What does straw mean in a dream - possible interpretations according to the dream book

Straw seen in a dream is considered a symbol of falsehood, vain expectations and unsuccessful achievements. If you are on the verge of new beginnings, dream books advise you to postpone their implementation. Often such a dream warns of moral emptiness, loss of motivation and vitality.

For a woman, a pile of hay in a dream indicates wasted time on useless activities, gossip and intrigue, which can lead to loss of reputation.

The dream of dirty straw is explained in the Wanderer's dream book by the incorrect behavior of a sleeping person at work, because of which one can lose good rest and profit.


Did you dream of straw on the field? This portends unpleasant changes in life, directly related to money and the field of activity. If at the same time a gust of wind scattered it across the field, in reality you will have to pay for your irresponsibility.

Seeing straw in your hair warns of frivolity, which can lead to ruin. For a woman, such a dream speaks of the unreliability of a lover who should not be trusted with her savings.

A dream about straw in stacks foretells an unstable relationship with a lover, a loss of trust and mutual understanding. A similar picture prepares a young girl to meet an unworthy person.


To determine what the night vision was about from the point of view of the subconscious, it is necessary to recall its circumstances. For example, binding sheaves represents the work you are doing. It may or may not be very heavy. This will depend on your sleep state. Additionally, how hard you have worked indicates your commitment to achieving your goals. If you were not embarrassed by hard work, then in real life you are ready to make efforts to achieve what you want. On the contrary, trying to avoid labor is a sign that you are trying to get everything at once, but do not want to do anything for it.

The very image of a field with collected haystacks may indicate the completion of a certain life stage. Perhaps you are trying to say goodbye to something that did not give you pleasure, or even caused unpleasant feelings.


Did you see how straw was raked in a dream? You are doing empty work that will take a lot of effort and time without bringing any useful results.

Stacking or stacking hay promises the appearance of an obsessive suitor. Knitting sheaves in a dream - beware of the machinations of enemies. They will probably write a vile slander or anonymous denunciation against you. Carrying bales on yourself portends easy work and a lot of free time.

Sleeping on straw means poverty and hard work, lying on it means a reprimand from your superiors, stirring it up means that in the near future you will have to do things that are unpleasant for you. Buying straw in a dream means you will be doing something stupid; selling it means you can direct the anger of your bosses at your enemies.

Feeding livestock with dry grass in a dream is a good sign, indicating the ability to provide your family with everything they need.

What kind of straw did you dream about?

Straw in bales

I dreamed about straw in bales - to the need to spend the near future usefully. You risk wasting it on useless conversations, arguments, or unpromising endeavors. If you pay attention to questions that were once put aside, you will go the right way. Go back to old projects. You will have the opportunity to put the finishing touches on them.

Dry straw

Dry straw - to victory. Life has prepared difficult trials for you, however, you will be able to overcome any difficulties, luck will be on your side. Praise yourself and treat yourself to something pleasant, but don’t overdo it, pride doesn’t benefit anyone.

Lots of straw

A lot of straw - to enlightenment. In the near future you will discover a new teaching. This will completely change your outlook on life, give you a breath of fresh air and inspire you to new exploits. Don't be afraid to try something new, it's worth it.

Straw in stacks

Straw in stacks - to success. The vacancy or project for which you are fighting with someone will go to you. Show all your ingenuity to prove that you were given preference for a reason.

Straw scattered on the ground

Straw scattered on the ground is a sign of triumph. A continuous stream of problems will rush towards you, destroying in its path everything that you have worked so painstakingly and tried so hard to achieve. Don't give up and you will be able to withstand the onslaught of these harsh winds and win the battle.

Rotten straw

Rotten straw in a plot seen in a dream means good health. In the near future, your physical and emotional state will improve. This will give you strength for new achievements. Take care of your health, rest regularly.

Soft straw

Soft straw symbolizes new problems. Several new ones will be added to the old problems that need to be solved. The good news is that they will all eventually be resolved with a successful outcome for you.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of straw you dreamed about:

  • Wet - to a dangerous situation due to carelessness.
  • Dirty - to accusations of infidelity and a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Prelaya - to participate in a dubious project that could damage the reputation of the sleeping person.
  • Burning - to troubles at work and discord in the family.
  • A bunch of straw - to confidence and stability in business.
  • Fresh - to recognition from colleagues.
  • Clean - to perform boring and monotonous work.
  • Old - to sadness and negative changes in your personal life.
  • Yellow - to fear of an exam or interview.
  • Oatmeal - for traveling with family.
  • Last year - to cooperate with influential people.
  • Raw - to hard but fruitless work.
  • Rice - to dissatisfaction with your sex life and the desire to change your sexual partner.
  • Rye - to a big scandal over money.
  • Scattered - to a problem that the dreamer cannot cope with on his own.
  • Wheat - to worry about his health.
  • Dried - to ruin due to loss of work.
  • Golden - to vain worries about the health of the unborn child.
  • Cruel - to receive an inheritance or an unexpected win in the lottery.
  • Lying down - to an unexpected resumption of relations with a former spouse.
  • Corn - to unrequited love.
  • Shredded - a quick solution to all problems.
  • Maize - to a new well-paid job.
  • Cheap - to a calm peaceful life.
  • Pile up bales - to reluctance to reveal your plans.
  • Kolkaya - to failures due to frivolous decisions.
  • Gray - to obtain a good position and prosperity.
  • Acute - to a difficult family situation.
  • Scattered - to improved health and receiving a valuable gift.
  • Decayed - to get rid of anxiety and good luck.
  • Bloodied - to a long separation from loved ones.
  • Barley - to the need to protect other people's interests.
  • Packed - to an unexpected gift or news.
  • Folded - to problems in personal relationships, separation from a partner.
  • Rotting - to the risk of being at the center of a scandal at work.
  • Brilliant - to participate in an important matter.
  • Fragrant - to insult from a relative.
  • Rough - to achieve goals and fulfill all desires.
  • Full - to monotonous work, which is unlikely to bring success.
  • Blackened - to problems due to a large number of unfinished matters.
  • Small - to material well-being and happiness.
  • Dried - to obstacles on the way to achieving the goal.
  • Light - to a period of material difficulties.
  • Black - to a lucrative offer from management.
  • Poppy - for buying an apartment or house.
  • Fragrant - to our slight chagrin.

Straw things

A dream about a straw hat promises deceit and deception on the love front. Seeing an old piece of clothing in a dream foreshadows the dreamer’s deliberate refusal of a lucrative offer; a new one - an opportunity to do interesting work.

The esoteric dream book explains the dream of a thatched roof as an unreliable home environment, instability in the family. Also, a dream may mean that an enterprise that seemed reliable and profitable will in fact turn out to be shaky and dubious.

Seeing any straw object in a dream is a hint that in reality you have a false idea about some business or person.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller, this image speaks of upcoming health problems or what the outcome of important business negotiations will be. Just seeing a dream is a sign that you will worry a lot about something that will not bring anything good as a result. For a woman, seeing a large number of dry stems is a warning about a senseless waste of time. You will waste it on useless and stupid activities. This will put your reputation at risk.

If you dream that a stack is on fire, it means that a very favorable period is ahead. Now you don’t have to be afraid of new projects - they will work out just fine. Feed livestock with straw - ensure a good standard of living for the people who depend on you. Throwing a haystack on the roof is an unfavorable symbol. He indicates future troubles. However, you can deal with them.


Burning straw in a dream is a sign of successful changes and successful achievements. Thus, Miller’s dream book associates burning dry grass with a surge of strength and enthusiasm, which will lead to great success.

Sometimes, burning sheaves in a dream are associated with problems that need to be solved with categorical methods. In this case, cutting from the shoulder is the surest option for resolving troubles and conflicts.

Vanga's Dream Book

The fortuneteller believed that the image that appeared predicted empty chatter, gossip, bad jokes and slander to the dreamer. You will probably discuss other people's lives and savor the unpleasant details. Vanga warned that this would not lead to anything good. You will only ruin your own reputation with slander. If someone asks you to prove the veracity of the information, you will not be able to do so. Therefore, unpleasant things will begin to be thought about you, and you will be faced with the collapse of your own hopes and loss of self-esteem. Therefore, you should restrain yourself and not spread unfounded gossip.


Empty dried stems symbolize something false, some illusory hopes and empty expectations. If you are currently planning some important things, it is better to postpone them until later. Very often such a dream shows an emotional and psychological state, mental emptiness, loss of purpose, and exhaustion of vital energy.

At the same time, a dream about threshing, as a result of which straw remains, is very prosperous. Dreams about stacking straw in stacks, which indicate income received, also have a positive meaning. A nice and new thatched roof is also of good value, which means protection from external influences, although not particularly reliable.

Plot Features

If a man sees a straw bed, poverty threatens him. A hat made of this material symbolizes deception and hopeless, irresponsible flirting.

If in a vision a person was knitting sheaves or collecting dry grass in a stack, in reality he begins an annoying, unpromising relationship. Sometimes the vision indicates evil gossips and slander.

If the product of threshing grain burns, the dreamer’s feelings quickly and brightly flare up. They burn, scorch the soul, but do not warm. If the dream came to a person specializing in financial transactions, he predicts the possibility of instantly going broke or getting rich. If in the vision the dreamer himself set fire to the hay, it means he correctly intends to solve current problems using a radical method.

If the dreamer notices dry spikelets and blades of grass in another person’s disheveled hair, he considers him empty, stupid, frivolous, not worthy of trust or attention. If a loved one dreams in such a dream, in reality he will deceive and betray. You cannot have a common child or affair with him. If you find dry spikelets in your hair, the vision indicates the need to become responsible. Dream books, explaining why straw is seen in dreams, warn: if you leave what you dreamed without attention, poverty threatens.

Even the most self-confident, beautiful person can be a victim of circumstances, and outward attractiveness quickly fades.

Details of the dream

Medea's dream book associates the product of threshing grain with love relationships and recommends choosing a person with straw hair as a partner for a romantic relationship only for a short time. You can’t trust him, much less show him values. This person will not be able to seriously ruin life, but he will do mischief in small things.

If you dreamed of filling ditches, fertilizing the soil with dry ears of corn or grass, the plot shows the practicality of the dreamer. A person knows how to benefit from any event and situation.

If you dreamed of creating toys, useful, beautiful objects from dry processed material, in reality the dreamer is an inspired dreamer, a talented liar, whose fairy tales are believed by everyone around him. New acquaintances are immediately imbued with love, but former friends, having seen through the dreamer, lose respect and trust in him.

If in a vision the dreamer diluted the animal’s food with straw, in reality he is concerned about the state of supplies and is determined to replenish them and accumulate resources, including food.

The dream book advises getting rid of what has gone bad and buying more canned food.

Lying on dry grass

When you dream about how you are lying on hay, be it a haystack or just mown grass in a field or in a hayloft, a series of quiet and moderate periods in life will do. But if you don’t just lie down, but chew a blade of grass, or even eat hay, there will be troubles associated with monetary debts.

Interpretation depending on the situation:

  1. The dreamer enjoyed lying in the hay and received moral satisfaction - a series of pleasant events are expected, and they will bring joy.
  2. If the hay was pricked and caused inconvenience, you will take on responsibilities that will burden you. If you are not sure that you can help someone without harming yourself, then do not get down to business, do not make promises.
  3. When you dreamed of a hayloft where you were not lying alone, then expect a fateful meeting in reality. A new person in your life will influence your destiny and help you in personal and financial matters.

In a dream, you lay down on hay in a field, tired after harvesting work, then expect a successful outcome of some important matter.

Loff's Dream Book

The interpreter pointed out that the image is associated with the financial sphere of life. Often he warns of possible deception, an attempt to deprive a person of something important. For example, seeing scattered dried blades of grass or a thatched roof is a symbol that you are in serious trouble. You are unlikely to be able to avoid them.

If in a night vision you ate hay yourself, or wanted to feed it to someone, you will actually encounter fraud and deception. So try not to trust strangers. If you dreamed that you found one straw - in reality you will cope with all the difficulties and achieve prosperity and wealth. Selling straw is a sign that you know how to earn money without making much effort.

If you had to remove hay in a dream?

If a young man dreamed that he was raking hay from a field, this is a good sign; it symbolizes that he has become old enough to begin adult life, a favorable period for entering a university or getting married.

If a young girl removes hay, her reputation is not in danger; she has a good, bright future. The woman dreamed that she was harvesting hay with her friends in the field - there would be a wedding in the house, guests would come for a fun occasion.

An elderly man harvesting hay in a field or in a yard is a sign of good health and a prosperous old age. If you are removing the hay and it gets wet , this is a bad sign; your plans will be spoiled by envious people and enemies. You are removing hay and come across a stone - an obstacle on the path of life.

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