Why do you dream of Sadness: interpretation in various dream books

Why might you dream of sadness? the dream book interprets this vision in two ways. A dream in which you are sad can promise you both joy and sadness. Most likely, in real life a person experiences real experiences. According to others, sadness in a dream means the presence of real health problems, as well as upcoming fun and joyful moments in life.

Did you dream of sadness? There is no unambiguous interpretation of the dream; it all depends on who was sad in your dream.

How do you feel?

Did you dream that you fell into hopeless melancholy at night? Loff's dream book believes that the same state will continue during waking hours.

You probably have a presentiment of something tragic, or you are simply not satisfied with your own existence.

Sometimes sadness indicates future health problems, but more often it predicts joy in reality. Seeing other characters sad can lead to trouble.

Such a variety of predictions

Why do you dream that there are sad faces around, that literally everyone is sad? You will be able to achieve a high social status and occupy a prominent position in society.

I dreamed of mourning

To be sad that your loved one or relative has died means that you actually risk getting very sick; take care of your health.

Do you see your departure, and your relatives and friends miss you? You will realize that you acted selfishly, and you will begin to develop useful qualities.

Detailed transcript

If in a dream you met a sad person, then remember his personality or at least his gender.

  • A sad girl means trouble in the house.
  • Guy - a new relationship will bring a lot of experiences.
  • Husband/wife – failure of plans.
  • Child - frivolous actions will lead to trouble.
  • Animal – unrealizable dreams/unexpected success.

Seeing a person sad

Dream Interpretation Seeing a person sad dreamed, why do you dream about Seeing a person sad? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a person sad in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

You take a mirror that belongs to another person - the birth of a noble offspring.

A noble noble person is hiding - to recovery.

A noble man leaves on a horse - clarity in official matters.

A sick person climbing onto a cart portends a great misfortune.

A sick person alternately cries and laughs - portends recovery.

A sick person singing songs portends great misfortune.

Seeing the reflection of another person in the mirror is a sign of trouble with your wife or lover.

Seeing a person being killed is a great happiness.

Seeing another person or yourself dead is fortunate.

Seeing a person reading a book means a noble offspring will be born.

To see a noble person coming - misfortune will pass you by.

If you return money to a person, you will get rid of the disease.

Talking to a bad person, a villain - there will be a quarrel.

If you give a person some clothes, official matters will arise, there will be illness, illness, grief.

If you give a person a longitudinal flute, it portends fame and glory.

Another person gives a brush - portends the advancement of talent.

Another person holding your mirror in his hands portends misfortune with his wife.

Another person plays musical instruments - you will be found to be right in court proceedings or litigation.

Another person supports a bedridden patient - a promotion.

Another person shoots at you - the arrival of a traveler.

The smell of rot, carrion from a burning person, portends happiness.

A snake or dragon kills a person - portends a great misfortune.

A snake bites a person - portends the acquisition of great wealth.

A snake follows a man - speaks of his wife’s betrayal.

A noble person gives out clothes and hats to people - fortunately.

A rat bites a person’s clothes - you will achieve what you were striving for.

Bite a person - portends loss.

Eating honey with a person portends happiness and benefits.

A dead person eats - portends illness.

Stabbing a person repeatedly with a knife is joy and benefit.

Giving a person an umbrella means breaking up with that person.

Moving to a new house owned by another person is fortunate.

You buy a house from a person in a rural area - moving due to a change of duty station.

Receiving paper money from a person is a great happiness.

Entrusting a person to handle your business is a great misfortune.

Invite a person to enter a government institution - drink and food.

If you accept simple clothes made of hemp fabric from another person, it will bring bad luck.

A noble person comes - misfortune will pass you by.

Sword fighting with a person portends great luck and benefit.

Arguing with a person is fortunate.

If you shoot at a person yourself, it foreshadows a long trip.

Grief and tears about a person from afar foreshadow misfortune.

Dreaming of a man who is learning to write - great wealth, nobility.

Killing another person portends wealth and nobility.

A person tells you about death - portends longevity.

A person says things that are very pleasant for you - misfortune, grief is approaching.

A person gives you a big bucket - a benefit.

A person gives a broom or a broom - portends getting a place in the service.

A person gives you a comb or a comb - you get a wife or a concubine.

A man gives three swords - you will become the head of the district, the governor.

A person gives a bow or crossbow - outside help.

A person calling you from the street portends misfortune.

A man pricks himself with a bamboo stick - happiness, prosperity, good luck.

A man catching a fish indicates good luck.

A person cries, baring his teeth - there will be rivalry, litigation.

A person invites you to drink wine - longevity.

A man with a severed head comes towards you - much to your happiness.

A person puts you in a very awkward position, you experience humiliation - you will gain wealth.

A man kicks you - acquisition of wealth

A stranger hits you - gaining strength.

A person humiliates you - wealth.

A person who reads a book will be born a noble offspring.

Human speech comes from the well - there will be joyful events.

A man sitting on a high rock means that in the distant future a great event will happen to the dreamer that will radically change his life.

Well-deserved fame!

Did you dream that sadness literally swallowed up everyone around you and you only notice sad faces around you? The Wanderer's Dream Book prophesies unprecedented success, fame and well-deserved honors.

If you dreamed that you experienced deep sadness upon learning of the death of a relative, you will soon become ill or be disappointed.

In your dream, did your friends become sad after you left? In the very near future, you will be able to get rid of personal egoism and develop more sublime qualities in yourself.

Sadness and longing in a dream

In fact, if you consider why a sad person dreams or about being sad yourself, then you can find quite a lot of predictions. They are varied, so you should also rely on your intuition.

Opinion of esotericist Tsvetkov

If you dream about people being sad, it means someone is interfering in your life.

Seeing sadness on a friend’s face means that in reality he will not really agree with your plans and will begin to adjust them at his own discretion.

The dream book advises remembering the details of the dream:

Sad in a dream

  • to be sad yourself means joy in the family, pleasant events;
  • your loved one is far away, and you are sad about this - you will soon receive news;
  • when a person is in reality away from home, and in a dream he begins to feel sad for his home, then in reality the planned trip will be disrupted;
  • being sad with your boyfriend, who is in reality next to you, means separation;
  • a sad loved one means that you will definitely get married;
  • to see your late father in sadness - you should reconsider your behavior, the dream book believes that you are doing the wrong thing, doing something that your father would not approve of;
  • your little daughter is sad in your dreams - be careful, a misfortune may happen to you.

Opinions of interpreters

Seeing a sad daughter in a dream

Whatever interpretation you read about why this or that plot is dreamed of, remember that only you have the power to decide whether to let negativity into your life. Dream interpreters often say: you should think only in a positive direction, then the interpretation of your dream will improve.

Interpreter of the Wanderer

Why do you dream of being sad? The accompanying symbols from the dream will be able to tell you whether you will really be sad or whether you will have fun from the heart.

Summer interpreter

Are you sad and sad in your sleep for no apparent reason? This means that such night vision is considered positive. Changes for the better are coming, soon your life will sparkle with new colors.

Spring interpreter

If you dreamed that you were depressed, in reality you will have a fun time.

Dreaming of a sad man

In your dream, a sad man or a sad woman means in reality you had high hopes for the success of something. The interpreter believes that disappointment awaits you.

In night vision, being sad for no reason is not good; a certain person will completely confuse your plans.

Sad people mean that circumstances will be against you. For people in love, such a dream symbolizes separation.

Interpreter Hasse

In the night vision it was sad - soon life will get better. Hasse believed that you would have someone who would help you.

You see your ex-boyfriend in a night vision, are you very sad and suddenly laugh joyfully? Such a vision suggests that the favorable period for you will soon end. Now you will indulge in sadness, but in reality.

Comforting a sad person in a dream

If you try to console sad people, your strength will fail you and you will fall into a state of depression.

According to this dream book, a beloved man, as well as a close woman, dreams of sadness if in reality you will have to deal with other people’s troubles for a long time.

If you see the sad faces of guests at a wedding, you will begin to organize a wake in the foreseeable future.

Miller's interpretation

Gustav Miller believes that being sad in a dream means getting into serious trouble in real life. There were also sad faces nearby - soon all the negative events will pass, life will get better.


Did you dream about a book that plunged you into a path of sadness? In real life, you will worry about other people more than yourself.

In a dream, did some event plunge you into painful thoughts? This means that a completely successful business will suddenly find itself on the verge of failure.

Did you dream that you heard a sad melody? In reality, get ready for extremely tedious and boring work.

Sad man familiar

Dream Interpretation Sad person familiar dreamed of why in a dream a Sad person familiar? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a sad person you know in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A dream about acquaintances whom you see in a dream usually carries information about events or news that are closely related to your everyday life.

An unexpected meeting or a chance conversation with them that surprises you in a dream, in reality means unexpected news and an unexpected turn in the relationship. Whatever impression you have about the meeting in a dream, so it will be in life. Quarreling with them in a dream means harm and experiences that will have a detrimental effect on your health.

A lively conversation with a familiar person in a dream is a sign that your business, thanks to this person, will go uphill.

A rude conversation with an acquaintance in a dream is a harbinger of obstacles in business and a breakdown in relationships.

Feeling awkward when meeting friends in a dream means that your deception will be revealed.

Trying to get to friends in a dream foretells that you will have to endure a lot of suffering and humiliation in order to achieve their level of well-being and equal their status.

If you dream that someone you know with whom you are in a quarrel is friendly towards you, then beware of a conspiracy against you for selfish purposes.

Seeing your friend handsome in a dream is a sign that he thinks badly of you and will denigrate you anywhere, trying to damage your reputation.

A dream in which you start a conversation with an acquaintance, having accidentally met him on the street, foreshadows the successful progress of industrial affairs, but unsatisfactory progress in your personal life.

Arguing with friends in a raised voice foreshadows about the same thing in reality.

Avoiding in a dream meeting with acquaintances to whom you owe a considerable amount of money means that in reality you will be drawn into some kind of scam, from which it will be very difficult to get out of it with an unblemished reputation.

To be invited to visit and see many of your acquaintances there, but not be able to talk to any of them - in reality, your path to true love will be long and winding, but will justify all the efforts expended on it.

To meet in a dream an acquaintance whom you know as a stingy and petty person, and to be surprised by his kindness and generosity shown in a dream - this portends you joyful discoveries in the people around you who will give you love and respect.

If in a dream you find out that your friend was raped, in reality, hurry to your friends in trouble.

Hearing a familiar voice calling you for help in a dream means illness in real life of the one who called you.

Getting to know someone you already know means that you will soon get to know this person from a new side. This will be a complete discovery for you, because you did not even suspect that a person has such traits, although it is quite difficult to deceive or mislead you.

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