Dream Interpretation of Loops: why do women or men dream about Loops?

The concept of “dreaming about time” is metaphysical.
The nature of time has not yet been determined by scientists, but we feel it and feel the effect on ourselves. Time is included in the dream book as a symbol of the inviolability of change. We can argue a lot and heatedly about what time is, but in any case we will come to the agreement that it cannot be turned back.

Therefore, when time becomes an important element in a dream, we will understand it unmistakably. If events suddenly speed up or slow down against the normal flow rate, pay attention to the time. If a drop of water freezes in the air, if you see a dial close-up, if a flower grows from a grain in a second, these signs of a dream relate to time. Such dreams remind us of the irrevocability of time and its value.

Dreams associated with time are vivid and impressionable. They are remembered and begin to itch in your thoughts until you figure out why you dream about time. Dreams about this facet of the universe are global and at the same time personal, they amaze with their scale and at the same time you come to the realization that time is omnipresent, you cannot hide from it among myriads of star systems, you cannot hide in the hidden corners of the planet, you cannot get lost among the crowd. Time touches everything and everyone.

Therefore, dreams in which the subconscious emphasized temporary processes should not be overlooked; they are always personal and always large-scale. For a comprehensive understanding, interpretations are given below, divided into two parts: large-scale meaning and personal understanding. The large-scale meaning interprets the impact of time on you as a particle of the universe. Personal insight can be considered as a common dream interpreter.

Why do you dream about the Loop according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Loop - To a stand, a trap, a deception.

For those born from May to August:

To sew loops in a dream means to confidently move towards your intended goal.

For those born from September to December:

Seeing dilapidated loops on a coat means the collapse of all hopes.

Clock and time

1. The most common dream is a close-up of a dial.
In a large-scale interpretation, the subconscious says that you are one of the countless multitudes of elements of a huge universal mechanism. Everything in the world is cyclical. Whether you like it or not, you also depend on the cyclical nature of the universe: you dress in fur coats in winter, go to bed at night, etc.

In my personal understanding: don’t be nervous if what you expected still doesn’t happen. It's not time yet.

2. I dream that the numbers on the clock suddenly fall off.

Large-scale meaning: period of “freezing”. If the needle is placed vertically on the tip for a thousandth of a second there will be a “freeze”, an unstable balance that is disrupted even with the slightest impact.

In personal understanding: The situation now is that if you don’t take action, someone else will. Then your life will flow not as you would like, but as someone else wished.

3. You watch a dream where the minute hand moves in a circle at hourly speed, and the hour hand moves at minute speed.

Scale meaning: as above, so below. In my personal understanding: you cannot solve the problem because you have no experience in solving such a problem. The subconscious gives a hint: if the problem is large, then think about what you would do if it were smaller? And then you will find a similar solution to the great problem.

4. The numbers on the clock are located in a mirror image.

Large-scale meaning: the cycle has ended, the beginning of a new revolution. In my personal understanding: most likely, at the moment, we are more satisfied with life than ever. You are on the crest of a wave of success.

5. The watch, like the image in the famous painting by Salvador Dali, “flows” from the shelf.

Large-scale meaning: time is a flow. In my personal understanding: time, like everything fluid, can be controlled by laying channels. Establish a routine or daily routine, and time will flow in the right direction.

6. The numbers on the clock burn with a bright flame.

Large-scale meaning: every second every second disappears into oblivion. In personal terms: you are too wasteful with time. Just as a ruble saved helps save a million, so a second saved helps save years of life.

7. See in a dream how the numbers (Roman) on a clock increase in size.

Large-scale meaning: development. In personal terms: it's time to think about the future. The subconscious mind believes that you have potential that you are unforgivably neglecting.

8. Watch in a dream how the numbers on your mobile phone clock suddenly go out.

In a large-scale sense: time is invisible. In my personal understanding: I’ve been too fussy lately, I’m afraid of being late somewhere, not having time to do something, constantly looking at my watch.

The subconscious is trying to explain that you can keep up without constantly monitoring the dial. The numbers on the clock have nothing to do with it. You just need to take into account the approximate time it takes for each event of the day and plan the day.

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9. In a dream, you see how all the hands (hour, minute and second) suddenly converged and froze on one of the numbers.

Large-scale meaning: the world is subject to symbols, numbers and shapes. In personal understanding: a given period of time is subject to vibrations of this number. Take material on numerology. Today he is like a wise adviser to you.

  • For example, we saw a unit - the time of your leadership.
  • We saw four - a time of hard work.
  • If you see a deuce, it’s time to create an alliance or partnership.

Other interpretations

Seeing a hanging relative in a dream means unpleasant troubles and problems that will happen due to the unexpected arrival of distant relatives. If in night visions you dream of an adult man hanging from a tree, then such dreams may foreshadow big problems at work. The bosses will be very unhappy with the sleeping person.

If the dreamer himself tries to hang a man, then this is a bad symbol. In reality, a person will be slandered or accused of a crime. After these accusations, he will become an outcast, even his friends will abandon him. Seeing many people hanged in one place is also a bad dream; in the near future, numerous problems will befall the dreamer.

A hanged woman dreams of problems in her personal life. Soon, trust between loved ones will be lost, and conflicts and disagreements will begin in relationships out of nowhere. If you do not find out the cause of dissatisfaction and do not eliminate it immediately, you can lose your other half forever.

Saving a girl from suicide , but failing - in real life, trying to avoid a quarrel, the dreamer will only worsen the situation, so it is better to resolve all issues at once. Seeing a small child in a loop means trouble; you should try not to get into conflict situations in the coming days, avoid quarrelsome people, they can do a lot of harm.

To see a person in a noose who is swinging strongly - you will soon have to visit government institutions; it will not be possible to resolve the accumulated issues without this visit. But it will take a lot of time and take energy.

According to the dream book, a hanged man hanging from a ship's yardarm symbolizes a long and boring business trip. The management will be extremely dissatisfied with the results of this trip; the dreamer will not be able to somehow change the situation, so there is no need to waste energy.

A man hanging on a very high tree so that he cannot be reached is a favorable omen. Dream interpreters predicted that the dreamer would be able to achieve unprecedented success if he showed perseverance. Any undertakings will bring moral satisfaction and financial well-being. The time has come to implement the plans that have not been decided on for a long time.

Standing next to the scaffold and watching how condemned people are hanged means that ill-wishers will appear in the life of the sleeping person who will try to destroy his relationships with close relatives. It is necessary to be extremely careful in communication and not make quick and spontaneous decisions. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid a quarrel.

But if the dreamer sees himself on the scaffold awaiting a verdict, then he should definitely monitor his health. There is a high risk that the person will become seriously ill or seriously injured.

Dissuading a suicide from dying in his night dreams means a quarrel with a close friend, but if you show patience and wisdom, you can avoid a quarrel.

General predictions

In fact, in order to understand why the hanged man dreamed, you need to try to remember all the moments of the dream. There are several interpretations of such night dreams:

  • to see a friend in a loop - in reality you will have to face difficult circumstances, you will have to make difficult decisions;
  • own death - to envious people, in reality they will spread rumors about the dreamer, which can greatly harm the reputation;
  • a loved one in the gallows - for a quick wedding, but the future spouse will not be who he claimed to be, he will turn out to be insidious and vile;
  • a kiss with a person in a noose means a profitable business, you should not refuse offers;
  • to remove the hanged man - to death;
  • a sick person hanged himself - to get rid of the disease, he will soon be healed.

In addition, many interpreters believed that if the dreamer sees himself being forcibly led to the gallows, then some evil is being plotted against him. You should be extremely careful not to get involved in conflict situations. This will help avoid trouble. But if the sleeper is already in the loop, then trouble is already on the way, the malicious intention is already being carried out.

Seeing your best friend executed is a sign that does not bode well, as you will have to make some difficult decisions. The future depends on how correct, honest and fair it will be. If the dreamer does everything right, then a carefree life awaits him. And if not, then he will face a bitter fate.

But if the sleeper himself plays the role of executioner, then this is a good sign, it portends success. Any undertakings will end successfully, even if ill-wishers plot and put a spoke in the wheels.

Dream Interpretation of rope dreams Interpretation of sleep

Dream interpretation of a rope: dream interpretation. A rope as a dream symbol very often indicates situations that, for some reason, last quite a long time.

If something or someone is tied with a rope (one specific specific person or people, but separately), this dream means that certain circumstances do not allow the desired to be achieved.

If the rope is in knots, this dream is a symbolic synchronization with a situation that is confused due to some unresolved issues: it cannot be realized in any way. Any tangled ropes mean tangled affairs and, as a result, failures because of this.

If something is pulled out from somewhere with the help of a rope, then the dream means that some connections can help the dreamer or the hero of the dream in solving problems.

There are dreams in which a person grabs a rope or hangs on it - this means that some kind of relationships and connections with other people will help you realize your plans: of course, if you stayed on such a rope, or were able to climb somewhere along it , or rise.

And there is also the symbol “being suspended” - these are situations when a person is literally “in limbo” for some reason. Usually, due to certain circumstances, they are not able to implement their plans. At least for a while.

Broken, torn ropes mean a cessation of communication with someone important to you.




A rope as a leash for someone means that you are keeping someone on a leash with you for your own purposes.

Any ropes that are tight, in which there is an emphasis on the fact that the rope is very tight, mean a strained relationship with someone.

If you see people tied together with ropes, it means that they will be tied together by certain circumstances. If this is a man and a woman, then the bonds of marriage can be symbolically visible. If at the same time people are tormented in such a bundle with ropes, then the dream means that they will also suffer in marriage.

If you manage to untie the knots or untangle the tangled ropes, then in life, thanks to the active actions of the person who untied them, the connections and relationships that existed earlier, and in which there were some misunderstandings, will be restored. But thanks to the fact that the relationship reaches a new level and is restored, the alliances of such relationships will again bring benefits to the person who unraveled them.

Pieces of ropes mean contacts with people with whom there were good relationships, but for some reason these relationships deteriorated.

A ball of rope potentially indicates opportunities for communication with other people. The main characteristic in this case is the desire to establish such connections, and the one who holds such a skein or ball of rope has such an opportunity.

Synonyms: twine, rope, cord, threads,





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Hanging according to the dream book

Imagine that the loop is made very carelessly. It unravels into a simple rope.

Why do you dream about a noose?

You dreamed of a Noose - see also Hanging and Rope 1. A noose in a dream means that we are afraid of being trapped by the actions of other people. Or we understand that we can create a trap for ourselves, that is, “tighten the noose around our neck.” Traditionally, the image of a hanging noose is a direct threat to life. Although, as always, this death may be the withering away of only part of our personality. 2. The noose, like the bridle, harness and other symbols of curbing, suggest the taming of something wild. Therefore, for a young man about to get married, a dream about a noose can mean a fear of excessive enslavement. For a young girl who wants to leave home, there may be a fear of being imprisoned in her parents' home. The noose also implies a barrier to self-expression. 3. In its most primitive meaning, the noose represents traumatic death. In its more complex meaning, it means harnessing spiritual energy.

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