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Regardless of who wrote the message in a dream, good news promises a pleasant holiday and good luck, while bad news promises resentment and failure.

Further interpretation of the dream, according to the dream book, depends on the content of the message.

  • About pregnancy - to a miracle.
  • About the child - to troubles.
  • About a fire - to increased activity and emotionality.
  • About money - to various issues related to finance.
  • About illness - to recovery/real illness.
  • About an accident - to pangs of conscience, self-flagellation.
  • About marriage - to happy changes.

Heartfelt Moments

Listen to a message from a guy on the radio - expect a gift from your significant other. For women who are actually single, the dream plot promises an acquaintance with a charming and handsome man.

Did you read a message from a former lover in a dream? A picture like this promises misunderstandings with your current boyfriend. Perhaps your failed love experience will cause conflicts with your chosen one.

Is it that simple?

According to the dream book, an SMS from an ex-boyfriend foreshadows the beginning of grandiose changes and interesting events. However, one cannot rely only on positive versions, since there are a large number of alternatives.

If your ex-boyfriend writes SMS, then try to remember the number of them in your night dream:

  • a huge number - extraordinary events will begin to happen in life that will get rid of the usual routine;
  • a little - to something new and interesting;
  • a few - to the appearance of minor incidents that cannot lead you astray from the right path.

What are the experts thinking?

Dream books are designed to help dreamers find the optimal interpretation of their nightly experience. Before turning to them for help, try to independently analyze the images you see and find some connections.

Miller's Dream Book

In Gustav Miller's dream interpreter, you can see that the received SMS symbolizes the beginning of a new life stage in the life of the sleeper. If a serious relationship with a guy ended relatively recently, then possible changes will affect relationships with other people. Miller does not advise entering into conflicts, since impulsiveness will only aggravate the situation.

Dream book for a bitch

The dreamer received an SMS from the guy and began to immediately respond to it - you think that others constantly offend and treat you unfairly. This type of thinking will only lead to self-destruction, and therefore we need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Modern dream book

Wrote by an ex-boyfriend whom you miss and feel warm feelings about - to receive interesting information about him. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you can find out. However, you should not always believe the Modern Dream Book, since the information is somewhat distorted.

We received a text message from an ex-man whom we began to forget about an unplanned meeting with him. Having a dream will allow you to touch the secret information that has interested you for so long. According to dream books, you may not like the truth, and therefore it is better to continue to remain in the dark.

What was the content?

According to the dream book, an SMS from an ex-boyfriend can be interpreted correctly only when you can remember the contents of the SMS:

  • threats - you perceive reality incorrectly, and therefore often become a hostage to stress;
  • the text of your favorite song - to unforeseen circumstances that may affect your personal life;
  • a jealous SMS from a loved one - you are not entirely satisfied with the current circumstances, but are doing nothing to overcome them;
  • hieroglyphs - to success in a difficult matter;
  • resentment - to a difficult stage in the relationship with your soulmate.

Receiving a text message from your ex-boyfriend promising to restore the relationship is a contradictory symbol. According to one popular dream book, it hides the opposite meaning, which tells us that it is no longer possible to become happy together.

The former relationship has literally outlived its usefulness and no one will be able to solve this problem. If the information received upset you in a night dream, then it’s time for you to forget about the past, since it does not allow you to move normally into the future, which will bring a lot of positive emotions.

What actions did you take?

I had a dream in which I received a message on my phone from my ex-boyfriend - a sign of major changes in my life. However, such an interpretation is possible when pleasant emotions were experienced in a dream. Perhaps your ex-boyfriend will be able to melt your heart and get a second chance. If you often have the dreams described, then try to remember your actions.


I dreamed of an SMS in a night dream, but the girl is in no hurry to answer the guy - for an important meeting or receiving wise advice from older comrades. If you understand that you cannot figure out the current situation on your own, then it is better to immediately turn to your loved ones.

When deciphering your dream with a dream book, do not forget that financial problems may await you.


The beloved wrote a message, and the girl decided to read it, leaving it without an answer - there would be disagreements with the gentleman. It is possible that the experience experienced will lead to frequent conflicts, but it is better not to pay attention to this.


I had a dream in which a representative of the fair sex wrote a response to her ex - to unfulfilled romantic hopes. The fact is that the connection that once existed between lovers will never be the same.

Receiving an SMS should prompt the right thoughts, pushing away memories of your former relationship.

Posted by someone I like

Dream Interpretation Written by a person you like , dreamed about why you dream in a dream Written by a person you like? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see in a dream Written by a person you like by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

You take a mirror that belongs to another person - the birth of a noble offspring.

A noble noble person is hiding - to recovery.

A noble man leaves on a horse - clarity in official matters.

A sick person climbing onto a cart portends a great misfortune.

A sick person alternately cries and laughs - portends recovery.

A sick person singing songs portends great misfortune.

Seeing the reflection of another person in the mirror is a sign of trouble with your wife or lover.

Seeing a person being killed is a great happiness.

Seeing another person or yourself dead is fortunate.

Seeing a person reading a book means a noble offspring will be born.

To see a noble person coming - misfortune will pass you by.

If you return money to a person, you will get rid of the disease.

Talking to a bad person, a villain - there will be a quarrel.

If you give a person some clothes, official matters will arise, there will be illness, illness, grief.

If you give a person a longitudinal flute, it portends fame and glory.

Another person gives a brush - portends the advancement of talent.

Another person holding your mirror in his hands portends misfortune with his wife.

Another person plays musical instruments - you will be found to be right in court proceedings or litigation.

Another person supports a bedridden patient - a promotion.

Another person shoots at you - the arrival of a traveler.

The smell of rot, carrion from a burning person, portends happiness.

A snake or dragon kills a person - portends a great misfortune.

A snake bites a person - portends the acquisition of great wealth.

A snake follows a man - speaks of his wife’s betrayal.

A noble person gives out clothes and hats to people - fortunately.

A rat bites a person’s clothes - you will achieve what you were striving for.

Bite a person - portends loss.

Eating honey with a person portends happiness and benefits.

A dead person eats - portends illness.

Stabbing a person repeatedly with a knife is joy and benefit.

Giving a person an umbrella means breaking up with that person.

Moving to a new house owned by another person is fortunate.

You buy a house from a person in a rural area - moving due to a change of duty station.

Receiving paper money from a person is a great happiness.

Entrusting a person to handle your business is a great misfortune.

Invite a person to enter a government institution - drink and food.

If you accept simple clothes made of hemp fabric from another person, it will bring bad luck.

A noble person comes - misfortune will pass you by.

Sword fighting with a person portends great luck and benefit.

Arguing with a person is fortunate.

If you shoot at a person yourself, it foreshadows a long trip.

Grief and tears about a person from afar foreshadow misfortune.

Dreaming of a man who is learning to write - great wealth, nobility.

Killing another person portends wealth and nobility.

A person tells you about death - portends longevity.

A person says things that are very pleasant for you - misfortune, grief is approaching.

A person gives you a big bucket - a benefit.

A person gives a broom or a broom - portends getting a place in the service.

A person gives you a comb or a comb - you get a wife or a concubine.

A man gives three swords - you will become the head of the district, the governor.

A person gives a bow or crossbow - outside help.

A person calling you from the street portends misfortune.

A man pricks himself with a bamboo stick - happiness, prosperity, good luck.

A man catching a fish indicates good luck.

A person cries, baring his teeth - there will be rivalry, litigation.

A person invites you to drink wine - longevity.

A man with a severed head comes towards you - much to your happiness.

A person puts you in a very awkward position, you experience humiliation - you will gain wealth.

A man kicks you - acquisition of wealth

A stranger hits you - gaining strength.

A person humiliates you - wealth.

A person who reads a book will be born a noble offspring.

Human speech comes from the well - there will be joyful events.

A man sitting on a high rock means that in the distant future a great event will happen to the dreamer that will radically change his life.

If you dreamed of a beggar, then big trouble will happen to you in the future, as a result of which you will lose your fortune, shelter and true friend. If you saw a large number of poor people in a dream, it means that many nations will face poverty in the future.

If in a dream you saw a wounded person, this means that someone close to you will face a serious test, as a result of which this person will lose not only his shelter, material resources, family, but will also receive serious injuries.

Nostradamus interpreted dreams about a person as follows.

If you dreamed of a man sitting on a high rock, this means that in the distant future a great event will happen to you that will radically change your life.

If you saw an evil, despotic person in a dream, it means a change of job.

If you dreamed of a beggar, then big trouble will happen to you in the future, as a result of which you will lose your fortune, shelter and true friend.

Dreaming about a rich man is a good omen. A comfortable life awaits you in the circle of people close to you.

If in a dream you saw a wounded person, then someone close to you will face a serious test.

Symbolizes an ambivalent action or person, the meaning of which is determined by the context of the dream.

If a person is under a veil throughout the dream, then the image is negative.

When the veil is removed and the subject sees the one who is hiding under it, it is necessary to establish whose image it is - “death”, “old woman”, child, animal, woman, friend, mouse, etc.

Behind the veil there may be an eye or just emptiness. In these cases, the image denotes a mechanical or negative orientation.

In other words, such a dream may mean that we are deliberately placing our trust in a situation or people that do not actually live up to our expectations or trust.

If you dream of a person and you don’t know whether he is a man or a woman, then in reality you will have to change your job and find yourself in a new team in which you will not be welcome.

If the person you dream about stands on some kind of eminence, this means that changes are coming in your life that can radically change it for the better, although this will not happen too soon.

A dream in which you see an evil person promises grief for you and your loved ones.

A black man has come to you with tragic news.

If you are just communicating with a person, this is disappointing news.

A quick-witted person – you’ll soon meet someone like him in life, don’t miss the chance to meet him!


Note to those sleeping

A guy who decides to seek a second chance by sending a large number of messages symbolizes the dreamer’s fickleness. According to another interpretation, when you have such a vision, it is better to prepare to meet an interesting and charming person.

You may dream about a message you received by email. After such a dream, finding the optimal solution may take some time, but it is worth it.

A guy who decides to write long and tearful messages reflects the beginning of a difficult stage: you will have to expend maximum energy to complete the project you have started.

Source: SonnikOnline.club

General interpretation

Vanga believed that the person she likes can be present in the dreamer’s night dreams only if he experiences reciprocal feelings. According to the seer, such a dream means that this person is also not indifferent to the person in love with her and wants to take the relationship with her to the next level. Therefore, you should take a closer look at this person’s behavior and open up to him by talking about your emotions.

Other sources offer the following interpretations:

Hasse believed that the vision warned of an enemy trying to destroy the dreamer's life. He tries to find out shameful moments from a person’s life in order to expose them to the public and ruin his reputation.

Universal dream book

Kissing a guy means little troubles in the near future that will quickly end. There will be minor losses, but nothing more. In the next couple of weeks, it is recommended to take a closer look at the behavior of those around you, because one of your close people may have been deceiving the dreamer for a long time.

If there is increased interest on the part of a man, but without continuing the relationship, the dream book advises not to be fooled by such behavior. The whole essence of the dream lies in the actions and words spoken by the guy. It is also worth considering how long the sleeping woman communicates with the person she likes.

Why do you dream of correspondence with a guy according to Miller’s dream book?

For an unmarried girl, a dream in which a guy writes to her and talks to another, portends a long period of loneliness.

Interpretations depending on what kind of correspondence you dreamed about:

  • long-term - the risk of finding yourself in an awkward situation;
  • friendly - to the need to do someone else’s work;
  • secret - to public humiliation.

Depending on which guy you chat with:

  • with the current one - to comfort and harmony in the house;
  • with an ex - to renew relations with him;
  • with someone else - to an unwillingness to take responsibility;
  • with a stranger - to loss of authority in the team;
  • with a married person - to communicate with a two-faced person;
  • with a single person - to an improvement in financial situation;
  • with a divorced person - to achieve the goal;
  • with a guy whom I haven’t seen for a long time - to longing for the past.

It is important to know

Correspondence with a guy on the board is a dream of regret due to a rash act.

Depending on the phase of the lunar cycle:

  • on a full moon, correspondence with a guy dreams of serious life trials;
  • on the new moon - to the visit of an uninvited guest;
  • on the waning moon - to participate in an adventure;
  • to a growing one - to a deterioration in health.

Depending on the time of day:

  • In the morning, correspondence with a guy can dream of stagnation in business;
  • during the day - to profitable cooperation;
  • in the evening - problems in communicating with family;
  • at night - to an affair with a man who turns out to be married.

Depending on when you dreamed about the correspondence with the guy:

  • on Monday - to an unfounded accusation;
  • on Tuesday - to the fulfillment of a childhood dream;
  • on Wednesday - to support friends in a difficult situation;
  • on Thursday - bad news;
  • on Friday - to flirt with an unfamiliar man;
  • on Saturday - to appropriation of other people's merits;
  • on Sunday - to criticism from family members.

A Stranger Visits Night Visions Constantly Rational Approach

The interpretation of visions in dream books, when the same person dreams, takes the following directions:

This doesn't happen very often. Moreover, people often brush aside the dream, considering it a minor episode not worth attention. But in vain! Know that if you are being pursued by an asexual creature in the land of Morpheus, this is a great sign! The fact is that in this form his guardian angel appears before a person. Be sure to try to talk to him

Get a lot of useful and important information. Don’t dismiss such a lucky gift, because angels don’t want to talk to everyone

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You're lucky this time. Believe me, only the darlings of fate are given such a rare chance. Be sure to use it to your advantage. By the way, you can get information from the angel on any exciting issue. Just don't forget to ask the appropriate question. Then you will still be waiting for his appearance in the nightly series!

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