Why do you dream of flowers in pots - interpretation from popular dream books

Almost everyone has dreamed of flowers in a pot at least once; the interpretation of this dream has interested people for many centuries. Such dreams either reflect a person’s subconscious activity or prophesy certain events in the future, and we’ll figure out which ones in our article.

Options for interpretation

  • Flowers in pots according to Miller's dream book
  • Interpretation of a dream about a pot of flowers in Vanga’s dream book
  • Indoor plants in a pot - Islamic dream book
  • What kind of plant was in your dream?
  • Money Tree
  • Cactus
  • Ficus
  • Aloe
  • Geranium
  • Orchid
  • Violet
  • White flower
  • Dried, wilted plant
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Watering flowers in pots
  • Replanting a flower from a pot
  • Watering flowers in pots
  • Gave a plant
  • conclusions

Finding yourself in a house full of indoor plants in a dream means happiness in reality.

Flowers in pots according to Miller's dream book

Miller believed that indoor plants in a dream are a good omen. If a person waters flowers at home, and they grow quickly in response, then in real life everything will turn out ideally.
Do you remember which plant you dreamed about?
If in a dream a person finds himself in a house where there are a lot of flowers in pots, then in reality he has someone who loves him very much.

IMPORTANT. Miller, like Nostradamus, considered flowers in a dream to be an excellent and good sign.

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Astrological interpreter

According to this dream book, indoor flowers in pots from the kingdom of dreams symbolize the great hopes of a sleeping person for a recently started business. To correctly interpret the night plot, you need to pay attention to the condition of the flower. A sick and lethargic plant indicates that the event will not be successful, and a sleeping person will only waste time and resources. A healthy and beautiful flower portends successful completion of affairs and stability.

If a sleeping person dreams of replanting plants in the winter season (most flower growers try to refrain from this), then in reality he risks incurring great misfortune with a rash act. Most likely, the dreamer will overestimate his own strength and will pay in full for it. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you carefully consider your every decision for several days and watch your words.

Did you have to replant indoor flowers into pots? The dream book promises the dreamer to inherit a serious amount of money, but only if in the kingdom of Morpheus he managed to complete the matter. The more plants you were able to transplant, the larger the amount of money you will receive. Although it should be noted that in some cases such an interpretation is not associated with an inheritance, but with an unexpected win in a casino or lottery.

Indoor plants in a pot - Islamic dream book

According to the Islamic dream book, flowers promise a calm and happy leisure time with close friends, a long-awaited meeting with a loved one.

IMPORTANT. Picking flowers in a pot means that the dreamer is doing wrong things in life.

Smelling different flowers in a pot always means a good sign - this is inner peace in reality and homeliness in the family circle.

A cactus in a dream foreshadows a quick trip to an environmentally friendly place

Psychological dream book

Planting flowers in a pot means experiencing serious fears for your future life in the real world, but the psychological interpreter assures his readers that in most cases all worries are groundless. Such stories most often appear to students on the eve of an important exam or to girls before a date. Be that as it may, there are no objective reasons for concern in almost all cases.

Seeing how your relative takes care of indoor plants means experiencing longing for this person in the real world, however, such an interpretation is relevant only if in the kingdom of dreams the dreamer did not help his guest, but only watched what was happening from the side. Otherwise, the dream indicates that the relative of the sleeping person is too interested in the personal life of his ward.

To experience a feeling of fear during a flower transplant in a dream is a sign that in reality the owner of the vision is a very kind nature who is ready to help his friends and relatives in difficult times. But the feeling of apathy in the realm of dreams suggests the opposite. In the real world, the dreamer too often thinks only about himself, because he is a rather selfish person. Psychologists warn that such behavior will sooner or later backfire.

What kind of plant was in your dream?

The type of plant in a pot changes the meaning of the dream, so let's look at several meanings.

Money Tree

A money tree in a dream means the sleeper’s constant thoughts about material values. If this flower is seen in a dream, then in reality life will sparkle with new colors.

IMPORTANT. The famous psychologist Miller believed that flora in dreams appears before changes in life, and of a global nature.

A flower suddenly disappearing from a pot in a dream means that it is time for a person to take a well-deserved rest and go on vacation. If you don't do this, you can end up with serious health problems and severe fatigue.


If you see a prickly cactus in a dream, then it foretells a quick pleasant trip to the sea or a place with a clean ecological environment. There you can not only relax, but also restore your weakened health. The dreamer should switch to proper nutrition and get rid of bad habits.

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The modern dream book believes that the cactus is associated with the spiritual callousness and loneliness of the sleeper . If there are a lot of thorny plants in a dream, then a person incorrectly perceives the events taking place in his life due to the anger overwhelming his soul.

Miller believed that a blooming cactus predicted an early meeting with a person who had wrong thoughts in his head. However, the sleeper will be imbued with these ideas and take them to heart.

IMPORTANT. An unopened bud on a cactus promises that a person will not receive signs of attention from the person he is interested in, who does not even want to contact and communicate with him.

If in his night dreams a person happened to prick himself on the thorns of a cactus, then in real life a person will not be able to hide secret facts about his life from loved ones and his chosen one.

This will cause a break or cooling of relationships in the couple and with the people around him. If a stranger injects himself about a cactus in a dream, then the sleeper will learn unpleasant information about one of his loved ones or relatives. There is no need to turn away from this person, because everyone has the right to make a mistake.

Aloe in a dream symbolizes success in reality


A dream about a violet promises a person to be drawn into a monotonous circle of events, from which it will be very difficult to get out. A person will lose his taste for life and will not be able to get out of it on his own. He will need the help of relatives and friends, a vacation trip to an unfamiliar country.

Ficus on the windowsill signifies imminent changes in life.

If a ficus tree is given to a sleeping person in a dream, then this means quick cosmetic repairs in the house. Moreover, friends and acquaintances will constantly give advice to a person, which will greatly help in his work.


Aloe symbolizes success and the fulfillment of all dreams in reality. Drinking aloe juice in a dream means quick changes in work, which will be very unexpected. Offering a piece of aloe to treat an abrasion to someone else means finding peace and joy in real life.


If a sleeper waters geraniums in a dream, then difficult caring for children is expected in the future.

IMPORTANT. Geranium symbolizes housekeeping; success in reality will depend on the type of flower in a dream. For example, a lush flower means successful completion of business.

Withering geranium portends discord in the family, and also warns against wrong actions and words spoken. A completely wilted geranium means that you must fulfill your promise, otherwise you will harm yourself.

A geranium dreamed by a patient promises a quick improvement in his condition.

If in a dream a flower gives you a headache, then in reality disagreements and disagreements will appear in the team at work.

A wilted orchid promises trials


If a person dreams of an orchid, then the affairs he undertakes will end successfully. Even when they are very risky. A dream in which a flower in a pot is given to someone else means speedy changes in life. They will affect a person’s financial situation.

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If the dreamer is breeding orchids in a dream, then in reality he should think about the meaning of the words spoken the day before.

IMPORTANT. A home garden of orchids is an excellent sign that confirms that a person has become more balanced and calm in life.


A withered orchid promises life's trials, however, a person will easily pass them, since this flower means victory.

If a person cuts an orchid in a dream and smells its aroma, then in reality he will receive what he has dreamed of all his life.


Violet dreams of a happy event in life that will bring the sleeper together with interesting people or with a very influential person.

IMPORTANT. For a girl, such a dream promises a meeting with her future husband.

Watering a violet in a dream means quick changes in life.

A wilted flower means rejected love and trampled feelings.

White flower

A white flower is always a good sign in a dream. A person will soon experience immense joy and happiness, and an atmosphere of celebration, warmth and comfort will reign in the house.

Dried, wilted plant

A dried plant portends health problems. It is necessary to urgently contact the clinic . You should also call your relatives, as they may find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Watering flowers in a dream means losses

Appearance and color of plants in a dream

The dream books listed above also pay attention to the color of flowers seen in a dream.

  • red flowers , according to the universal dream book, predict success in your personal life and career;
  • flowers with multi-colored buds (universal dream book) foreshadow numerous joys prepared for the dreamer in real life;
  • white flowers promise a meeting with a person who will radically change the dreamer’s life (for the better);
  • pink flowers are a symbol of the tenderness experienced by the dreamer towards his partner;
  • yellow flowers warn of possible betrayal (treason) on the part of a lover;
  • blue flowers - patronage provided by an influential person;
  • a green plant , according to the gypsy dream book, is a symbol of numerous worries and troubles, but they will lead to a feeling of deep satisfaction;
  • a fantastic plant , which does not exist in real life, speaks of some kind of talent that the dreamer is endowed with. With the development and implementation of this gift, triumph and prosperity await a person.

It happens that sometimes a person may dream of only an empty flower pot without any indoor plant in it. Such a dream foreshadows a long and difficult journey, but at the end of it the dreamer will be able to fulfill everything he has in mind.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

Certain actions with a flower also change the meaning of the dream; we will explain some of them.

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Watering flowers in pots

Watering indoor flowers in pots always results in material losses. Soon a person will invest a lot of financial resources in a business that will not pay off. In addition to losses, this action will bring disappointment in life; it will be difficult for the sleeper to muster the strength to overcome it.

IMPORTANT. Watering a flower in the dark means even larger financial losses in life.

If a person waters one plant, then multiple difficulties are foreseen in the future. You cannot avoid them or shift responsibility for them to another person. However, this will be a tremendous experience for the sleeper.

Replanting a flower from a pot

Transplanting a flower into another pot is a wonderful sign for the dreamer. He will find long-awaited happiness and hope for a cloudless future after a series of unpleasant events in life. A person should not lose heart and wait for pleasant changes.

Replanting flower shoots means reconciliation with a person with whom you had a long quarrel and enmity. The dream book claims that with him you can become great friends in the future.

Watering flowers in pots

Overwatering a plant means that soon a person will have to make a difficult decision, but he will amaze everyone with his wisdom and ability to get out of difficult relationships.

Gave a plant

If a flowering plant was given as a gift in a dream, then in reality a person will receive a small gift from his lover or simply hear sincere words of love from him.

IMPORTANT. The relationship between lovers will become much better and warmer.

Freud's interpretation

Almost every experienced dreamer knows the interpretations of this famous psychoanalyst. In most cases, they are associated with the intimate life of a sleeping person. Here are just some of the stories and their interpretation for an adult:

  • planting a large flower in a new pot means meeting a new sexual partner who will satisfy even the dreamer’s deepest desires;
  • replanting an old and decrepit plant is the personification of intimate problems that require urgent and immediate intervention;
  • caring for a newly purchased cactus means an irresistible desire to have sex with a stranger as soon as possible;
  • replanting indoor roses - the personification of the sexual desires of a sleeping person, which he cannot bring to life;
  • planting the seeds of an unknown flower in the ground means the beginning of a love relationship with a new sexual partner.

Freud also pays attention to the age of the sleeping person. For a young girl, planting a plant foreshadows the imminent loss of innocence with a stranger, and for an adult lady, the dream promises health problems.

Other interpretations

Sometimes in a dream you cannot see the plant itself, but only the empty pot. In this case, mediums predict: in reality you will go on a long trip, in which you will encounter many difficulties. But the dream book is encouraging: if you show character and perseverance, you will succeed in achieving your plans.

Why do you dream about dried up houseplants? In relationships with your loved one, alienation and misunderstanding will appear. If their leaves turn black, you will separate as a result of endless claims and quarrels. The dream book says that you will have a hard time going through the breakup and will go into deep depression. Do you feel like you can't cope with surging emotions? Ask your loved ones for help.

The flower bushes were broken in a dream, which means you will be disappointed in your loved one, and there is a high probability that you will have to break up. Problems at work and financial losses are possible.

Why dream of buying plants in pots? In reality, a romantic evening awaits you, which will be remembered for a long time. Are the blooming buds white? Your loved one has sincere feelings for you.

But if you purchased artificial flowers in a dream, in reality you will encounter hypocrisy. Don't trust the words of others. The universal dream book recommends being guided only by facts and objective information, thereby minimizing the likelihood of being deceived.

Why do you dream of a flower covered with buds? This image symbolizes youth, tenderness, beauty. Thanks to the changes that have occurred in your life, you will open up to people from a new, unexpected side.

An unusual fairy-tale plant grown in a pot is deciphered by the dream book as the eccentricity of your nature: the ability to think outside the box, notice unimportant little things, and stand out from the rest. Actively develop these qualities and you will be successful.

If the flower that bloomed in the pot was green, the dream book predicts a calm, quiet life without serious incidents.

Negative Predictions

Watching in a dream how another person is trying to plant a flower in a place unsuitable for growth - expect a difficult period, but it will not be long.

If flowers are constantly being pulled out

Another negative sign is if you plant flowers, no matter where, in a flower bed, on a grave, or at home in a flower pot, and another person immediately breaks or pulls them out. Such a dream speaks of the evil plans of ill-wishers who have entered the active phase and are trying to harm you.

Planting wilted plants is not a sign, but an indication that something is going wrong, think about what you are doing wrong.

To the delight of dreamers, such dreams no longer have any negative predictions.

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