What to do if sewage leaks from the toilet and your apartment is flooded

Oddly enough, but seeing feces in a dream is a good sign. It’s even better if you dreamed that you had to clean up shit with your own hands or with a rag. A dream means the arrival of easy money, replenishment of the household, and the onset of happy family holidays. You can figure out why you dream of wiping feces and getting dirty in them thanks to modern dream books.

What does Miller's dream book promise?

Practicing psychologists reduce the interpretation of a dream with excrement to the successful completion of even the most hopeless cases. All transactions according to Gustav Miller’s dream book will definitely turn out to be profitable, controversial cases will be considered in favor of the dreamer. Large amounts of income will allow you to forget about work and take a break for a short period of time.

A famous psychoanalyst explains why one dreams of cleaning up shit as follows:

  • with your hands - to a large stable income;
  • with a rag - to an unexpected modest influx of funds;
  • flushing down the toilet - for a planned vacation;
  • hearing the smell means meeting a philanthropist, a rich admirer.

Review of popular tools

Considering the huge selection of products for cesspools and toilets on the Russian market, we will tell you about the products that are in greatest demand.

Bio Favorite, this imported liquid product is highly effective and absolutely safe. A distinctive feature is that it can process not only organic matter, but also cellulose and fats. Guarantees the absence of unpleasant odors.

Bio Favorite

Microzyme SEPTI TRIT is a domestic product containing microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. Residues after decomposition can be used as fertilizers. This drug prefers moisture; it is recommended to pour at least a bucket of water into the septic tank or tank before adding it.

Microzyme SEPTI TRIT

Atmosbio is a French product for processing fecal matter. The bacteria included in the composition are capable of processing bottom sediment and the resulting crust. It is an excellent activator for compost. The only drawback is the short shelf life; the drug must be used no later than six months after manufacture.


Sanex is a powder product made in Poland. The drug has a characteristic red color. Effectively destroys microorganisms and unpleasant odors. Before adding, it must be dissolved in water at a temperature of no more than 40°C. This product can also be used to clean the sink or toilet.


Tamir, the microorganisms included in the product (about 80 different species) make it possible to process fecal matter into fertilizers within two weeks. It is considered one of the best drugs.


Bioactivator Green Pine is an excellent Belgian remedy consisting of freeze-dried bacteria. Promotes the decomposition of fats and feces. The sludge after processing can be used as fertilizer.

Bioactivator Green pine

ARGUS GARDEN is a Canadian bioactive product for the care of septic tanks and cesspools. Supplied in two bags of 18 grams each. One package is enough for a volume of 2 cubic meters.


System Septic Mainteiner DVT-360 is a product (made in the USA) that is used for complete cleaning of local sewers of any type. Promotes the breakdown of organic matter, oils, fats, fabrics, cellulose, hydrocarbons and other elements.

System Septic Maintainer DVT-360

BIOFORCE Septic is a concentrate of bacteria and the nutrients they need. Breaks down organic waste and reduces sludge volume. Significantly reduces unpleasant odor.


Biodom is a biological product for individual sewer systems that allows you to restore processing processes after the use of chemically active drugs. Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, fats, cellulose and starch. Can be used at low temperatures.


Roetech - restores biological processes, promotes the decomposition of solid fractions, reduces siltation.


One Flush is a universal product that neutralizes soap and phenols. The microorganisms included in the composition, in addition to organic substances, break down cotton and cellulose.

One Flush

Devon-N – destroys unpleasant odors and accelerates the decomposition of organic matter.


Dr. Robik is a simple and effective bioactivator. Decomposes almost any organic matter, as well as fabric, phenols and detergents.

Doctor Robic

Gorynych is a fast-acting binary bioactivator that helps reduce the amount of sludge and promotes the decomposition of fats and organics.


Primus is a liquid product for country toilets, the microorganisms included in the composition contribute to the decomposition of organic substances.


Long-awaited meetings and dates are ahead

Cleaning up shit after animals in a dream, seeing others do it, means a visit from old friends, the return of large sums of money. A dream in which you happened to wipe away cat excrement means the dreamer’s enviable position among his loved ones.

Currently, you are able to help your friends with money, help colleagues with valuable advice, and please your beloved with an expensive gift. It’s especially good if you dreamed of dog, cat, or other pet feces.

Actions in a dream

The interpretation of the dream depends on the events that happened in the toilet:

  • Going to the toilet means problems communicating with colleagues.
  • If you fall into the toilet, you will be slandered and condemned.
  • Cleaning the toilet is a change of workplace.
  • Looking for a toilet on the street means you are dependent on other people’s opinions.
  • Sitting on the toilet means lack of vitality and energy.
  • If you fall into the toilet, you will find yourself in an awkward situation.
  • What does it mean to want to go to the toilet - to feel a need, a lack of something.
  • Building a toilet means building relationships in a team.
  • What it means to clean a toilet is hard work.
  • Going to the toilet means you are being manipulated.
  • Defecating and urinating in the toilet is getting rid of negativity.
  • Walking barefoot in a public toilet means lack of personal opinion.

Get ready to travel

Seeing horse manure and shoveling it in a dream means interesting trips, trips to places where the dreamer has never been before.

Luxurious hotels, a well-deserved vacation, adventures - this is exactly what dreams of cleaning up the shit after our little brothers mean. According to the esoteric dream book, cat and dog poop is a sign of friendly meetings, interesting parties, get-togethers with friends.

Don't let your guard down

Wiping off feces in a dream and getting dirty means the opportunity to earn a lot without making additional efforts. Finally, your loved ones will begin to take you into account. Be careful - the first envious people will immediately appear, intrigues and conspiracies will begin.

The worse the smell of feces that you dreamed about, the more ill-wishers there will be around you. Dream books warn against dishonest partners, jealous soul mates, and envious colleagues.

defecate in public

Sitting on the toilet in front of an audience, for example on stage, is a warning that you need to try to keep your anger and emotions to yourself. Too frequent conflicts can lead to problems in reality, and they will be difficult to solve.

If you see yourself squatting on the toilet, then in real life you will be trying to get rid of aggressive problems. And also such a dream may be evidence that there are problems that cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, only thoughtful actions and adherence to the planned plan can get rid of accumulated troubles.

Seeing your bowel movements in the toilet is a sign that unpleasant situations will occur that will not be so easy to cope with.

If the toilet is dirty or full of crap, then this dream may indicate that at the moment there is an illusion around you that prevents you from looking at life realistically.

Floating faces in the toilet can predict problems when communicating with other people in life.

Dreams on the topic

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