“What is the purpose of talking in a dream? If you see Speaking in a dream, what does it mean?

Opinion of the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

In and of themselves, talking in a dream is nothing remarkable. At the same time, some words and phrases carry a very specific meaning regarding a certain event.

If you dreamed that you heard a completely incomprehensible conversation or were unable to grasp its essence, then the dream book suspects that you misinterpreted a certain situation. As a result, this can lead to very ambiguous consequences.

Decoding the image from the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about talking? If it happened at the family table, then you are at risk of a digestive illness. A conversation during a festive feast promises a loss of respect and authority.

Did you have a dream about a conversation with people you know or friends? In reality, you will receive completely useless information. If the characters were unfamiliar, then soon you will learn something that will completely change your future existence.

A dream conversation with a living grandmother or grandfather symbolizes difficult obstacles to overcome. Watching the conversation of people invited to the ball means participating in a very profitable business or joining a previously inaccessible society.

Why do you dream of a conversation with a friend you meet by chance? Wait for news that will help you finish what you started. Talking to God in a dream warns of caution.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing a child talking in a dream means monetary enrichment, financial success, making plans for purchases, and achieving your goals. A happy and constant harbinger of financial well-being and material enrichment. Most often, he dreams of the appearance of new work partners, but sometimes it also means a quick repayment of the debt. You may also encounter requests of an intangible nature from these people.

Is it possible to speed up the fulfillment of a dream in which there were children? Vanga said that the coming true of a good dream can be accelerated in a simple way. The most important thing is to remember the most important details and elements of the dream. And after that, walk around the room with any lit candle, keeping these memories in your head.

In a dream, overhear someone else's conversation

If in a dream you managed to overhear someone else's conversation, then consider yourself very lucky. The main thing is that you can hear every word and remember the most important thing in it.

Dream conversation differs sharply from real one. Usually other people's conversations are actual reasoning of the subconscious about your behavior. In such chatter, you can not only learn a lot of new things about yourself, but also comprehend secrets that in the ordinary world are considered incredible and unknowable.

If in a dream you become an involuntary witness to someone else’s conversation, then there is an opportunity to find out how things are going with the people around you or those who are currently far away.

If the conversation turns out to be pointless, incomprehensible or illegible, then there is probably something that you don’t need to know yet, or even deadly.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see a child talking in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means the fulfillment of long-standing goals, solving personal and family problems, and finding long-awaited happiness. Be careful - there are many envious people around you. Perhaps they are gossiping, but there is no point in wasting time and nerves on this. Focus on what you want, don’t deviate from it, and you will soon achieve your goal.

Is there a need to do something to make the children from the dream come true? Tsvetkov advised keeping your goals and dreams in mind. It is because of this that your unconscious is in constant search of opportunities to achieve them. And at important moments in life you will feel the right decision.

What does it mean to talk to your loved one or ex?

Did you dream that you were chatting with your lover while carelessly walking in the lap of nature? In real life, you will spend an unforgettable vacation with him. This same vision hints at a very successful marriage.

If in a dream the conversation turned to parting, then you will soon experience its cooling for yourself. If in real life you have been thinking about leaving your companion for a long time, then fate will offer you a generous choice among a series of admirers.

In a dream, a conversation with your loved one or husband took place in particularly elevated tones, or even completely escalated into a fight? This is an excellent sign, promising a sincere feeling and a long relationship.

Why do you dream of a conversation with your ex-lover? The vision warns that you will be unhappy and annoyed with literally everything you see. Show restraint - your bad mood will harm your relationships with loved ones.

In addition, there are a number of unresolved problems from the past that are having a negative impact on your present. All issues need to be resolved urgently, otherwise you simply will not be able to move forward, unconsciously returning to past concerns every time.

If a child talks - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, if a child talks, it means realizing and fulfilling a dream, finding helpers and like-minded people, achieving well-being and happiness. Soon you will be very close to fulfilling your dreams. You will have a person who can help you realize your goal. And his help will really be useful and invaluable.

In his publications, Loff never divided dreams into positive and negative. In his opinion, any dream carries a good omen. Also, people treat the same precursors too differently, which only complicates the analysis. And if you dreamed about children, you shouldn’t consider this a bad sign at all.

I dreamed of a conversation with a dead man

As all dream books without exception state: the voice of the deceased in a dream is the only way of communicating with the other world, which is adequately perceived by the brain of a sleeping person. Therefore, be sure to remember what was discussed. Everything that the dead man tells you will certainly come true.

In addition, a conversation with a deceased grandfather or grandmother promises a sad meeting with an annoying admirer. A conversation with a deceased relative warns of a dark streak, and the appearance of a father or mother on the contrary gives hope for the future.

To get a true prediction, be sure to pay attention not only to the words, but also to the mood of the deceased interlocutor. If he is cheerful, then this is a wordless approval of actions. If you are angry and irritated, then it is clear without words that you have done or are only intending to do something terribly terrible.

It is bad to swear with a dead person in a dream. This is a warning about mistakes and mistakes in life. If the deceased tells a funny joke, then in real life you will get into a funny story.

What does it mean to talk to the priest, God?

Why do you dream of a conversation with a priest? If you just chat with him about life, then in the distant future you will earn respect and honor.

If the conversation is a kind of confession, then you will find yourself in an extremely difficult situation. A rather influential friend will help you get out of it, but first you will have to admit to him your own mistakes and mistakes.

If you dreamed that the priest was blessing you during a conversation, then you have clearly stepped on the right path. But a conversation with God should alert you. The fact is that Deities usually communicate in a slightly different way. In a dream, most often evil spirits and demons appear under the guise of God. It is not safe to follow their advice, but sometimes they give very valuable guidance.

Talking to you is like drinking honey

Often in dreams we enter into dialogue with men.
These could be our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, loved ones or just acquaintances. Most often, such a dream is interpreted as a sign of an upcoming trip or an interesting meeting. It is also worth paying attention to what this man you know told you, since what was said may turn out to be a warning, parting words, or a hint for the future. But it can also indicate mistakes made if the interlocutor scolds you for something.

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Many people wonder why a man dreams of singing songs in the dreamer’s dreams. Such a dream promises the acquisition of something long desired or the receipt of an equally desired gift.

It also happens that a male representative who appears to you in a dream is a complete stranger. Such a vision may be a hint of a real person who is somehow present in your life. And perhaps it will appear soon. But in any case, you need to try to remember what he looks like and what his facial features are in order to compare him with one of your friends or find out when you will meet him. After all, it is possible that the words he speaks have quite an important meaning for you.

But for one man to see another in a dream means that in the very near future you will be able to fix something that has not gone well and has not worked out for a long time. But not all the words and actions of a night guest in dreams have such meaning. Resentment, insults and deception on his part say: there is no need to start what you have in mind, nothing will come of it, it’s not time yet.

Why do military men dream? Most often, such a dream, according to the dream book, comes before a business trip or quite complex work that will require a lot of your strength.

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A conversation with a loved one, even a loved one, who is very pleasant to you, is a good sign. It indicates that any difficult situation will be resolved in the most favorable way.

I dreamed of a conversation with a rival

Why do you dream that in a dream you are having an explanation with your rival? To gain the support of an influential person, you have to prove all your advantages in practice.

If you dreamed that the conversation with your rival was in a raised voice, then by defending your interests in reality, you will show stupidity and unconvincingness. A similar plot suggests that the girl should be more careful about her lover’s feelings, otherwise she will be left alone.

Who did you dream about communicating with?

For young girls, a dream in which you communicate with your former beloved boyfriend, as the dream book explains, only means that he misses you a lot. He often thinks and remembers you, and this is reflected in his dreams. A conversation with your ex-husband may indicate some unfinished business between you.

When the dialogue with your former beloved man ceases to be languid and turns to elevated tones, most likely the relationship is over, but the emotions have not subsided. Especially if after waking up you experience negativity and irritation. Conversely, the dream book explains a dream in which you had a very good conversation with your ex-boyfriend on any, even frank, topics, as a sign that you have already let him go and are quite ready for a new relationship.

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It is also interesting to know why you dream of a dialogue with a former beloved man, in which he asks you to return to him. You should not cherish the hope of renewing the relationship in your soul, this is only your desire, and he probably feels completely different. Try to let him and your feelings go.

What is the meaning of a dream in which you had a dialogue with a deceased person? He is not familiar to you, but you clearly understand that he is a dead man. Don't worry, this dream does not promise trouble. But you must remember everything he told you. We often receive important information through deceased people in our dreams - perhaps he wanted to warn you about something or convey something from your deceased relatives. In addition, if you are on the verge of making an important decision, such words will be a hint or advice.

And dead people often warn the living about impending disaster or trouble. The dream book advises not to ignore such a dream. Having deciphered it as correctly as possible, you will be prepared for the upcoming difficulties, which means you can easily cope with them.

Late grandparents or parents often warn that you need to be extremely careful and attentive in new endeavors and acquaintances. It’s better to weigh and think about everything several times before making a decision. Also, the appearance of deceased relatives in a dream may indicate health problems, especially when aliens touched you. Thus, the deceased showed you a specific place. In any case, it is worth getting examined and not causing problems.

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Most often, the deceased mother notifies about health complications, while the father comes to warn about possible financial difficulties. Often deceased people come into our dreams simply because you remember your loved ones and miss them.

Those who saw and talked in a dream with a deceased former lover will meet with a new love. This relationship promises to be long and sensual. Sometimes deceased relatives, loved ones and friends appear in our dreams to tell us something important. For example, that they love us. Or other words that were not spoken during life.

But it also happens that communication with deceased people close to us is just a projection of our subconscious. We lack them in reality, so we make up for this lack in our dreams. This explanation is given by the dream book when a conversation takes place on abstract topics that do not make any sense.

Why do you dream of talking in a foreign language?

If in a dream you happen to speak a foreign language, then in reality you will have to perform an unfamiliar task or learn a new business.

Did you dream that speaking a foreign language was difficult? You have taken on a business that is beyond your capabilities. Either discard it immediately, or carefully study everything that has to do with it.

If a conversation with a foreigner develops into a conflict, then your own misunderstanding will be the decisive factor in some enterprise. If the conversation as a whole went smoothly, then you will be able to easily and quickly understand a difficult situation.

“What is the purpose of talking in a dream? If you see Speaking in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Talk to yourself or ask for something - soon you will receive an answer to a question that has been bothering you for a long time

Imperial dream book

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Talking to a deceased relative - the dream has shades of meaning depending on the family member in the dream. In any case, the dream is unfavorable when the appearance of the deceased is distorted by emotions or illness and even decay, and favorable when the appearance acquires unearthly enlightened features.

Talking to a woman means troubles should be expected from the health side. If the scenario is favorable, this dream is advice to take care of your health: diseases will try to penetrate through the mouth, eyes, hips and stomach.

When you specifically dream about the mother, the disease is based in the abdominal cavity. For a female dreamer, the appearance of a mother and grandmother in a dream is especially significant.

Talking to a man means you need to beware of diseases of the spirit (conceit, selfishness, etc.), which secondarily affect any organ (depending on what emotions predominated in the dream). Diseases with this option can penetrate through the head, feet, ears and hands. Diseases come through the head when the father is seen in an unfavorable way; and this can mean both internal illness and the threat of head injury. The unfavorable appearance of an irritated (sick) father is especially dangerous, since it means a break with Heaven and a loss of information from the Cosmos, for which only the dreamer can be to blame, for someone else’s evil will can steal life, but cannot take away the connection with Heaven given by the Creator. The worldview and value system must be changed.

Talking with a deceased non-relative in a dream is the same dependence on details as with a relative, but in the absence of a blood connection, such a dream is more of a manifestation of energy. The physical impact (illness) is minor. We need to pay attention to the spiritual side: past relationships, the content of the conversation, which most likely will be everyday. People who are not related to us by blood, but who are spiritually close to us, more often in a dream warn or convey important information for future life.

Islamic dream book

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An interlocutor speaking in a dream means a pleasant person to communicate with, according to the words of the Almighty: “We will tell you the best story.” If someone dreams that he is telling something, he will be freed from fear, for the Almighty said: “And when he came to him and told him the story, he said: “Do not be afraid.” A merchant who sees such a dream will be saved from loss.

Lunar dream book

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Speaking clearly means profit.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Speaking clearly is profit; loud - joy; with who knows who - loss of a friend; with the dead - danger, illness; in a foreign language - an incomprehensible situation.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about Talking?

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Hearing someone talk is a sign of gossip.

Russian dream book

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Speaking loudly means an excess of emotions; with a man - to embarrassment; with a woman - be careful, gossip is possible; with a girl - to profit.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about Talking in a dream?

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Talking in a dream with a person you don’t see means disturbing news, with a bad person means a quarrel, talking about his death means health and longevity.

Lying in a dream means simultaneous gain in one thing and loss in another; bragging means exposing the evil intent of a friend or person you trusted.

Stuttering in a dream is a sign of joy.

Telling a fairy tale in a dream means news, a fable means joy.

Talking for a long time and without stopping means that you will receive confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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To speak - to a meeting or meeting.

Hearing talking in a dream means seeing a flock of birds in the sky.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Hearing loud talking in a dream means a secret date.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Hearing talking in a dream means incomprehensible rumors about you.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

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Talking in a dream means profit; It’s bad to say - sadness.

Dream Interpretation of Morozova

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Talking a lot in a dream means you will have to remain silent in reality precisely when it is necessary to speak.

Speaking in front of listeners means coming to an agreement with enemies; making a speech from the podium means improvement in business; saying something “out of place” means actively fighting the enemy, and for lovers it means showing selfish motives; talking to babies or hearing them speak means your wishes will come true; talking to trees means prosperity and wealth.

If you talk to an invisible person in a dream, you will hear about someone’s death or lose a friend; talking to the deceased means danger, illness.

Speaking a foreign language in your own country or at home means finding yourself in an unusual, extraordinary situation.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Speak in a dream?

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Talking in a dream with an invisible face means in reality you can lose a close friend as a result of sudden death.

Talking to the dead means danger awaits you, and illness awaits your loved ones.

Talking to a fool means becoming a victim of a hoax.

Talking with God in a dream means you can receive the patronage of influential people if the conversation is friendly; if God is angry, you may be condemned in reality.

A dream in which you speak to a tree foretells wealth in the future.

Speak in a whisper - you will suffer from gossip.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Talking to the invisible in person means losing a friend; with the dead - danger, illness.

Solomon's Dream Book

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Talking in a dream means profit; about bad things - sadness; with an invisible face - the loss of a loved one.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Speak from a dream book?

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Talking a lot yourself is a nuisance.

Speaking in front of an audience is a significant improvement in business.

Speaking in a foreign language is a big inconvenience and problem.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Talking in a dream means improving things; in foreign language, at home - an unusual, strange situation.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams

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Talking to an invisible person is a rumor of death; talking to the deceased is a disease; talking to a tree is wealth.

In a dream there was a conversation in private

Did you dream that you were on a date, during which a rather intimate conversation took place? In real life, you are destined for a difficult period in your relationship with your lover. Misunderstandings, quarrels over trifles and conflicts due to jealousy are possible.

If in a dream, in a private conversation, you heard a confession of feelings, then your responsibility will increase significantly, and as a reward you will receive a drop of recognition and short-term joy.

What does a person say in a dream?

A person, faced with a partner’s nightly conversations, thinks about the veracity of the information said. Scientists have not found an exact answer. Research has shown that words and phrases can either be connected to the life of a sleeping person or mean nothing.

The most intelligible and logically connected speech is at stage 1. In the deep sleep phase, fuzzy words and moans predominate.

The words and sounds spoken during a dream are varied. The speech of a sleeping person may contain:

  • words that were relevant during the day;
  • monologues in which a person tries to solve some important problem;
  • words of dialogue taking place in a dream.

Nightmares can cause screaming, rapid heartbeat, and sweating. After bad dreams that occurred in phase 1 or 2, a person quickly realizes that this is just a dream. If you have a bad dream in a deep stage, it can disorient a person for some time.

There is an opinion that aggressive people who do not express their anger during the day (for example, if there was a conflict) may shout curses at night.

Children talking during sleep can relive strong emotions from the day. It can be joy and delight or anxiety and fear.

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