Dream Interpretation of Cats: Why do women or men dream about Cats?

Man's mysterious partner has always been perceived as more than just a pet, a mouse hunter, or a child's toy. He is with his owners day and night; he is the first to be allowed into the house. It doesn't just appear in dreams. Therefore, it is not only interesting, but also important to know why a woman dreams of cats - many cats or one, an adult animal or a kitten.

What does a dream about a lot of cats mean according to the Psychological Dream Book

Symbol of lying friends. Usually a cat dreams of bad luck, unless you drive it away. If you dream about a small cat attacking you, get ready to be attacked by enemies. A skinny, dirty cat dreams of receiving bad news from absent loved ones. A misfortune will happen to one of your friends. But if you drive the cat away, your friend will recover from a serious illness. A dream in which you hear cats meowing warns that an enemy is hiding under the guise of a friend. If a cat scratches you, your competitors will be able to deprive you of the income you were counting on. A dream in which she holds a kitten in her arms warns a young woman: she risks getting into an unpleasant situation due to the unworthy behavior of other people. Seeing a snow-white cat means troubles that you may not pay attention to at first, but which will later turn out to be very serious.

Interpretation by days of the week

What does a dream about a cat and a dog promise on this or that day of the week?
When interpreting a night vision about dogs and cats, take into account the day of the week on which you saw it.

Seeing it on Monday night means you will receive an expensive present or an inheritance in reality. On Tuesday - your thoughts are occupied with the wrong person and business that is really worth paying attention to. On Wednesday - promises loss of money, however, this will be a pleasant action. How? You will simply buy something you have long dreamed of. On Thursday - a pointer to a responsible assignment on which your future will depend. On Friday - a pointer to emptiness and commercialism in relationships. Having a dream on Saturday night is a sign of the birth of a baby or the husband leaving for a rival. On Sunday night - a dog and a cat promise the sleeper quick enrichment... All these details will help you interpret your vision in detail and correctly, lifting the veil of the future

All these details will help you interpret your vision in detail and correctly, lifting the veil of the future.

I had a dream about a lot of cats according to the Modern Dream Book

You dream of small cats and you don’t drive them away - expect trouble. If a cat rushes at you and scratches you, enemies will appear who will do anything to tarnish your name and deprive you of your property. But, if you chased the cat away, you will overcome all obstacles. A skinny, pitiful and dirty cat dreams of bad news: one of your friends will get sick. If you managed to drive the cat away, your friend will recover. The squealing and meowing of cats means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you. If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds. A pure white cat portends confusion and uncertainty.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

Of no small importance in the interpretation of night vision, in which there is a large number of cats and cats, kittens, details are also important.

The dreamer's actions

If you had contact with cats in your dream, it is important to remember what you did with them. If cats purr and rub against you in a dream, this is a warning that an enemy has appeared in your environment, disguised as a friend. If cats talk to you in a dream, this is also a warning from above not to believe any rumors or gossip.

Holding, stroking and caressing several cats in your arms is a dream indicating your distrust of loved ones, new friends or partners. This is a kind of test for the level of doubt, but you have to make a choice - either believe people or not.

Playing with beasts is an indication of infidelity and, most importantly, of the dreamer himself, but not of your chosen one or partner. But if the relationship with the partner is pure and open - such a vision indicates the emergence of a certain temptation in the dreamer’s life, which will be difficult to resist.

If the cats bit the dreamer in the kingdom of Morpheus, this is an indication of quarrels and conflicts, new enemies. But catching them means, in reality, identifying the source of gossip and deception, exposing the deceiver.

Beating animals means the dreamer’s conscience is dishonest in relation to some of his acquaintances and friends, so it is worth reconsidering your lifestyle and thinking about your actions. If you killed several animals, you will be able to identify a strong and dangerous enemy in your environment. But the dreamer will be able to emerge victorious.

I dreamed of many cats of different colors

In the interpretation of night sleep, with the participation of a large number of cats, the color of the fur and the color of the pet are also important. Therefore, for an accurate interpretation of the dream, try to remember what color the fluffies were:

  1. if they were red cats and cats, this is an indication of lustful interest on the part of the opposite sex;
  2. gray cats around - a pointer to envious and dishonest people around you;
  3. black cats around predict bad luck, but if the dreamer perceives them as comrades-in-arms, Fortune will be on their side;
  4. for a man, white cats around the dreamer are an indication of his partner’s fidelity, but for a woman, the dream predicts a dangerous friend;
  5. multi-colored cats around with spots are a symbol of good luck and luck, but multi-colored cats with stripes mean the dreamer is inconsistent in his actions.

Important to remember! So cats of unusual colors, for example, green or orange - for a man the dream promises the appearance of an unusual lover, and for a woman - passion will burst with new colors.

Animal location

In the interpretation of sleep, the location of the animals is also important, whether they are in your home or on the street.

You see a lot of cats in an apartment or house - an indication of a large number of enemies who are part of your immediate circle. Therefore, you should be as careful as possible with your surroundings, and do not reveal all your plans to them.

Many cats on the street are an indication that the dreamer has offended a good and devoted friend, and you will miss his communication. If they break into the house, it means you can make peace with your old friend.

Seeing them in the room - a dream predicts serious conflicts and quarrels, enemies who are trying to gain your trust and stab you in the back. Therefore, try to talk less about your plans and undertakings - this will make both you and your enemies calmer.

Seeing cats in the attic is an indication of the dreamer’s state of mind, when the mustachioed and tabby cats scratch their claws at the soul. This is more of a pointer, a reflection of the dreamer’s internal conflict - having made a choice, he will definitely regain his peace of mind and peace.

I dreamed of a lot of cats and cats

You see a large number of cats and cats - this is a symbol of gossips and envious people, and even if they are friendly, you should not entertain yourself with empty hopes. And therefore, it’s worth thinking about the fact that you are not communicating and working in the best team and environment.

If, in addition to adult cats, there are many kittens in your dream, this is a signal from above for many, but minor, troubles in the dreamer’s life. And therefore you shouldn’t worry too much about this. But if there are dogs next to the cats, unpleasant debriefings and showdowns will take place in the dreamer’s love life.

Many cats in the dream book for the whole family of E. Danilova

A symbol such as a cat (or cat) will help to establish yourself as an individual, help you avoid any restrictions and nullify the desire of other people to command you as their slave (slave). It is believed that cats are one of the most mysterious animals that are closely associated with magic, whether they are omens of good or bad. In ancient Egypt, small cats were revered as sacred animals of the bani gad, which had the head of a cat and was the patroness of all pregnant women. In ancient Rome, cats were a symbol of freedom and were considered animals sacred to the goddess of liberty, who was usually depicted with a cat at her feet.

Black cats were considered companions of witches. It was also believed that cats knew the spirits of witches. It is possible that this belief arose thanks to the Scandinavian goddess Fresa, who was the goddess of fertility. According to legend, black cats were harnessed to her chariot. When Christianity began to spread in the Scandinavian countries, all pagan goddesses began to be considered witches, and the cats who were their companions (and served them) began to be considered accomplices of evil spirits. It was also said that cats who lived for seven years turned into witches.

In Britain, black cats are believed to bring good luck, especially if they cross the path of the wedding ceremony and move towards you. In North America, it is considered bad luck if a black cat (or cat) crosses your path. However, the Japanese believe that black cats crossing the road bring good luck. Sailors love black cats, and their wives always keep black cats because they believe it will help their husbands return home safe and sound. It is also believed that anyone who keeps a black cat at home will never lack lovers (or mistresses). If the cat does not find a place for itself, then this means the approach of a storm or hurricane.

Dream Interpretation – Dog

It's no secret that a dog is man's best friend. She personifies such wonderful qualities as devotion, courage and observation. There are many popular expressions associated in one way or another with this pet: “A dog is a man’s constant friend,” “It is a sin to call a dog by a human name,” “Don’t kick a dog: it will cause convulsions,” “A dog’s howl means eternal rest.” A dog’s howl at night is for the dead,” “If a dog howls at night, then turn the pillow under your head, saying: “On your head!” - and she will become silent, If a dog does not eat crumbs after a sick person, then he will soon die, “The dog clings to the owner” - unfortunately, and many others. So, the image of a dog that appeared in your dream is most likely an image of a friend transformed by your subconscious. Walking with a dog in a dream means you can be envied. You have a wonderful friend who will always lend his shoulder to you in the most difficult moments. Hearing a dog barking in a dream is evidence that you have fake friends. They discuss you behind your back and plot against you. If in a dream dogs see you off by barking, then such a dream suggests that in reality you will be able to unravel the intentions of your imaginary friends in time and prevent them from harming you. If your own dog barks at you, it is a sign that you are envied with evil envy. This is due to your strong financial situation. Watching dogs fight over a piece of meat in a dream is a sign that you should not be greedy. Perhaps such a dream indicates that in the future you will encounter a very greedy person. If in a dream you take your dog to a slaughterhouse, then such a dream indicates that in the near future you will be seriously harmed by robbers or hooligans. If you dreamed of a dog with a cat's tail, then in real life the person you consider your friend is not actually one; You will be outraged by his irresponsibility. If you were bitten by a dog in a dream, then such a dream means that in the near future you will listen to the reproaches of a friend who is dissatisfied with your action. Seeing a dog dying from a snake bite in a dream is evidence that in real life you do not value your friends, which you will later regret very much. If in a dream a dog protects you, then in reality you will be very surprised by the courage of your friend.

Many cats in Vanga’s dream book

Why do you dream about many cats according to the seer?

Cats in a dream do not bode well for the dreamer. If you dreamed that a cat gave birth, expect additional problems. Most likely, this dream symbolizes that one big problem that you cannot or do not want to solve in time will result in many small, but very dangerous troubles for you. Beware of intrigues among colleagues - they can cost you your career. Listen to your inner voice in solving family problems. Divorce with division of property or robbery is possible.

Other dream options and their interpretation

In the interpretation of a dream involving a large number of cats, details are important. So fight in a dream with a large number of mustachioed and striped ones - in reality you will be able to tear off the masks of betrayal and vanity. If they scratch the dreamer, this is an indication of inevitable losses, and this may concern not only finances, but also the loss of trust of an old friend, the loss of a loved one. And to see an attack by a large number of cats - a dream predicts an attack by real enemies who will tarnish the good name of the dreamer.

Seeing a large number of cats washing themselves is preparation for a meeting with long-awaited guests, true and trusted friends. If a pack of cats runs away from a dog, the dreamer will have to deceive relatives and friends in order to achieve his goal.

You see cats playing among themselves and frolicking - your loved ones are playing a dishonest game against you. And if they fight, then this is an indication of the dreamer’s mental suffering and experiences, a difficult choice. Everyone meows together - a pointer to cunning and unfaithful, and most importantly, selfish friends who are weaving intrigues against you.

If you see cats catching mice, it means making a profit in reality. But if the furry hunt ends in nothing, you shouldn’t count on profit, you won’t get it no matter how hard you try. When cats are in groups around you, large and small, in reality, expect trouble, and they will do dirty tricks on you all the time.

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Why do you dream about many cats according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

Why do you dream about many cats?

Why do you dream about a cat giving birth - perhaps you have a rival. If you dreamed that a cat gave birth, bad gossip is being spread about you. Gossip around your personality and the envy of ill-wishers can adversely affect your career and personal life. It is better to implement what you have planned a little later - there is a high risk of failure due to envious people and ill-wishers. A man dreams that a cat has given birth - he needs the support of an influential person. You may have to deal with law enforcement.

Dream Interpretation - Dog

In general, a dog in a dream means a friend - good or bad - and is a symbol of love and devotion.

Seeing her in a dream foretells receiving news from a friend or meeting him.

Small dogs in a dream mean troubles, worries, vanity.

A black dog in a dream means your friend who has started something against you.

A white dog in a dream is your close friend.

A red dog in a dream means a very close person, husband, wife, lover.

The breed and size of a dog in a dream characterizes your friends.

A poodle, Spitz and other decorative dogs in a dream are a faithful and gentle friend.

A dog in a dream is a big and smart friend. But if in a dream he bares his teeth at you, then beware of him. This is no longer a friend, but an insidious enemy.

Hounds and hunting breeds in a dream mean selfish people who will not hesitate to make money from you or deceive you for profit. But if in a dream you know that you have hunting dogs, then the dream predicts good luck or profit for you.

If dogs are chasing you in a dream, then you should be wary of traps prepared for you by insidious enemies.

Guard dogs are loyal, devoted and strong friends who are ready to protect you in difficult times.

Meeting a dog in a dream means receiving news from a loved one or friend.

A playing dog in a dream is a harbinger of a joyful or pleasant meeting.

An affectionate dog means a devoted friend. However, if in a dream an unfamiliar dog caresses you, then you should be wary of deception or betrayal.

Petting a dog yourself in a dream is a sign that you are trying to win the favor of a loved one.

A snarling, barking, growling, attacking dog in a dream predicts quarrels, scandals, and insults.

If you dream that a dog has bitten you, then you should not lend money to your friends, so as not to quarrel with them later because of this.

Sick dogs in a dream symbolize a decline in business or the loss of some property.

If in a dream you see that a small dog is sick, then sadness and disappointment await you.

A dream in which you saw that a dog is hiding from you, avoiding you, or running away from you, portends a breakdown in your relationship with a close friend and his cooling towards you.

Hearing a loud bark in a dream is a harbinger of success in business. If barking scared you in a dream, then the news will be unpleasant. Hearing several dogs barking in a dream means a big scandal or trouble.

If you dream that some big red dog had an accident, as a result of which it died, then you will soon learn about the sudden death of a loved one who will die as a result of a similar accident.

Gnawing dogs in a dream means a quarrel with a loved one.

If you dream that your dog is chained or collared, then know that your friend is not free from any obligations and you cannot count on his loyalty.

If in a dream you manage to unhook the leash and remove the dog’s collar, then success in your personal life and victory over your rivals awaits you.

A beautiful white dog in a dream foretells receiving good news from a loved one.

A dirty, wet, unkempt white dog in a dream is your close friend who, because of you, got into an unpleasant situation and had a lot of trouble in his family.

Angry dogs in a dream are your enemies. A mad dog in a dream is your fierce enemy. Often such a dream predicts that you will experience shame or humiliation caused by unfounded accusations.

A doghouse in a dream is a harbinger that you will soon find yourself in cramped circumstances and will be forced to reckon with it.

Riding a dog in a dream means the strength of your position and good luck in business.

Dogs fighting among themselves are rivals.

Walking with a dog in a dream is a sign of a pleasant time with your loved one.

If in a dream a dog protects you from enemies, then know that you have a friend whose help you can count on. See interpretation: animals.


What does a lot of cats mean according to the Wanderer’s dream book

Interpretation of the Cat that gave birth from your dream

If a young girl has a dream, she will be disappointed in her lover. A woman dreams of such a dream to betrayal and duplicity. The one on whom you rely entirely wants to use you for his own purposes. A man dreamed that a cat gave birth - problems with his wife, poor health of one of the family members. Perhaps your mother and wife just can't get along. Organize a family dinner or a family trip to nature, for example to a country house.

If you had a dream in which a cat gives birth, in reality you may encounter minor troubles that will occur due to your permissive attitude. Perhaps you got too caught up in your romantic relationships or household chores and forgot about something important at work. This omission will create additional troubles for you, the solution of which will require every effort. A cat giving birth symbolizes personal problems - betrayal of a partner or your betrayal, which can still be prevented by showing calm and wisdom.

Kick you out of the house

One interpretation connects such a plot with a speedy recovery. We can talk about both the dreamer himself and his closest relative, who is currently experiencing serious health problems.

To kick cats out of your own home is, in reality, to make an effort to solve a difficult problem. And if in a dream you managed to get rid of the unpleasant company of animals, then in life you will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Drive away a lot of wild cats - the dream book promises getting rid of your rivals. If you were wielding a broom at the same time, in reality you will expose your lying friends. The animals had black fur - now you don’t need to tell everyone about your successes, achievements and current affairs. Ill-wishers will try to use the information received against you.

Expert opinion

Marina Gonchar

Healer, clairvoyant

A woman dreams of driving cats out of her house - to solve problems in her personal sphere. Rivals will be neutralized, relations with your partner will improve. For a man, such a dream promises unexpected news - it turns out that there is a selfish girl nearby who is laying claim to the dreamer’s money.

Who dreams of a cat

And first of all, you should pay attention to the gender of the sleeper, since the same dream can have opposite interpretations depending on who dreamed it at night - a woman or a man.

To a woman

For representatives of the fair sex, dreams about cats almost always foreshadow the appearance of an insidious rival or a cunning friend, smiling in the eyes and doing mean things behind her back.

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To a man

For a man, the image of a cat can predict the appearance of a spectacular lady, who in reality turns out to be a flighty person with several suitors at once. An unworthy party - this is how the old-timers interpret this image.


But for the expectant mother, the appearance of a large number of friendly cats, on the contrary, promises an easy birth and the birth of a healthy baby.

And a cat with kittens will be considered a particularly good symbol, since it promises not only a successful resolution, but also prosperity after it.

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