“Why do you dream of setting fire in a dream? If you see Setting fire in a dream, what does it mean?

Why do you dream about fire? You can find an accurate prediction in dream books. Does this mean there is a new life ahead? Or does it symbolize a large-scale disaster?
Many people don’t know why they dream of a fire and look for the answer in various dream books. An element that has escaped control is terrifying. However, in a dream, fire can represent something completely different - passionate love or a new adventure. Let's see if this is really so.

Miller's Dream Book: Why do you dream of a fire?

Miller interprets fire as a cleansing force that can change everything in a sleeper’s life for the better. Therefore, for him, a fire in a dream is a favorable omen. A house engulfed in flames symbolizes a move, renovation, or planned changes in life. Putting out a fire in a dream means experiencing anxiety in reality; working in difficult conditions is possible. Seeing people dying from fire in a dream foreshadows the illness of one of the relatives. If a sleeping person dreams that he is wandering through the ashes, it means that in reality he is yearning for long-gone times.

Fire engine

  • A fire truck in a dream promises worries, worries, and troublesome affairs in reality.
  • The car is driving with the siren on - beware of unforeseen situations, the successful resolution of which will require a lot of effort.
  • Riding in a fire truck portends that you may commit a rash act or get involved in a dubious adventure. The consequences can be very unfavorable.
  • Hearing sirens but not seeing the car means that the people around you are not trustworthy. Beware of provocations and intrigues.
  • A fire truck at the depot - troubles will appear for which there were no prerequisites.
  • Seeing firefighters trying to put out a fire is a harbinger of difficulties at work.
  • Calling the fire department in a dream means that you have information that could ruin the careers of competitors or cast a rival in love affairs in an unfavorable light.

Dreamed of a fire in Nostradamus's dream book

Why do you dream about a fire in a room? According to Nostradamus, such a dream is a harbinger of imminent betrayal. A flame arising from a lightning strike predicts a serious conversation with the right person in reality. A fire in a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s subconscious desire to change everything in his destiny, to succumb to carnal temptations or unusual ideas. If a sleeper commits arson in a dream, it means that in reality he is striving for change. A dream in which a person puts out a fire entails indecision in reality, an unwillingness to radically change something in life.

Put out the fire

Seeing a fire go out on its own is a very good sign. He announces the end of the period of failure. But if a woman has to put out the fire on her own, this indicates that family relationships require a reboot. You need to beware of casual acquaintances, they can captivate the sleeping woman and cause rash actions. In professional terms, this means that you do all the work yourself. Don't be afraid to delegate work and be a team player.

If a woman dreams that she is unsuccessfully fighting fire , then this indicates the influence of prejudice and other people's opinions in making an important decision. You need to let go of the situation and not waste time fighting imaginary obstacles.

Dreaming of Fire? Tell me your dream!

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Such a dream warns an adult man of danger; in reality, it is necessary to pay attention to detail. Failures in business are possible. If young people have such a dream, then in this case it has a positive meaning - it foretells a noisy feast, party, fun. If a woman dreams of a fire in a house, then in reality she should be more attentive to her home, since such a dream foreshadows the entry of a thief.

Another meaning of the dream is to see a fire in a dream - to some kind of major scandal, big quarrel, or showdown at work with colleagues. In any case, everything bad that has been done and hidden will come out. If a young girl dreams of a burning house, then she should pay attention to her partner. Perhaps she has a rival. If the girl is free, then such a dream portends the opposite - a stormy romance is possible, but, unfortunately, fleeting. In some interpretations, a burning house portends great joy, regardless of who sees it.

Fire victim

  • Seeing yourself as a victim of a fire portends a tragic outcome to life situations that have been bothering you for a long time. Solving these situations will help in overcoming difficult periods in life and contribute to the beginning of a new stage.
  • Feeling in a dream that fire has burned you means new pleasant acquaintances and interesting events.
  • Burning alive in a fire in a dream means dissatisfaction with one’s life, unsuccessful attempts to restore a damaged reputation. Dreams and plans seem impossible. Your state in reality is close to a nervous breakdown. There is an urgent need to change the principles of life in order to feel the taste for life again.
  • Being in the center of a ring of fire means that a man from your environment will begin to court you. For an unmarried girl, this dream foreshadows competition in love.
  • If you manage to run outside during a fire , in real life you will be able to get rid of a bad habit or destructive relationship.
  • Saving things from a fire foreshadows stressful situations that can positively change the usual course of events.

Why do you dream of a fire in a dream?

A fire, no matter how terrible it may seem in a dream, is actually interpreted by Miller’s dream book as a happy symbol: seeing a big fire in a dream - without human casualties - means happy, successful for you, and also beneficial changes in the future.

If in a dream everyone around you, including you, is engulfed in flames, then in reality you will soon complete the most problematic tasks!

Dreaming of a fire? Tell me your dream!

  • Vitalia 2010.08.09 09:28
    I was standing on the street and saw a fire truck that drove up to the house, but not to the one in which there was a fire. I walked up to her and pointed to the burning house, the car drove up to it. Then I somehow ended up in a burning house; the firefighters locked me and people I didn’t know in an almost empty room, explaining this so that the fire wouldn’t reach us. There were men and women in the room with me, and one of them was pregnant. As a result, the fire was put out and we were released from the room.

    - Answer

  • Irina 2010.08.12 10:55

    I lit the stove in the house, and the firebox caught fire and collapsed, the flames immediately became strong. I realized that I had to save myself. We took out all the valuables, but we didn’t have time to take out my aunt’s clothes and documents. When I returned for them, it was impossible to go into the house: the stairs had collapsed.

    - Answer

  • Masha 2010.08.19 20:49

    late in the evening (summer, warm, the lodges are open, the balcony is open for ventilation) I chat with a friend on my mobile phone and walk around the apartment. from the lodge I looked at the street and realized that there was a fire: I saw a dark garage, but illuminated from below by a fire (very small, in one place at the foot, as if I was just shown information about what was happening from the outside). It’s not red. flame, but a blue burner (like on a gas stove - divided into several reeds). Well, I think, damn it, it’s not visible at all like then (in fact, in the spring, one burned down near the house in a row of garages). I went to the balcony, but I couldn’t see anything. It's too late, the fire has already been put out. I tell my friend that it’s a pity that I didn’t see it. in place of one of the garages there is just a dark round spot: maybe it’s a shadow, or soggy ground... the only thing that confused me was that those who extinguished it (but didn’t see: no people, no cars, no smoke) were not at all embarrassed by those small little blue flames, which I saw here too (but, most likely, again as information about what happened).

    - Answer

  • Yaroslav 2010.08.24 06:32

    I had a dream in which my friend and I were walking around the entertainment center. Having had a little fun, we heard an alarm, and water immediately poured from the ceiling. “The fire is over there!!!” An unfamiliar man shouted, pointing to the open door to the bedroom, in which the blanket was burning. I ran up with a bucket of water (incomplete, less than half), threw it on the blanket, but it did not go out, then I took the edge of the blanket and wrapped it so that it folded in half, the fire seemed to stop burning, but the inscription on one half of the blanket (I didn’t see it), then I folded the blanket again and the fire went out. At that moment I thought: “I put out the fire!!!” And that man just stood nearby.

    - Answer

  • Marianna 2010.09.06 20:45

    I had a dream where I am on the 20th floor, and I hear screaming fire, I run to the elevator, I understand that this is the only way to hide from it, but it is stuck, and I run to the stairs, and the stairs are open, that is, I see all 20 floors below me, and the flame is huge, up to the 20th floor, I understand that the only way out of the building is the stairs, but I’m afraid of heights, but then I somehow find myself on the first floor and run to the exit. What does it all mean? please tell me.

    - Answer

  • Valery 2010.09.19 01:52

    It was a long dream. I was riding a bus and somewhere something was burning, I don’t remember, but in my opinion it was a house. I got off the bus, I clearly see the trees behind my house are burning. I did not see any victims of the fire. The fires were not extinguished. What would that mean?

    - Answer

  • Kitty 2010.09.25 15:58

    I dreamed that I was walking... and then I saw that the house in front of me was starting to burn! And then I suddenly realized that there was a girl left in this house. I was running towards this house... the girl was in one of the rooms... about seven years old ..no more..dark..with two pigtails..I grab her and we run away from the house!! This is such a dream..))..

    - Answer

  • Natasha 2010.12.11 20:52

    I dreamed that I was leaving home and felt a hint of burning and didn’t tell anyone, and when I returned home, I saw a burnt-out apartment and my whole family died! I saw ashes and a destroyed apartment, and the whole dream I blamed myself for the death of my loved ones

    - Answer

  • A-p 2010.12.11 21:33

    Natasha. This may mean that troubles await you in some life line, which you foresaw, but could not prevent, and you will consider yourself to blame for this. (And also, everything that is in a dream is symbols, i.e. i.e. this does not mean that this will really happen to your apartment, etc.)

    - Answer

  • Elena 2010.12.31 15:07

    I dreamed of a room that had already burned down, black walls, but the house was not mine.

    - Answer

  • Tanya 2011.01.17 05:46

    I dreamed that there were just a bunch of large long sticks around me and they were starting to burn, it was very difficult for me to get out, I started looking for how to get out and found that I had pulled myself out and all these sticks were burned

    - Answer

  • July 2011.01.25 21:10

    I’m 10 years old, please tell me what this means! I dreamed of 6 fires overnight in different places, in 5 apartments and in a park (forest)! I’m scared that the same day the store collapsed (okay), and my mother was left without work!

    - Answer

  • Irina 2011.03.23 03:50

    I dreamed that some young man started a fire in 3 places... some unfinished house was burning... our car... and something else... I wonder what this is about?

    - Answer

  • Natalya 2011.03.23 07:23

    A fire is always a scandal or a quarrel; in your case, it is caused by a man.

    - Answer

  • Irina 2011.03.29 16:01

    There are a lot of old and uncommented posts. Some government building (hospital, sanatorium) is burning, I’m a simple outside observer, a high-rise building, the top floor is on fire, the firefighters are not letting me in. After the fire, I go up there, walk as if through the hospital floors, looking into each one for the sake of interest, I see smoked, slightly charred bodies, but not burnt, everyone lay on their pastel in various relaxed poses, mostly children and teenagers, some curled up in a little ball, others as if sleeping, apparently suffocated before, in a dream from the fumes. It was painful from what I saw, but I left with sorrow in the heart was gone. It was a pity for the very little ones. I’ll tell you about myself, a romance is brewing in my life, although I’ve been married for 16 years, my husband is angry in his jealousy, I’m afraid of losing everything, and I have a strong feeling about it. I’m afraid that this is a sign.

    - Answer

  • Lily 2011.04.06 08:32

    I dreamed that a forest was burning not far from my house, and I myself became the cause of it. The fire engulfed the entire forest, I ran from it, as if it was chasing me. Then the fire engulfed the cemetery, located not far from the forest. The fire did not reach the house...

    - Answer

  • Nikola 2011.04.08 04:48

    I saw a fire in a dream - A WOODEN HOUSE WAS BURNING, during which, IN THE BURNING HOUSE, a woman gave a man a blowjob (both naked), and ANOTHER WOMAN, ALSO NAKED, WAS TIED

    - Answer

  • Arges 2011.04.22 06:53

    I dreamed that the house was on fire, but the firefighters quickly arrived and no one was hurt. :)

    - Answer

  • Alis 2011.05.07 02:54

    I dreamed that the cemetery caught fire. I was the reason. Then we ran from there for a long time and stubbornly to the village with my grandmother. She decided that everything was already over and went home, and I ran further, thinking that it would still reach us (fire), to convince the woman it didn’t work out. and indeed, the whole village began to burn. My sister and I (where did she come from?) started running to the very bottom of the village, to the river. On the way we went to the guys, asked to call the firefighters, and they just laughed, saying that everything this is nonsense and someone will put out this fire. We then ran for a long time, along the highway, along some roads. Then I remembered that my mother in the house did not know anything and called her. She apparently managed to leave, because when we returned there her there wasn’t. And in that place a fire caught us. It jumped over us like fireworks and eventually surrounded us. There were already a lot of us, we were swaying from side to side, but when I was completely scared, I woke up. I barely opened my eyes (that’s all remained alive and healthy. What does this mean?

    - Answer

  • Elena 2011.05.26 12:00

    I dreamed that our house and my mother-in-law’s house were on fire.

    - Answer

  • Carolina 2011.05.27 21:48

    I dreamed of a guy who set everything on fire, and I followed him and asked why he was doing this, but he just danced with me and flirted)))) (I would say a semi-erotic dream))) and it feels like I I know this guy by the smell that I dreamed about)))

    - Answer

  • Irina 2011.06.04 09:00

    I dreamed that there was a fire, but I had already come to this place, where there were only ashes... why would that be?

    - Answer

  • Daria 2011.06.05 21:37

    I dreamed that the apartment I live in caught fire.. I was inside it with my younger brother.. I tried to get him out of the house.. to save him, but nothing worked.. I went to school and cried there for a long time, thinking about how he was doing. ..returned home.. no traces of the fire were visible.. and there was none.. I was scared.. worried. My neighbor saw me, took me somewhere down the stairs and there I saw my brother.. he was sitting at his desk, as far as I understood in class at school.. and even then I cried out: “he’s not a ghost.. he’s not a ghost..” and sat at a school desk hugging her neighbor... why would this dream be, please tell me?)

    - Answer

  • Oksana 2011.06.10 19:52

    And I had such a dream, not far from my house there is a clearing and I dreamed that it caught fire and the fire was coming towards me and my friends, we started running from the fire and it so happened that 4 of them did not have time to escape and they burned, and I and a couple of other friends ran, but then, when we ran out onto the road and stopped, the fire suddenly went out, although the fire was strong...

    - Answer

  • Elena 2011.06.19 09:09

    I dreamed that I saw from the side a building that looked like a hostel was burning. The fire spread very quickly and there was a lot of smoke. Students started jumping out of the box... No one seemed to be hurt... Why would that be?

    - Answer

  • Katya 2011.06.20 21:26

    Why do graves burn in a cemetery in a dream?

    - Answer

  • Oleg 2011.08.10 15:03

    I dreamed that some young men in military uniform came to our house, with them was a girl, also in uniform, who had some kind of weapon in her hands. Then they came home and said something, but I don’t remember that she started setting things on fire with a weapon. And I shout “What are you doing!!! Fire!!" But it’s as if they don’t hear or see me.

    - Answer

  • Varvara 2011.08.11 08:30

    Hello! and I dreamed of a fire on the 5th floor balcony of long-forgotten old friends... why is this interesting?

    - Answer

  • Lex 2011.08.13 16:48

    I was in the store, and they told me to try something (some kind of crap that looks like a scalpel) and it was said that “put it in your mouth and you will be a servant.” I didn’t put it in, and ran away, as soon as I ran away, five more people ran away with me, and the rest of the people stayed in the store. and a fire started, they were burning, I, five of us escaped, I was not much surprised because the door was ajar, everyone could escape, in my opinion there was some kind of pandemonium there and they were unable to escape

    - Answer

  • Alina 2011.08.17 09:11

    I dreamed that the school was on fire

    - Answer

  • Polina 2011.09.07 20:27

    I’ve already dreamed twice in a row about residential buildings burning, and they look private. And I’ve seen them in real life. What could that mean?

    - Answer

  • Marquise 2011.09.18 20:04

    I dreamed that I was with a friend at some performance in a cultural center, and a fire started there. Panic began, a crush began, and my friend and I could not get out of the burning room, but I still led her through the stage, since I know all the ways there, I danced in this building for 10 years... Why would I have such a dream that I saved?

    - Answer

  • the same Anna 2011.09.27 02:26

    for some reason, a fire in my dreams starts EVERY TIME after certain people appear in it. who knows what this is connected with? explain to me! :(

    - Answer

  • Nastya 2011.10.25 04:38

    I dreamed that my madder was burning on the 9th floor, but I couldn’t help him, why is this? :(

    - Answer

  • Valentina 2011.11.16 11:47

    I can’t find the answer, maybe someone can tell me .. I saw a fire in a dream, but there was no flame itself, there was just smoke and the building remained intact, everything inside burned down, why???

    - Answer

  • Nika 2011.12.18 08:04

    I had a dream that we were riding on a school bus, there were a lot of friends there and everyone had some sort of remote control. But I didn’t have a piece of paper. I asked one boy why I didn’t have one, he said they got the remote control when they were watching some kind of video.. I was sitting with one girl on the bus. I know her, but then I say Dasha, let’s go home, let’s go home and then eat, maybe mom needs to go to the store. So they came up with Dasha and I don’t know who Dasha is, I saw her in a dream for the first time. So we went to the intercom, I saw several buttons were missing apartment 66 and there was no 6 there, I pulled the door and the intercom was open, I went into the entrance, I saw all the walls were black, there was smoke, well, I didn’t turn on the fire. I started screaming, ran out into the street, lay down in the snow and screamed mommy mommy. And my friend mom looks out of the window, say come in. When I saw that everything was fine with my mother, I quickly ran on the 1st floor because the suitcase was standing, I reached the 3rd floor and then there were no stairs. I live on the 4th floor. I scream with a roar, where is the staircase. Where. And some guy gives me a wooden charred staircase and she It won’t take me until the apartment, my mother looked out and looked at me, I don’t remember what she said. And I woke up.

    - Answer

  • Evgeniya 2011.12.25 20:22

    I often dream about fires. But no one dies.. The last time I dreamed that my school was burning =)

    - Answer

  • Kristina 2012.02.21 16:58

    Hello! Moi son - ya nahozhus v kakom-to dome s dvumya neizvestnymi mne zenschinami i koshka. Kto-to podzheg dveri v dome i etu koshku toze,ogon byl ochen yarkyi I silnyi,a ya brosilas spasat Kota i krichala kak vy mozete? Eto ze zivoe suschestvo….

    - Answer

  • Julia 2012.03.14 09:15

    As soon as I turned five, I had the same dream for several years in a row - a burning forest. I still can’t understand what it’s about

    - Answer

  • Masya 2012.05.04 20:55

    I had a dream from Thursday to Friday. I am in some house with an infant and a man. There is an explosion, I see fire. And I run to save the infant, for some reason it seems to me that this is very important for me.

    - Answer

  • Lena 2012.05.08 13:32

    For over a year now I have been dreaming very often about my house burning down and I don’t have time to save anything, why do I dream about this? :bad:

    - Answer

  • Maria 2013.01.06 01:21

    Please help me interpret my dreams, I dreamed of a fire (supposedly my parents’ house burned down, thank God there were no casualties), literally 1-2 days later I dreamed of a black rat clinging to my tights, it just got caught, but didn’t bite!!!!

    - Answer

  • Vasilya 2013.03.10 12:28

    The foundation of our wooden house where we used to live was burning. The fire was not strong, there was smoke and I saw my older brother. They wanted to put it out, water was supplied from a hose with a very small stream, there were some people, but no one had any great desire to put it out

    - Answer

  • Yulyasha 2013.06.11 11:48

    I dreamed that I was standing by the chest of drawers and not moving... I was thinking about something and I couldn’t believe it, then something started to burn and smoothly move towards me, for some reason it didn’t hurt me? My sister poured water on me and I I woke up then we quickly took the things we had already collected and got into the car. From the back window I saw our house burning... Why is this???

    - Answer

  • Nastya 2013.07.24 17:05

    I dreamed that the building of my work was on fire, we were trying to put it out, but it was all useless.

    - Answer

  • Alexandra 2013.07.31 14:12

    For some reason, today I also dreamed about my school burning. But then the fire spreads to the house where my mother is. I walked around the house and wondered where my mother was and what was wrong with her. :(

    - Answer

  • Tatyana 2013.11.13 20:44

    I had a dream about a fire a long time ago; it happened for the second time in my life. I was at my grandmother’s house (she sold that house) and it all just started so I was in my grandmother’s room, and something happened, first the furniture started falling, then there was a fire, I ran into my room and somehow the doors closed. I saw some kind of black disgusting thing and wanted to break the window, but the window didn’t break either. That’s where it all ended 2 times…. Unfortunately, my dreams sometimes like to come true when I forget about them...

    - Answer

  • Anastasia 2014.05.03 10:40

    I dreamed of a fire in which my class teacher died. It was an explosion in the apartment, but for some reason then one man pulled her out of the car on the street. There were several stories in my dream: I moved alone to another city, went to another school, met new people. What could all this mean?

    - Answer

  • snezana 2014.06.17 23:19

    how do I know I'm so weird ))))) :D:D:D:D:D

    - Answer

  • Boris 2015.03.30 08:23

    A small fire in the apartment. My girlfriend and I are trying to put it out. It’s not even a fire, it’s just quick small fires. Which we quickly extinguished with water, but nothing was seriously damaged. everything remains intact in my opinion

    - Answer

  • Svetlana 2015.07.02 22:41

    I dreamed that I was putting out a fire in the apartment with my deceased mother. I strangled her and everything was fine. Only if you consider that there was a fire in the apartment half a year ago and the apartment burned down. And after that, my mother had a dream and her phantom moved into me

    - Answer

  • Irina 2015.09.21 13:31

    I dreamed that many private houses burned down in a fire, but for some reason my brick house and yard with all the living creatures were spared by the fire, although all the houses nearby burned down! What is this for?

    - Answer

  • novel 2015.11.18 06:48

    I saw that the little girl's dress was on fire and I immediately

    - Answer

  • Alina 2016.01.31 11:17

    I dreamed that a school was burning and 2 people were not saved

    - Answer

  • Tamara 2016.06.28 08:39

    I dreamed that large trees were cut down around my house and there was already a fire in the kitchen window next to me. I was sleeping. and the cat is screaming loudly, everything is in white smoke, I wake up and start extinguishing

    - Answer

  • Laura 2022.02.17 10:36

    I dreamed that our school was on fire and we were in the basement next to several girls and women, there was fire everywhere, but where we were standing there was no fire. Everyone burned down except us, I prayed and after a while the fire was put out. And we remained alive, why is this?

    - Answer

  • Sonya 2022.08.29 20:29

    Thank you for the useful article! It can be difficult to understand what a fire means in a dream. This plot has different meanings in dream books: https://znacheniesna.ru/k-chemu-snitsya-pozhar-znachenie-sna-s-foto/

    - Answer

    Ioannina 2022.08.30 11:52

    Indeed, you are right, it is better to consider all the meanings of dreams in detail based on the accompanying elements from the dream.

General interpretation

Fire is a very symbolic sign, showing the triumph of light and life over darkness and death. Represents rebirth, appearance in a new image, purification and bright grace to the family. Fire is usually divided into the causes of its appearance. It can serve as a light, supporting high intelligence and positive emotions, and sometimes it emits heat that brings warmth and comfort to the home.

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For dreamers in love, a fire can become a sign of love, passion, and a yearning heart. A fire can reflect the character of the sleeper: hot temper, unpredictability, activity, assertiveness and aggressiveness in views.

Flame color

If in a dream you were touched or engulfed by a flame, and you feel an unpleasant burning sensation, then this is a rather negative sign. If at the moment you are not languishing in love feelings for another person, then you should pay close attention to the state of your health.

The interpreter also believes that people who have been engulfed in fire should try to remember the color of the flame, this will help identify the location of the illness:

  • red - a person will be susceptible to skin disease;
    I dreamed of green fire
  • purple - your mental state is at risk;
  • orange – liver disease;
  • blue – headaches, migraines, pain;
  • yellow – possible food poisoning;
  • green - the heart and lungs will be damaged.
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