Interpretation of various dream books about what dreams of a train station or station mean

Waiting for a train or bus in a dream, seeing the platform - means new turns in life. The dream means that you are ready to make difficult choices, change goals, dreams, and begin climbing to new heights. Interesting adventures await those who dreamed of queuing for a ticket at the station. Modern dream books describe in detail why you dream of waiting for transport.

Rethink the project

Waiting for transport can become tiresome even in your sleep. If you dreamed that you couldn’t leave because of a traffic jam on the railway tracks, it is likely that in reality someone is successfully putting a spoke in your wheels. The Dream Interpretation recommends checking not only competitors, but also friends and partners for loyalty to the common cause.

But why you dream of being late for the appointed time and waiting for the train in complete ignorance of whether it will arrive or not, Nostradamus’s dream book explains in its own way. It turns out that you will have to give up good positions to competitors, and be content with little.

Why do you dream about a train station?

A train station in a dream is a collection of experiences, secret desires and possible situations that may happen in the near future. It’s difficult to say right away why you dream of a train, station or railway, since without an accurate analysis of the details of the plot of the dream, the interpretation will be inaccurate.

At times, such dreams are memories or regrets of missed opportunities. But it happens that the interpretation is much more prosaic: the usual jitters before a long trip, which awaits the sleeper in harsh reality. In such cases, you should not look for special meaning in the dream, but if you dream of trains and railways unexpectedly, it is really worth the effort to find the correct decoding.

Real feelings are nearby

Waiting for a train while looking at the clock in a dream means changes in your personal life. Freud's dream book promises an exciting holiday romance if you dreamed that the train turned out to be very long and you could not find the right carriage. However, the longer the wait looked, the more interesting and dangerous the new love adventure would be.

Why you dream of a platform filled with people, the psychologist explains with strong emotions, genuine feelings for a partner, albeit fleeting, but very deep passion for a person of the opposite sex. Love will so captivate the dreamer that he will not notice how the rest time flies by.

Interpretation of various dream books about what dreams of a train station or station mean

The railroad is an important part of many people's lives. Often, after waking up, dreamers try to find out why they dream of a station and a train. Sometimes this is just a reproduction of experiences on the eve of an upcoming trip in reality, memories or regrets about missed chances. But a railway station can also be a symbol of secret desires and probable situations in the future. Dream books and details will help you understand the exact meaning of the image.

Get lucky

Seeing a friend off on a long journey, waiting for a train, bus, or other transport in a dream means separation. It’s not necessary that a loved one will leave in reality, it’s just that it won’t be on your path. Most often, a dream means that one of the partners will “outgrow” the other in all respects. Different interests will appear, new people will meet.

Catching a late train and seeing its departure in a dream means getting an amazing chance. Nostradamus's dream book promises winnings, and not only monetary ones. Most often, this is a sign that it’s time to start your own business, or to launch an important project together with loved ones.

General interpretation

Dream books about a railway station are often interpreted literally: soon a trip or a walk awaits the sleeping person. If you dreamed of a train or bus station, or an airport, you can tune in to sudden meetings or other events along the way that will deprive the dreamer of stability for a certain period.

Often sleeping people see in their dreams a platform on which they are waiting for someone to arrive. This is explained as an imminent encounter with something that has been avoided for a long time. According to Miller's dream book, being late to the station can promise disappointment in others due to their stupidity. You should beware of incompetence and frivolity of colleagues or subordinates.

There are many people on the platform and the delay of an electric train or train symbolizes tense anticipation, from which a sleeping person is unable to switch off even in his sleep. Dream interpreters reassure: soon what you want will come true. Other scenarios:

If you look for a train or carriage and don’t find it, you need to stop worrying because the answer will be received on time in any case. A beautiful train station, as well as happy anticipation, is a dream on the eve of dramatic life changes.

What do dreams with a train station mean?

Often a railway station is associated by dream interpreters with impending changes . Sometimes these are more abstract images that help the dreamer go in the right direction, while other dream books set out rather specific meanings of dreamed situations. You can imagine the interpretation of dreams with a railway station in this way: railway stations are a projection of a person’s current stage of life, and a train is a transition to a new level.

General interpretations of various dream plots

Some interpreters believe that waiting at the train station for a train to go on a trip in a dream promises unexpected turns in real life, which can be associated with both professional activities and matters of the heart.

In a dream, being late for a train and still not being on time means severe moral exhaustion. The compilers of dream books advise after such a night vision to take a long vacation, take a break from using gadgets and computers, and completely devote yourself to rest as much as possible.

If you happen to be late for the train station , perhaps an unpleasant situation will arise in the business sphere when someone unscrupulous from your inner circle interferes with your plans.

What does it mean to see in a dream a train approaching with a person for whom the dreamer is waiting? According to the Esoteric Dream Book, in the near future you should expect to meet an unpleasant character or be attracted to an unloved activity.

If you unexpectedly dream of seeing off a living person at a train station , then most likely he really appreciates the dreamer’s support, even if he doesn’t say much about it.

Why dream of waiting for the train at the station yourself? Some interpreters claim that the dreamer will experience love in the near future.

But a happy wait for a train at a beautiful railway station is usually dreamed of by those who are one step away from a radical change in life course.

What to expect from a dream in which you had to look for a carriage or train at a railway station and couldn’t find it ? Esotericists assure that if a person sleeping in reality really wants to find a solution to some problem, then you just need to stop worrying so much, relax, and the answer will come in due time.

In a dream, hiding at a train station the dream book as a desire to annoy unfairly strict loved ones. Interpreters warn that actions contrary to others in real life can be harmful to oneself.

Meanings of different dream books

  • Why do you dream about a train station? Miller’s dream book says that railway platforms are dreamed of by those who expect unexpected encounters or interesting twists of fate. Most likely, this will happen completely unexpectedly.
  • Freud was sure that trains and stations are dreamed of by those who want change or subconsciously strive for it. It could also be a sign of changeability. If the dreamer boards a random flight , then in life he is ready to take active action too quickly, having barely met a person.
  • The modern dream book believes that sleepers who dream about a train station are mentally tired of being in the same place and want adventure. The authors of the book warn that this dream is a turning point, and if you do not go on a trip or change your social circle, you can fall into despair for a long time.
  • Why dream of pushing people aside with your elbows on the way to the train? The esoteric dream book assures that such a dream with a melancholic emotional background promises disappointment in a loved one, and if at the same time the dreamer felt sharply negative emotions, then troubles may be associated with workmates.
  • In the English dream book, seeing a train station also means a subconscious thirst for novelty or a banal vacation. Perhaps this dream will be the starting point for big changes in a person’s life, if he decides to make them. On the other hand, deciphering this symbol promises unexpected outside intervention in the dreamer’s plans.

If you dream of trains, railways and people at the station

Why do we dream of a train station and a lot of people, according to interpreter Miller? The bustle that was felt in the dream will soon accompany the dreamer in real life.

Other meanings

The appearance of a train station in a dream is deciphered as a need for relaxation and release from responsibility. Dream books advise paying special attention to your own emotions during sleep and after waking up. One of the associations with the station is fears about discomfort on the way and crowds of strangers. Such moods can be a reason to be critical of everyday life, lifestyle and environment. Do not neglect the recurring desire for a change of environment.

A train station can mean outside interference in plans or news from afar. Fatigue from uncertainty is actually indicated by a dream in which the dreamer got lost. A few more plot twists:

The hours in the waiting room are interpreted as a desire or the approach of change. The speed at which circumstances develop will make the dreamer nervous.

Esoteric dream book

In most cases, a station signifies a period of stagnation and idleness. Don’t be afraid of such changes, because this is a great opportunity to relax and gain strength. If the dreamer witnessed his own search for the way to the railway station, a journey awaits him soon. At first glance, it may seem unimportant, but in the end the trip will significantly affect your entire life.

A feeling of discomfort or anxiety (for example, because a train is late) promises an unexpected, but very pleasant acquaintance. Saying goodbye to someone on the platform is a sign of a break with that person. However, this will be a positive event.

Attempts to urgently leave somewhere report new connections. Walking on rails may mean that the sleeping person prefers the familiar, paved path in life. Being among passengers, seeing you off or meeting you, reproduces the feeling of loneliness.

Explanation of Artemidorus of Daldian

The station denotes a desire (which is not destined to come true) of a person to have a sexual relationship with the dreamer. Being late to the station for a man:

If a woman had such a dream on Monday night, she will receive a frightening message or letter that will turn out to be erroneous. All other days of the week, except weekends, are the threshold of confusion and fuss. Sleeping on Saturday or Sunday means rushing in those matters and moments where it is better to wait.

Dream details

If you have to push through the crowd at the station, then in reality, due to an unpleasant situation, you will have to leave your home. Perhaps the trouble will not affect the dreamer, but one of his relatives. And an absolutely empty station is a harbinger of obstacles. Moreover, you will have to cope with them alone, without relying on the help of loved ones.

A beautiful, eye-catching building, interesting from an architectural point of view, promises a meeting with a friend who lives in another locality, which has not made itself known for a long time. A small building promises the arrival of relatives. A partially or completely destroyed building, damaged railway tracks predict that events will occur in the life of the sleeper that will cause shock.

A train station in a foreign city signals that the plans will be implemented, but the result will not correspond to what was expected. The dreamer will spend a lot of time and effort on realizing his plans, but everything will be meaningless, since the priorities were chosen incorrectly at the very beginning. But there is no need to fall into despair: there is a chance to choose and realize another goal.

A railroad in a dream is a reflection of the path of life. A person who sees railway tracks going into the distance moves towards his intended goals. If the rails are straight, then in reality the forward movement will be persistent and continuous, despite life circumstances. Bent, twisted, tangled rails mean that the path to your goals will be full of obstacles and difficulties. Walking along the tracks promises quick career achievements, and if you happen to walk along the rails, then in real life you need to choose your own direction in life, and not follow the rules and standards accepted by society.

An arriving train often means leading from afar. Another decoding option: outsiders are trying to interfere in the dreamer’s life, and this cannot be allowed. Many trains are a harbinger of interesting and significant meetings. Waiting for your train means reconsidering your attitude towards life.

Other dream interpreters

Each dream interpreter offers individual interpretations of the appearance of the station in dreams. Some versions are identical or consonant, but, as a rule, these are unique interpretations:

Fedorovskaya’s dream book advises preparing for a sudden visit from distant relatives. Seeing off is a sign of joy because of the upcoming meeting. It means unpleasant worries to meet someone. Becoming a witness or participant in the construction of the station means an energy-consuming search for a relative.

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