Why do women and men dream about guns - interpretation of dream books

Images that come in dreams most often have a clearly defined character. Thus, experts in the field of dream interpretation argue that if a person dreams of a gun, then he needs to be prepared for difficult life situations to arise. The dreamer will have to solve complex problems and overcome various challenges. If the symbol is interpreted correctly, the sleeper will receive a hint that will allow him to cope with difficulties.

Gustav Hindman Miller

An interpreter from the United States believed that if a woman saw a gun in her dream, she would be involved in a scandal. And he also gave the following explanations for this symbol:

  • The dreamer is holding a gun in his hands. If you dream of such an image, then a person needs to be wary of secret enemies.
  • Cleaning a weapon means you need to expect uninvited guests or be prepared for an unpleasant encounter.
  • Aiming or shooting at loved ones means feeling guilty before family and friends.
  • Receive as a gift - the sleeper will be appreciated.
  • Receiving a new gun - the dreamer will receive new knowledge that will be useful to him in the future.

Soothsayer Vanga

The dream book of the Bulgarian seer indicates that if a person is stunned by a shot in a dream, he will soon receive news that will stun him. In addition, the book provides several more interpretations of the image:

  • Shooting but not hitting the target means loss of control over the matter and losses. The symbol warns that due to ignorance or unwillingness to look at the situation objectively, the dreamer will fail.
  • Getting ready to go hunting with a loaded weapon - friends and relatives are frank with the dreamer, he should answer them in the same way.
  • Shooting a loved one from a gun in a dream - the sleeping person should control himself during quarrels and conflict situations, as he can hurt his interlocutor with careless words.

Modern dream book

This book states that if a person dreams of a gun, then danger looms over him.

Most likely, in the near future he will become involved in a quarrel or some kind of trouble will happen.

According to this dream book, a gun seen in a dream can have the following interpretations:

  • The business that the sleeping person is busy with in reality is quite risky.
  • Buying a weapon - people around you treat the dreamer without due respect.
  • Ancient - soon the person who saw the dream will have his long-standing debt repaid.
  • An expensive and richly decorated gun promises a young man a quick acquaintance with his future wife.

Interpretation in other popular dream books

Why do you dream of a weapon donated by a stranger?
The compilers of the Esoteric Dream Book are convinced that a night vision with a similar plot warns the sleeper about the need to abandon plans that are contrary to the law. If he does not listen to the advice of higher powers and tries to realize his plans, he will face a resounding and crushing failure. Cleaning a weapon, according to the interpreter, is a bad sign, promising a person a difficult struggle for his interests and legal rights. But antique revolvers, carbines and other murder weapons should be interpreted in a positive light. The interpreter of dreams is sure that they dream of tangible material profit. Also read: Why do you dream about the death of your own father?

The compilers of the Esoteric Dream Book are convinced that a night vision with a similar plot warns the sleeper about the need to abandon plans that are contrary to the law

How to understand a dream: the dreamer receives a weapon (cold steel or firearms) from the hands of a stranger? The dream book of Simon the Canaanite associates such a vision with a conflict in which the sleeper will participate. Standing in line fully armed means finding a defender. If the murder weapon in your night dreams turns out to be covered in blood, then in reality the dreamer will face a difficult relationship with his soulmate, in which periods of unbridled passion and love will be replaced by misunderstandings and quarrels.

Was the weapon in the dream equipped with a silencer? The 21st century dream book is confident that a person who saw such an image in his night dreams is in reality distinguished by prudence and always knows how to make the right decision. Installing a silencer on a murder weapon means successfully achieving your goal. Higher powers hint to the sleeper that in the near future good luck will smile on him and all the affairs that he begins to implement during this period will end for him with maximum benefit.

Interpretation for a woman, man or child

For each family member, the interpretation of the dream image is different. This situation is explained by the fact that everyone has a different attitude towards weapons.

Depending on the personality of the sleeping symbol, the following explanations are given:

  1. If a girl saw a gun in a dream, then she needs to be on alert. Most likely, they will try to drag her into a scandal. If a girl held a weapon confidently, then she will be able to avoid trouble and show herself on the good side. If a young representative of the fair sex sees someone shooting, she will become a participant in the scandal. It is very important to try to maintain your reputation. If someone is aiming at her, then the dream predicts the appearance of a passionate admirer who will do everything possible to win the girl’s favor.
  2. For a woman, such a night vision symbolizes relationships with loved ones. If the dreamer herself holds a hunting rifle, then she will soon have to resolve important family issues. Shooting in a dream suggests that a woman wants to dominate her chosen one, she seeks to prove that she is right. If the weapon is pointed at the sleeping woman, then she will become a participant in a quarrel or will have a serious conversation with her family.
  3. When a representative of the stronger sex sees a gun in a dream, it means that he needs to make some serious decision. But this image can also indicate hidden aggression. If the dreamer himself fires, then in reality he will take full responsibility for any actions. If the man himself is the target, then he is in danger. It is likely that he will soon be visited by an unexpected guest who has a strong influence on the dreamer.
  4. For a child, a dream about a gun symbolizes the desire to grow up as quickly as possible and start an independent life. Usually such dreams occur in adolescence. This is due to the need to free ourselves from parental care and control, as well as the instructions of teachers.

What kind of gun did you dream about?


A hunting rifle hints at the need to show strength of character. You will need it in order to defend yourself before your boss, prevent a family scandal, repel an offender, or avoid undeserved punishment. Softness and indecision will create additional problems for you. Get ready to have to defend your rights and interests. No one will complete this mission except you.

Old gun

An old gun dreams of false accusations. Someone is trying to tarnish your reputation. You probably crossed the path of your competitors, and they are planning to take revenge. Be vigilant, do not react to provocations from your opponents.

New gun

Dreaming of a new gun means a quarrel with a friend. Most likely, a conflict with a friend will arise due to your temper and categorical views. It will take you a long time to rebuild your relationship. Reconsider your behavior.

Double-barreled shotgun

According to the dream book, a double-barreled shotgun means a fun trip. Soon you will have the opportunity to go on a pleasant trip with good company. This will probably happen during the holidays. Complete all your errands in advance to enjoy your vacation.

Father's gun

Father's gun in a dream - to creative achievements. Soon you will have a new hobby, which will very quickly grow into your favorite thing. It will bring pleasure and good income. Develop yourself, work on your abilities, and success will await you.

Beautiful gun

According to the dream book, a beautiful gun means well-being in life. In the near future, things in your life will go smoothly. Pay attention to how you feel so that nothing can stop you from enjoying the happiness that has arrived.

Loaded Gun

According to the dream book, a loaded gun means profit. If you are in business, a successful deal or a lucrative contract awaits you. The investment will bring dividends or win the lottery. A rich harvest awaits those engaged in agriculture.

Unloaded gun

According to the dream book, an unloaded gun means a child becomes ill. The worst thing for parents is their child’s illness. The dream promises health problems for children. Try to let them go out less often in bad weather, watch how they are dressed. At the first symptoms of a cold, consult a doctor and take the necessary medications.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of gun you dreamed about:

  • Rusty - to dismissal due to disagreements with the boss.
  • Disassembled - to troubles or financial problems.
  • Broken - to mistakes at work due to inattention.
  • Sniper - to an awkward situation during an important meeting.
  • Laser - to failure in a previously planned task.
  • Pump-action - to a nervous breakdown.
  • Difficult - for a date with a boring person.
  • Antique - to control by management and troubles at work.
  • Underwater - to unplanned financial expenses.
  • Large - to a sudden change in weather.
  • Pneumatic - to a major loss or theft.
  • Short-barreled - to help in a difficult situation.
  • Automatic - for a long life together.
  • Powerful - to longing for past relationships.
  • Own - to slander from an ill-wisher.
  • Small - to the success of the implementation of the planned project.
  • Modern - to minor everyday problems.

Target for shooting

The target chosen for shooting is no less important than the shooter’s personality . In dream books you can find the following interpretations:

  • Tree. The tree itself symbolizes life and spiritual resilience. Shooting at him speaks of strength and prosperity. The sleeper is favored by luck; he is moving along the right path. He should not be afraid of even difficult decisions, because the dream promises success in everything.
  • Wall. First of all, the wall is interpreted as protection and patronage from above, but it also personifies restriction and pressure. Because of this, shooting into the wall has a dual explanation. On the one hand, it symbolizes good luck, a feeling of confidence and comfort. On the other hand, such a dream indicates that the sleeper is overly protective; he is not given the opportunity to make any decisions on his own. He is trying to free himself from control.
  • Target. If the dreamer hits a target while shooting, then he has already found a goal in his life or will soon realize it. The dream indicates newfound certainty and confidence in the future. If the sleeper makes a mistake, then he has doubts about the correctness of his choice. In addition, he is dissatisfied with the situation at work.
  • Human. Shooting at a person indicates that the dreamer feels guilty for being excessively aggressive and rude. He needs to try to remember who may have been offended, since the sleeper subconsciously wants to ask for forgiveness for this. If he is sure that the vision is not associated with such experiences, then the dream is interpreted as a warning about the need to be strict in the future.

When analyzing a dream, you should pay attention to the emotions experienced by the person. If they were positive, the dreamer felt confident in his abilities, then the image foreshadows good events.

If the emotions were negative, for example, the sleeper felt aggression or fear, then the symbol warns of caution, since the person may be in danger.


On a subconscious level, weapons represent aggression. If you direct it at another person, threaten him or even shoot him, this indicates accumulated tension and irritation. You can't express your emotions in the real world, so you do it in your fantasies. Perhaps your aggression is directed against a specific person? Then you should sort things out with him or stop communicating.

On the other hand, a pistol can symbolize protection, the desire to preserve one’s own values ​​(material or spiritual). In this case, you feel tension, possible danger. Although you may not realize where it comes from. It is possible that they are putting pressure on you, which you are resisting with all your might.

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