Dream book answers to the question: “Why do you dream about money?”

Money is evil, but how often this evil is not enough.

This is a common phrase that has long taken pride of place among other common sayings.

This is a thing that is never enough, no matter how many there are. And only when they are completely absent and there are no problems with them, well, except of course for their absence.

No matter what they call them, candy wrappers, loot, mani, cabbage.

Why should they take off?

What does this image convey?

According to the modern dream book

  • Gold coins symbolize prosperity and exciting sea voyages.
  • Copper money signifies hard physical labor and despair.
  • Silver coins are an evil sign; they promise misunderstandings in the family.
  • If a girl dreamed that she received silver coins as a gift from her beloved, her partner would soon act dishonestly towards her beloved.
  • The disposition of fate is indicated by shiny, new and clearly visible iron coins.

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A lot of large paper bills

Many dream books agree that seeing large paper bills in a dream is good. This dream predicts good news and financial profit. The more money and the higher the denomination, the sooner you can expect good news, the sooner the desired career advancement will occur.

It is believed that a dreamer who sees many large banknotes is distinguished by generosity and kindness towards the world around him. The subconscious thus conveys its “admiration” and “pays” for such noble qualities.

Judging by psychology, such a dream speaks of a person’s aspirations, his desire to gain material stability, and improve his financial situation.

Dreams suggest that it is time to act, because right now higher powers contribute to the fulfillment of thoughts. It may be worth agreeing to a job offer, some kind of legal adventure that will lead to profit.

Banknotes in bundles (thousands)

Money in bundles indicates changes associated with large expenses. The more packs, the closer the moment when you have to part with banknotes. But before you panic, it’s worth remembering your emotions from what you saw.

If the packs caused awe, delight, joy, even happiness, this is for the better. So, it’s worth waiting for the benefits. It can be high income if expenses are related to investments in business; pleasant emotions if finances are spent on travel or other useful needs; peace when it comes to charity.

Negative emotions experienced at the sight of stacks of banknotes indicate unpleasant expenses that will cause problems or cause remorse. It is advisable not to make rash actions related to finances in the near future.

What can different money mean in dreams?

The exact interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of money you dreamed about. This detail should be written down immediately after waking up so as not to forget.


Found banknotes promise an upcoming wedding or a rapid career rise. They also denote a fateful meeting, to which the sleeper will initially not pay attention.


Gifted money signifies good luck or a valuable gift from a loved one. These are not necessarily material goods; memories or a smile also belong to values. Especially when it comes to a loved one.


The finances received symbolize the successful resolution of an important issue or dispute. Receiving money for work done, no matter how strange it may sound, indicates the conception of a child. It is worth reconsidering your views on family values ​​and preparing in advance for “parenthood.”

With five figures

Money with five figures means the desire to gain power and fame. The dreamer’s subconscious pushes him towards excellent financial horizons and bright opportunities, one has only to extend his hand or take a step towards success.

With a certain amount

Experts say that a certain amount of dreamed funds represents a specific number of days or years needed to implement an important plan.

Torn (torn bills)

Torn money is always bad news. They indicate a serious loss, possible robbery or kidnapping, poverty, hunger, or a meeting with an unpleasant person. The dream warns - you should be careful.

Old style

Old banknotes or coins promise a meeting with an old friend. The type of money will tell you what this date will bring. Shabby, torn, dirty symbolize resentment, anger or sadness that the dreamer will have to experience. Beautiful, shiny old money represents a great mood, a good deal or other pleasant emotions that an old friend will leave behind.

Why do you dream of change in pennies (nickels)?

Seeing pennies in a dream means expecting expenses due to mismanagement of money. Psychologists believe that small change, especially ten or five kopecks, is dreamed of by people who do not know how to manage finances, which is why they often find themselves in a bad situation.

It’s as if they are telling themselves through a dream about a mistake, trying to “reach out” to consciousness. Therefore, it is important to listen to the sign, reconsider spending, rearrange priorities, and think about what else needs to be done to improve your current condition.

What did you mean in a dream about money: euros and dollars?

Dollars and euros seen in a dream remind you that the dreamer’s financial situation depends only on himself. If the financial situation is not satisfactory, you can always change it by finding another job, making a profit from your hobby, or starting to save.


If the dreamer in me holds a wad of dollars, in reality he feels self-doubt and cannot make a choice regarding an important issue. Did the pack fall and/or was it picked up by another person? This means that you should treat your decisions better, do not follow the lead of strangers.

A pack of dollars or euros also indicates receiving a valuable gift when the dreamer receives it from someone. Finding money is a good sign indicating the end of financial trouble. Soon the black streak will end, and saving profit will come.


Paying in dollars or euros in a dream means the emergence of interesting and worthwhile ideas that will certainly lead to profit. It is better to write down your thoughts, which is especially true for creative individuals.

The exchange of dollars or euros indicates unrealized plans. Sometimes this means that it’s time to take a break from work and spend more time with your loved ones. Losing currency is a realization that society does not accept the dreamer. One should try to understand and eliminate the cause of this, otherwise the person risks remaining unhappy for the rest of his life.


Foreign pennies, oddly enough, signify a journey or road full of adventure. Most likely, it will be a short journey, but the memories from overcoming it will remain in the soul forever. For this to happen, it is better to take your loved one with you.

Small paper bills or (one bill)

If large banknotes speak of the generosity of the soul, then small ones speak of its pettiness, greed, and commercialism. Perhaps the subconscious is trying to say that finances do not play the main role in the human world. It’s worth trying to reconsider your principles and desires, rethink your life, and do a good deed that is not related to money.

I often dream about fake small bills.

They indicate a discrepancy between the dreamer or his environment and true thoughts. It is important to stop lying, to analyze your loved ones more carefully, because some of them are clearly “faking”.

Dream about money in rubles and other different currencies

Sometimes you dream of currency as a sign of a change in activity. This may be a risky decision, but it’s worth taking, because we all know the saying about champagne. In order not to harm yourself, it is worth coming up with “insurance” or “escape routes”.

Receiving and/or converting currency promises a generous reward, a bonus for your work in the near future. Opening a foreign currency account marks a high probability of receiving a large amount of money - an inheritance or winnings.

Why and why do you dream about money?

To understand what exactly they mean in dreams, you need to look closely at the details. Where were the bills? What did they look like? How did the dreamer get them?

On account

Seeing bills that need to be paid in a dream is a sign of a dangerous situation. For the sake of safety, do not be afraid to ask for help, even from representatives of the law. Payment of bills guarantees a compromise in a dispute of particular importance.

Issuing an invoice foreshadows unpleasant circumstances that will disrupt the calm of everyday life. You should manage your desires and capabilities, this is the only way to avoid falling into the trap of the situation.

On the card

Money on the card indicates that it’s time to look at yourself and your life as if from the outside. Events are developing rapidly, forcing you to spin in their whirlpool. To avoid being carried away by a dangerous waterfall, you need to take a break and look at your actions, understand what needs to be changed. And the sooner the better.

On the ground and the road

Money lying on the ground or road causes minor troubles. To pass by means to ignore them, to raise them means to cope with difficulties. But there is no need to worry, because these difficulties will not bring serious consequences in reality.

On the floor

Banknotes scattered on the floor signify a profit, which will make you nervous. Coins picked up from the floor foreshadow the efforts that the dreamer makes to achieve his goals. Alas, they do not work; another action plan is urgently needed.

In the wallet

Seeing money in a wallet in a dream reminds of hidden talents, the possession of abilities that the dreamer may not even know about, but they require development. Most likely, they can generate income, which is why the subconscious mentioned them in the dream.


If you dreamed of lending money to someone, the person will do a noble deed that will reveal his best qualities and will be accepted by others with honor. In reality, you can without fear extend a helping hand to anyone who asks for it.

They give them to you

Accepting banknotes from a debtor in a dream indicates a quick improvement in your financial situation. You should expect funds to arrive. Not necessarily a large amount, but good news.

Do you count them?

Counting banknotes also promises quick profit. Unless, of course, a shortage was discovered during the counting. It represents the fact that the dreamer's potential is being wasted. It is important to direct him in the right direction.

Spending money

Spending money symbolizes both profit and expenses. What exactly depends on the emotions experienced in the dream. Joyful spending and pleasant purchases speak of good things, while spending without pleasure, even with sadness, of course, speaks of bad things.


Judging by the interpretation of the main dream books, we can observe that money is still, for the most part, a negative image that does not promise anything good for the dreamer.

In our humble opinion, money may indicate some material attachments that it is advisable to get rid of.

Money often becomes a brake on the development of spirituality, and the appearance of this image in a dream draws our attention to the fact that it is worth devoting more time to the soul and one’s inner world.

And one more thing, perhaps the image of money is thrown at us in order to distract us from something really important in our life, and in particular from what they want to convey to us through a dream

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