“Why do you dream about drinking? If you see Drinking in a dream, what does it mean?

Go for it, everything will work out

In dream books there are many other explanations of why you dream of drinking alcohol. The culinary oracle believes that the dreamer is attracted to forbidden pleasures. Now is the time when it’s time to give your desires the green light. Perhaps a new experience will change your life.

If you were lucky enough to try elite alcohol in a dream, the Ukrainian dream book promises that in reality you will be able to realize your intention. If you dreamed that you couldn’t afford it, you have to make efforts to achieve your goal.

If you dreamed about alcohol, you will be able to increase your social status in the eyes of those with whom you had a chance to drink.

“Why do you dream about drinking? If you see Drinking in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Drinking in a dream means absorbing the surrounding atmosphere, joy or sadness.

Drinking cold, clean water is a sign of good health.

Drinking warm, unpleasant water means illness.

To experience thirst is a need for help (if there is no physiological thirst in reality).

Drinking clean water means success or marriage awaits you. Agree to any offer that comes to you now.

Drink milk - you need help. But before you get it, you need to acquire new knowledge. Sign up for courses. Read a useful book.

Drink tea, coffee, juice - you have a meeting with friends. Don't avoid her.

Drink wine, alcoholic drink - someone will deceive your expectations. Better rely on yourself, you have the makings of a creative person.

English dream book

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If you dream that you are drinking from a living spring, it means that fun and joy await you ahead.

If the water in the source is cloudy, it means that some kind of disaster is approaching.

If in a dream you are thirsty and cannot quench it, it means that in the coming trials you will have to rely only on yourself.

If in a dream you meet a person dying of thirst and give him something to drink, you can hope that you will always have a kind heart, you will never lose your characteristic responsiveness and will always help someone who needs it.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Drinking sorrows and sorrows”, “drinking from a sacred vessel” - grace; “drinking the wine of love” - thirst for glory; “quench your thirst” - satisfaction.

Italian dream book

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Drinking is a positive symbol, especially if associated with other life functions.

Drinking milk, water, good wine means a desire for love, strength, power, fertility.

If a person drinks straight from a bottle, this image reflects the person’s unconscious desire to return to the period of infancy at a time when he was protected, cared for, when he did not have to cope with the “horrors of everyday life” himself. On the other hand, this image may reflect a feeling of resistance to parents, friends, or someone who treats the subject like a small child.

If a person sees someone drinking from a horn, this reflects his faith in this person and an unconscious desire to treat him as a junior and nurture him.

Drinking alcoholic beverages most often symbolizes a good mood, pleasant company, joy, and fun. This image, as a rule, reflects a person’s desire to enjoy life. However, if a person with alcohol problems sees himself drinking wine, then this image has a negative connotation. The unconscious reminds him that he is a failure, that he lacks the strength to control himself.

Drinking can have many different interpretations, so it is very important what kind of people are involved in this activity and what feelings a person has towards them.

Culinary dream book

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Drinking good drinks in a dream means well-being; drinking from a clean and round vessel is an honor or receiving a large profit, and often an inheritance.

Drinking simple wine means a big loss and a quarrel with your neighbors.

Drinking beer, porter or anything thick is a misfortune or illness.

Lunar dream book

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Drinking from a glass is death.

Wanting to drink means having troubles.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Drinking good drink is happiness; from a round vessel - calmness; made of glass - danger; clean water is a good thing, wealth; dirty water - illness, grief; kvass - health; wanting to drink is a waste of time; drinking drinks in moderation is a consolation in grief, help; excessive - shame, illness.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about Drinking?

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Drinking water to quench your thirst means diabetes; alcohol - to a real imminent similar event; a sweet drink is a fleeting, non-binding romantic date.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Drinking well is an early form of nutrition. There may be a desire to return to childhood (especially if drinking from the neck of a bottle). Alcohol. Dissolving restrictions that can trigger sexual desire. Excitement, intoxication, ecstasy. People also drink out of a desire to feel younger and freer. Update. Water of life; return to the early period of life, before infancy.

Drinking red wine is blood.

Drinking white wine is amniotic fluid. Urine and regression to urethrality.

Drinking alcohol is a spirit.

Drinking milk is a seed.

Russian dream book

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Drinking tea means receiving amazing unexpected news; wine - wasted effort; water - to health.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Drinking?

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If a woman dreams that she is drinking in a noisy, cheerful company, in reality she will be involved in affairs that will discredit her, however, she may find such an activity quite attractive.

For a woman to dream that she cannot drink a glass of clean water, although she tries with all her might, means that in reality she will not receive joy from the pleasures secretly offered to her.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Drinking is a reflection of the desire for freedom.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about Drinking in a dream?

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Drinking from a glass container in a dream means danger; drinking good drinks for a healthy person means well-being, for a sick person - for recovery; drinking water from an iron bowl in a dream is a sign that you need to beware of falling and getting hurt.

Drinking something bitter in a dream means quick profit and an improvement in your financial situation.

Drinking hot drinks is a harbinger of happiness in love and weddings.

Salty drinks are a sign of joy.

Drinking during brotherhood is a warning against rash actions.

Azar's Dream Book

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Drinking dirty water is a disease; drinking clean water is a good thing.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Drinking in a dream is a sign of your inner spiritual dissatisfaction.

If you dream that you are drinking water, this dream can only be good if as a result you experience a feeling of complete satisfaction and calm your thirst in the dream. Such a dream may foreshadow the fulfillment of some desire.

If you dream that you are drinking water, but do not experience relief, this means that in reality you will experience a strong desire or passion that you cannot satisfy. However, such dreams are often associated with ordinary physiological needs and do not mean anything else.

Drinking alcohol in a dream means that you are inadequately assessing some situation, due to which you may get into an unpleasant situation or fail. Such a dream seems to invite you to look at things more soberly.

Dream Interpretation of Health

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Drinking means the need to ensure water balance in the body; crystal clear water - to health; muddy water - to illness; drinking a lot, greedily - leads to possible diabetes.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about drinking in a dream?

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Drinking from the same glass means publicizing a secret; from gold or silver dishes - happiness in all undertakings.

Miller's Dream Book

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If in a dream you are offered a sip of alcohol, this is a sign of rivalry or a quarrel over small property.

To think in a dream that you have stopped drinking or discovered that others have done so foretells that your current position in society will improve and material wealth will bring you satisfaction.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Drinking in a dream?

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A dream in which you drink well water on a hot day foretells a successful course of business. Drinking water from a bucket means an accident, illness or injury, from a glass means there is a risk of viral infection. Drinking from a jug in a dream is a sign of prosperity, from a glass or mug - to receive money and honor, from a glass or wine glass - to a scandal in the house. Drinking from a jug or cup - you will experience the joys and sorrows of secret love; drinking wine from a bottle - joy in friendship and strong family ties; from a horn - your wish will come true.

Drinking white wine means fun, red wine means a long journey, champagne means a good deal.

If in a dream you are so thirsty that you drink warm dirty water, in reality this foreshadows an illness that will affect your affairs. Drinking ice water from an ice hole means a sudden awakening of love and passion. Drinking water from a spring portends that you will not be able to withstand the unfavorable situation among your colleagues and will decide to change your place of work.

A dream in which you drink goat's milk means that in reality you will marry a rich man and will never regret it. Drinking fresh cow's milk means that you will show insight in time regarding the true intentions of the person who is trying to become your friend.

If you drink kefir in a dream, this portends light losses and temporary inconveniences; kumiss - to elation and success in business. Drinking cold, sour kvass from a jug portends unpleasant experiences that will befall you upon news of a failed profitable deal.

Drinking tea with lemon in a dream - in reality you will indulge your whims, and everything else will fade into the background for you. Drinking beer means disappointment in your loved one, lemonade means an acquaintance that will result in love.

If you drink Coca-Cola, in reality you will improve your health; if you drink fruit drink, you will be insulted; if you drink a cocktail, you will amaze those around you with an extravagant trick. Drinking oil means illness, salt solution means wealth.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Drink according to the dream book?

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To drink - to receive refined energy, pleasure, pleasure - satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Hot - happiness in love, marriage.

Dream Interpretation of Signs

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Drinking a lot of milk and kvass is good luck.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Drinking something bitter means writing.

The drink turned out to be hot - beware of a major family scandal.

If you dreamed that you drank something cold, your guest will be a complete stranger.

Drinking something sweet means good news.

Sour drink warns of troubles.

You drank - to vain worries.

In a dream, you watched someone drink some kind of drink, but you could not determine which one - you don’t have to worry about minor troubles.

You dreamed that you were buying yourself some kind of drink - you yourself will be to blame for your troubles.

Freud's Dream Book

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If a man drinks in a dream, he wants to have sexual intercourse as quickly as possible and experience an orgasm (impatience of orgasm).

If he drinks from any vessel, he means his regular partner.

If he drinks from a source or stream, river, lake, the identity of his partner is not important to him; All he cares about is his own desires.

If a man drinks with his hands (from his palms), he is ready to engage in self-satisfaction, but if he drinks from a woman’s hands, then this indicates his passionate attachment. Perhaps he was bewitched.

If water eludes a man and he cannot get drunk, he should pay attention to his health, since such a dream can serve as a harbinger of upcoming disorders.

If you drink from the neck of a bottle, a kettle, or through a straw, you want to have oral sex.

If a woman quenches her thirst in a dream, this indicates her desire to become a mother.

If a woman drinks from a vessel, she wants to have a child from her loved one.

If she drinks from a source or stream (river, lake) - she wants to deal with a more experienced and sophisticated partner.

If a woman drinks water from her palms, she does not enjoy sex; the desire to have a child conflicts with the reluctance to tolerate a male around you.

If a woman drinks from the palms of a man, she wants to have a sexual relationship with him, but she is tormented and held back by some fears.

If a woman cannot drink or water eludes her, she may become (or has already become) infertile.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Wanting to drink means troubles, urgent worries; clean water is a good thing; dirty - illness; kvass - health.

French dream book

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Drinking in a dream is a bad sign; beware of a protracted illness.

If you saw a person drinking cold water in a dream, this is a happy omen; hot water - to health problems.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

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Drinking from glassware is dangerous; Drinking good drinks for a healthy person means well-being, for a sick person - illness; Drinking water from an iron container means falling with a bruise.

Universal dream book

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Why do we drink to someone's health? - perhaps because the amber drink lifts our spirits and helps us feel better? In your dream, do you drink alcohol to cheer yourself up?

A fairly common dream is when a person dreams that he is drinking water or another drink and cannot get drunk - this is a clear symbol of thirst. Another meaning of this dream is survival.

If you pour a drink for another person, perhaps you are helping him overcome a difficult period in his life. Or, on the contrary, someone pours a drink for you?

The dream in which you drink liquid is also associated with spirituality: it symbolizes the quenching of spiritual thirst. To understand whether your dream has this meaning, pay attention to where exactly you drink the drink and who serves it to you.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Drink according to the dream book?

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Drink clean (clear drink, water) - you are closer to the truth or will learn the truth.

Thick, viscous, dark - you have to discover the depth of your “I”, immerse yourself in the world of the subconscious.

Dirty, unpleasant, tasteless - the truth will be bitter. You will have to learn some of the dirty sides of life. Don't lose yourself and don't get depressed.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Drink according to the dream book?

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According to the dream book, drinking means you will take everything that happens around you to heart.

More interpretations

If you drink alcohol, you shouldn’t count on anyone’s help; you can handle everything just fine on your own, demonstrating your considerable creative talents.

If it’s cool, fresh water, you’ll feel great; if it gets hot and stagnates, expect health problems.

If you dreamed that you were going to drink spring water, in a place where it comes out of the bowels of the earth - you will be happy.

You swallowed a liquid that tastes bitter - in the near future you will become much richer.

Be careful

Some explanations of what alcohol means in dreams contain warnings. Drinking alcohol in a dream happens under the influence of confusion, difficulty in making an important decision. The dream book recommends listening to the opinions of competent people.

The prediction for Birthday People will tell you why those born in spring dream of drinking alcohol. Now is not the time for risk and overconfidence. Someone will be more cunning and unprincipled than you.

Holy water: what does it mean?

Drinking consecrated water in a dream is a sign that is favorable in all respects. It indicates the divine blessing of a person, that he is protected and helped by powerful invisible forces.

Drinking holy water from a vessel predicts good health and longevity, as well as success in all endeavors. For people suffering from any illness, such a dream portends healing and recovery.

In addition, drinking holy water indicates that a person’s soul is light and calm, he is surrounded by peace and joy, that he is happy for the first time in a long time. This state will allow a person to understand what really matters in life and what is just worldly vanity.

Good old vodka

Anyone who drank vodka in his night dreams is in reality not immune from impulsive actions that he will regret.

Drinking this drink promises a waste of something: money, time, vital resources. Nevertheless, the dream book promises that all losses will be reparable, although not without outside help. The number of people willing to help in difficult times will pleasantly surprise the sleeping person.

When in a dream you only see people drinking vodka without participating in the feast, the interpreter warns that in reality you risk not noticing your luck and passing by. It is considered an evil sign to see a broken or spilled bottle.

In dream books there is also a direct interpretation of the dream: a joyful event is to be celebrated.

According to Vanga's dream book

Giving water to a man in a dream means a new love acquaintance, finding a sexual partner, and long-awaited happiness. Soon you will be filled with warm feelings, as well as romantic attraction. This can create a strong attachment to a person, and also contribute to a long-term relationship. The more vivid and memorable the dream, the more passionate the relationship will be.

What can you do to make men's dreams come true faster? Vanga provided people with simple instructions on how to speed up sales in simple ways. The most important thing is that it is important to keep in mind all the details of the dream; for this you need to remember it well. Then you need to light any candle, preferably a church candle, and go around the corners of your room.

Bar range

In dream books there are explanations of what it means to drink this or that alcoholic drink:

  • Champagne symbolizes problems in communication due to hedonism;
  • Martini foreshadows a crazy evening in an elite circle;
  • Liqueurs and balms promise a scandalous incident with the sleeping person in the leading role;
  • Cognac personifies the craving for pleasure and sexual pleasures;
  • Whiskey, rum or brandy foretell success in society;
  • Moonshine means that it is dangerous to trust anyone around you.


A dream with alcoholic drinks characterizes creative and sexual energy, filling life with bright colors.
The dream book suggests that alcohol has the best meaning in a situation where you drink and do not get drunk. This means that your plans are being realized simply brilliantly! All the ideas you express will be well received in society, and their implementation will take place quickly and without problems.

  • Drinking expensive alcohol means in reality getting closer to the elite strata of society - perhaps meeting a high-ranking and useful person who will open your path to the top.
  • Drinking cheap drinks in a dream signals an imminent improvement in household affairs. He often dreams about repairs and minor problems at work - usually hinting at the imminent completion of difficulties.


The dream book perceives cognac as a drink that reflects sexuality.
Seeing a crystal decanter with noble cognac in a dream means obtaining a position or work task that requires high professionalism. In the near future, the work will require high dedication, but later it will bring excellent returns! Cognac in a faceted glass means your increased ambitions and limited resources. In this place of work or life it is difficult to get what you want. If you want serious changes, you should change your environment. Moving to large cities is possible (especially if you drank cognac greedily and on the run), moving to a large company.


Seeing red wine in bottles in a dream means quick communication with pleasant people.
Antique bottles mean a possible meeting with old friends or former lovers. New bottles, especially open ones, symbolize pleasant acquaintances and non-binding communication. If you are aiming for a serious relationship, after such a dream you should carefully select your friends and avoid superficial personalities.

If the dream is filled with a romantic atmosphere, then red wine is a symbol of love and passion. Have you only taken a few sips? The relationship will develop gradually, moderately, but will be strong. Did you drink greedily, so that red wine ran down your chin? Expect intense passion and amazing sexual adventures.


A dream where you drink beer foreshadows successful purchases of household appliances and any items that make everyday life comfortable. Beer and vodka are often dreamed of by men who are thinking about renovating their home or car.

If alcohol makes you sick or spills, then you should take a closer look at the people you trust to take care of you. It may be worth changing staff, finding other people to complete the tasks assigned to you.


The playful essence makes champagne a symbol of ease of being, unbridled fun and pure joy. The dream book clearly shows that drinking champagne means the onset of a long streak of good luck. In the coming months, you will easily be able to implement any idea, establish contact with important people, and establish easy relationships with the opposite sex.

Drinking buddy from the other world

It’s interesting to know what it means to dream of drinking with a dead person. Often, gatherings with the deceased foreshadow a change in the weather. If you often see the same scene, go to the cemetery, say goodbye to the deceased, remember him, according to your traditions, so that he no longer bothers you.

If you dreamed that you were talking to a dead person while drinking at the table, try to remember what was discussed. A conversation with the deceased in a dream often contains the key to the future and the opportunity to change it.

There is another interpretation of why you dreamed of drinking with the deceased. You are clearly underestimating your activities and you will see this when you see a great result.

A feast with the deceased encourages you to remember him more often and follow the advice he gave during his lifetime.

Who had the dream

The meanings of women's and men's dreams may differ, you need to pay attention to this. The subconscious speaks to people with different symbols and images. Below we describe the differences in the interpretations of dreams in which the dreamer drank water, taking this feature into account.

To a woman

According to Jung's dream book, if a woman sees herself drinking water in a dream, then this is a good sign. The dream promises the fulfillment of your biggest dream. A woman’s wish will come true in the near future and fill her life with happiness.

To a man

If a man dreams that he is drinking water, for him this image means strengthening his position and influence. This is a symbol of strength, the dreamer’s potential, which he is able to realize to achieve success.


For a pregnant woman, a dream in which she drank water is a harbinger of improved well-being. The dream also promises an easy and painless birth.

Friendly party

If you dreamed about drinking with friends, Hasse’s dream book reports that at least one of them will cause a lot of trouble and worry. Perhaps you will be disappointed in some of them.

It should be taken into account that the drink with friends that you dreamed of may turn out to be a reflection of real events. In this case, the meaning of the dream is neutral.

Drinking sour milk in a dream

Sour milk in dreams does not bode well. It predicts empty troubles, troubles and illness. There are several interpretations.

  1. Disputes and disagreements are possible in the family circle, and a difficult period at work.
  2. Drinking sour milk means poor health. It is worth monitoring the signals coming from the body.
  3. Bad deeds committed by the dreamer in real life. Review your principles.
  4. Sour milk warns of an unpleasant situation, watch your immediate surroundings.

Dreams associated with milk are reminiscent of a serene and happy childhood. They promise a person financial well-being, health, happiness and good luck. But one dream is not enough, in real life you need to make efforts to implement it.

Unexpected companions

Sometimes in a dream you happen to drink in the most unexpected company. For example, in the company of a sworn enemy. Why do you dream about such a symbol? The dream book warns of further intrigues on his part.

When in a dream you treated your companions to drinks, in reality you will find yourself at a funeral.

If you happen to drink in splendid isolation, there may be bad news.

If a girl dreams of drinking with a stranger, the Women's Dream Book foretells family problems. A feast with friends in a dream may be a harbinger of illness.

If you were lucky enough to have a drink with your boss, the dream emphasizes your authority, influence and brilliant prospects at work.

Miller's Dream Book

If you feel that you are intoxicated in a dream, then this means great difficulties and changes on the way.

Be drunk as hell. If you can barely move, and at the same time you feel like your tongue is tangled, everything is spinning before your eyes, then this means a serious offense, the consequences of which you still have to deal with.

Being drunk at home. If you are drunk at home alone or surrounded by loved ones, then this means lack of self-confidence, distrust of your actions and words. You need to analyze your recent actions, try to find answers to the questions that torment you.

Being drunk in a crowd. If you see yourself drunk in the company of other drunk people, this means approval and acceptance of your ideas. If you are surrounded by sober, condemning looks, this is a sign that you are dissatisfied with yourself and are looking for approval.

Dreams on the topic

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