Why do you see a tombstone in a cemetery in a dream?

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A dream in which a person sees a cemetery can hardly be called pleasant. However, the meaning of such a dream does not always need to be interpreted in a negative light.

Often graves can foreshadow pleasant or simply neutral events. A dream book will help you deal with all the omens.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a cemetery in a dream

Before you find out what it means to see a cemetery according to the interpretation of various dream books, it is worth understanding whether the plot of the dream was connected with recent real experiences. If literally the day before you had to visit the churchyard for one reason or another, or the trip was only planned in connection with some events, the dream is not of particular importance.

One of the most popular dream books from Miller

predicts that a neat and well-kept cemetery means information about the recovery of a person whose illness was considered incurable. If it looks abandoned, the dream is interpreted as meaning that the dreamer will outlive everyone he loves.


The folk dream book interprets a dream about a graveyard as a symbol of failure, a step back in business.

A situation that seemed advantageous will be interpreted not in favor of the dreamer. This plot has a similar meaning in Italy.

. The cemetery is considered a sign of regression in the situation, and is also sometimes interpreted as a trip to the countryside.

English dream book

quite straightforwardly foreshadows loss, and indicates that the dreamer is in the grip of sad memories. At the same time, the dream of a cemetery foreshadows that internally he is already ready to move on.

According to the Ukrainian dream book

a dream with a graveyard is a prosperous symbol - a good period in life is ahead. It is noteworthy that the plot in which a girl in love tries to leave the territory of the cemetery as soon as possible has a sad significance - in reality she will soon be abandoned by her groom.

Ancient Slavic dream book of Veles

predicts good health and long life for the dreamer observing a well-kept cemetery. If the churchyard is destroyed, incredibly sad events lie ahead.

Vanga's Dream Book

interprets the dream of a cemetery as a warning: soon at work you will have to take on a very important assignment. Your future career will depend on successful execution, so the dream predicts that you need to try your best.

According to the interpretation of the Tarot

such a dream means approaching danger. We must mobilize all forces and meet them with dignity.

An interesting interpretation is offered by the esoteric dream book

. A dream about a cemetery symbolizes futile efforts on a matter in which the dreamer is powerless to change anything.

The American dream book interprets the graveyard most pleasantly

. A period of rest and calm begins; life will be devoid of shocks and significant events.

But perhaps the most original explanation is given by Sigmund Freud

. According to his theory, a cemetery in dreams symbolizes the feminine principle. For a man, a walk through the churchyard means his excessive voluptuousness and inability to restrain his erotic aspirations.

Range of dream interpretations

The phrase “how many people, so many opinions” when applied to dream interpreters is only partly true. Discrepancies in explanations arise due to insufficiency or distortion of the material. For example:

  1. Seeing your tombstone means a prosperous existence, financial prosperity.
  2. The same thing, but having experienced shock - to a serious illness, which may result in death.
  3. The statue depicts the hero as a child - to the dominance in behavior of fears and complexes acquired by him in childhood.

And in the absence of any piece of information, someone who is trying to interpret a dream will no longer be able to do it absolutely correctly.

Monument to close relatives

In deciphering what is associated with the concept of family, the most important determining factor is whether they are alive at the time of sleep or have died long ago. In the first case, if you dream of a monument on the grave of your mother or father, this means that everything is fine with their health and there is no need to expect anything terrible in the near future. But it’s worth remembering about them, calling, stopping by, showing any signs of attention - they need it.

If we are talking about the deceased, then most likely the dreamer will receive unpleasant news. Vanga's dream book interprets the grandfather's tombstone as the onset of unwanted changes, and if it is not well maintained, with extremely negative consequences. If you come to your grandmother’s grave in the dark, it’s a waste of time over a far-fetched problem . But to see their well-groomed graves, with flowers on the tombstones or with a burning candle, is evidence of future prosperity and financial success.

An interesting interpretation is the observation of many monuments to living relatives. Such a dream is interpreted only in a positive way and, as a rule, warns of the date of an upcoming large family celebration (for example, a wedding or anniversary).

Nature of action

What the sleeper does near the monument also plays a big role. When he just sits, doing nothing, it's time to think about plans. There is stagnation in life or work, and something needs to be done about it. If he installs a memorial sign with his own hands on the grave of a person living in reality, then he is in danger of serious trouble, but the sleeping person faces success in the field of professional achievements.

Cleaning up the grave, washing and cleaning the monument is a symbol of the fact that life is completely subordinated to small unnecessary troubles and insignificant affairs. It is worth really understanding yourself and assessing the principles of your existence. But painting a monument means finding friends, some kind of renewal in life.

Kissing a tombstone or cross on a grave can be interpreted in two ways. Miller's dream book says that bad premonitions do not deceive the dreamer; soon we must expect changes for the worse, worsening financial problems. But if he copes with them in real life, a pleasant reward awaits him. The French collection suggests believing that such an action indicates the end of a difficult period in life. Now his problems will disappear and his well-being will improve.

Destroying a monument is evidence that the sleeper, through his rash actions, has harmed the reputation of another person, or that his grandiose plans are doomed to failure. Simply seeing a destroyed monument or gravestone in a dream means sadness and loneliness. And choosing, ordering or buying a gravestone means profit, winnings, inheritance.

Features of the material

Significance is also attached to what the dreamed monument is made of:

  1. Granite - the sleeper will have to make a discovery that will change his understanding of the people around him and the world for the better.
  2. Marble - you should expect troubles of the most severe kind, including the loss of loved ones. However, admiring a marble monument in a dream means receiving an inheritance or a happy resolution to a long-standing lawsuit.
  3. Gold or silver - you will be disappointed in the idols of your youth, respected mentors or leaders.
  4. The tree is a warning about many harmful little things and habits that prevent you from moving forward in your career and in relationships with people.
  5. Bronze is a sign that one’s own role in the implementation of some projects or plans is overestimated.

This is worth keeping in mind, although it often makes interpretation very difficult due to the combination of mutually exclusive images.

Why do you dream of a cemetery and graves?

The plot in which one dreams of the graves of relatives

. In reality, you should expect renewal (marriage, the birth of a baby), or early news from familiar people left in the past. Your own grave is a symbol of the fact that life will soon take a sharp turn. Reading the inscriptions on monuments means that in reality you will have to do routine things. Also, during these worries, meetings with people who will become friends may occur.

Small cemetery and monuments

in a dream, a disproportionately large size is a warning sign. A love story can end very sadly - with a broken heart, if you ignore all the inconsistencies in the words and behavior of the other half.

In reality you will have to face a vile act - this is what a fresh grave

in a cemetery in a dream. To avoid disappointment, you should not trust everyone unconditionally, and it is advisable not to share details of your personal life with anyone in the near future.

See an empty grave

in a cemetery is considered not the most favorable plot. You may soon receive sad news. A dug up place of the last refuge is a warning about a possible deterioration in health and a signal to pay increased attention to it.

If you dreamed of a hole

in the cemetery, which the dreamer himself is digging, means a series of troubles are on the doorstep. To overcome them, you will have to try very hard.

When you dream of crosses

in a cemetery, this reflects the fact that the dreamer considers himself offended. The dream gives an indication: when doing good deeds, one should not expect gratitude, they should come from the heart and be truly free of charge. Massive stone crosses mean that in reality no one can harm the dreamer. Someone very powerful is secretly patronizing. If the crosses are askew, or lie on the graves, the dream encourages the establishment and restoration of good relationships with relatives.

Lunar dream book

It was created back in those years when ancient Greek scientists, astrologers, and philosophers tried to give a logical designation to the plots or symbols from our dreams. From the very beginning, they tried to describe objects in dreams, endowing them with symbolic meanings. Aristotle was the first to examine and describe dreams from a psychological point of view.

1. Action:

If in your night dreams you are walking through a cemetery or simply walking along it, then this is a sign that you are on the path to happiness, which you will undoubtedly encounter soon.

2. Other:

Even if you just dreamed about the cemetery itself, despite its gloominess, this symbolizes happiness.

Why does a woman dream about a cemetery?

Representatives of the fair sex are especially emotional about dreams, but the interpretation of the plot with the graveyard is not at all fatal.

If a pregnant woman

woman, just wonderful! She can be absolutely calm - the upcoming birth will be ideal for both her and the child.

In the case when you dreamed of a cemetery and dead people

, the symbolism of the dream suggests dissatisfaction with your personal life. In this case, the dreamer can change the situation. She is already ready to become happy, but does not dare to take the initial step towards changes for the better.

a girl in love

seeing a cemetery in a dream is a sign to take a closer look at the object of feelings. Perhaps he is not the one she needs at all.


and a cemetery in a dream indicate the need to reconsider your value system. The dreamer is probably not doing the work she would like, and the time has come to develop in the desired direction.

Main trends in understanding the image

Seeing tombstones and a cemetery in a dream is a sure sign that some fatal events are approaching. Perhaps such a vision warns of the end of one significant stage in a person’s life and the beginning of a new one. Sometimes this may indicate the dreamer’s incorrect behavior in some situation. And the interpretation always depends on insignificant details, fragments and actions of the sleeper, included in the plot.

Projection of real events

It's no secret that night dreams reflect facts or expectations present in the surrounding reality. They are only presented in the unusual form of chaotically mixed images that have symbolic saturation. This is how the subconscious works. At its level, during sleep, the same problems that a person is concerned about while awake are solved. And deciphering this puzzle sometimes helps you build the right strategy of behavior to achieve your goals.

Dream books offer a wide range of interpretations of the image. The right choice can be made if it is possible to combine the situation from reality with the prevailing mood of the dream.

And then the explanations will come down to five main groups:

  • a sign of loneliness, lack of personal growth, waiting for news;
  • worries that worry you in reality are in vain;
  • a dream may indicate that you will soon receive an unexpected inheritance;
  • a celebrity tombstone promises spiritual and intellectual growth;
  • a harbinger of the beginning of troubles at work or in business.

But only details can clarify what plot is meant for what.

Opinions of authorities

Miller's book, which enjoys the most trust among people interested in this topic, gives a negative assessment of the appearance of such an image in a dream. In his opinion, the dream warns of an impending period of troubles, problems in the financial sector, and a possible slight deterioration in health. The presence of any monument in a dream indicates that the sleeper’s help may soon be needed by his close relatives, and this is also somehow connected with illness.

Yuri Longo's dream book interprets the concept more broadly and psychologically. It states that the person who sees such a dream is too fixated on himself and his own opinion to the detriment of everyone else. His position only leads to quarrels and conflicts with others. The monument and cemetery become a symbol of a barrier, a wall that cuts off the desire for mutual understanding and cooperation. The dreamer needs to reconsider his position in relation to people and life.

The interpretation from Meneghetti’s dream book also echoes it, where the connection between the appeared image and the stereotypical inflexible thinking of the sleeper is directly indicated. A dream dreamed by a person whose business has been stagnant for a long time speaks of the hopelessness of waiting for change for the better. It’s another matter if you dreamed that the sleeper himself was erecting a monument. In this case, you can count on some positive result , unless it is a monument to yourself. The latter indicates the dreamer’s overly inflated ego, which becomes the source of all his problems.

Interpretation by modern compilers

In the transcripts of recent years, much attention has been paid to detailing the vision. Season, weather, mood, nature of the actions performed, to whom (living or dead person in reality) the monument is, what is depicted on it, photographs, dates - everything is taken into account and has a special mystical and symbolic meaning.

A serious interpreter selects every piece of the dream mosaic to help a person understand the flow of the unconscious and put together a picture of reality in its entirety. This allows you not only to identify the problem, but also to outline ways out of a difficult situation.

Why do you dream of walking through a cemetery?

In general, walk

in a cemetery means the need for financial or moral support from outside. In reality, a situation may arise when material costs are required, or simply the approval of loved ones. Also, walking through a cemetery alone is a sign of unfulfilled promises. The dreamer needs to remember whether he has any unpaid debts. For a couple, a walk through the churchyard is a harbinger of separation, even parting forever.

Go fast

walking through a cemetery in a dream is a signal that it is necessary to immediately put things in order at work. Anything that has been put on the back burner may turn out to be an unforgivable omission. At the same time, it’s worth checking to see if your household has any problems.

If a married woman or a married man dreamed of the road to the cemetery

very dark, this is a symbol of an inharmonious relationship with a partner. You cannot do without a frank conversation, otherwise discord is possible.

Freud's Dream Book

This dream book is not entirely ordinary. Its author, the famous scientist Sigmund Freud, is known for studying the psychology of love and relationships between a man and a woman, therefore, all his works were also viewed from this angle. This dream book will help you better understand and understand your desires and secret fantasies. Freud believed that a dream is not some kind of absurdity, but our repressed desire, which in dreams changes into symbols. This dream book will help you parse and understand them correctly.

For a man to see himself in a cemetery in a dream means the fact that he is not ready for a serious relationship. In reality, he is prone to frequently changing his partners.

Such a dream for a woman is a sign that in real life she lacks love. She does not feel satisfaction in her sexual life; carnal pleasures do not bring her any joy.

What kind of cemetery did you dream about?

Decoding the dream also takes into account the appearance of the graveyard.


a cemetery is an unfavorable sign of an impending decline in business for businessmen.
The profit will be minimal. For others, abandoned
cemetery symbolizes a gradual separation from all loved ones.

To correctly interpret what dreams mean at night

cemetery, it will be necessary to take into account the emotional state of the dreamers. For people who are in love, such a plot predicts that the wedding between them will never take place. For the rest, the dream predicts troublesome activities without much result.

If there is wet snow in the cemetery, in reality there will be worries about leaving somewhere long distance. Fire

in a cemetery in a dream means fateful changes. They will affect both the work sphere and family relationships.

Seeing a dark and gloomy cemetery, with broken gravestones and fallen crosses and monuments, symbolizes the collapse of all illusions, a lack of faith in one’s own strength. It’s good if the dreamer sees the sun behind the cemetery fence, in which case very soon there will be a chance to change everything in a favorable direction.

Ancient French dream book

This dream book in its original form is used quite rarely. However, do not underestimate him, because it was he who was guided by the aforementioned Gustav Miller. It is worth noting that the dream book was written during the time of the Holy Inquisition, when the church had a huge influence on all aspects of human life. He was no exception, as he is completely based on Christian symbolism.

A cemetery seen in a dream is a sign of well-being and prosperity, which will soon visit you in reality.

If you saw a pile of bones in a cemetery, then such a dream is very unfavorable. Try to be extremely careful.

If, based on the plot of the dream or some other sign, you understand that the cemetery is rural, then in this case, be prepared for the fact that in real life you will be visited by some purely childhood experience.

Interpretation of sleep based on actions in the cemetery

A plot that screams danger - sleep

at the cemetery. In reality, you need to urgently pay attention to your health.

To correctly understand what cleaning a cemetery means in a dream, you need to remember the details. The interpretation depends on what role the dreamer played. Get out

at the cemetery as its employee - strong emotional experiences. You can't get limp!

Volunteer to clean the grave

- changes are ahead.

An unexpected replenishment of the family piggy bank is promised by a dream in which you had a chance to collect candy

at the cemetery. On the contrary, picking up money, especially in the form of coins, is an unpleasant sign of subsequent material losses. Looking for mushrooms in the churchyard and taking the ones you find with you means family quarrels are coming in reality. But picking flowers means favorable changes.

Sad events lie ahead if you have to look for a grave

in a cemetery in a dream. There may be sad news about the passing of a familiar person, problems that have snowballed.

If in a dream you have to dig a grave

in the cemetery - in reality there will be a difficult period of confrontation with enemies. The means that will have to be used may not be limited to honest methods.

Crying while standing in a cemetery is a symbol of the fact that you will soon be able to cleanse yourself mentally and achieve inner peace and harmony.

Regardless of the significance of the dream plot with a cemetery, you need to know that not all dreams are prophetic. It is also important to believe that everything is in the hands of the dreamer, and to take into account the day of the dream week.

Russian dream book

This dream book is fundamentally different from its predecessors. Since it is newer, it interprets dreams freely, without holding back anything that was previously prohibited, and nothing is embellished in it. The dream book is quite distant from all previous movements that have long dominated the world of esotericism.

So, you had to sleepwalk through the cemetery. What does a dream mean according to the Russian dream book? Seeing a resting place in your dreams and walking along it foreshadows your loss in a matter where you had every chance of winning.

Old cemetery

  • Walking through an old snow-covered cemetery in winter predicts a struggle with lack of money and melancholy. If you notice the thawing and the quick approach of spring, you will be able to overcome financial troubles and mental suffering in the near future.
  • Walking with your significant other portends an imminent separation of lovers.
  • Taking care of old, moss-covered monuments will provide an opportunity to return a previously lost memento.
  • To see a very beautiful, well-kept old place of memory - a young lady has taken the wrong path in the professional sphere; probably, her calling is a creative path. The current position does not give the dreamer the opportunity to open up. A girl needs to take up her favorite craft in order to find professional fulfillment, because the best job is a highly paid hobby.
  • Finding yourself among old, abandoned graves in the dark is a bad sign, foreshadowing the deterioration of the health of a beautiful female representative. I managed to see a photograph or the name of a friend on the gravestone - it was his name that was awaiting illness.

What kind of grave did you dream about?

Empty grave

The dream of an empty grave calls for frugality. Irrational spending of personal funds will drive you into a hole of debt. To get out of it, you will have to pawn your family jewelry in a pawnshop or sell real estate for next to nothing.

Sometimes this symbol portends disturbing news. They will be brought by a blood relative or best friend, whose conversation will make you cry. The death of an old acquaintance or an accident involving a family member will be a personal tragedy that you will carry throughout your life.

Fresh grave

Seeing a fresh grave in a dream is an alarming sign. In the near future, there will be a dead person in your house. The loss can be so severe that it makes you depressed.

Fresh grave with flowers

A fresh grave with flowers in a scene seen in a dream means problems in your affairs. Your affairs were going too well, and now a period of problems will begin. Don’t hope that your business will end quickly and smoothly, because soon everything will evaporate.

Graves with crosses

People who want to get rid of sad memories dream of graves with crosses. Their burden negatively affects your mental state and prevents you from enjoying life. By looking at a professional failure, a divorce from your children's father, or a conflict with an influential person from a different angle, you will realize that adversity is a source of wisdom and valuable life experience.

An open grave

An open grave advises you to take care of yourself. Adequate rest after working days, a balanced diet and moderate physical activity activate the body's defenses. Otherwise, a slight ailment has every chance of developing into a protracted illness.

dug grave

A dug grave in a scene seen in a dream is good news. You will receive news from relatives. They haven’t made themselves known for a long time, and so I decided to make a surprise, remind them of themselves and make a lucrative offer to you. Expect pleasant guests.

Dug empty grave

A dug empty grave is dreamed of on the eve of bad news. Their source will be a call from a distant relative, a message from a family member, or a meeting with your best friend, after which your life will turn upside down. The sudden passing of someone you knew or loved well will undermine your moral character.

Someone else's grave

The meaning of a dream in which someone else's grave appeared depends on its details. A neat, tidy someone else's grave predicts a profitable acquaintance. It will connect you with a potential employer, a future business partner or a person who will arrange your family happiness.

An abandoned alien grave carries a warning. The people who will soon come into your life may not be who they say they are. Caution in communicating with strangers will help you avoid painful disappointments and financial losses.

Open grave

According to the dream book, an open grave means a merciful friend. Only your mercy and kind words will help your friend. If you refuse him help and support, then you won’t see him for a very long time.

Old graves

According to the dream book, old graves signify the appearance of an adviser. A situation that you cannot handle on your own will be resolved thanks to an assistant who appears on time. This person will bring light and faith in the best into your life, do not lose touch with him.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on which grave you dreamed about:

  • Burning - to injury due to one’s own carelessness.
  • Collapsed - to a stressful situation.
  • Brotherly - receive important information from afar.
  • With flowers - you will take care of a bedridden patient.
  • Abandoned - to the need to pay attention to raising children.
  • Broken - to meet a persistent admirer.
  • Failed - to the bad influence of a stranger.
  • Sacred - to receive a large sum.
  • A lot - to injury in an accident.
  • Unknown means missing out on important work information.
  • Well-groomed - to pleasant events or receiving long-awaited news.
  • Without a cross - to a reduction in wages due to non-compliance with subordination.
  • Without a monument - to hasty decisions and emergency trips.
  • Small - to recognition of merit in the team.
  • New - for a successful interview.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Eternal resting places in a dream symbolize hopeless situations, dead-end problems and unfavorable completion of affairs. In themselves, these night visions do not promise anything terrible, but only carry a warning about the possible development of events in a person’s life if he continues to be inactive.

Crying and grieving in a cemetery for the dead means experiencing remorse for the wrongdoings committed. Looking for a place for yourself in a churchyard means a long life for a young dreamer, but for an elderly person such a dream predicts a quick death.

A children's necropolis in a dream promises a prosperous family life in reality. Freezing while walking through a cemetery portends health problems. A devastated cemetery with destroyed monuments, tombstones and excavated graves means that the sleeper will soon have to be in a humiliating state.

Finding treasure on graves means material damage and major losses. Such dreams are considered changelings and do not promise anything positive. Also, the interpretation depends on the emotional state that the person experienced during sleep. Night visions that do not cause fear have a more favorable interpretation than those that frighten them with their plot.

Psychoanalytic dream book

This dream book is quite new, but it relies entirely on a scientific approach to explain people's dreams. Its creation was based on the works of psychologists about the human worldview.

The very presence of a cemetery in your dream and subsequent actions on it speak of the dreamer’s thoughts about a deceased person who has long been no longer in the world of the living, but with whom strong memories are associated. It is also considered a symbol of a difficult situation and hopelessness in the real world for the person who had this dream. In reality you will face depression or despondency.

Dreamer's emotions

The state and sensations that a person experiences immediately after waking up are important for the correct interpretation of what is happening in night dreams.

Negative emotions and negativity indicate an unfavorable message from the subconscious. A person feels that changes will soon come in his life, but he does not want this and is afraid to change his life.

This state is also explained by extreme internal stress. It is necessary to change the environment to a more serene and leisurely one in order to reflect and redistribute the value system in peace and quiet.

If after waking up a person experiences joy or elation, dreams foreshadow positive changes. The dreamer is ready to meet the upcoming new stage in his life calmly and confidently. Often such visions symbolize good health and long life.

Ukrainian dream book

The writing of this treatise was based on the traditions and beliefs of the Ukrainian people. It was published in 1991 in Kyiv. It gained its popularity among the population quite quickly and maintains it to this day.

1. Action:

In a dream, walking through a cemetery among the graves promises you quick prosperity in reality. If, based on the plot of the dream, you realized that you deliberately walked there, then this means death.

2. Other:

If a girl tries to pass through the cemetery, then in fact a young man will woo her, but will soon leave anyway, so be more careful.

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