Why do beautiful girls dream: deciphering dreams, depending on the day of the week, comments from astrologers

People are almost always present in our dreams. These could be friends, relatives or strangers whom we accidentally encountered on the subway or bus. Many people do not take such night dreams seriously. Although experts who study dreams are convinced that a specific plot can reveal the secrets of the dreamer’s subconscious or even predict his fate. Does our reader know why beautiful girls dream? Perhaps the charming person is not as harmless as she seems? Or does her appearance foreshadow various life difficulties?

You can guess endlessly, but it is better to read the material presented below. After all, it contains the most complete and detailed information on the topic of interest.

When a night dream does not need interpretation

People often have prophetic dreams. However, not every vision can be classified as such. Weeding out unnecessary ones will not be difficult, and below you will learn how to do this. Let us immediately note that a dream, the plot of which reflects the events that happened to the dreamer the day before, is pointless to investigate. It is only a projection of reality, processed information received during the day. There is also no need to interpret the vision formed on the basis of the plot of a book, film, or game. And the topic of conversations with relatives and friends that you dreamed about at night will not be a prophetic dream. If you dream of a beautiful girl, you need to turn to dream books only if the vision arose spontaneously. That is, if a person did not think about the person he saw or saw her for the first time, we can assume that the information was sent by higher powers.

Number and age of women

Initially, you should try to remember how old the women in your dream were. Eg:

  • More girls, teenagers - to good news, joy among the family members of the sleeping person.
  • Adult girls - to new feelings, experiences, emotions.
  • Grandmothers - to commit an act that will make you think, to receive wise advice.

It is equally important to remember the number of ladies in the dream. If there were less than ten of them - to omissions in the family or team, more than ten - to severe shock and thoughts, thoughts about something specific. Countless - to some unexpected and important event, an incident that will shock many people, including those surrounded by a sleeping person.

How to determine the correct interpretation

Experienced somnologists interpret various visions after having a long conversation with the person. After all, we are all different and, accordingly, each dream is built under the influence of the feelings and emotions of a particular person. It is impossible to create an absolutely correct unified system of interpretations. For some, the interpretation of what a beautiful blonde girl dreams about may promise joy, but for others, it’s the opposite. Although it is believed that hair color determines the nature of future changes:

  • light - expect good things;
  • dark - busy period;
  • redheads - sexual adventures.

In addition, experts often note that what is much more important is not the general plot or the main idea of ​​a night dream, but small, insignificant details. Therefore, the information presented below is aimed at encouraging the reader to independently analyze his sleep. After all, no one can know a person better than himself. This means that, if desired and with due diligence, everyone can become their own psychologist and dream interpreter.

A picture formed by the subconscious

According to research by eminent psychologists, men most often see representatives of their own sex in their dreams. While not only women, but also men come to beautiful ladies in their night dreams. When talking about why beautiful girls dream, experts often mention that a dream can tell a lot about a person’s inner world. For example, many women suffering from an inferiority complex see in their night dreams beautiful people who differ from them in their ideal appearance. Esotericists sometimes interpret such visions as memories of a past life. However, experienced psychologists are convinced that this is only a transformation of the dreamer’s desires. Men who meet a wondrous stranger in their dreams are also sometimes assessed by psychology. Moreover, various scenes involving a beautiful woman or girl can be seen by self-confident macho men who are not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. Or modest and shy guys, who are most often called nerds in conversations. In both cases, we can talk about a certain obsession of the male sex with the female.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about a woman. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessing the feasibility of a dream on January 27, 2022

, according to the website Gadalkin House.
Today is Thursday, the Waning 4th quarter from January 25 16:42, the Night Sun entered the 1st house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table
. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week:
Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day:
25 Lunar day. Today is the day of prophetic dreams. Much of what you saw this night may come true in real life in the next lunar month. It’s more difficult with those dreams that you don’t want to come true. To avoid such a dream coming true, wash your face with cold water and whisper “The water has flown and the dream has gone.”
Moon in sign:
Sagittarius (29°32'1″);
Sagittarius - in the case of dream interpretation, symbolizes the progress of relationships, the achievement of goals and a successful combination of circumstances. If you have come across something similar among the interpretations, take note.
Waning 4th quarter
Waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or active actions are required from you, put things off until the period of the waxing moon.

If a young guy has a dream

Sometimes there is no need to study a lot of literature in search of an answer to the question of why beautiful girls dream. The dream does not tell about future events, does not signify an upcoming meeting with an amazing beauty. It simply reflects the thoughts and feelings of the dreamer. By the way, during puberty, young people often see beautiful girls in their dreams. Moreover, the persons can be either acquaintances or not; even celebrities meet. Therefore, before studying the interpretation of any dream, it is important to have a conversation with yourself to understand your feelings. If a man has been single for a long time and dreams of starting a family with a good woman, his thoughts can transform into a dream. However, one should not hope that it will come true. Such a vision is not considered prophetic.

What portends the appearance of a beautiful maiden in a dream

Many eminent psychologists have been involved in the interpretation of dreams. The most respected among them are Gustav Miller, Sigmund Freud and Vanga. In their works they also talk about what a very beautiful girl dreams about. In their opinion, the appearance of a beauty in a dream foreshadows only good changes. Moreover, the young lady promises surprise, surprise or great joy. An expensively dressed young lady or hung with precious materials and stones promises an improvement in her financial condition. If the girl showed aggression, it means that the night dream warns of some pressure on the dreamer or indicates his restraint. A pleasant and sociable beauty suggests that great and sincere love will soon enter a person’s life. Perhaps he will meet a person with whom he wants to start a family.

Sigmund Freud, wondering what beautiful girls dream about, came to the conclusion that the vision foreshadows some kind of pleasure, not necessarily of a sexual nature. For men, a young lady in a dream is a true standard of the most secret erotic fantasies. For a woman, she personifies the image of a rival. For this reason, it is important to try to remember whether the beauty from the dream was your friend.

If you dream of a married woman or girl

Various beautiful people can come to night dreams, and this also affects the interpretation. For example, if a young and beautiful married lady was present in the vision, this means that the dreamer will receive good news. If you see a friend in your dream, the news will come from someone close. An upset or offended beautiful maiden personifies rivals, competitors, ill-wishers and enemies. And the dream foreshadows their complete defeat. In addition, it is interesting that a married young lady getting ready for bed promises both a man and a woman a quick wedding and the creation of a strong family. But if the girl from the dream was preparing a certain dish or drink, you should check your stomach and intestines. It is possible that these organs are malfunctioning, and this can provoke a serious illness. Why do you dream of an unfamiliar beautiful girl calling for you, according to Gustav Miller’s dream book. According to the eminent somnologist, such a vision promises large financial losses. If the dreamer agreed to go on a journey with the lady, it means that a misfortune may happen to him.

If you saw a young lady

Experts who study dreams agree that a young lady in men's dreams represents their secret sexual desire. The image of a skimpily dressed beauty with whom there was sexual contact should be especially alarming. After all, it indicates the dreamer’s subconscious dissatisfaction. When a similar plot appears in the dream of a single person, it is worth remembering the girl from the dream. If this is a friend, try to get closer to her. It is quite possible that fate predicts that she will be her future wife. But for a married man, such a vision promises family conflicts and problems at work. This is not surprising, since Sigmund Freud said that people are driven by desires. When they overshadow real life, a person falls out of reality. As a result, his affairs are gradually getting worse. Thus, a married man can be explained very briefly why he dreams of a young beautiful girl. A night dream is a hint from the subconscious that something needs to be changed in your life. Either your spouse, or your thoughts and views.

Other details

In a dream, you should pay attention to other related details. For example, some event occurred - a snowstorm, a volcanic eruption, an accident, and so on. In this case, you need to make an interpretation in a different way, first of all taking into account the main storyline. After all, the dream book interprets many women indoors depending on the environment.

You should also pay attention to smaller nuances - objects in the girls’ hands, their clothes, things around. If you remember something unusual, then you should also look for an interpretation regarding this in the dream book.

Pregnant beautiful lady

In some night dreams, a young lady may appear not alone, but with a child in her womb. Then the meaning of the dream indicates that the person is yearning for the past. This is especially true if an adult or elderly person saw a night dream. Subconscious nostalgia for the old days can be transformed into a cute story. Moreover, if there was a young lady in the dream, it means that the dreamer will soon be pleased by the children with the news that they will have a baby. And if an adult, the vision promises good health and long life.

Gustav Miller, talking about what a young beautiful girl who is pregnant dreams of, says that such a vision foreshadows some kind of acquisition. Moreover, we are not necessarily talking about material values. It can also be new knowledge, people and much more. In any case, the changes will bring only joy to the dreamer.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

Our dreams are a hint from the subconscious about what awaits us in the future, what we need to be careful of, what actions not to do in order to protect ourselves and loved ones from danger, or vice versa, what we need to do to bring joy and prosperity to our home. Understanding the language of dreams makes it possible to personally open the door to your future for the short term or longer term. What can a dream in which a woman dreams mean?

Miller's Dream Book - intrigue around you

Arguing with a representative of the fairer sex in a dream means the cunning of your enemies will upset your plans. In a dream you meet a brunette whose eyes are like a shining blue lake - you are forced to stop fighting, although you had a real chance of winning it. The lady with the purse informs you that your enemies are trying to introduce you to gambling.

Vanga's dream book - your thoughts are pure

If a young guy dreams of an ex-girlfriend in a white dress, this sign predicts pure thoughts; if she is in black, the person seeing this dream has vicious thoughts. Bulgarian healer Vanga recommends changing your bad intentions so as not to bring trouble into your destiny. A barefoot girl in a dream means that life will soon be strewn with many different obstacles.

Freud's Dream Book - changes in relationships

A naked woman in a man’s dreams is his sexual fantasy; for a lady, you have a rival. The guy dreamed of a romantic date with his ex-girlfriend - the news that he would have a new passion. His new chosen one will be a girl from his childhood.

There are many dream books in which women appear from a variety of angles.

Modern dream book - problems in business

When a married man has a dream about a romantic relationship with his mistress, problems await him in the family and at work, there is a possibility of entering into a deal of a dubious nature.

A dream in which a woman had a painless rapid labor - in the near future, the problems that have been tormenting your soul for many years will go away forever and important, long-term affairs will be completed. A naked woman is a harbinger of bad financial news.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina - intrigues and secrets

A beautiful stranger - mystery, intrigue. You will painfully want to reveal some important secret. An unfamiliar middle-aged woman is a good adviser; listen to the advice that your new friend will give you.

Russian dream book - they don’t notice you

Stranger - an important decision in a team, group of friends or family will be made without your participation. Communicate with an unfamiliar woman - your opinion will be ignored during an important discussion. Seeing yourself among unfamiliar women means you feel that your opinion means nothing to those around you.

Dream book for the whole family - you are a gentle person

Communicating with an unfamiliar beautiful woman in a dream means you are valued for your feminine qualities: kindness, gentleness of character, caring and neatness. A dream about an elderly lady means intemperance, a quarrel with shouting, a scandal, usually associated with younger loved ones.

Meneghetti's dream book - an expensive gift

For a woman, trying on a wedding dress means receiving an expensive gift or inheritance from a wealthy relative. An ugly outfit promises unfulfilled hopes. Dancing in a white dress portends pleasant changes and new interesting acquaintances.

Symbolic dream book - luck and success

A man who saw a woman in a white dress in a dream can soon expect good luck and success in life; the dream tells him that a bright streak is coming in life, and he must use all opportunities to achieve his goals.

Dream Interpretation of Spiritual Seekers - Unpleasant Events

Often a woman in black portends misfortune, unpleasant events, illness of loved ones, sad news. If a woman leaves in a dream, this means obstacles that ill-wishers create for you and which you will be able to overcome.

Culinary dream book - unexpected profit

Often a woman in black is a harbinger of intrigue. If you get into an argument with an unfamiliar woman in black, this is an unfavorable sign: someone can outsmart you and upset your plans. But if you kissed her, this promises unexpected profits.

Dream Interpretation Gadalkin House - it's time to change your life

You are asked to adjust your life and bring it into line with the new idea that one of your friends may present to you. But before making a decision, look through her life path, analyze her achievements and take only what concerns the earthly.

Dream Interpretation of Kananita - improving reputation

Many women are a reflection of reputation and position in society. Depending on how you communicated with women in your dream and what impression you had about them, your relationships with people will be built in the near future.

Family dream book - gossip about you

You may unwittingly or intentionally be made a participant in an unpleasant intrigue, an object of gossip and rumors, so after such a dream it is recommended to be doubly attentive to your words and actions. Women may have such a dream if they are expecting a meeting with rivals.

David Loff's Dream Book - Family Happiness

In old clothes - everything is calm on the family front, loving people will not betray you. All the women are strangers to you - it's time to let the children leave the house. Only fair-haired people - envious people and flatterers surround you, someone wants to harm you, be careful.

If you dreamed about your ex-girlfriend

Many men dream of young ladies with whom they were once in a relationship. Psychologists are convinced that such a vision reflects the dreamer’s feelings, his pain from parting and the desire to return everything to its place. It is quite possible that the person still loves the person in the dream. However, somnologists believe that the image should be interpreted as a symbol of past connections. If a person saw his ex-girlfriend, this means that the dream foreshadows a meeting with distant relatives or people whose last meeting was a long time ago. If you dream of an unfamiliar young lady, but the dreamer is convinced that she is his ex-girlfriend, then the night dream indicates that his life has reached a dead end and requires changes.

The young lady wants to know the answer to the question: “Why do I dream about the girl in a beautiful dress whom my boyfriend used to date?” There is no need to re-read hundreds of dream books in search of a negative interpretation. After all, such a plot should not be perceived as a threat. It indicates an excessive preoccupation with the past, both one's own and that of others.

What are they?

Also, girls in a dream can be:

  • Naked - to a lie or misunderstanding of something.
  • Untidy, dirty, ugly - to disappointment, vain and empty expectations.
  • Very well-groomed, attractive - for a new romance, falling in love or increased emotionality, sensitivity.
  • Cheerful, laughing - for comfortable and warm communication.
  • Fighting, swearing - to growing internal anxiety, worries, imbalance in the soul.
  • Angry, gloomy - to squabbles, quarrels, tense relationships with someone in real life.
  • Crying - to emotional discomfort, anxiety, strong feelings.
  • Pregnant women - to pleasant changes in life, anticipation of something important.
  • Black people - to meet new, unusual, interesting personalities.
  • Masculine (with a mustache, beard, and so on) - conflicts with the opposite sex and misunderstandings will arise.
  • Unfamiliar, never seen before - to new acquaintances, chance meetings, communication, and so on.
  • Acquaintances - to communicate with them in reality.
  • With hidden faces, in masks, under a veil - to mistrust and great deception on the part of loved ones.
  • Without makeup, without makeup on the face - to sincerity, ease of communication.
  • Heavily made up, tense - some event, meeting, conversation is coming.
  • To be fat - to a prosperous and well-fed life, getting what you want, no need to save.
  • Thin - to exhaustion, fatigue, lack of strength and desire to do anything.

If the lady’s appearance is not remembered, then there is no need to think about her image. It is better to move on to interpreting the dream based on its other details.

What do astrologers think?

Not only somnologists, but also astrologers study the influence of dreams on our lives. They can also tell why a man or woman dreams of a beautiful girl. In their opinion, the vision portends unlimited luck and success in any endeavor. And if you dreamed about a teenager, then you can hope for a real miracle. This vision is especially considered favorable for sick people. After all, it promises recovery. Meeting a beautiful young lady means wealth. Kissing is a joyful event. If you dreamed of a village young lady, it means that the dreamer will have healthy and happy children. And if the girl was ugly or ugly, you need to take a closer look at your surroundings. It is quite possible that someone close to you is deceiving or your loved one has switched his attention to someone else.

The actions and behavior of the dreamer

The key point in drawing up an interpretation of a dream about women is the actions of the dreamer himself or the dreamer. The options may be the following:

  • It was uncomfortable for a sleeping man to be among women - to difficulties in communicating in some company.
  • It was very good, fun, joyful - simple, easy communication.
  • The dreamer was looking for someone among the many - to attempts to find a life partner, girlfriend or someone else in reality.
  • The man beat women, snapped at them, was rude, pushed them - to hatred, anger, aggressive behavior in reality.
  • The one who was sleeping was trying to make friends and join the company - to favorable relationships with others, mutual goodwill.
  • The sleeping person tried to kiss the girls - due to strong sexual desire, falling in love, or receiving financial gain.
  • The sleeper tried to out-argue someone - a waste of time; in reality, those around him will be able to deceive and outwit the person, upsetting his plans.

Interpretation of night dreams depending on date of birth

Astrologers believe that our lives are determined by the moment of birth. That is why one should study why a guy or a young lady dreams about a beautiful girl, based on the period in which the dreamer was born. If this happens:

  1. In the spring, it means that a beautiful person in a dream indicates a certain duplicity and excessive interest in material wealth.
  2. In summer, a favorable period awaits the dreamer, filled with happiness and joy. There is no need to worry about trifles, because the ideal time for relaxation and quiet time with loved ones is coming.
  3. In autumn - a person has recently become too withdrawn or leads a reclusive lifestyle. The dream promises a wonderful period, you just need to get out of your shell.
  4. In winter, now is the right time for decisive action. You can dare to undertake the most daring and incredible ventures. Their success is guaranteed by the Universe.

When you shouldn't take a dream literally

You can determine what a beautiful girl is dreaming of - brunette, blonde, red-haired or brown-haired - by the night on which the vision came:

  1. From Sunday to Monday there are dreams that characterize a person’s subconscious. The stronger the feelings and emotions experienced, the scarier, more original and strange the dream will be.
  2. From Monday to Tuesday - those that reflect the dreamer's potential. Pleasant dreams foretell the success of any endeavor, negative dreams - on the contrary, their failure.
  3. From Tuesday to Wednesday - visions that will never come true.

According to Grishina's dream book

  • Many unfamiliar girls symbolize new obligations to someone, plans, attempts to achieve something. The sleeper will have to achieve something, work hard, go towards his goals in order to avoid big losses.
  • Crowd of girls - surprise / different states of mind; harmony or disharmony in this crowd is harmony or discord in the soul of the dreamer.
  • Many beautiful girls - wealth, profit / peace in the soul.

Find out what it means to dream about seeing a beautiful woman

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