in a dream, then in reality they will face serious discord. But patience will help restore the relationship if there is a desire.

If the groom raised his hand against his chosen one, then in reality we must expect betrayal on his part. It is important that the lady does not start to overthink herself, because this is common to many women. A dream is an inaccurate prediction that will definitely come true.

The betrothed's anger caused by jealousy indicates that in fact the future spouse endlessly trusts his soul mate. Even if they tell him something bad about the lady of his heart, he won’t believe it. The opposite plot (the sleeping woman is jealous of her gentleman) suggests that on a subconscious level the girl suspects her betrothed of treason. This may be due to some ambiguities in the relationship that need to be discussed. Seeing a dead future husband at night is a harbinger of resentment and disappointment. Problems don’t necessarily come from your loved one.

What will they be called?

A funny and unusual fortune telling was invented once upon a time, in very distant times, by young ladies. They came up with it to find out what the name of the future groom and husband would be.

To do this, you should leave the house at midnight, outside the gate (well, at least just into your yard) and wait for a male person to pass by. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or an old man.

When you meet a passerby, you need to ask his name. Whatever it will be - this will become the name of your betrothed!

This prediction is best carried out during Christmas time, Christmas or New Year, especially immediately after the chimes. But you can also do it at normal times, if you really want to find out your fate!

Of course, fate and love excite you, like the rest of the fair sex. But don’t rush things, know that everything in life is arranged harmoniously and correctly, and everything has its time. Happiness is just around the corner, you just need to wait a little longer! Author: Vasilina Serova

Other stories

Much depends on the details of the vision. For example, if you see a man in a good outfit, shaved and well-groomed, this predicts a joyful life and prosperity. If he came unkempt, in dirty clothes, tired, then this is a warning about the imminent illness of someone close to him.

When the illness happens to the betrothed himself, in reality the girl will quarrel with him. The disagreement will be minor, but it threatens to develop into a serious discord if you do not attach importance to it. Stubbornness and self-will in such a situation will lead to a complete break.

If the dreamer watches her chosen one courting another and kissing her, then in fact the groom is trying to change the circle of his acquaintances; he has become bored in his previous society.

Most dreams in which a girl sees her groom are a good omen. It could also be a warning to pay attention to your relationship.

But even if the dream is unfavorable, you should remain calm. Real life is usually far from dreams.

When is it better to call upon a person who is in love?

Despite numerous tips, you can cast a spell as your heart calls. It is important here that your intuition awakens. And the day only supports the subconscious, expanding its boundaries.

Favorable, “talking” dates:

Focus on these signs if your heart is silent. Otherwise, do not follow the instructions. But remember:

Rely on intuitive insights. It happens that a minute decides everything: from a request for a prediction to a subsequent happy wedding. Believe in yourself.

Prayer for my future husband

If you have long dreamed of getting married, but loneliness does not want to let you out of its tenacious clutches, then prayer will help you.

Text of prayer for marriage to the Lord

Oh, All-Good Lord, I know that my great happiness depends on the fact that I love You with all my soul and with all my heart, and that I fulfill Your holy will in everything. Rule Yourself, O my God, over my soul and fill my heart: I want to please You Alone, for You are the Creator and my God. Save me from pride and self-love: let reason, modesty and chastity adorn me. Idleness is disgusting to You and gives rise to vices, give me the desire to work hard and bless my labors. Since Your Law commands people to live in an honest marriage, then lead me, Holy Father, to this title, sanctified by You, not to please my lust, but to fulfill Your destiny, for You Yourself said: it is not good for man to be alone and, having created He gave him a wife to help him, blessed them to grow, multiply and populate the earth. Hear my humble prayer, sent to You from the depths of a girl’s heart; give me an honest and pious spouse, so that in love with him and in harmony we glorify You, the merciful God: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

Another prayer for marriage to Matrona

O blessed mother Matrono, hear and accept us now, sinners, praying to you, who have become accustomed throughout your life to receive and listen to all those who suffer and mourn, with faith and hope who resort to your intercession and help, giving quick help and miraculous healing to everyone; and now your mercy for us, unworthy, restless in this busy world and nowhere finding consolation and compassion in spiritual sorrows and help in bodily illnesses will become scarce: heal our illnesses, deliver from the temptations and torment of the devil, who passionately fights, help us carry our everyday Cross, to bear all the hardships of life and not lose the image of God in it, to preserve the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, to have strong trust and hope in God and unfeigned love for our neighbors; help us, after departing from this life, to achieve the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Heavenly Father, glorified in the Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen


It is very important to note that regardless of the way to find out the name of the groom, be it a test, a table or another method of fortune telling, only one attempt is allowed. No matter how much the girl subsequently checks the result obtained, the second, third and subsequent times can only create confusion. Therefore, repeated fortune telling is not recommended.

Attitudes towards the above methods of predicting the future may be different. To some, the answers to a secret question found in this way seem ridiculous, others regard fortune telling as the ultimate truth - the number of angry reviews and positive comments on sites devoted to such questions is approximately equal. Moreover, a one-sided view of this issue, by definition, will not be correct.

Opponents of predictions need to understand that such rituals are an integral part of folk history. Trying to do something mystical is always more interesting than rejecting any pros in advance.

Supporters need to remember that if all the answers were so simple, then there would be no divorces. Therefore, when looking for a life partner with the help of rituals and magic, you should not forget to sometimes look around. Suddenly, the “other half” is somewhere nearby, and the name received through the ritual was incorrect.

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