Why do you dream about the color red? Meaning and interpretation of sleep

In nature, there are only three primary colors: red, blue and green, and two achromatic ones: white and black. Human eyes can distinguish more than ten thousand different shades. Just imagine how much! And all of them are important in our lives, each carries some kind of information. Even in a dream. Let's find out what the color red means in dreams! Does it warn of danger? Does it hint at prohibitions? Or maybe this is the color of love and happiness? I suggest you look into well-known dream interpreters - dream books - and learn as much as possible about such dreams!

Human appearance

To dream that you are dyeing your hair red means that in reality you will soon find yourself in the spotlight, Miller’s dream book predicts.

Painting your lips with scarlet lipstick means you are too shy in real life, this bothers you, and you subconsciously try to attract the attention of others, although you are very afraid of this.

If you dream about painting your nails red, the dream symbolizes your desire to participate in all social events. Be less active, the Lunar Dream Book warns, there is a possibility of conflict.

Dying your friend's hair red means your irrepressible activity can harm others.

Negative values

The crimson moon foretells troubles, including quarrels and separations, conflicts due to destructive emotions. The vision calls for thoughtful decisions.

A dream about the color red on canvas or paper warns of the presence of an envious person in the work team. Seeing letters in scarlet tones means separation from a loved one, which is associated with unreasonable actions. But a quarrel can be prevented. Red pencils are a waste of money.

“They meet you by their clothes...”

If you dreamed that you put on some piece of clothing in a fiery color - if you are sick in reality - to recovery, if not - to a good mood and a fun weekend.

Prefer red in clothes - in reality you will be able to get rid of all your enemies, Vanga’s dream book pleases.

If you have a dream in which you dye your clothes red - you will receive an invitation to a special event.

If you dreamed that you were irritated by blood-colored outfits, this is a sign of internal aggression and irritability. You need to do something physically active to release negative energy.

“Why do you see red in a dream? If you see Red in a dream, what does it mean?

American dream book

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Red - relieves Anger, disappointment, embarrassment, desire for violence and destruction, thirst for revenge, rebellion, impulsiveness, intolerance.

Imperial dream book

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Experiencing discomfort from the color red means internal irritability and the body’s urgent need to free itself from it, but this is hampered by external disagreement/misunderstanding of one’s rightness and unfounded confidence in the rightness: this is a state of internal struggle with oneself, rejection (inadequate assessment) of external factors.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Red - holiday, love, celebration, trip, party, luck, admiration, body, spring, weather.

Moreover, labor, blood, battle, anger, strength.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why does Red dream?

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Red flag - you need to mobilize all your strength, and only in this case will you achieve success.

New dream book 1918

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Red - honor, health.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Red - blood, fire, wine and thus emotions, as well as sexual arousal; anger. Archetypes of the Youth Circle.

Red tunnels, corridors, walls - menstruation and sacrifice.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Red color is very intense. It symbolizes passion, physical strength, anger, sexuality, sensitivity, aggression and danger.

Red is the color of blood and was highly favored in some cultures. The Chinese painted their banners and talismans red.

The Mother Goddess in India is depicted in red, red is the color of creation, since the birth of a child is accompanied by profuse bleeding. Even in prehistoric times, people associated the color red with life. They put a bloody stain on the object they wanted to revive.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about Red in a dream?

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Red color is happiness in love.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Red in a dream?

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The color red in a dream means that you will be honored by being invited to a large and elegant celebration. A rich bright red color, called purple, means that your lofty plans will not come true. Red color of moderate, calm or pale tones portends happiness in love.

Red paints are a sign of good luck and fortune, red pencils are a sign of spending money and purchasing real estate. Seeing a blood-red moon in a dream is a harbinger of family discord and quarrels with a loved one. Red in a letter foretells separation due to suspicion and jealousy, but your reasonable behavior can save the situation. Seeing red-hot iron in a dream means that you are dearly loved in your own family and valued by your friends for your cheerful and cheerful character.

Dealing with red pepper in a dream is a harbinger that fate will send you a thrifty and economic companion in your married life. Red caviar in your dream is a sign of future misfortunes and sorrows. Buying, picking and eating red grapes in a dream means that in reality you will receive reproaches from your family and reprimands from your superiors. Drinking red wine - such a dream speaks of a fun walk coming soon. Making jam and compotes from red berries is a sign of health.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Red according to the dream book?

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Red - love, passion, strong emotions, health.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

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Red color is a symbol of strength, power, authority.

Red color can be a sign not only of passionate love and health, but also of danger and prohibition.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Red - honor, health.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Red according to the dream book?

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The color red, which clearly attracts your attention in a dream, indicates that emotions prevail in your actions, and this has already exceeded all acceptable standards.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Red according to the dream book?

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Why dream about the color red - it foretells that soon you will find yourself at an incredibly magnificent reception, which will be very honorable for you to be there.

More interpretations

Seeing a palette with this color means well-being and a favorable outcome for all your affairs.

Pencils of this color portend huge expenses for you; it is possible to buy a home.

If in a dream you drink red wine, you will have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Make jam or fruit drink from berries of this color - it will feel great.

Natural palette

To see reddened foliage or red flowers around you - the interpretation of this dream according to Freud’s dream book is as follows: you are secretly in love with someone or experiencing passion. If possible, admit this to your crush, otherwise you risk emotional burnout.

Red fruits or berries are a symbol of sexuality. If you dream that you eat red fruits, in reality you will enjoy your relationship with your lover; blue or black fruits, on the contrary, symbolize dissatisfaction.

If you dreamed about a crimson sky, be prepared for conflict, both at work and at home. Or perhaps both there and there at the same time.


Why do you dream about red jam? Warm-hued berries carry a positive meaning, signifying good news, health and well-being.

Interpretation of dreams about red foods:

  • apples - to well-being, prosperity, internal rebirth;
  • berries - a desire for more richness in life;
  • fish - a wealthy life;
  • pepper - marriage to a thrifty person;
  • pomegranate - wealth and fertility;
  • tomato - wealth and happiness;
  • caviar, eating it - to chagrin;
  • wine, drinking - for a fun walk, sexual contact;
  • grapes - reproaches and reprimands in the family and from superiors;
  • jam, compotes - to health.

“Red light - no way!”

Seeing a red traffic light in a dream means your plans are in danger. Something or someone will get in your way, warns the Spring Dream Book.

I dreamed of a traffic light with all the signal lights on - at this moment in your life you are standing at a crossroads and don’t know what action will be right.

If you dream of a railway signal with a burning red “eye” - be careful on the way; if the blue light is on - to success in any event.

Meanings of red

Before you figure out what the color red means in dreams, you should turn to its main meanings in life. It symbolizes love, passion, danger, strength, aggression, anxiety, glory, shame. The color is associated with blood, so its meanings imply creation, healing, life, activity.

In a dream, under ordinary circumstances, in reality shades of red and those close to it can portend an invitation to a celebration, relaxation, or improved health. Under conditions of reality that are of particular significance to the dreamer, red is considered a fateful symbol; people preferred banners and talismans of such shades. According to Adaskina, any bright color is interpreted positively.

In a negative sense, red can mean violence and destruction, self-sacrifice, lust, humiliation, trauma. But it is necessary to take into account all the circumstances of the dream. According to dream books, red furniture symbolizes wealth, clothes symbolize passion, flowers symbolize love, and a face symbolizes excitement or anger.

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