Why does a dead person dream about being dirty: the dream book gives advice

Dreams in which deceased people appear always cause anxiety. It’s rare that in the morning someone doesn’t think about why they dreamed about a person who is no longer alive. And even greater bewilderment and confusion can be caused by a vision of having to wash a corpse. The dream book is in a hurry to reassure - such a plot does not promise anything terrible or bad. Rather, this is a parting word from higher powers to the dreamer - not to waste time, but to urgently change something in life.


Did you dream that the ritual of ablution was performed shortly before the character died in the dream? Such a plot in the dream book of the Mayan Indians is considered a sign that the dreamer will experience a rebirth, give up his habits, his usual social circle, and start life from scratch. But most importantly, when he wakes up, he will forgive all offenders and find a way to reconcile with those whom he has hurt or insulted.

The interpretation of the psychologist and philosopher Maneghetti is noteworthy. A fire due to faulty electrical wiring or other equipment is what dreams of washing a dead person in one’s own home mean, according to the eminent Italian. So, there is a serious reason to check whether your home meets fire safety requirements, the dream book instructs.

Water treatments with a deceased person

Dreams in which you washed a person who died long ago generally do not predict anything negative. This is a sign from above that the time has come to radically change your life, to start it from scratch.

What will Gustav Miller say?

Dreams about the dead promise changes in the weather

It has long been accepted that the predictions of the American psychologist Gustav Miller are the most accurate in the field of night visions.

Approaching the fact that you dreamed of a deceased person who was washing, or you were washing him, Miller first of all pointed out that for a long time people have been accustomed to performing the ritual of washing the deceased before interring his body.

If in a dream you washed a dead person just before burial, he suddenly began to talk to you, you should remember his words. They have prophetic power. They should be perceived as they sound, and not look for hidden meaning.

If you began to wash a dead person in a dream, and he showed no signs of life at all, then such a dream simply promises you a quick weather change.

What do other interpreters say?

Washing a dead person in a dream predicts the achievement of all good things

You can find quite a lot of different information about dreams about dead people. Many dream interpreters also indicate on their pages what it means to dream of washing a dead person.

Interpreter Prozorov

Simeon Prozorov positively viewed the vision in which we wash the dead. If you performed ablution in a dream, then finally fate will bestow on you the benefits that you deserve through your pious deeds.

Interpreter from “A” to “Z”

But this source already negatively views everything related to contact with deceased people. It is believed that washing a dead person in a dream means that there are health problems. Soon you risk becoming seriously ill.

Interpreter Loffa

In a dream about a deceased person, Loff saw a feeling of melancholy and sadness. You suffer without this person, you are sad, and you dream about him.

The dream warns of the danger of fire

Having contact with a deceased person, for example, you washed him in a dream, only means that your excessive suspiciousness is ruining your life. You feel anxious about various events in your life.

Interpreter Meneghetti

If in a dream you washed a dead person in your own home, then the interpreter advises you to be extremely careful with electrical appliances. There is now a high risk of fire in your home.

If you leave home, be sure to check all electrical appliances to see if you have turned them off.

Interpreter Longo

A night vision about washing a dead person means the following for a living person: one of the distant relatives or old acquaintances is trying to get in touch with him.

Interpreter of Aesop

For women, the vision indicates that she has phobias

But this source believes that when a woman washed a dead man in a dream, then in reality she is full of various phobias and fears. This prediction is also suitable for the male dreamer, with the difference that he is not confident in his abilities and does not believe at all that circumstances will change for the better.

Dead man at work

The reputation and good name of the sleeping person will be restored, this is what the fantastic sight meant - a recently deceased acquaintance is washing the floor in the dreamer’s house.

And if you trust the Universal Dream Book, then such an unusual plot foreshadows the sleeper great luck, extraordinary luck.

Pastor Loff is less optimistic in this case. He suspects that the sleeper will have to correct mistakes and answer the bills of a person who recently died, but appeared in a dream washing floors.

Unfortunately, a dream in which a dead man wipes window panes has an unkind meaning. Why do you dream like this? The dreamer is about to learn something unflattering about his friend, and this may cause a break in the friendship. But the dream book advises you to think everything over carefully, and forgive and understand your friend who once stumbled.

Miller's dream book: the dead man washed himself

According to Miller, the deceased washed himself in a dream - to experience a feeling of slight anxiety and uncertainty about the future. And in people’s dreams, images of the dead symbolize these experiences and anxieties. But you should not take them as a harbinger of any trouble or danger. They simply symbolize the internal tension in the human soul.

What to do if the dream brought unpleasant emotions? Advice from Miller: ignore difficult dreams. Everything seen in them almost never comes true directly. Bad and difficult images do not always foreshadow bad events.

Details that matter

It’s great if in the morning you can remember exactly which part of the deceased’s body you happened to wash in your night dream.

  • So, if you wiped his face, then the dream book promises a quick change in his usual environment.
  • Have you washed your back? This means it’s time to think about changes in the professional sphere, about new ideas for business.
  • Finally, you will find what you thought was long ago irretrievably lost, which is why you dreamed that you were washing the feet of the deceased. However, such a plot is sometimes a recommendation: isn’t it time to abandon outdated stereotypes?
  • And one more important detail that the dream book draws attention to: were you unable to thoroughly wash the legs of the dreamed corpse? Then you should not go on a long journey or trip after such a vision. Postpone your trip for a few days.

The dream that one had to launder something that belonged to a deceased person during his lifetime also seems mysterious. For example, in a dream you tidy up his bag or jacket. When you wake up, immediately recall in your memory the smallest signs of the dreamed object. Subsequently, it may turn out to be the key to solving a mystery.

Interpretation according to Slavic traditions.

Dreams in which a dead person is washed can have both positive and negative meanings. It all depends on what exactly is seen. In most cases, washing a dead person in a dream, no matter how strange it may seem, promises good things for the dreamer.

When an unmarried woman dreams that she has to wash a deceased male, this is a sign that she will soon get married. If the deceased from the dream was young, then perhaps the chosen one will have similar features to him.

The dreamer should pay attention to what was used to wipe or how the deceased was washed. If a piece of damp cloth was used, this indicates that the person who will become the ideal spouse is in the dreamer’s close circle, and she simply does not notice his love. When you dream that a dead person is being washed by dousing him with water or plunging him into a filled trough, this is a sign that the woman does not even know her future husband yet, but will soon meet him.

A dream where a dead stranger is washed, and this procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations in the dreamer, indicates that in the near future the person will not have health problems and in the future he will have a long life without illness. At the same time, this does not mean that you can neglect the rules of a healthy life and not pay attention to your well-being. Compliance with medical recommendations, if necessary, will allow what the dream prophesies to come true.

A dream in which, before washing the deceased, they strip him naked is also regarded as positive. He indicates that a bright streak comes in a person’s life when luck will accompany him in all matters, from work to personal life. A person will also find spiritual harmony, which will help him realize his plans. The problems that have darkened your life will go away completely, as various life issues will become easy and quick to solve. The dreamer will have confidence in his abilities and tomorrow, as well as in the correctness of his actions.

If in a dream you had to wash the back of a deceased person, then this is a sign that it is time for the person to change jobs, since he is not doing his job, which is why he cannot achieve financial stability and prosperity. There comes a time in life when you need to realize your potential, doing what you want, deciding to radically change your destiny.

If you dream of watching someone wash a deceased person, this indicates that the business the dreamer is doing, even if it is very difficult, will ultimately be resolved profitably. To achieve a positive result, the main thing is not to retreat and not listen to empty advice.

A dream has a negative interpretation if you had to wash a dead person in a dream, but were unable to wash the dirt off his feet. The dream warns the dreamer that if he is going on some kind of trip, trouble awaits him. You can avoid them by postponing your trip for a few days. If this is not done, there is a risk that an accident will occur or the person will become seriously ill during the trip.

A dream where you have to wash your dead father is a sign that trouble awaits the dreamer. For women and men the interpretation will be the same.

The dream warns the dreamer against adventurous financial investments. They will not justify themselves and will lead to material damage. In the near future, you should be very careful and attentive to any spending of money, so as not to encounter unnecessary expenses. The dreamer should postpone serious financial transactions in the near future, since this is not the best time for them.

When you have to wash a dead person in a dream, experiencing strong fear and disgust, the dream is not the best sign. It warns that a person has taken on too much work, as a result of which he cannot cope with it, and overload can easily lead to the development of various serious diseases.

In such a situation, proper distribution of forces and allocation of time for rest will help to avoid problems. If someone else just offers the dreamer some kind of work, he should carefully evaluate his strengths and take on it only if there is not the slightest doubt that everything will succeed.

Talkative Dead

Why dream of washing a dead man who looks as if he were alive and is also trying to make small talk? If the deceased asked for something, then these could be the voiced thoughts of the dreamer himself, who has long dreamed of changing the situation and getting new impressions.

Listen to the requests of the dreamed character, they will be reflected in your state of mind in reality.

Sometimes in a dream you can talk to a relative who recently left this world. Most often, the person who is dreaming asks a lot of questions. In the morning, the sleeper feels like a student who has successfully passed an exam. And this is not bad, since the dream book states that your cherished dream is about to come true!

Why did you dream that you were performing a ritual of ablution for a living person? If you recognize him, then be extremely careful with him in reality. Do not rush to agree to proposals received on his behalf. Despite the apparent benefit, they will definitely lead you to financial collapse and ruin, the dream book warns.

Why do you dream about washing a dead person (corpse, deceased)?

If a person sees in a dream how he washes his late father, this means that the dreamer will face an unprofitable event, on which a lot of money will be spent, but completely in vain.
Washing a dead person in a dream is a harbinger of trouble and bad news. If a person washes his deceased mother, then one of the relatives or the dreamer himself will soon fall ill. A dead person who is washed in a dream and suddenly comes to life symbolizes the fact that his friend has a very bad influence on the dreamer, so it is worth thinking about this and communicating less with such a friend.


Washing a dead person in a dream can also sometimes be interpreted as a sign of longevity. Touching a dead person is a sign that a person will get rid of his fears, anxiety, and gather his strength. A naked dead person means the complete repose of the soul of the dead person.

According to Loff, dreams in which the dead are present are not of great importance, since all these are only experiences and memories of the deceased. Why dream of washing a dead person is probably a sign of anxiety and fear, excessive suspiciousness of the dreamer.

In general, seeing a dead person in a dream means that the dreamer will soon receive unexpected news that he will have to figure out for a long time. If you carry a dead person in your arms in a dream, it means death. Removing clothes from a deceased person before washing him means the death of a loved one.

Washing a dead person in a dream is a warning to the dreamer. Maneghetti's dream book says that if a person washed a corpse in his house, then there is a very high probability of a fire; when leaving the house, you need to carefully check whether the stove or iron is turned off. A seriously ill person dreams of death.

According to Longo's dream book, washing a dead person in a dream can also mean that one of the distant relatives or old friends is looking for the dreamer. Any action towards the deceased is associated with the resolution of the relationship.

Why you dream of washing a dead person is also stated in Aesop’s dream book. It says that this is a sign of tragic expectations or hidden subconscious fears. If a dead person comes to life, this means that the dreamer feels guilty towards this person.

Such dreams have a difficult impact on a person and remembering them can be very scary, however, in order to correctly interpret your dream it is necessary to do this. To wash a dead person means to perform some action in relation to him,

Dreams in which the dead come to a person are never empty. They visit people with the purpose of warnings and wishes. Why dream of washing a dead person - the interpretation of this dream is a very painstaking task, but it is worth it, because it is a warning that is worth heeding.

The dead - to death, conversations, failure, change of weather, they must be remembered; deceased mother - severe illness, grief; deceased - you will be sick, the duck will overcome, bad weather (rain, snow), quarrel, change of housing, bad news, death (sick);

to meet a dead person - for good, luck / illness, death; man - success; woman - obstacles; the dead came to life - obstacles in business, loss; to be with the dead means to have enemies; to see the dead alive - long years / great trouble, illness;

to see a sick person dead - he will recover; hugging a dead person is a disease; kiss - longevity; giving him something is a loss, loss; moving the deceased, moving - bad, sadness; congratulating is good; talk - interesting news / illness; calls with him - death.


About health and luck

How and where did you wash the dead man? If the body was lying in a beautiful bath filled to the brim with water and aromatic foam, then this will have a beneficial effect on the dreamer’s health. If at the time of the dream he is sick, then he will certainly get better. In addition, it will be useful to use not only the methods of official medicine, but also traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment.

Did you imagine that there was not enough water to wash the corpse? This is a strong recommendation to the dreamer - not to relax and not to be distracted - now the slightest inaccuracy, a mistake can turn into disaster, a huge problem, and even cost him life or health.

Wet cleaning

If you dreamed of a long-deceased person wiping the floor in a sleeping person’s house, the dreamer’s good name will be restored in the eyes of people who were previously disappointed in him.

This is not the only explanation for why you dream that a dead person is washing the floor. If you are lucky enough to see a dead person doing wet cleaning, the Universal Dream Book promises great luck in reality.

Loff's dream book is less optimistic. What you dream of about a dead man cleaning the floor may be related to his biography. It is possible that the dreamer will have to correct his mistakes or repay debts.

If you happen to see in a dream how a now deceased person washes your windows, you are about to learn something bad about your friend. The dream book promises that you will be able to understand and forgive him.

Hairstyle for the Dead

The hairstyle of a deceased person in a dream can also be considered a special symbol. In the dream, did you have to put his hair in order, wash it, cut it, style it? And were you satisfied with the result? Rejoice, because in reality some problem that has been tormenting you for a long time will be resolved, the dream book promises.

But the dream that in preparing the body of the deceased for the journey to the next world, you obviously cheated (you didn’t wash, didn’t comb, didn’t iron his clothes) suggests that in reality you will achieve your intended goal. True, for this you will have to act without regard to the rules of nobility, ethical standards and even the law.

Requests from the other world

Why do you dream when a dead person behaves as he did in life and, in addition, asks for something? Often the symbol reflects the sleeper’s need for a change of scenery and new experiences.

What the deceased asks for in a dream means that changes are already taking place at the energy level, which will certainly entail certain events.

It happens that you dreamed of a living relative who, in fact, has long since passed away into another world, and is not so much asking for anything as asking questions. If in the morning the dreamer feels as if he has successfully passed the exam, this means that his dream will come true.

If in a dream you had to wash a living person, in reality do not rush to accept his offers. The result could be so unprofitable that it makes you bankrupt.

What will help you solve the dream?

The dream book foretells a long journey if you happen to wash the feet of a deceased person in a dream. It is a bad omen if you cannot wash your feet - the journey will be difficult and joyless, and will not bring anything new and meaningful to the dreamer’s life.

List of all interpretations

  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Miller's Dream Book
  • Lunar dream book
  • Muslim dream book
  • Love dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Kopalinsky

Video of why you dream of washing a dead person’s hair

A cold shower portends a pleasant surprise. If you wash yourself while standing in the shower with your clothes on, this means illness and the machinations of enemies.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday

A woman who dreamed of being kissed by a dead man can have no doubt why such a plot is being dreamed about. If she is currently lonely, then the dream book foretells the appearance of a promising boyfriend. For married people, the dream book promises pregnancy, or improving relationships with their spouse.

If a deceased person calls you to come and follow you, or says: “I’ll pick you up,” this is a very bad omen.

Have you washed your hair but haven't taken off your clothes? Changes in life will be unfavorable, some circumstances from which there will be no protection will contribute to this.

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