Why do you dream about dirty shoes and how to avoid negative consequences?

Dirt on your shoes will not please you either in reality or in a dream, because this dream means annoying mistakes and failures, as dream books upset you with their interpretations. Do you want to avoid unpleasant consequences? Then take the time to remember your vision down to the smallest detail and figure out why you dream about dirty shoes and what you should be prepared for after such scenes.

Miller's Dream Book

Following the interpretations of Miller’s dream book, you will understand that dreaming of dirt on your shoes means problems of a life nature - you will be critically unlucky in all matters related to everyday life and personal life.

But if you saw in a dream that the “boots” of your friend or relative are covered with a thick layer of mud, then show favor to this person and warn him of impending troubles. Dirt on a child's shoes means difficulties in your understanding with him.

Nature of pollution

For a more detailed interpretation of the dream, it is necessary to remember what exactly the shoes were soiled with. This will tell you where exactly trouble should come from. So, if your shoes are dirty in a dream:

  • ordinary dirt from the street - in reality, a person hides his lifestyle and his location from strangers;
  • street dust - a warning about the increased interest of strangers in the personal and business sphere of the dreamer’s life;
  • fuel oil - the anger of a high-ranking official or boss, the risk of falling out of favor;
  • blood - you are rightfully afraid to open up to the people around you - they are plotting against you;
  • dirt after rain - gossip, aggression and insults towards the sleeping person;
  • manure - the dreamer is surrounded by a bad society that has a bad influence on him, but he does not have the willpower to refuse the temptations of such a life.

Sloppy as a symbol of failure

Did you dream that you got your shoes dirty, but you don’t care at all, and you continue to walk in them, without being embarrassed by those around you? The Eastern Dream Book gives an interesting interpretation of the dream: your conscience is not clear, so you calmly react to the fact that the shoes are not clean. But if you are still ashamed to walk in public, then you feel bad that you have harmed someone.

Why do you have a vision in which you are deliberately trying to get your shoes dirty in order to walk in dirty shoes, the Lunar Dream Book explains: you are trying to hide some unpleasant truth about yourself from others.

Interpretation according to different dream books

The most popular dream books did not ignore dreamed manipulations with shoes. Their interpretations vary, based on various details of the dream.

Lunar dream book

Washing your boots means for a single person his indecision in finding a partner, and for a dreamer in a relationship or marriage it means misunderstandings and conflicts in a couple.

Ukrainian dream book

This dream book interprets washing shoes as a hint of a quick long journey or moving to another area.

Psychoanalytic dream book

You think too often about how people around you will react to certain actions. You will never be able to please everyone, so listen to your desires rather than trying to please everyone.

Modern dream book of N. Stepanova

This dream book focuses on who owns the shoes. If it is a stranger, then the one who washes it in a dream and in reality will be forced to please other people, even to the point of humiliation. For a career, this can mean low-paying, hard work. But if in the end the shoes are washed clean, then soon the black streak will pass, and the efforts at work will be crowned with success.

Freud's Dream Book

Shoes that are torn, dirty and have lost their former luster, according to the psychoanalyst, mean a sharp turn, a change in the dreamer’s fate. Most likely, these changes will be associated with family problems - a breakup of a seemingly strong marriage or infertility in the spouse is possible.

Gustav Miller's predictions

Miller believed that the most important thing in the action of washing shoes in a dream is its quality. If the shoes are dirty, and the dreamer is in no hurry to put them in order, preferring to do nothing, then in reality he is surrounded by scammers and intriguers. They can seriously harm a person’s well-being by spreading ugly rumors and gossip about him.

But if the owner of dirty shoes in the vision nevertheless gathers his strength and puts his shoes in order, troubles will pass him by, he will once again earn the respect of society and an increase in money.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian sorceress offers a general interpretation of shoes, the image of which is always associated with the road and travel. Replacing shoes with new ones for a woman means a change of partner or a secret love affair. Nails driven into shoes are a symbol of problems, and uncomfortable, chafing, too small or dirty shoes are a harbinger of an unpleasant environment for a person. Someone very intrusive does not give the dreamer access in reality.

Dream book of the 21st century

The interpretation of this book highlights the same detail as the modern dream book - the shoes belonging to someone else:

  • if it belongs to the dreamer’s relatives, a conflict with loved ones is likely due to his behavior and actions;
  • boots of a stranger known to the sleeping person - he owes something to their owner and is forced to depend on him;
  • cleaning shoes of an unknown person - career troubles, melancholy due to monotonous uninteresting work;
  • the result of putting the shoes in order suits the dreamer - to quick changes for the better.

Being neat is a sign of joyful achievements

Washing or cleaning your shoes in a dream is a sign of a change in circumstances from the worse to the better. And if you saw in a dream how children’s boots were washed and cleaned, this is a sign that you want to get on the same wavelength with him, especially for teenage children.

Did you dream that you were removing dirt from your husband’s shoes and washing them clean? Such dreams speak of boundless devotion to your spouse. Removing dust from your old shoes and polishing them with wax is a sign of the “resurrection” of old hopes.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

The meaning of the picture can be completely opposite, and it depends on the circumstances in which the shoes are seen in the dream:

  • who exactly wore it;
  • location;
  • the actions that were performed on her;
  • the mood and emotions that the dreamer felt.

Important! The condition of the shoes, their color and style are also of great importance. Depending on how new it is, you can count on a more positive prognosis. Therefore, when interpreting a dream, it is worth remembering as many of its details as possible, even minor ones.

If during a night vision smeared shoes were found near the entrance, then you need to prepare for troubles on the romantic, family or friendly front. If you happen to see more than one pair of identical shoes, then many conflict situations can arise.

If the dreamer, who is not yet officially married, but already has a candidate in mind for this, saw dirty shoes, then it would be a good idea for him to think about the correct choice of his soulmate.

Also, the dream book interprets someone else’s or your own dirty shoes as a warning that you should cancel your planned trips. There is a big risk that during them you can get negative emotions and troubles.

When a friend has dirty shoes on his feet, this signals a deterioration in the relationship with him in real life. To avoid this, you should find a good moment and just talk about all the painful things.

Shoe cleaning, or Everyone will get what they deserve!

Miss Hasse’s dream book will tell you why you have a dream in which you wash away the dirt on the shoes of the clients of your “Cleaner’s Shop” and wash their shoes until they shine: if you show philanthropy and help your less experienced colleague, you will receive a full reward from fate.

In a dream, washing off slush from your boss’s boots or washing away dried dust is a symbol of the desire to curry favor. Don’t humiliate yourself, advises the White Magician’s dream book; by enduring all the criticisms and hardships, you will show yourself to be a man of action, which will not fail to reward you in the form of a bonus or promotion.

Stain removal method

Particular attention should be paid to how you washed your shoes and how much effort you put into it:

  • cleaned the shoes thoroughly and until they shine - to good luck and prosperity in life, all plans will be realized;
  • tried, but the shoes remained dirty - the secret will become clear: an attempt to hide bad deeds will be unsuccessful;
  • without making any effort, you used a washing machine when washing - you are indifferent to people’s behavior, you always act based only on your opinion.

What exactly is dirty

Dirt on shoes can really ruin your mood, especially if they are new or favorite shoes. When interpreting why you dream of dirt on shoes and cleaning them, pay attention to what exactly you washed and how it turned out:

  • you see in a dream that you managed to wash off the dirt on your shoes - to joyful events;
  • I dreamed that I couldn’t wash off the dirt - to protracted difficulties
  • polished your sneakers in a dream - you shouldn’t plan a trip;
  • saw that elegant shoes were smeared - to misunderstanding with the opposite sex;
  • I saw the children's sandals as dirty - indicating attempts to establish contact with the child.

Wash and clean shoes with cream

Cleaning dirt from shoes in a dream is a favorable sign, promising the improvement of relationships between quarreling people, a successful period in life and getting rid of current problems.

For a woman, such a dream indicates a pleasant purchase in reality. Washing sandals in a dream means a romantic date or acquaintance. Washing off dirt from the sole indicates that unfamiliar people can cause harm to the sleeping person.

If the dreamer managed to wash off all the dirt from his shoes in a dream, then in reality he will be able to establish relationships with people and win over new acquaintances. If the dirt cannot be removed, then relationships with loved ones will remain strained.

Cleaning shoes with cream and rubbing them until they shine means that the dreamer is trying to impress someone. This also indicates an upcoming important event, where you need to look not just good, but chic.

Being a shoe shiner yourself, or putting cream on someone else’s shoes, means that in reality a person will have financial difficulties and will have to look for a “menial” job.

Cleaning shoes with a brush in a dream means that in reality the dreamer is preparing for an exciting and long journey, an adventure. Spreading black cream on dirty boots indicates traveling through unfamiliar cities and countries.

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