I had a dream that a father who was alive died - 65 dream interpretations for women and men

There are many interpretations of why one dreams of the death of one’s father. Such a vision may be the result of concern for a relative or prolonged emotional stress. Esotericists take into account the smallest details when interpreting a dream. They advise remembering the cause of death, the actions of the dreamer and his relatives.

Dreaming about your father dying may be a result of anxiety.

About Cautions

Aesop is sure that the dead, especially close people, appear in dreams to warn of danger. So, if a funeral procession in a dream concerns a long-dead person, it means, according to the dream book, you should adjust your long-term plans.

Seeing in a dream the funeral of a father and daughter who are alive means that not everything is going smoothly in the dreamer’s personal life. Vanga, in his dream, marks the funeral of his father and daughter with the appearance of a worthy contender for the dreamer’s hand and heart.

Why do you dream of a funeral: general interpretation

The analysis of someone's burial in slumber begins with the restoration of the smallest details. Anyone can turn the meaning from positive to negative. Remember the procession, the weather (sunny or rainy, clear or cloudy). Every little detail increases the chance of accurately determining the meaning of the mourning scenario.

Watching a funeral from the outside is not a good sign:

  1. A rich burial is bad. Some action of the sleeping woman will lead to loss of respect from colleagues and superiors.
  2. Poor - to quick success. Everything planned will happen.
  3. Burying the body of a small stranger’s child means an unpleasant conversation with a loved one; old man - with the leader.
  4. A lot of people in black clothes accompanying the deceased on his last journey means good news.
  5. Looking at the coffin with the deceased and crying relatives from the window is a deferred benefit. Success will come later than planned.
  6. A funeral train flashed in the distance and disappeared - deal with a major problem extremely quickly.

If you had to return to a real mourning event in the land of Morpheus, experience repeated grief, you will gain confidence in the future. Someone close to you from that world looks after and protects.

Details: mood

Some dream books, when interpreting a dream, pay attention to its emotional load. So, to attend the funeral of the father, where reigns:

  • fun - portends an improvement in well-being;
  • indifference - broadcasts the need to pay attention and care to loved ones;
  • melancholy and despair - announces the emergence of an unpleasant situation, a problem;
  • grief - indicates that loved ones need your support.

Who was buried in a dream

The explanation depends on the identity of the deceased attached to the land. If you haven’t considered it, then get ready for a sharp turn of fate. Something unexpected will explode the established routine.

The gypsy procession is the most important signal. We need vigilance, foresight, and vigilance. The gypsy was carried to the churchyard on a radiant day - worries about the ill health of relatives were groundless. Stop worrying, you'll invite trouble. In rainy, cloudy weather, a new acquaintance will bet and deceive. Don't trust the first person you meet who promises mountains of gold.

Stranger (strangers)

A coffin with a stranger signals difficulties caused by the dreamer’s incorrect behavior. Specifics:

  1. Unknown - danger from a newly acquired acquaintance.
  2. Witch - unpleasant news concerning the personal sphere. A witch resembling a relative is a special signal: a wife - to marital coldness; mother-in-law - to obstacles on the way to your dream.
  3. The priest is a bad move in the problem-solving process. It’s worth rethinking, finding another way. A dead priest is a sign of sinfulness. Give up self-interest.
  4. President - for a change in leadership: country, team, company, production. The new one will come for a long time. He will be remembered for his severity, fairness, and uncompromisingness.
  5. Newborn baby - your loved one will prepare a surprise.
  6. A small child is the strength of bonds; boy - to find employment for the unemployed; girl - to reveal a secret, shame.
  7. A male neighbor will tell you some stunning news.
  8. A woman - to a serious illness of a blood relative.
  9. A young girl - loss of love due to the coldness and inattentiveness of the sleeper.

If a really dead person was lowered into the ground (which the dreamer knows for certain), then the omen is positive. Dream the brightest. Ask an angel - it will come true.


Many coffins are a sign of future disappointments. Specifics:

  1. A large number of corpses, a huge mourning crowd predicts financial problems.
  2. Several dead people (five, seven) - to useful acquaintances, patronage.

A double burial, where the sleeping woman is escorted into the next world with her lover in one minute, is the happiest indicator. You will spend many years of your life together. If they are buried with the enemy, then make friends.

Living relative, close

Virtual loss usually promises prosperity for the person buried. Details by person:

  1. For your healthy little child - don’t shed tears. The child is blessed by God. The son will win many victories, the daughter will give birth to grandchildren, having successfully married. The offspring is endowed with a good destiny.
  2. Parents together - get a reward for something, or find a long-lost thing.
  3. Mothers - to work difficulties caused by unsociability. If it rained, get ready to quit. Better yet, initiate separation from the uncomfortable team yourself.
  4. Father - family are offended by the dreamer’s behavior. It is advisable to make amends for the incident with a kind word. Dad will be alive and well. Do not worry.
  5. Uncles, aunts - to trial. Someone will try to restore justice, to bring to justice for the crime committed by the sleeping person.
  6. Mother-in-law (wife's mother) - win a hopeless issue.
  7. Grandmothers - you will succeed in business.
  8. Grandfathers - to a lack of attention and care. Talk about it with your family, talk openly about negative feelings. Everything will get better soon.
  9. Mother-in-law - the end of misunderstandings with the spouse.
  10. For an adult daughter, misfortunes will remain a thing of the past. Harmony will reign around the dreamer, and family members will be able to boast about their health.
  11. The matured son - his main problem is close to resolution: money will flow like a river, illnesses will recede.
  12. Sibling - quarrel if you cried bitterly. You will become even closer if you haven’t grieved. A cousin will be invited to a wedding, christening, anniversary (according to age).
  13. For your own sister - respond to her request. The girl is in critical need of moral support.
  14. Another close relative - to hear from him.
  15. The best friend/girlfriend is a strong, loyal partnership. Rely on your friend for everything. It won't let you down.
  16. Husband - to stagnation in business.
  17. Wives - to family trials. Be strong. You need to persevere through them.
  18. Ex-man - difficulties from the past. An unpleasant personality will remind you of yourself.

It is a bad omen to mourn your beloved boyfriend in a dream. He is not your soul mate at all. Will deceive or cheat.

Already deceased relative

To plunge again into the ocean of former sadness, parting with what has already been buried is the most important spiritual wake-up call. More specifically, according to the identity of the escort:

  1. Father - stop putting the burden of problems on yourself. Share with your loved ones.
  2. Mother, be more merciful to yourself.
  3. A long-dead grandmother or grandfather is a sign of a “cold environment.” The sleeper feels a lack of love, a certain abandonment.

Crying over the bodies of parents who, in reality, have left the world of the living, is a negative sign. A loved one will decide to cheat. The sad picture calls for preparation for serious trials.


Seeing personal death - to the strength of health of soul and body. If you watched from the outside as the body was lowered into the grave pit, then the weather would change. Seeing yourself buried alive is a terrible sabotage. Enemies take advantage of your oversight.

The amazing scenario where the sleeping woman is buried along with three other acquaintances, on the contrary, is positive. They will invite you to a big party. Have fun to your heart's content.


People we just say hello to often enter our dreams. And we don’t remember others for years. There is no point in dismissing the picture. It has a hidden meaning:

  1. The neighbor, who is alive, went to her forefathers - to a long favorable period of stability and peace.
  2. Former or current classmate - to great joy. It's time for a woman to look for a wedding dress, and for a man to take risks. Both will be lucky.
  3. Guy - successful endeavors.
  4. Girl (colleague, for example) - discussion of the fateful changes that occurred with a friend.

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