Dream from Saturday to Sunday kiss with a guy you like

if you dreamed of a kiss with a guy you like from Saturday to Sunday in a dream

Dream interpretation if you dreamed of a kiss with a guy you like from Saturday to Sunday , why do you dream in a dream if you dreamed of a kiss with a guy you like from Saturday to Sunday?
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Who did you happen to kiss?

Depending on the person with whom the kiss occurred, an initial prediction can be made. If a girl starts kissing a handsome young man, then in reality her relationship will be strong and filled with positive emotions. A kiss received from a sick person should alert the young lady. In the near future, she will experience great disappointment in relationships with people.

To draw up a more detailed interpretation, dream books pay attention to the nature of the relationship between a man and a woman:

The person you likeIf a girl in a dream receives many kisses from a man whom she likes in reality, this symbolizes her dissatisfaction with her own personal life. It is possible that she should be more attentive to those around her, since her future chosen one may be among them
BelovedKissing your loved one is a warning sign. There is a high probability of a quarrel with a partner; the guy may be the initiator of the conflict
FormerDreamed touches of the lips of a former boyfriend indicate remaining unsaid things in a past relationship. Both partners probably still feel sympathy for each other
FamiliarA kiss with a man you just know is interpreted as dissatisfaction with your personal life. The dreamer lacks attention from guys
FriendIf the action happened with a friend, then it is possible that the girl has hidden sympathy for him. Mutual feelings can arise between people
EnemyKissing an enemy is not a bad symbol. In real life, the girl will meet people who will become true friends in the future
ClassmateThe touch of a classmate's lips signals to the sleeping woman a lack of attention and care from relatives or a lack of romance in the current relationship
Girlfriend's boyfriendIf a girl kissed her friend’s boyfriend in a dream, then she should be vigilant. A major quarrel with a friend is possible, the cause of which will be mutual misunderstanding between the girls and the inability to listen to each other
Someone else's guyA kiss from a stranger promises quick love, but it will be fleeting. For a married woman, such a plot means an affair on the side, which she risks ruining her marriage
StrangerWhen kissing an unfamiliar guy in a dream, in real life the girl will have to face many changes that may affect her place of residence, work and relationships. She should be more vigilant in money matters.

The image of kissing a dead person is considered negative. Such a dream foreshadows a difficult life period, which can result in depression. It will be extremely difficult to cope with the surging troubles alone.

Why dream of kissing a guy you like on the lips?

The mysterious world of dreams reflects the inner essence and cherished desires of a person. For thousands of years, people, trying to penetrate the mystery of dreams, made observations, took notes, and passed on knowledge orally.

Kissing a man you like in a dream is a strong omen. Countless pages of dream books have been devoted to him, songs, poems, and legends have been written about him. Dreams with a kiss are found in folk superstitions and in philosophical works. Having studied the above sources, we will give an answer to the question of where a wonderful dream with a kiss can lead.

Kiss place

The location of the kiss is a significant aspect of dream interpretation. The most common options are:

On the lipsA kiss on the lips is always interpreted as a harbinger of change. But what they will be: positive or negative is unknown
In the corner of the lipsIf the kiss is directed to the corners of the lips, then the girl is overcome by positive emotions. She will receive a gift soon
On your cheekThe touch of the lips to the cheek indicates that the sleeping woman feels obliged to the dreaming man. This feeling haunts her, although ordinary words of gratitude will be enough
In the neckA kiss on the neck is a symbol of approaching danger. But if a girl experiences confidence in a dream, then the risk will be justified and she will be able to benefit from this situation. If it was received from a lover, then the sleeping woman will have a quick wedding
Into the noseThe touching of lips to the nose is considered as a symbol of the sincere feelings that the dreamer experiences for her chosen one. The girl is truly in love with him and wishes him nothing but happiness.
In your handsA kiss on the hand has a warning meaning. The sleeping woman risks being at the mercy of scammers, as a result of which her material well-being will suffer. But she also needs to be wary of the betrayal of a loved one
In the backSuch a dream warns that you should not adapt to the opinions of others. The dreamer needs to show fortitude in the work sphere and defend her point of view in order to avoid new obligations

What should we expect?

Kissing a man in a dream can be a good or bad sign - it depends on the situation and on your chosen one. In any case, the dream speaks of upcoming fateful events. Its interpretation must be approached with the greatest responsibility.

The type of kiss on the lips in a dream is of particular importance:

Of particular importance are dreams seen on the night of Tuesday or Wednesday. They are prophetic and warning in nature. Kissing in a dream from Monday to Tuesday means there is a high probability of a quarrel. A kiss on Wednesday night signals that the guy may find himself in an unpleasant situation. Be sure to tell him about this. Dreams on Thursday night usually mean nothing, they only reflect your desires. But Friday dreams come true quite often.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

No one knows how long ago such a thing as a kiss appeared in our life and culture. Without a kiss, it is difficult to imagine modern interpersonal relationships, family, love and even sometimes business. The kiss has its roots in the deep past of humanity; it is not without reason that this phenomenon is present in absolutely every culture, regardless of external differences. And therefore this process is reflected in various dream books.

Miller's Dream Book - great success in business

As this dream book says, a kiss on the lips in a dream is interpreted as an omen of great success in business. The sleeper faces a “white streak” in his life. At every step, pleasant surprises await him, the people and circumstances he needs. Hurry up to resolve all your issues within the next three weeks.

Also, if you dream of a kiss, such a dream symbolizes a holiday, celebration, rest, long-awaited vacation and any other joyful events of human life.

According to some dream books, a kiss in a dream indicates negative emotions: betrayal and jealousy.

Interpretation of various dream books

It is interesting that dream books of various authors interpret the same dream differently. To figure out why you dream about kissing a guy you like on the lips, it will be useful to get acquainted with everyone’s opinion.

Miller's Dream Book

The eminent Texas entrepreneur of the 19th-20th centuries, writer and expert in psychology Gustav Miller interprets this dream in two ways:

And as a true businessman, Miller saw in this dream a prediction of imminent unexpected profits and new successes in business.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Our contemporary, Russian writer Evgeniy Petrovich Tsvetkov advises not to attach importance to a kiss in a dream with a man you like if you thought too much about him before going to bed. This dream is just your dreams.

If this dream came to you unexpectedly, then expect minor troubles, health difficulties, minor disappointments and other troubles that will soon pass.

Interpretation of sleep

If you look through the dream book, girls most often dream of a kiss with an ex-boyfriend after a breakup.
Even if the couple broke up several months ago, and the lady still has feelings, the guy will “come” in dreams. Such night dreams can be interpreted in different ways. True, asking why you dream of kissing your ex-boyfriend and looking for the secret meaning of what you saw is not worth it for girls who every day look at photographs of their once beloved, try to remember all the moments spent together, and, in general, become melancholy. In such cases, night dreams are just secret desires, games of the subconscious, there is no point in deciphering them.

If a girl lives her life to the fullest, and suddenly she has a dream about her ex-boyfriend, then you should think a little. Perhaps the dream is a sign. True, in order to understand it correctly, you should remember the details. It is important to know on what day the vision occurred, what emotions the lady experienced, whether someone watched the kiss, etc. The kissing person most often experiences pleasant emotions, but this is not always the case, so it is important to remember your feelings.

If you look through the dream book, girls most often dream of a kiss with an ex-boyfriend after a breakup

Very often, a kiss with an ex in a dream indicates that in real life a girl cannot build relationships with the opposite sex. Such night dreams should become an impetus, a sign that it is time to decide on your desires and begin building the future. For all this to work out, you need to stop thinking about your ex-lover and let him go. Only in this case will it be possible to move on to a happy life.

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If a girl dreams before her wedding that her ex-lover is kissing her, then this is not a good sign. In real life, a lady may face loneliness and betrayal.

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To most accurately understand the meaning of dreams, the dreamer needs to remember her feelings. If an ex-boyfriend kissed you, and the girl felt sadness, loneliness, and depression, then deep down in her heart she hopes for a resumption of the relationship.

If after a kiss a girl feels ashamed and begins to regret her action, then in real life she may do something that she will later regret.

If a woman feels comfortable in a dream, the kiss does not spoil her mood, everything is fine, then she has already let go of her past relationship and is ready to move forward.

It is worth noting that if a dream brings positive emotions, then it promises favorable changes in life. If, after night dreams, a depressing feeling remains, then trials, problems, and solutions to difficult problems lie ahead.

Opinions of famous interpreters

Popular dream books will help you make a more detailed prediction. Having come across several different interpretations of the same dream option, preference should be given to the one that best suits the dreamer’s life situation.

Miller's Dream Book

Psychologist George Miller offers the following interpretation of information related to a kiss and presented by the subconscious during sleep:

Dream Interpretation of Astromeridiana

This source, when interpreting the images seen, focused attention on the personality of the person with whom the sleeping woman had a chance to kiss. The prediction will be closely related to this man in real life:

Spring interpreter

Kissing your boyfriend, according to this dream book, means a quick separation. A passionate kiss is seen as a harbinger of receiving praise or rewards for work done in real life.

Summer interpreter

For a girl who is not burdened with marriage, a kiss in a dream promises a quick marriage. Kissing a married woman means a serious quarrel with her husband.

Autumn interpreter

According to this dream book, receiving a kiss is an insult in public.

The plot in which the girl passionately kissed a stranger is a warning. She risks getting into an unpleasant situation in reality.

The nature of the kiss

What the kiss was like is important for the interpretation of the dream. If a girl dreams of a fleeting, short kiss with her boyfriend or even her husband, then she should analyze her relationship. Perhaps the couple lacks tenderness and passion. This will help to detect negative trends in time that can lead the couple to a breakup.

Dream Interpretations suggest considering other possible plots:

For girls in a relationship, such a dream promises a quarrel, betrayal, or even separation. It is possible that the chosen one is unfaithful

GentleA gentle touch of the lips indicates increased attention from men in the near future. These events will have a positive effect on the girl’s self-esteem
PassionateA passionate kiss is a warning. The sleeping person will face unpleasant events in real life; most likely, it will be a conflict with a loved one
With tongueKissing with tongue means excessive daydreaming. By plunging into fantasies too often, the dreamer ultimately runs the risk of being disappointed due to false hopes.
SweetDreams in which the sleeping woman dreams of a sweet, long-awaited kiss are a reflection of her subconscious desires
UnpleasantUnpleasant sensations from touching someone's lips often become a signal of a possible illness. You should pay more attention to your health

A sudden kiss is a favorable symbol. He promises the dreamer a pleasant surprise, a gift or good news in the family.

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