what does it mean if you dreamed that a person you like hugs you in a dream

Hugs and kisses

Dream Interpretation Kisses and Hugs dreamed of why you dream of Kisses and Hugs in a dream?
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Hugs as a symbol of intimacy in the dream content do not reflect the desire for physical intimacy or the satisfaction of sexual desires. Obviously, there is someone or something whose loss you are afraid of, because you know that it will be very painful for you. Therefore, anxiety and even fear are expressed in a dream in the form of hugs, when you cuddle up to another person as close as possible so that no one can interfere with the connection of hearts.

The feeling of belonging to something pure and good fills your being, and the reluctance to lose this piece of goodness is quite understandable. This feeling gives you a sense of co-presence, without which the existence of any person is unthinkable.

Unity in embraces gives continuity to connections that give our existence harmony and balance. The tighter the hug, the stronger the affection that the dream symbolizes.

whoever sees in a dream that he is hugging someone who is alive will communicate and hang out with him as the duration of this hug lasts.

And if he is hugged by someone who has already died, then perhaps he will die.

If he sees himself hugging a woman, then he is one who has firmly grasped the worldly life.

A hug means happiness, joy, meeting distant friends.

Hugging your relatives, friends or loved one in a dream means quarrels, disagreements, domestic problems and difficulties.

Hugging a stranger, expect unexpected guests soon.

If a woman sees herself in a dream in the arms of her husband, but in reality this is not the case, the dream predicts her sadness caused by bad news.

If a man sees the same thing, then this predicts success in business, friendship and joy.

But if you dream that you are hugging someone with a feeling of overwhelming joy, such a dream portends happiness.

If you dream that you are hugging your wife (husband), such a dream foreshadows quarrels and troubles in the family.

The same applies to a dream in which a lover hugs his chosen one.

But if hugging someone makes you feel joy, such a dream promises happiness with your loved one.

Hugging someone in a dream means happiness in family life.

Imagine hugging your family and friends with love.


Hugging and kissing in a dream

Dream Interpretation Hugging and kissing in a dream dreamed of why in a dream Hugging and kissing in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

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If in a dream you hug your relatives, it means that soon you will have the opportunity to gather them all on the occasion of a big family celebration.

Warmly hugging those who have come from afar after a long absence of friends foretells a brilliant course of affairs and excellent prospects in the future.

Hugging strangers means meeting your future partner.

Loving embraces with women - you will be suspected of committing a dishonorable act.

Hugging your husband - you will receive a gift from him, if he hugs you - he will drink away his salary.

Hugging children in a dream is a sign of family joys and peace in the house; if they wrap their arms around you and kiss you, you will be courageous in misfortune with your loved ones, not giving free rein to tears.

Desired, affectionate hugs mean success and prosperity.

If in a dream you avoid the embraces of a hateful hanger-on or tipsy Don Juans, in real life you will experience a painful feeling of loneliness and orphanhood.

Hugging a stranger is a sign of deception. Sometimes such a dream indicates that an unexpected guest will come to you soon.

Hugging a person of the opposite sex or a lover in a dream means that you will soon learn about treason and betrayal. After such a dream, be ready to part with him forever.

For spouses, such a dream predicts quarrels.

Hugging one's enemy in a dream means reconciliation. Perhaps reconciliation will not be obvious, but reconciliation in the soul.

Hugging a dead person in a dream is a sign of death for the patient, unless it is your loved one.

For healthy people, such a dream predicts obstacles in business.

Hug your husband - portends a happy event.

Hug your wife - foretells a joyful situation.

If you hug your son or daughter, it foretells a squabble.

- If you dreamed that you were hugging your chosen one and could not contain your feelings, you were promised peace and many years of happiness.

If feelings are muted, then you are not destined to be together.

- If you dreamed that you were hugging your chosen one and could not contain your feelings, you were promised peace and many years of happiness.

If feelings are muted, then you are not destined to be together.

Success in business; quarrel, betrayal;

- a guy hugs - bad, means illness (for a girl);


We saw a friend in a dream

If you dreamed about a guy you know

Seeing a stranger in a dream means surprises. An unfamiliar young man may hint at things that are happening behind your back.

If a woman is hugged and kissed by her husband, this is a favorable sign, it promises a change for the better.

But it happens that your dreams are visited by a naked colleague, or you may find yourself in bed with a good friend. This symbol will not necessarily mean a subconscious desire to break off relations with the current chosen one.

Well-known interpreters and psychoanalysts will tell you why a girl dreams of meeting a young man again.

Miller's interpretation

Miller's dream book says: if you dreamed of a beautiful, well-groomed family acquaintance, it means that a stable income will appear in the near future and worries in life will disappear.

To dream of meeting a sad guy is a sign of disappointment.

For unmarried ladies, a guy or partner who hugs her promises fame and a career boost. If the appearance of this person is ugly and unpleasant to the dreamer, then the dream book foretells deception from a close friend.

How Freud explains the appearance of an acquaintance in a dream

Why a naked guy hugs and kisses in a dream, the dream book of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud will tell you:

  • A dream where a naked acquaintance ended up in the bed of a young girl can be interpreted as unrealized sexual fantasies.
  • A long-awaited acquaintance with a guy in dreams, which has already happened in the present, must be interpreted as the individual’s constraint emotionally and physically.
  • A naked friend in a married woman’s bed means the dreamer is dissatisfied with the marital relationship.
  • The dream book interprets seeing an acquaintance flirting with a girl as a readiness to dive headfirst into the pool of love.

I dreamed of an acquaintance from the Wanderer’s dream book

Why do you dream about a handsome guy?

  • For young girls, seeing a long-awaited acquaintance with the object of love in a dream is a desire to get married faster.
  • The Wanderer's Dream Book interprets: do you have dreams that your chosen one hugs or kisses tenderly? Get the support you need from loved ones.
  • If you dreamed of a handsome husband or boyfriend, dressed in a chic outfit, then all the goals you set for yourself will be easy to achieve with a minimum of effort.
  • A romantic acquaintance is promised by a dream in which the girl noticed a smile on the face of a close man, possibly a relative, addressed to her.

Passionate hug and kiss

Dream Interpretation Passionate Hug and Kiss dreamed of why in a dream Passionate Hug and Kiss? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

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Hugs as a symbol of intimacy in the dream content do not reflect the desire for physical intimacy or the satisfaction of sexual desires. Obviously, there is someone or something whose loss you are afraid of, because you know that it will be very painful for you. Therefore, anxiety and even fear are expressed in a dream in the form of hugs, when you cuddle up to another person as close as possible so that no one can interfere with the connection of hearts.

The feeling of belonging to something pure and good fills your being, and the reluctance to lose this piece of goodness is quite understandable. This feeling gives you a sense of co-presence, without which the existence of any person is unthinkable.

Unity in embraces gives continuity to connections that give our existence harmony and balance. The tighter the hug, the stronger the affection that the dream symbolizes.

Kissing children dream of peace and happiness in the family and satisfaction in work.

If you kissed your mother in a dream, success in business, love and respect from friends await you.

Kissed a brother or sister - you will get a lot of pleasure from life.

Kissed your beloved in the dark - do not fall into debauchery.

Kissed her in the light - your nobility towards women has no limits.

Kissed an unfamiliar woman in a dream - try to avoid immoral acts.

If you gave your enemy a kiss, you will succeed in reconciliation with your friend.

For spouses, a dream in which they kiss each other means spiritual harmony.

Fertility in relation to the association of kissing with the courtship stage.

However, evolutionary studies have shown that the kiss originates from a mother's feeding kiss to a child.

Hence the regressive meaning of this symbolism is likely.

Whoever kisses you in a dream blames you.

If you dream that your lover is kissing you, then you will soon learn about betrayal. Such a dream often foreshadows separation from a lover.

Kissing someone yourself in a dream means that your love will be mutual.

Kissing a business partner in a dream means that there will be complete understanding between you.

Kissing one of your parents in a dream portends you success in business and peace in the family.

A dream in which you saw someone blowing you a kiss foretells receiving news from a close friend.

Spouses kissing each other in a dream is a sign of harmony and happiness in their family.

Kissing a freak (or decrepit old people) in a dream means receiving bad news.

Kissing children in a dream is a sign of reconciliation between lovers.

Seeing people kissing predicts that a loved one will upset you.

Kissing someone secretly or in the dark is a warning that your frivolous behavior may cause condemnation from others.

A dream in which you are not shy about kissing in public or with a stranger means that you should be more modest in order to prevent gossip about you.

If you dream that your lover (or lover) is kissing your rival (rival), then you should try to maintain your image in his (her) eyes.

Kissing someone's hand in a dream means that you will have an influential patron who will take care of your future.

If someone kisses your hands in a dream, then someone bows to you.

If you dream that someone kissed you, then you will soon be disappointed in this person.

Kissing an enemy in a dream is a sign of hatred or envy that you feel towards this person.

Kissing a stranger in a dream means that your lover will cheat on you.


What does a kiss with your loved one portend?

Miller's dream book is convinced that covering each other with kisses in a dream in pitch darkness is a bad omen; events will soon occur in reality that will drag you into debauchery, and your financial condition will worsen. A dream in which a lady had to kiss a drunken gentleman is interpreted negatively; a night dream predicts vile acts that the dreamer may commit very soon; if kisses with a drunken man were accompanied by hugs, then this adds negativity in reality.

If you dreamed that your beloved guy hugs and kisses you from the back, this means that in the life of a representative of the fair sex there is something to hide from her beloved. When the faithful kisses the shoulders, it means that an event will soon happen that will please the dreamer. A dream in which a lady had a kiss with her loved one promises respect from friends and colleagues, an increase in material level, family harmony or finding her soulmate.

When in a dream, when her lover tries to kiss his girlfriend, she pulls away, this is a sign that she is not confident in herself and her own feelings; If a woman sees her husband kissing her and carrying him in his arms, it’s a good sign, a life surprise awaits her. If a bride dreams that the groom is kissing her, this is a complex sign, some dream books interpret it as positive, timed to coincide with an imminent celebration, others are convinced that this is for the worse, the lovers will suffer a long separation, but in general, a kiss with a loved one is beautiful both in a dream and and in reality.

Hugging a man: dream book. Kissing a man in a dream

Since ancient times, people have believed that dreams are not just pictures that come to people at night. They believed that these were a kind of prophecies that showed what a person would have in the future. Naturally, these messages were encrypted, so interpretations appeared, and various dream books began to be published, offering their own interpretations of certain dreams. And although scientists try their best to rationally explain the appearance of dreams, they do not always succeed in conveying their ideas to people. Now many people already know that dreams are subconscious pictures of what has already happened to people in their lives. These are a kind of fragments of memories that penetrate a person’s consciousness while his brain processes the information received during the day at the time of sleep. But you must admit, this explanation is not specific and certainly cannot be guaranteed to be correct, so it is not surprising that many continue to believe in the interpretation of dreams. And in this article we will talk about specific actions that can occur in a dream, as well as what events they can portend. To be more precise, you will find out why you can hug a man in a dream. Dream books can interpret this or that dream in different ways. But in most cases they agree in their interpretations, at least approximately. And now you will find out what the fact that in a dream you are hugging a man portends. The dream book will give you the answer to any question about dreams!

Hugs in a dream

What can the dream book tell you about this topic? Hugging a man is an event that can often be seen in a dream, but at the same time, who exactly the man is has a big influence. Therefore, you cannot just go and say what such a dream means. Accordingly, it is worth understanding this issue in much more detail, also considering what the hugs of each individual man mean. But if you still consider hugs in a dream as a whole, then you can already draw several superficial conclusions about what the future promises you. The fact is that in most cases, hugs in a dream guarantee you that in the near future a very happy event will happen in your life that will make you incredibly happy. Therefore, you should not immediately panic and rush to look for an interpretation as soon as you realize that in a dream you saw yourself hugging a man. As the dream book says, hugging a man is good. Naturally, you should remember your dream in more detail, since every small element can play a major role. For example, if you were hugged from behind, then this means that somewhere near you there is a person who is not indifferent to you, and the reference to happiness most likely means that you will soon find out who this person is and, quite possibly, you can build a happy relationship with him.

Now it’s time to deal with the most important detail, namely the personality of the man in whose arms you found yourself in a dream. As mentioned above, this information can completely change the interpretation of sleep.

Hugs with your spouse

So, if you happened to hug a man in a dream, what could this mean? We will have to immediately disappoint all readers who believe that hugging your husband in a dream is a good sign. It turns out that everything is completely different, and if you see yourself hugging your spouse in a dream, then you should prepare for the worst. However, there is no need to panic, as the problems will not be too big. Simply put, minor personal and domestic troubles are expected in your home in the near future, so you should prepare for possible problems. At the same time, you need to try to remember how you felt during the hug. If you did not feel joy, but rather sadness or melancholy, then the problems are more likely to be more serious.

As mentioned earlier, don't panic right away. If you carefully read the dream book, you will learn that any problems in the family foreshadowed by such a dream will pass, so there is no point in worrying about the safety of your marriage. You will only need to wait out this period of turmoil, and everything will get better in your home again.

But what should you do if you happen to hug a man in a dream who is not your spouse?

Hugs with a relative

Many people, when thinking about hugs, immediately begin to think of romantic relationships, imagining lovers or spouses. But this is not always the case, and for the interpretation of a dream this is also very important information. If you are hugging not your husband, but your father, brother, uncle or some other male relative, then you should prepare for trouble. The fact is that such a dream foreshadows quarrels between you and the person you hugged. A period of clarification awaits you, and these may not be one-time quarrels out of nowhere. The reasons may be serious, so try to carefully analyze your relationships with relatives, and also try not to provoke them when you meet.

However, some dream books give a different interpretation of dreams. Hugging a man who is your relative does not always lead to quarrels. Some dream books say that this may mean that this relative you are hugging will get sick in the near future. One way or another, the interpretation is not very pleasant. And if you see such a dream, a man you know is guaranteed to find himself in an unpleasant situation, be it a quarrel with you or an illness.

Hugs with your loved one

Separately, it’s worth talking about what it means if you are hugged tightly in a dream by the man you like, or even the one with whom you are in a relationship. As in the case of a spouse, such a dream in most cases foreshadows not the most pleasant consequences. This means that you will face serious problems in the development of your relationship. However, unlike sleeping with your spouse, in this case the problems can be very serious. In most cases, the dream book reports that the stronger your relationship was before, the more serious the problem will be. It is also possible that such a dream foreshadows separation forever. However, again, you should pay attention to how you feel at the moment of hugging. The fact is that if you feel happiness and peace, and not anxiety or the absence of any feelings, then there is a possibility that a very good and joyful period may begin in your life together. As you can see, dream interpretation is not an easy task, and the smallest details play a huge role here.

Hugs with a stranger

It’s one thing to hug a man you like in a dream, but it’s quite another to find yourself in the arms of a man you don’t know. Naturally, dreams don't work like that at all, and you simply can't see someone you don't know. The fact is that in dreams you see only what you saw in the real world, therefore, most likely, a person whom you saw somewhere, whose face turned out to be somewhere in your memory, is classified as a “stranger man”, but You don’t consciously remember it, much less know it.

So, if in a dream you happen to gently hug a man who is unfamiliar to you, then you should know that an unexpected visit awaits you. Guests will appear on your doorstep either completely unexpectedly or with warning right before their arrival. In such situations, few people are ready to accept someone, so you should remain vigilant for some time after such a dream. It is also worth understanding that such a dream can promise guests both good and bad news, so be prepared for absolutely all possibilities.

Familiar person or stranger

Psychologists believe that hugging a desired man in a dream is, in most cases, a continuation of daytime dreams about the object of love. Dreams that have nothing to do with current affairs require decoding:

  • Hugging a man you haven’t met for a long time means a pleasant and unexpected meeting. It is necessary to look for the meaning of such a vision only if the dreamer has not thought about this person for a long time.
  • Hugging your husband promises misunderstanding and major conflict in the family. It is possible that your spouse is cheating.
  • If you dreamed of hugging a stranger in the presence of your husband, it means a quarrel based on jealousy. It is recommended to smooth out the conflict and not bring it to a final break.
  • A dream in which you saw yourself with your ex-husband speaks of attachment to the past. You should start a new life, letting go of the old one forever.
  • If you dreamed of a warm relationship with an attractive stranger - in reality you will meet an interesting man. If the stranger had a repulsive appearance, then the sleeper will meet with a rogue. Sometimes such a dream can promise a threat of attack.

Hugs with the deceased

Well, finally, the time has come to consider a situation where in a dream a girl hugs a man who has already left this world, that is, a deceased person. In most cases, people dream of hugging their deceased relatives, and if something similar happened to you, then you should understand that such a dream foreshadows a long-awaited rest that you have not received for a long time. Perhaps you haven't taken time off from work for a long time, or your home has always been noisy and cluttered. If you saw an embrace with a deceased relative in a dream, then order should come to your life.

However, you should pay attention to which of the relatives who left this world was in your arms in a dream. The fact is that if it was your grandfather, then this may mean the approach of unpleasant troubles and problems, while hugging your deceased father means that you will finally be able to deal with matters that have long been “hanging” on your conscience.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the deceased may not only be a relative. For example, some people see themselves hugging deceased celebrities in their dreams. This dream could mean that you will eventually get the fame and fame that you have wanted for so long.

If you happened to hug a man by the neck in a dream, and you know that in real life he has already died, but at the same time he gave you various advice, then you should listen to these advice. The fact is that his advice can be very useful in real life, and if you follow it, you can achieve success and avoid trouble.

Kissing a Stranger

So, now you know what hugging a man in a dream can mean, but not always everything is limited to just hugs. Often in a dream you can see a kiss, and in this case, just as in the case of hugs, who exactly you kiss is of great importance.

First of all, naturally, it is necessary to consider the situation in which an unfamiliar man kisses you in a dream. This happens quite often, and in such a situation, a woman wants to find out as soon as possible what this could mean, especially if she is already in a relationship with another man. It is worth noting that there are reasons for concern, since such a kiss means that in the near future life will confront you with a person whose past will raise certain questions. As a result of such an acquaintance, your reputation may also suffer, so you need to carefully monitor your social circle.

If you do not yet have a man with whom you are in a romantic relationship, then such a dream promises you a meeting with someone who wants to take a vacant place in your heart. But don’t rush to rejoice, because if a stranger kisses you in a dream, this may mean that you will meet your chosen one, but he will most likely turn out to be some kind of gigolo or narcissist, so you will definitely have a full-fledged relationship from such a meeting will not work.

Interpretation of different dream books

The opinions of dream books about kissing and hugging a man in night vision are ambiguous:

  • Esoteric - harmonious and strong union, satisfaction.
  • Female - if a girl kisses her boyfriend in the dark, it means that she is lustful and dissolute, craving intimate caresses.
  • Small Velesov's dream book - thinking about adultery, having fun with another man.
  • Gypsy - kissing a stranger - finding a valuable thing.
  • Tsvetkov’s interpretation is alienation, misunderstanding, possible severance of relations with a lover.
  • Ukrainian - a series of unpleasant incidents, scandals, intrigues, gossip around the dreamer.
  • Smirnov's dream book - passionately and sensually kissing a loved one on the lips in a dream - getting sick in reality, loss of strength, infectious disease. A prolonged kiss indicates a huge scandal or separation from a loved one. If a woman feels cold after a kiss, it means a serious illness, a fatal disease. Acute pain - getting rid of a troublesome task, releasing negative emotions.
  • French - if a man kisses a woman’s feet, it means that the dreamer treats him with disdain and often insults and humiliates her lover. Kissing on the lips means being happy and successful. Feeling the hugs and kisses of a stranger means a happy event, good news.
  • Medea's dream book - to forgive a loved one, not to hold a grudge against the offender, to seek reconciliation. A hug with an acquaintance or relative indicates strong friendly ties; with a stranger - an unexpected event of a positive nature. Seeing a kiss with a dead person in a dream means death. Affection with a famous singer or actor promises general recognition, popularity, and respect from others.
  • Miller's dream book - if a man hugs and kisses in a friendly way in a dream - a complete idyll in the family, a strong and long union. Kissing a loved one in daylight means being confident in him, completely trusting your partner; at night in the dark - jealousy, suspicion, unacceptable behavior of the dreamer. Hugging a stranger tightly means moving away from your lover, conflicts and constant quarrels in the family. A hot kiss with your worst enemy portends reconciliation with your best friend; the spiritual connection will become even stronger.
  • Interpretation of Smirnov - to cheat, betray a loved one, commit a vile act.
  • Modern - hypocrisy, disappointment in people from one’s inner circle, their deceit and betrayal. Kissing a stranger on the lips is a serious problem in the family and at work.
  • Muslim - a cherished dream will very soon become a reality if the dreamer experienced great pleasure from the kiss.
  • Freud's dream book - wanting sexual contact with a representative of the stronger sex from a night vision - for a married woman. For a young lady, such a night dream promises an annoying admirer who will want to woo the girl by any means necessary.
  • Loff's dream book - if an elderly man kisses the hand of a young woman in a dream, it foretells a very profitable and useful acquaintance with an influential person in the near future.

If a woman finds it unpleasant to kiss her husband in a dream, such a dream foreshadows an imminent separation from her husband.

Kissing a man you know

Now you know what it means if a stranger kisses you in a dream. But what if this man is familiar to you? In this case, such a kiss will mean parting and separation, and the more intense and passionate the kiss is, the sooner the separation will occur and the greater the likelihood that your paths will not cross again. Accordingly, such a dream will not bring you anything good.

In addition, some dream books indicate that kissing a man you know in a dream may mean that this man is in danger in the near future. If you have the opportunity, you should try to protect him from the danger that threatens him. But this opportunity is not always available, so you should just keep in mind that there is a certain threat.

Why do you dream about a man you know - 68 interpretations

The main thing about sleep

A man you know in a dream, by his appearance, mood and behavior, characterizes the personality of this person, the current situation or upcoming events.

Features of interpretation

A dream about a man you know conveys to the dreamer information about the current situation of this person, his plans, thoughts, personality. In addition, a male acquaintance can characterize the dreamer himself or hint at what qualities should be used to achieve a goal. A man I know better than others describes the current situation and gives a forecast for the future.

It is important to remember that women’s dreams about a man they know, with whom some kind of romantic expectations are associated, most often act as a projection of their own desires or a shapeshifter (has the opposite meaning). However, in some cases it really conveys the real thoughts and intentions of a man.

Best and worst meaning
Best interpretation: implementation of plans, marriage.

Worst interpretation: disappointment, loss, death.

Why do you dream about a man you know based on events?

By personality

  • Relative (father, brother, uncle) – disagreements, disputes, expenses, quick meeting, moral support;
  • Friend - interesting events, new impressions, a break in friendship, the friendly part of the dreamer;
  • Former – dissatisfaction, secret desires, troubles, profit, repetition of the past;
  • A man you know who you like – difficulties, projection, changes;
  • Who likes you - he thinks, wants to meet;
  • A male acquaintance from work/colleague – the state of affairs at work, support or competition;
  • Boss/manager – job loss, reprimand, promotion, profit, fulfillment of what you want;
  • A familiar man from the past - a return to old affairs, relationships, repetition of the situation;
  • Which you haven’t seen for a long time / which you don’t think about - memories, repetition of the past;
  • Barely familiar - uncertainty, worries;
  • Classmate - a naive act, regrets about a missed chance;
  • First love - you have to start over again what was almost done.

By general appearance

  • A familiar man without teeth means powerlessness, hopelessness, collapse of plans;
  • Without a face - uncertainty, mystery, futile efforts;
  • With a different hair color - surprise, unpredictable situation, non-standard act, behavior (interpretation by color);
  • Without shoes - failure due to past mistakes, collapse of plans, hopes, crisis;
  • With a beard - mystery, illness, wisdom, long work;
  • With a mustache - authority, ridicule, unusual changes;
  • A familiar man in a suit - responsibility, business conversation, spending money;
  • In form - restrictions, obstacles, dramatic changes,
  • A man he knows with his wife - lack of freedom, his success, position (interpreted by the woman’s appearance);
  • With another woman - a new job, good luck, unexpected news.

According to condition

  • A man you know dreams of as a child - a naive act, an opportunity to fulfill an old dream;
  • Young/younger than one’s age – good luck, new beginnings, good position, prosperity;
  • Old/older than one’s years – disappointment, crisis situation, wisdom, respect;
  • A deceased/dead man you know in reality - help, hope, fulfillment of desires, melancholy, a hopeless cause;
  • Dead in a dream, but alive in real life - change of character, position, marriage, betrayal, breakup;
  • Drunk - lack of will, weakness, trouble, illness, shame, inadequate situation;
  • Evil - a rash act, abuse of position, trust, regret, remorse.


  • A familiar man in your house - conflict, scandal, new plans, changes, side income;
  • At a party/in someone else’s house - disagreements, other people’s conflicts, intrusion into someone else’s life;
  • By car - a companion for a certain stage, conscious control, willpower, advancement of plans;
  • On the bed - illness, decline, crisis, passivity, delay, surprise;
  • At work – the current situation, conflicts, competition, mutual understanding.

By action

  • A man I know is shaving - daily hassle, losses, losses;
  • Picks up/carries in arms - implementation of plans with the help of others, abuse of trust, support, debt;
  • Runs after you - unresolved problems, the matter reminds you of itself, missed opportunities, your own fears;
  • Gives flowers/gifts - a person wants to establish contact, an offer, good luck, support;
  • Gives money - support, profit, luck, deception, betrayal;
  • Declares his love - a man’s real thoughts, projection of what he wants, separation, pretense;
  • Proposes/offers marriage - good changes, prospects, unification, projection;
  • A significant man calls - spiritual connection, transfer of information, surprise, news;
  • Asks for forgiveness - guilt, resentment, unnecessary troubles, bad changes;
  • Crying - a crisis situation, illness, uncertainty, need for help;
  • Hugs - mutual understanding, unification, success, prosperity;
  • Kisses - surprise, quarrel, complete break in relationship, approval;
  • Sticks - the matter reminds of itself, a change in relationships, inadequacy;
  • Wants to have sex - sexual demands, complete mutual understanding, exchange of energy;
  • Climbs through the window - obsessive thoughts, outside intrusion, unusual incident;
  • Came to visit - sudden changes, news, surprise, new job;
  • A man you know wants to kill - difficulties, obstacles, fears, strong resentment;
  • Leaving - abandonment of the past, oblivion, severance of relationships even at the information level, death;
  • Dies - prosperity, changes in character, position, his marriage.

Why does a woman dream of a familiar man?
For a woman, a familiar but not close man generally acts as a symbol of new worries, memories or unexpected events that will disrupt the usual course of affairs.

Why does a man dream about a man he knows?

For a man, a familiar man is a signal that in order to resolve the current situation it is necessary to use behavioral tactics or the most striking quality of this person.

A familiar man in a dream according to dream books

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

A familiar man who has not been seen for a long time in a dream means that you will have to return to a long-forgotten matter.

Danilova's erotic dream book

If you dreamed of a man you know, it means that for some time you will be literally led by the hand by certain forces.

Solomon's Dream Book

Seeing a man you know in your house means conflict, angry means profit, cheerful means trouble.

General dream book

A man you know in a bad mood promises events or information that will ruin your life.

Sleep by day of the week

  • About family, love - Sunday, Wednesday;
  • About money, work - Monday, Tuesday;
  • About the current situation – Thursday, Saturday;
  • About the future - Friday.

Lunar dream book
Will come true soon - 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

You can forget - 5, 10, 14, 19

Characterizes the situation – 2, 8, 9, 13, 16, 20, 21, 22, 29, 30

Dream Expert


I have been interpreting my own and other people’s dreams for more than 15 years. I know dozens of meanings of the same images, and I can find the most appropriate one in a particular situation.

Tell your dream

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When do prophetic dreams occur?

A prophetic dream can occur at any time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Most often, prophetic dreams occur on the eve of major holidays - New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc., as well as for several days before and after a birthday.

When will my dream come true?

The timing of dreams is very individual, as it depends on the information contained in it. Therefore, a dream can come true the very next day or many years later.

Why do you have nightmares?

Nightmares are the result of subconscious fears and unprocessed emotions received during real events. The deeper the fear or emotion lies in the subconscious, the more often and worse the nightmares appear.

What to do to prevent the dream from coming true?

There are special rituals and words for these purposes. However, it is important to understand that they simply help to forget the dream, but do not cancel its implementation. If you really need to change bad sleep, you need to analyze the situation and take real measures to eliminate it.

What to do to make the dream come true?

In order for the dream to come true, the most important thing is not to tell it to anyone. The fact is that a good prediction can cause too strong unconscious emotions in others, for example, envy, which can sometimes disrupt the chain of events.

What does a recurring dream mean?

Recurring dreams are the subconscious’s way of drawing the dreamer’s attention to particularly important information that can seriously affect the life of a person or his environment.

What are dream dreams and inversion?

Inversion in dreams is a mechanism that reverses meaning. Changeling dreams can be recognized by excessively vivid emotions. That is, if you laugh hard in a dream, you will cry in reality.

What is dream projection?

If the dreamer has planned something, dreams about something, or really wants something in reality, the subconscious can show a plot that exactly matches what he wants. This is a dream projection.

Kissing a stranger

You can also kiss a man in a dream who is in a relationship with another woman. This is far from the most pleasant feeling, but you should pay attention to the little things, as this can play an important role in the interpretation of your future fate with the help of a dream book. First of all, the difference lies in whether you are a married woman or a single woman, since this aspect radically changes the interpretation of sleep.

If you are a free woman, but at the same time kiss a strange man in a dream, this means that in the near future you will have an intimate relationship that will be incredibly passionate and ardent. But you shouldn’t think that this will lead to something more, since your feelings with this person will flare up very quickly and brightly, but will fade just as quickly. Fortunately, your separation will not be painful, because both you and your man will understand that nothing will work out of this relationship. So just try to enjoy the short-term passion and get as much pleasure out of it as possible.

But everything is completely different if you happen to kiss in a dream with a man who is married, provided that you are also married. This means that in the near future you should expect the emergence of a passionate temptation, which you can very easily succumb to. We can talk about anything here, but in most cases, naturally, we are talking about another man, that is, about cheating on our spouse. Naturally, you should not think about betrayal under any circumstances, since this is far from the most worthy act, but if you had such a dream, then you should also remember that your affair will only bring you pain. Nothing good will come of it, and something bad will happen as a result. Your husband may find out about your infidelity, you may accidentally get pregnant, and so on. In general, this will end badly, so it is better to try to avoid any men who try to flirt with you if you happened to hug a naked man in a dream who is someone's husband, despite the fact that you yourself are actually married.

Dream scenario

Seeing a familiar man in a dream is not always a favorable sign. So, if there are omissions in the relationship between lovers, then visions of your significant other being in a rage may indicate the partner’s unwillingness to compromise or even betrayal.

The meaning of dreams depends on the image in which the young man appeared.

What an image of a guy I know

If you saw your ex-boyfriend, then something will see you in reality. When a breakup resulted in emotional stress, such visions indicate still existing feelings for the person.

Seeing someone else's married man in a dream - you will get into an unpleasant situation, or you will be consumed by a feeling of guilt.

A young naked guy I know means changes on the personal front.

Positive interpretations of the image

I dreamed of an overweight acquaintance

  • A close friend hugs you - support from your family is guaranteed.
  • If your companion suddenly gets fat, then expect unexpected profits.
  • Why is the guy wearing a headdress? It’s just that soon you will get a unique chance, a gift of fate or a worthy offer.
  • The look of a friend hidden behind glasses hints that you will soon see the truth.

Negative meaning of a visually familiar image

  • A drunken husband or partner foreshadows a loss of coordination in life or a possible serious illness.
  • In your dreams, is your man naked and thin? Expect monetary losses.
  • A beaten young man or friend may dream of losing something significant.
  • The angry expression on your spouse's face is explained by the fact that you will have to experience a huge amount of negative emotions.

Actions of a guy I know in a dream

If in a dream you met relatives on the initiative of a guy, it means that the girl can trust her chosen one.

Seeing a man you know kissing means the appearance of a fan.

Why a colleague pesters you in your dreams, the dream book of Bitches will tell you. In reality, you need to fight for your “place in the sun.” Conflicts and quarrels in the work team, disagreements with the boss are possible.

Is your husband or boyfriend leaving you? This is a sign that the relationship has cooled.

When the object of passion cares and gently hugs you by the shoulders, expect pleasant surprises and expensive gifts.

Your actions

Seeing a naked guy in a bed in a dream

Do you often see in dreams an unsuccessful acquaintance with the relatives of your chosen one? This means that serious problems are brewing in the relationship with the guy. Perhaps someone in the couple is hiding infidelity, being dishonest and outright lying. Before the wedding, such a dream is explained as fear of a responsible step.

If you dreamed that you walked into a room and found a friend or close acquaintance completely naked in bed, then the dreamer wants to be thought about.

Reciprocating a lover's kiss is a desire to express a tender, reverent attitude towards a person.

Sleeping with a fellow guy in your dreams portends a loss of trust in you.

Kiss with the dead

Well, the last point that you should pay special attention to is a kiss with that person who has already left this world. As a matter of fact, women do not often have the opportunity to kiss a man who has already died in a dream, but if this happens, then such a dream is remembered for a long time. But what can the dream book tell you about this? How does he interpret such a dream? You can immediately be sure that such a dream will not bring anything good, since all interpretations, regardless of who exactly you see in the dream, are negative. Firstly, hugging a dead man in a dream may mean that in the near future you will be very disappointed in your love. This can happen in a variety of ways, so you always need to stay alert to early signs of disappointment and try to do something about it.

However, the situation is complicated by the fact that there are several interpretations, and kissing the deceased may also mean that you will be separated from your loved one. This does not mean that your relationship will end - it only means that you will be separated, and you will experience a constant feeling of melancholy, which also cannot be called a very pleasant feeling.

One way or another, you should remember that any predictions in the dream book are just guesses of ordinary people, and there is no guarantee that they will come true. But if you believe in the mystical power of sleep and dreams, then this article will help you interpret some dreams associated with hugs and kisses.


Why do you dream of a kiss with your loved one?

Kissing is a very pleasant activity, full of feelings and passion, they prove that there is a warm, harmonious and romantic relationship between a man and a woman.
A kiss with a loved one in a dream can mean a new warm period in a relationship; passionate love will patronize the sleeping person and the one in his dream. Warm - harmony in family relationships, cold - divorce in the family or breakup with a partner, separation, passionate - a direct reflection of feelings for a given person. It is a good sign for a girl to kiss her beloved man in a dream; this means that soon her gentleman will propose to her, and if she is already married, then unusual surprises and gifts from her husband await her. The dream will surely come true if it was seen on the night of an even number, as well as on a church holiday, and will bring fun and tenderness into the coming period.

In a dream, a kiss with a loved one sometimes predicts separation if the emotional coloring of the dream is cold, but the separation will not be long, most likely it is associated with a business trip or the departure of the other half. It’s easy to guess what a long kiss on the lips means - a couple in love will have to spend a long time together, a journey, an adventure, a marriage awaits.

When a loved one kisses you in a dream, this is a symbol of eternal love, in reality gossip and rumors from envious people are possible, and this is fraught with quarrels and discord in relationships. In a dream, a loved one kisses on the cheek - a good sign, it means that the sleeper has friendly feelings for someone; if such a night dream appeared in the fall, it means that in reality there may be disagreements with friends.

In a dream, kissing a loved one can mean mutual feelings, but if this happens in a dark room by candlelight, then in reality the sleeper will solve some kind of riddle of fate. In order to understand why you dream of a kiss with a loved one on a flowering field, you need to remember your feelings; if the dreamer was disappointed with something or the couple had a quarrel, it means that in reality disappointment or even separation will follow.

In a dream, kissing a loved one is a good omen; if you dream that the dreamer is being kissed on the neck, this may mean her hidden desire to get closer to her passion; in reality, she will look for meetings with the object of passion and try to understand him; when the sleeping woman wants to improve relationships, then she must act decisively.

Some dream books give a negative interpretation of a nightly revelation in which the dreamer had a chance to kiss a guy with a beautiful woman; in reality he will become a victim of deception by the opposite sex. If a man born in the summer kisses his wife in a dream, he learns about his wife’s infidelity; an unmarried girl saw something similar in a dream - it’s time to prepare a dowry, dream books are convinced.

In general, kissing a loved one is a night dream of a girl in love; it carries romanticism, tenderness, harmony in relationships, any negativity in such dreams fades into the background.

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