Let's look at what it means to dream of being someone's lover or wife according to the interpretation of popular dream books.

Fortune telling in the name of the future wife... Oddly enough, there are still people who firmly believe that only girls or women resort to fortune telling. We hasten to dispel this myth and tell you about fortune telling, which men have resorted to at least once in their lives.

From our article you will learn:

  • An extremely simple fortune telling for your future wife
  • How to find out the name of your future wife after seeing a dream
  • Additional methods of fortune telling for the name of the future wife

Today we will tell you how to dispel your own doubts about the name of your future wife. Both girls and boys want to know the name of their sweetheart, the name of the one (or she) who will be nearby.

Fortune telling for wife

Fortune telling about a lover is gaining popularity not only among women. A man wants to know the name of his betrothed in order to reduce the number of contenders for his heart. To find out your wife's name, you need to use different methods.

For example, in the Middle Ages the following ritual was widely known:

  • You need to put a large container of water and put an apple next to it.
  • The guy must cut off part of the peel and throw it into the water.
  • The water is mixed.
  • The container must be left alone until the liquid stops moving.
  • After this, you can consider which letter shape the peel is in.

This process limits the final result, since the trim may take the shape of some vowels or consonants.

You can tell fortunes on Christmas Eve and Christmastide. The ritual is simple. Go outside, listen. Whichever name is heard first in the silence is what the spouse will be called.

Another method. Names are written on paper. The leaves are dropped into the container. They mix. A man with his eyes closed must pull out a piece of paper with the girl's name - this will be his clue about his betrothed.

In addition, you can find out the name by date of birth or rely on fortune telling using a table. This can even be done online; in this case, a person intuitively selects a number from one to one hundred, clicks on it with the mouse, after which the number disappears, and the name of the future spouse appears in its place.

It is worth noting that there are more serious rituals. They are intended for those who already have some magical experience. For example, fortune telling with Tarot cards. Some people are so desperate that they call on the dead to help, through a certain ritual, or call on a spirit who will reveal the secret of their spouse’s name. But people who have experience in this strongly do not recommend doing this - it has strong negative consequences, that is, you should not sacrifice your well-being and health for the sake of curiosity.

A conspiracy to dream about your future husband

Our thoughts and the reality that we live every second, and even scenes from the distant future can be projected in dreams

The scale of the Universe is such that the present and the future are inseparable. You can program a future dream by reading the plot

To the cards

  • Take cards that were last played at least a year ago. Draw kings from the deck. Place it under the pillow, saying the following words: “as night falls on the earth, as the sun moves behind the mountains, so you, my named husband, appear in my dream, show yourself in color.”

When you wake up in the morning, without looking, draw the first card you come across

  • The king of spades
    means a rich but wayward groom
  • The king-cross
    judges a loving husband, with whom, however, the girl will shed many tears
  • King of Hearts
    means a happy marriage
  • The King of Diamonds
    promises a marriage with quarrels and omissions

Card reading

If it is difficult for a girl to remember who she dreamed about, then the ritual can be repeated. But if the dream was unpleasant, then it’s better to just forget about it

For bread

  • If a girl wants to get a better look at her chosen one, then a piece of bread and a note under the pillow with the following text will help: “I leave a piece of bread under the pillow for you, my betrothed, come, treat yourself, appear to me with your face.”
  • A girl should lie down to sleep with her hair down


  • A girl can see her groom in a dream if she places a deep plate filled with water under the bed.
  • On the plate you should build something like a bridge from a wooden plank or ruler
  • Before going to bed, say the following words on a plate of water: “my betrothed and mummer, come to me, take me across the bridge.”
  • The future groom will come to the rescue in a dream and help him cross the bridge

A conspiracy to help you see your husband in a dream

How to see your future wife in a dream

Experts in the field of magic believe that a person has all the information about his own destiny, only such information is located in the subconscious, which is difficult to access. If a man has not developed such skills, then it will be difficult for him to recognize his future wife in this way, but there are people who can do this and help others open their subconscious. Such practices are very popular to this day.

A dream is a separate world where a person’s subconscious moves freely. It is in a state of sleep that one can see the future. Often, before falling asleep, you need to perform a certain ritual. While in a dream, a person can not only see the image of the hidden person, but also hear her timbre of voice.

Fortune telling in the name of the future wife is performed on the full moon. You need to light a candle in front of the window and say: “Prophesied to me by fate, appear before my eyes.”

Then go to bed. Before going to bed, you can’t imagine in your head the image of a woman you would like to see. Then the person will have a vision in which there will be an imaginary girl. It is necessary to stop the flow of thoughts and prepare for the fact that Higher powers will direct information through sleep.

The next morning you need to make every effort to remember what you saw in your dream. It’s best not to touch your head for a while, so the information can stay in your consciousness longer.

Other free methods

Fortune telling will help someone who has several favorites in their own heart. You need to take the appropriate number of bulbs and write for each woman's name. Place in a container with water. The bulb that sprouts first will answer the initial question.

Such magical rituals in the name of the betrothed will help not only to find out the name, but also to see her appearance. Such rituals are not a postulate, since a person has the power to change his own destiny.

The most common option is fortune telling at Christmas. To do this, you need to go out into the street at midnight and ask the first woman or girl passing by what her name is. If the lady doesn’t get scared and doesn’t hit the fortuneteller over the head with her handbag, then you can get the name of your bride. Although, such an acquaintance could also lead to marriage, which would be very funny. This method is time-tested and works for both girls and guys.

Author of the article: Nikolay Kostyuk. Expert in the field of esotericism and world culture, candidate of philosophical sciences. Email to contact the author

It's hard to believe, but I saw my future wife in a dream

Voronezh, February 14 – AiF-Chernozemye

This beautiful couple amazes with their optimism and radiant smiles. The love with which they look at each other is transmitted to anyone who sees these happy lovers. In honor of Valentine's Day, AiF-Chernozemye will tell one of the most sincere and romantic love stories that happened in Voronezh these days.

“I understand - this is mine!”

The story of their acquaintance begins on the global network. Dima and Marina started communicating via the Internet about their studies (both graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VSU). Over the course of some time, they began to notice that they were interested in discussing things together and chatting for hours.

Dima immediately realized that Marina was a girl with whom there was something to talk about:

“I immediately realized that Marina is not a stupid girl who is only interested in shopping and entertainment. We could talk for hours, and I would tell her absolutely everything, even things that I couldn’t tell anyone else. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend.

Fortune telling for the future wife

Not only women want to know what their betrothed's name will be. Fortune telling in the name of the chosen one is very common, perhaps in this way people want to limit the number of applicants for the title of future soul mate. In order to find out what your chosen one will be called, you can use various methods.

For example, in the Middle Ages one ritual was common - a large vat of water and an apple were taken. Using a knife, the guy needed to cut off a piece of peel and throw it into a vat of water.

After this, the liquid was stirred and, after it had calmed down, they watched to see what shape the peel would take. Of course, in this case the result was very limited, since the peel could mainly take the form of only some vowels and consonants.

You can find out the name of your betrothed using old fortune telling, which was carried out at Christmas and Christmastide. To do this, you had to go out into the street exactly at midnight and listen. The first name you hear will be your lover's name.

There is another fairly simple way. When carrying out this fortune telling, it is advisable to take the help of friends. Women's names are written on various pieces of paper, after which they are all mixed in a vessel. Now the leader’s task is to give each participant in the ritual a vessel so that, with his eyes closed, he takes out a piece of paper on which the name of his future wife will be written.

There are also more complex methods that are suitable for experienced magicians. You can take advantage of the help of your deceased relatives by performing a special ceremony and ask them everything personally. You can also take advantage of a spiritualistic session and call a spirit who may reveal this secret to you.

A few more ways

Oddly enough, men do fortune telling not only in Russia or Ukraine. They even guess very well abroad. In some countries, men plant tulip bulbs (each bulb is pre-signed). And then they watch which of the flower bulbs will be the first to show its sprout.

Guys also tell fortunes with the help of their friends. To do this, the fortuneteller is blindfolded and then placed in a circle formed from friends (can also include girlfriends). The fortuneteller needs to turn clockwise several times. Then the person stops and touches the first person he comes across with his hand. The one who is touched says the female name that came to his mind.

This type of fortune telling is very popular. On the one hand, it helps to have a fun and pleasant time, and on the other, this living Oracle is very truthful. Many noted that such a prediction (from the lips of friends) works great.

How to find out the name of your future wife in a dream?

Some magicians believe that a person actually already knows everything that will happen to him.
Only, unfortunately, this information is stored in our subconscious, and in order to obtain it, you just need to try a little. Therefore, it is not in vain that sleep is used to carry out various rituals. Quite often, in order to find out the name of a certain person, you need to perform the necessary ritual before going to bed, and you will see this person at night or even be able to hear it. And to find out the name of your future wife, you can also use this old proven method.

The ritual is performed only on the full moon. First, you will need to light a candle on the windowsill and say:

My betrothed, destined by fate, come to me.

After this, go straight to bed. An important condition: you don’t need to visualize the image of the girl you want to see before going to bed. In this case, you will not have a prophetic dream, but the girl you were thinking about. Try to drive away all thoughts and get ready to receive information that will be sent by the Higher Powers.

In the morning, try to remember everything you saw at night. In order not to forget the information received, try not to touch your head at first. Some people believe that if you touch your forehead or temple immediately after waking up, everything you saw in your dream will be forgotten.

See yourself as the president's wife

Quite an unusual dream, isn't it? And, it turns out, it doesn’t promise anything good. For the most part, seeing the president in a dream means trouble .

The newest dream book. Not the best sign. Obstacles await you, health problems are possible.

Esoteric dream book. If it was an unfamiliar president, expect unusual, interesting information. If you recognize the president, this is a sign that you should be more careful with your health, especially with your nervous system.

Dream book of Tsvetkov. An unfavorable sign - possible severe disappointment , problems.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse. Being the president's wife in a dream means disappointment, trouble. Miller's Dream Book - you set too difficult tasks for yourself in life. Try to lower your demands on yourself and others a little.

Additional Methods

This kind of fortune telling is very common in Norway.
It helps not only to find out the name of the future wife, but also a little about life together. It is held on Christmas Eve. Blindfolded, the fortuneteller is seated at a table in a room, on which glasses of beer, milk and water are placed. After this, the fortuneteller's eyes are untied, and he casts a spell. In Russian interpretation it will sound like this:

Everyone else must leave the room and lock the door. After some time, judging by the legend, the house will begin to shake. This suggests that the betrothed is already moving towards your home. If you believe this ritual, then soon a girl will appear in the middle of the room. She will look exactly like your future wife. The girl will take a glass and drink the liquid. After which it will instantly disappear.

While she drinks, you have the opportunity to ask the first letter of her name. The ghost will not be able to refuse you and will call her. Also pay attention to which glass the ghost drank from.

  • If beer , then you will not have problems with finances, you will live in abundance and understanding.
  • If you have milk , then you won’t become fortune’s darling, but you will have enough money to live on.
  • If there is water , then life will be poor.

What to do to make your betrothed dream

A girl can dream of finding out who she is destined to marry, starting from her youth.
There are many different ways to do this, but many of them can lead to unpleasant consequences for your life. For some people, visions of fate come on their own, without fortune telling, conspiracies or other mysticism. The main age is 12–16 years, when a girl can see her future husband in a dream.

It happens that such stories come to parents, mother, older sister and even a friend if you have a sincere and trusting relationship with her. Here are several ways to see your betrothed in a dream.

What will Miller say?

Here is how the dream book of the American psychologist Gustav Miller deciphers what the ex-husband’s new wife dreams about:

  • she asked for help - you doubt your feelings for your current chosen one;
  • it was your friend - to a quarrel with her;
  • it was a gay guy - to disappointment in someone;
  • seeing your boss as your ex’s new passion means a change in your career;
  • she asked to return to her now husband - wait a while with the implementation of your ideas.

Christmas fortune telling and conspiracies

This is the time when the heavens open and you can see your destiny. Especially in the year when you are destined to get married.

However, even a girl, starting from the appearance of her first menstruation or a few days before its onset, can have a dream in which there will be a future lover or a hint of how and when she will get married.

Usually, in order to dream about your betrothed, you just need to put a mirror under your pillow and make a wish about what will happen. A girl can see a young man in a dream, who will later become her husband.

The betrothed may dream, and if you put an empty plate under the bed with the words: “Darling, darling, come and have some pancakes.” If you see in a dream that a certain young man was eating pancakes, it means that he is your future spouse.

However, there is another proven way to see your destiny. To do this, you will need a cup of clean water that no one has drunk from, a straw or a pen.

The cup is placed under the bed and any elongated wooden object is placed on top with the words: “Betrothed, extend your hand to me, take me across the river.” If you see in a dream that a young man is helping you cross the bridge, it means that he will be your future spouse.

And on New Year's Eve you need to put a toy from the Christmas tree (not made of glass) under your pillow with the words “Betrothed, make my wish come true, appear, hang the toy on the Christmas tree.”

If you dream that a young man is decorating a New Year tree or simply giving you a gift, then you will marry him.

What else can a prophetic dream tell you about marriage?

It happens that a girl, making a wish about her boyfriend, sees a dream in which the face of her loved one is not present or something happens that is not related to your question.

For example, you find yourself in an unfamiliar city, see a person's name written on glass, or something else. Do not rush to get upset - it is possible that higher powers are showing exactly how and where your acquaintance will happen or what will affect your marriage.

It happens that you see a piece of the future that will significantly affect your personal life. For example, you will meet your betrothed on the road, in another city or somewhere else. Or your life together will involve constant travel and changing your place of residence.

It happens that in a dream you see a declaration of love, sex scenes or something else. The dream book writes that all visions that seem to you to be unrelated to marriage must be interpreted. They provide important information about your personal life.

How can you get your loved one, whom you don’t know yet, to show their face? You should not do this on purpose, since information obtained unnaturally may point to your friend or even a celebrity. You shouldn't believe such pictures.

It is better to wait for the prophetic dream to appear in your life. Modern books indicate that very soon you will see your boyfriend if, after making a wish on him, you switch to your usual activities for a while.

Then your loved one will appear to you during your night's rest.

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