Why do men and women dream of closing windows: meaning from dream books

According to the dream book, closing a window is an extremely ambiguous symbol, the interpretation of which can vary significantly depending on certain details. For this vision, details are extremely important, since they determine the vector of explanation of the dream in relation to both the dreamer himself and his environment. The symbol itself directly acts as an identified image to the inner world of the dreamer himself, as well as to his home. The fact that the sleeping person himself closes the “shutters” means an attempt to isolate himself from the outside world. It is important to determine what exactly caused the sleeper’s experiences, and also to make an attempt to resolve the situation before the vision turns into an obsession.

Symbolism and associative series

According to the dream book, a closed window is a person’s attempt to isolate himself, however, such a conclusion seems too correct and in some cases may be erroneous, since it does not cover the entirety of the associative series of the symbol. Sometimes it is easy to determine one or another message of the subconscious; you just need to substitute the necessary part of the mosaic and complete the picture with your own thoughts. But in this case it is problematic. Everyone puts their own thinking and ideas into everyday things. For some, windows are simply a convenience, while for others they mean much more. The same is true with other images. In the same case, if a person is interested in what closing windows means according to the dream book, he should highlight the received message and then subject it to analysis, comparing it with events in real life.

Why do you dream about a window according to other dream books?

Grishina’s dream book says that a window dreams of change. If you watch the beauty of the sunset from the window of your apartment, be prepared that you will begin to admire life and enjoy it.

If in a dream you see someone looking out the window and waving at you, get ready for pleasant meetings and productive communication, which will end with new acquaintances and new opportunities for you to improve your own life.

Aesop’s dream book says that you dream of a window when it’s time for you to change something in yourself, to look at yourself and your behavior from the outside. Perhaps you were quite harsh with someone, or did not want to give in to someone. Learn to make flexible decisions, ones that will suit everyone and will not lead to a big scandal.

General idea of ​​sleep

According to the dream book, closing windows from the inside is an attempt by the mind to escape from problems in real life and solve everything alone with oneself. This can be understood if a person is tired or mentally exhausted. However, exhibiting this kind of vision is also a rebuke to those who want to decide everything on their own and do not strive to work in a team. Such people mistakenly believe that they can do everything better than anyone else, which is sometimes extremely far from the truth. It is important not only to be able to cope with problems alone, but also to accept help, which can benefit both parties. In this case, the dream book about closing the window “speaks” as a desperate attempt by conscience to appeal to the dreamer, make him more sociable and involve him in relationships with colleagues.

Why do you dream about a window according to Freud’s dream book?

Freud’s dream book says that one dreams of a window as a symbol of readiness for new, completely different relationships. If in a dream you open it and feel a fresh breeze blowing from it, it means that in reality you will be able to spend quite a pleasant time in the company of a man you like, you will be able to finally relax and feel happiness.

If in a dream you notice someone trying to climb into your window, someone will try to interfere in your personal life and you do not need to allow this, try to stop any attempts to influence you. If you make decisions that will become important in your personal life, do not consult anyone about this. Let this be your secret.

Otherwise, your reputation may suffer from other people's speculations and thoughts. In reality, no one will really know anything about you. They will simply talk about the correctness of your life. If you dream that someone is trying to break a window in your apartment, this is an alarming symbol that it is time for you to take care of your own future, since in the present you have obvious difficulties and problems.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she is walking barefoot on shards from a broken window, in reality she will be offended by a loved one and will have a very difficult time coping with it. The dream book advises her to take a closer look at the situation and think about whether she should be nervous.

When the dreamer runs away from problems

Another interpretation of the dream book about closing a window is also a reproach. This time we are talking about a person who not only does not want to solve problems, he is terrified of difficulties and avoids responsibilities in every possible way. Probably, the dreamer was often made comments about his carelessness and outright laziness, but he did not take what he heard seriously or simply ignored the message. After this, the subconscious mind came into play and deliberately “planted” such a strange symbol on the person. Closed windows in this case should be considered primarily as isolation of a person, but not independently, but undertaken by the relatives and friends of the lazy person. Such a sign should be taken very seriously; it is certain that soon the dreamer will lose the support of a loving family and will be abandoned, and therefore it is time to take on his own re-education.

What do such dreams mean in broad daylight?

During the day, a window means a life-saving exit , hope for a successful outcome from the current situation. This dream also means that you yourself are open to all the good that exists in the world around you. Just as daylight pours through a window, goodness from the outside world comes into your own life.

To make sense of the message that your subconscious sends you in this dream, you need to remember the details outside the window. The best thing is a beautiful open landscape, a field, a forest in the distance or the sea coast.

Brick walls, ruins of buildings outside the window are a bad omen. Such a dream means that serious difficulties lie ahead, the collapse of a business, deteriorating health, and so on.

An open window in this case means defenselessness against the troubles that await the dreamer in the outside world. Looking into a dark house through an open window is a risky business, because at the same time a person is looking into the unknown.

Apathy and pessimism

If the interpretation of the dream book about closing windows is not enough, you can turn to Gestalt psychology. It gives window openings the specific meaning of the last escape route, when a person can save his own life at the cost of severe injuries. According to this theory, closed windows can only mean one thing - a conscious avoidance of attempts to solve the situation and find an adequate way out. Such a dreamer can only be advised one thing - to get rid of the obsession about the futility of existence and the injustice of the world, try to find something good in those around him, take a vacation or take care of personal affairs, his own health. For such a person, it is extremely important to love himself, open the windows to life and establish his own contact with the inner world. Otherwise, the dreamer will be on the verge of falling into complete apathy, an abyss of depression from which it is unlikely that he will be able to get out without outside help.

Interpretation of the image of a window in a dream

When a person is immersed in the world of dreams, his consciousness turns off, and he begins to see dreams - encrypted messages from the subconscious. In esoteric practice, sleep is a natural process of connecting to the universal human biofield. Each symbol and phenomenon seen in this state has its own interpretations. The image of a window has several esoteric meanings:

  • Obtaining new secret knowledge;
  • Communication with the outside world;
  • The desire for new discoveries;
  • Receiving news - both good and bad.

To understand what your dream means, pay attention to the following nuances:

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  • The size of the window itself and its sashes;
  • View behind the glass window;
  • Your or other people’s actions in a dream;
  • Condition of window glass, frames and sashes;
  • Window glass color and shade;
  • Is the window closed or open?

It is also advisable to study the interpretations of this symbol in various dream books.

You should open up to your feelings

Freud believed that seeing a window opening in a dream signifies the width of a person’s channel of perception, as well as his prospects in his personal life. According to his dream book, closing the windows in the house is an attempt to show coldness and harshness towards your sexual partner. Such visions often visit girls who feel that their husband is too busy, then the ostentatious rigidity serves as a silent reproach to a man who does not show the proper desire to stabilize the inner world of his beloved. If the dreamer continues to behave excessively arrogantly and isolate himself from his loved one, then this will end first in a scandal, and then in a complete break in the relationship. In order to avoid such a scenario, you should at least learn to share your own thoughts, as well as involve your spouse in a conversation about personal things, otherwise all grievances will pour out into one deep river.

Gender of the dreamer

If a girl tries to close a broken window, this means that suspicions of betrayal await her. If she doesn’t succeed, then in reality she can become a victim of her own stupidity and do a rash act. Running away through an opening symbolizes a futile attempt to escape from impending events. Looking through neighbors' doors indicates a loss of authority from others or failure in personal affairs.

Depending on the actions for a man, dreams can have the following meanings:

  • looking through the window opening speaks of his desire for victory and a quick breakthrough in all matters;
  • reveal - means that the sleeper is very naive and overly trusting;
  • close - to the fulfillment of plans, but with unexpected consequences;
  • to fall - to quick quarrels with close friends and misunderstanding on the part of relatives.

If a child dreams of this image, then this symbolizes his perception of the world around him. When the window is open, this indicates strong gullibility and excessive naivety. Closing the doors means secrecy and self-doubt.

Broken life and hopes

According to the family dream book, closing the windows of a house from the inside means admitting your own powerlessness. Presumably, the person made an attempt to move forward on the career ladder or decided to change his field of activity, after which he encountered a number of problems, some of which were very difficult. It seems to him that life is over, and further attempts to bring his own “I” to a qualitatively new level are initially doomed to failure. Windows closed from the inside in this case are an attempt by the dreamer to convince himself that he, in fact, is at a dead end and is no longer capable of active action. In fact, a person should trust himself more and try to intensify his own efforts even for small or insignificant success. Otherwise, the dreamer will not only be depressed, but will also completely refuse to try himself in further aspirations.

Miller's opinion

Seeing a window in your night dreams foreshadows the inevitable end of your plans. The sleeper will face hopelessness and a feeling of despair, because all endeavors will be fruitless.

Depending on the nuances, this dream can have the following meanings:

  1. Closing the windows tightly symbolizes loneliness and a feeling of abandonment. When they are broken, the dreamer faces suspicions of adultery.
  2. Seeing yourself at the door means you should beware of reckless actions, because you will become a victim of your own stupidity or thoughtlessness.
  3. Trying to get into the home through a closed window - the sleeper’s attempts to hide the use of ugly means when achieving a personal goal will be exposed.
  4. Escape through such a window promises inevitable troubles that will quickly crush all plans.

Looking into a neighbor's house while passing by and finding strange objects there foretells the dreamer of failure in his professional activities. He will lose the hard-earned reputation for which he risked so much.

The wind of change is worth waiting out

According to the dream book, closing the window from a strong wind is a sign of escape. In this case, we are talking about a warning regarding the near future. It is necessary to make a decision as soon as possible on the fact of impending changes and take into account the fact that the subconscious itself directly opposes the active participation of the dreamer. It is quite possible that he is simply afraid of too drastic changes, and therefore tries to justify his inaction with “signs”, but it is still worth double-checking all the facts, if only for the sake of his own peace of mind.

Closed windows in this case are a barrier, protecting the dreamer from an impending disaster, which, one can be sure, will nevertheless come, and the only question is how severe the sleeper’s losses will be. It is extremely important to correctly interpret the sign received. You should not be afraid of change as such, but you should approach every innovation with a healthy dose of uncertainty and caution. According to the dream book, closing the window from rain has a similar interpretation. But in this case, the changes will be sad, and moisture from the sky should be associated with tears.

What does the image of a window mean in dreams?

The window symbol in dreams is interpreted in different ways:

  • This is a sign of the dreamer’s openness, that he calmly lets new information from the world around him into his consciousness, has a flexible system of views and values, and is open to new people. An open window, like an open door, is a sign of friendliness and hospitality, sociability, a desire to communicate with the world and people; a window is always bright light, fresh air and fresh thoughts;
  • An open window can also be a sign of vulnerability to the negative influence of the outside world. After all, not everyone around you is well disposed. If you dream of an open window, the dreamer is subject to outside influence and manipulation; perhaps someone is already trying to get into his life, just as a thief or robber manages to get into a house without going through the door. Therefore, it is worth considering whether the dreamer is opening the doors of his own soul too wide. Perhaps you need to be less trusting and treat others with some caution;
  • Also, an open window is a source of clean air, and can act as a symbol of the desire to cleanse oneself, to relieve oneself of some guilt for actions committed in the past;
  • There is a fourth interpretation of the window symbol - it is an emergency exit, which is used when it is impossible to escape through the door. Therefore, a dream with an open window may mean that the dreamer feels backed into a corner and passionately wants to find a way out of the current situation.

Too bright relationships

According to the dream book, covering windows with curtains is a sign whose interpretation is very ambiguous. In fact, it means that subconsciously a person does not want to continue the current relationship; it blinds and suppresses him. It is quite possible that he consciously does not admit this, because he does not want to offend his partner with his suspicions, but you can’t fool your conscience. In this case, we can only recommend one thing - you should thoroughly understand yourself, try to talk with your loved one, explain to him the reason for your bad mood, after which everything will work out or not. In any case, the situation will not remain in a state of stagnation, which in itself is good.

As you can see, there are many options for interpreting dreams with closed windows, and everyone decides for themselves whether to believe them or not. The main thing is to remember that such signs hardly appear out of nowhere, and to devote a little time to analyzing your own “I”.

Why do you dream about a window according to the Esoteric Dream Book?

The Esoteric Dream Book says that you dream of a window when you really want new directions in life, when you want to see exactly those prospects that you have long dreamed of and planned.

If in a dream the windows are covered with dark curtains, you should not act actively yet. Stay in the shadow of events and do not force them. Don't blame other people for your problems and don't look for anything special in ordinary problems.

Let the secret remain secret. If you dream that the windows are curtained with light curtains, be prepared for pleasant upheavals in life, pleasant changes. They will literally burst into your life and make you believe in a bright future.

If you have curtains with patterns on your windows, your life will be varied and filled with hidden meaning, which one you decide. You can fill your life with various pleasant moments that you will remember for a long time.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she is climbing out of a window onto the street, in reality she will try to avoid troubles by simply running away from them. But this is not always right, sometimes you just need to stop and think about everything that is happening to you.

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