“Why do you dream about a friend in a dream? If you see a Friend in a dream, what does it mean?

Why do you dream about a friend according to Miller’s dream book?

If you dreamed of a happy and healthy friend, you can count on receiving good news soon. In addition, such a dream promises a meeting with a person dear to your heart.

Seeing that a friend is very upset or has a sick complexion is a bad dream, foreshadowing illness and suffering.

A dream where your friend appears in the form of some kind of animal means that enemies or ill-wishers will soon separate you from your loved ones.

Seeing a friend dressed in red or bright clothes, you need to be prepared for imminent troubles and worries.

Seeing a friend standing on a pedestal in a dream means that soon you will have a lot of things to do, which will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of everything you have planned.

Leaving a friend in a dream means that in real life you will have to break off a long relationship with someone and go in search of new acquaintances and impressions.

Tsvetkov's opinion

In Tsvetkov’s interpreter you can also find many detailed answers to the question: “Why do I dream of a friend who hugs me?” For a more detailed analysis of what you see, always try to compare the information written in esoteric reference books with what is currently happening to you in the real world, because it is simply impossible to create a universal interpretation that would suit all dreamers. We are all very different, we have our own characteristics of character and psyche, respectively, and the emotions evoked when hugging a friend in the kingdom of dreams can be very ambiguous.

If a friend hugs a sleeping person in the dream world, the dream book says that this person is secretly in love with you in reality and with all her heart wants to establish a love relationship with you. It’s worth thinking seriously about this, because the girl truly values ​​and respects you and will be a good match for you if you suddenly decide to marry her.

A small quarrel with his wife awaits a married man who was hugging his close friend in the kingdom of dreams. The reason for the misunderstanding between the spouses will be banal jealousy on the part of the other half, but this quarrel can develop into a huge scandal if proper attention is not given to it in time. Try to reassure your soulmate with words that she is the only and best for you.

We hope you now better understand what it means when a friend hugs a sleeping person tightly in a dream. Interpreters can give a variety of information on this matter, which is very often hidden in detail, so it is strongly recommended to write down all information from the realm of dreams in a notebook or notebook immediately after waking up. After this, all that remains is to compare the written information with what modern dream books say. Also remember to consider real world facts. If you learn to correctly interpret night visions, you will be able to lift the veil of secrecy between this world and the kingdom of dreams.

Why do you dream about a friend - Vanga’s dream book

Seeing your old friend in a dream means a quick meeting, very unexpected and pleasant. If you dream that you are making a new friend, then you can expect a quick addition to the family - the birth of a child.

If you dream of a friend in a dejected or upset state, then most likely you will soon have to resolve old problems. To see in a dream several friends whom you have not seen for a long time - there is a high probability of separation from a person dear to your heart.

If you dream of a deceased friend, then you need to be prepared for serious trials, the reason for this is you yourself - the inability to forgive, to find compromises. If a friend who has passed away in a dream is dissatisfied with something, then a serious quarrel is soon possible.

If you dream that you are kissing your friend, then soon you will have to break up with him, we are not talking about a quarrel, most likely your friend will have to change his place of residence or go on a business trip.

Seeing a former friend in a dream - the dream suggests that this friend needs your help; if possible, you should contact this person.

Shaman's dream book

Have you ever welcomed friends into your home in the realm of dreams, greeting them with friendly hugs? A nightly plot like this promises a promotion up the career ladder or a successful business deal that will allow you to live the rest of your life without any special worries or difficulties. Also, an alternative interpretation speaks of a possible meeting with a chosen one for men, but turning a young lady’s head will not be so easy, which is why you will succumb even more to the excitement of winning the heart of a beauty.

Hugging a friend on the eve of an engagement means collapse in family life. After the wedding, only pain and disappointment await you, so you should take a closer look at your fiancé now. Most likely, it will be extremely difficult to cancel the engagement, but the interpreter is rarely wrong in this regard, especially when it comes to your first marriage.

But hugging a friend in order to say goodbye to him in the kingdom of night dreams is a pretty good sign, which foreshadows the acquisition of very valuable spiritual benefits. If, after such a story, someone invites you to visit a temple or a place related to art, then by all means agree to such an event. You will not only have a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions, but also new knowledge that will help you improve your life in the future.

Why do you dream about a friend according to the Women's Dream Book?

A dream where you dream of a healthy and happy friend says that good news will come soon, meetings with people you love are possible.

If you dream of a sick friend, the dream warns of imminent illness. Having seen a friend in a dream, you need to be prepared for gossip in your direction, family squabbles and discord.

If you dream that you and a friend are celebrating some holiday or event, then this dream foretells troubles for you. Most likely, you will need to take on this friend's problems. If you see an ex-girlfriend in a dream, then various types of losses are possible, from material expenses to a break with a loved one.

childhood friends

Children's friendship in a dream is considered the purest and most sincere, bringing back pleasant memories.
If you dreamed about friends from this time period, then you can find out news about them or meet them. Occasionally, a vision is seen of a quick meeting with a person who was friends with you - a little one. But if something in the vision frightened you and spoiled a pleasant impression, this is a sign that you will be satisfied and happy, since your attitude towards the events of long ago will change.

A deceased person with whom you were friends in childhood or early youth predicts memories or the return of a situation that was previously considered forgotten. Seeing him in a dream means finding out news about his relatives.

If you dreamed of reconciliation with a friend with whom you quarreled as a child, you can learn lessons from the past. A repetition of an old situation may indicate that something similar will happen again in your life.

Seeing an old acquaintance who is alive in a dream means rethinking past experiences. It is possible that you will learn something new and interesting about him.

If you dream that you are again playing in the snow, riding the slides in the park, or eating semolina porridge in kindergarten, expect an improvement in your relationship with your own children or grandchildren. From time to time, such a dream predicts for people communication with a person with whom you will reminisce about old memories.

If you dreamed that a good childhood friend betrayed you, it means that you will be disappointed in him. For some people, such a dream comes as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to organize an evening of memories.

If you dreamed that your deceased friend was alive, expect news about his family. Sometimes this is a sign that his wife will tell you a lot of interesting things and things that you didn’t know.

If childhood ended recently, and you dream about a friend or girlfriend from that time, you missed something. Especially if such a vision was repeated several times.

When you dreamed that an old acquaintance was looking intently at you, at the moment he is offended and dissatisfied or a situation from the distant past has not ended.

Typically, teenagers deny their childhood experiences and want to get rid of all memories associated with this period of time.

They want novelty, but situations may arise in which making a choice between childhood and adulthood is not easy, as is changing individual habits.

Therefore, if you dreamed of a childhood friend with whom you cannot communicate as an adult, think about what is holding you back. Seeing that a childhood friend has died means a painful parting with this period of life.

Adults dream of childhood, school, entertainment and games in the yard to rethink childhood experiences. Seeing an old friend, even if he is deceased, brings joyful memories and experiences.

When you are currently in a quarrel, hugging a friend in a dream means reconciliation under any circumstances. Most likely, you will forgive him, and he will remind you of himself again.

But if, when trying to reconcile, he turned away, closed the door and stopped communicating with you, this is an unfavorable sign.

In reality, you will not be able to make peace with him, even if a lot of time has passed since the quarrel. For some, this dream predicts discord with oneself and unpleasant memories, internal conflicts between “I want” and “I need.”

Why do you dream about a friend according to the Great Encyclopedic Dream Book

A dream in which you are traveling with friends means you will be very lucky in creating a happy family. If you dream of a friend (or friends) who looks like a dwarf, then your health will not leave you for a long time, both mental and physical. A dream in which you visit a friend (at his home, or even in the hospital) is considered favorable.

If a girl sees in a dream a friend with whom she will sit in some secluded and scary place, she needs to be prepared that she will soon fall in love with a bad person and at the same time lose all her friends.

A dream in which you are friends with a person you hate in real life warns that there is a high probability of being subjected to public insults and ridicule.

The meaning of dreams for women

Why does a representative of the fair sex dream of hugging a guy friend? Such a vision indicates your tendency to cheat. If you do not want to lose the trust of your significant other, then try with all your might to understand that your boyfriend should remain your one and only lover for life. If you do cheat on him, sooner or later it will become known to everyone, and you will fall in the eyes of not only the young man, but also your relatives and friends.

But hugging a friend is a pretty good sign for a girl, which indicates that she will soon meet her future lover. Try to make a lasting impression on a young man when you meet him, but do not reveal your soul to him after the first date. If you constantly maintain a touch of mystery and mystery in yourself, then he will truly fall in love with you and you will be happy.

Hugging another man in a dream is almost always a bad sign, which foreshadows a quarrel with a loved one in the real world. The blame for the conflict will lie almost entirely with the dreamer, so you should not argue with your loved one if you do not want to inflate the scandal even more. It would be best to apologize for your actions and endure everything that your chosen one says.

A welcome and affectionate hug from a friend in the realm of dreams can speak of your hidden homosexual inclinations. You may have repeatedly imagined kissing another girl or even making love to her, which was interpreted in your dreams. There is nothing wrong with this, but you must be mentally prepared to face misunderstanding from the public if you decide to start a relationship with a girl in reality.

Why do you dream about a friend - English dream book

A dream in which a friend cries does not bode well; problems or illnesses will not be avoided. Seeing a dead friend in a dream is a good outcome of events; everything will end in a fun wedding.

Seeing a friend sick or infirm is a sign that it is necessary to change; a hot-tempered and quarrelsome character will not lead to good things.

If a friend appears in the guise of someone else, you should be careful; your enemy or rival will do everything to separate you from your loved one.

Seeing that a friend wants to hide from you or is covering his face is a sign that this person is only posing as a friend, but is actually plotting intrigues for you.

Be more careful

If you dreamed about a friend sleeping serenely, it is an indication that you are not using your capabilities to the fullest and sometimes do not want to notice the obvious.

If a friend suddenly woke up in a dream and did not immediately realize where he was, then, as Loff’s dream book suggests, long-lost hope and meaning will return.

Did you dream that you woke him up very rudely and unceremoniously? After a number of unsuccessful attempts, you will be able to get a decent job. If you did not recognize a sleepy person at night, then in reality you will receive money.

Why do you dream about a dead friend, a deceased person, or the death of a friend?

A dream in which you see the death of a friend is considered unfavorable. But on the other hand, in dreams, death means renewal and a symbol of new life. Having seen such a dream, you should be prepared for the fact that significant changes will occur in life, which you need to calmly accept.

If in a dream your friend commits suicide, then in life you will have to worry a lot about some event.

Hugging a dead friend in a dream means getting rid of fears in reality. If a dead person is calling you somewhere, you cannot follow him, otherwise a serious illness or depression will seriously cripple you. When you hear the voice of a deceased friend in a dream, you need to understand that he is giving some kind of warning.

Friends of youth

If children's friendship is more sincere, simpler due to openness, then in adolescence it can be subjected to various tests, including rivalry in love.

Seeing a friend of this time is news. You can find out about this person, see him and communicate, even if you haven’t met for a long time.

Some people dream of this dream so that you will remember him or he will remind you of himself. If you communicate with him again, like in the good old days, the vision predicts joy, pleasant memories and meetings.

Even if you are in a quarrel, talking to him and hugging him is a sign of change and good news. Despite any obstacles, you will be together again.

However, in some situations, a friend of your youth predicts for the dreamer a change in attitude towards the period of life in which you communicated. Especially in conflict situations or if a girl comes between you.

When you are young and are now communicating with him, pay attention to the following stories. A friend of the same sex can indicate those life qualities that the dreamer himself lacks, if he is a successful and handsome person.

Often this dream is a sign of joy and good news, support for this guy. A friend of the opposite sex indicates changes in relationships with people, rethinking of individual actions.

If a girl dreams that she is married and a friend asks her to date her, she may subconsciously feel attracted to him as a man.

If you dreamed that a guy you know crashed in a car and there was blood all around, then your relationship will end. However, in some situations he may get into trouble and you will have to help him out.

If nothing bad happens within a week, there is no need to worry. But it may turn out that you will be disappointed in him.

The same thing means a dream in which he was hit by a car or any other type of public or personal transport. The danger of this incident in life persists for a week or several days after the dream.

To see in a dream that a deceased acquaintance of his youth has risen and walks the streets as if nothing had happened - to old memories. Sometimes a vision means that a person similar to him will soon appear in your life.

If you dreamed that a living and healthy friend had a child and got married, it’s news. It is possible that he will start some business or surprise others.

If a friend gave birth to a baby without a husband, she will come up with something new. For some, the vision comes to the point that you yourself will take a risky step.

It is bad if a friend of the opposite sex gets married. This is a sign that you will lose him. If a friend from your youth hugs you, then you will make peace, no matter how the circumstances turn out.

It’s worse if he starts to betray, turns away, doesn’t answer questions or closes the door. This is a sign that you are losing him. Often this dream means that he may be killed or will die, but the percentage of similar dreams is small.

Often a girl dreams that a guy with whom she is just friends begins to kiss her like a man and claims an intimate relationship or love. The dream is often fulfilled literally. But sometimes the vision is seen to indicate this person’s business activity and approval, joy and pleasant relationships.

Dream Interpretation - old friend, childhood friend

In all dream books, an old friend who appears in a dream bears a good sign. Such a dream foreshadows pleasant surprises and meetings in the near future. But you should pay attention to the state in which your friend appears to you in a dream; if he is healthy and in a good mood, then the dream is favorable.

If your friend appears sick and sad, this indicates possible family quarrels. It is also worth finding time and meeting or calling this person, most likely he needs your support or help.

This is a catastrophe!

Did you dream about a sleeping friend? If you are not careful, you risk missing a good period. This same character personifies the dreamer himself, or rather, how others perceive him.

Have you seen many friends who have fallen asleep in a dream? The plot literally means mortal danger for an entire group of people. This can be either a traffic accident or a natural or man-made disaster.

It’s bad to see yourself among these heroes. In reality, you may be one of the victims. But if you stay awake while others are sleeping, then in real life you will be able to avoid a sad fate.

Dream Interpretation - Relations with authorities and those in power

The key point in dream interpretation is the relationship between the sleeper and other participants in the dream. Usually the relative power of the sleeper over others is important for understanding other events occurring in the dream.

Dreams about police, military, supernatural powers, weapons, MONEY, special knowledge are classified as dreams about power. The question is who is endowed with this power - the sleeper or other characters in the dream?

If the sleeping person, that is, you, is endowed with power, it means that feelings of competence, desire for success, competition (especially on the love front) prevail in your life at the moment, or you are filled with hopes of achieving this. People who fall under the influence of your power can symbolize an area of ​​life that is currently out of control.

It is most difficult to interpret relationships when you lead those around you without resorting to coercion. Power does not lie in simply forcing others to do what you want, but in the ability to get others to cooperate with you through subtle means of influence. You may be leading WOUNDED people, DEAD people who act as the living, or others who are afflicted with LOSS OF FEELING ABILITIES.

If you are under the control of others, please refer to the explanations provided in the article VULNERABILITY for further clarity.

Love relationship with friend

Dream Interpretation Love relationship with a friend dreamed of why in a dream Love relationship with a friend? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a love relationship with a friend in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

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