Dream interpretation of purple flowers, why you dream

In the dream book, flowers are purple - your distant acquaintance experiences a feeling of love and attraction towards you. Also, long-awaited changes will occur in your personal life. Sometimes - to kind, noble and good deeds, to do good deeds.

This image appears in dreams quite rarely. For a more extensive and correct interpretation of what purple flowers mean in dreams, we provide you with information from the most famous and trusted editions of dream books. Such as the interpretations of Miller and Vanga, as well as lunar and modern books.

Miller's Dream Book: purple flowers

According to Miller, purple flowers in a dream mean long-awaited changes will occur in your personal life. They can appear in a dream, regardless of whether a person is in love or not yet. If you are in love - to a good and kind development of relationships. Also, your partner’s initiative can be determined by the freshness of the flowers or their strength of smell.

However, what does such a dream mean when dreamed by people who are not in a relationship? According to Miller's edition, the very meaning of flowers remains unchanged in this case. The emergence of a new love connection will not be long in coming if they are absent at a given moment in time. Sometimes, in exceptional situations, such a dream can also foreshadow a quick relationship without obligations.

Why do you dream about planting flowers? Interpretation of a dream

If you understand why you dream of planting flowers in the ground or a pot, then interpreters generally decipher such night dreams as a positive sign. Even in a dream, they can please with their beauty and bring pleasant emotions. Dream books foretell success in the near future, prosperity and happiness, spending time in pleasant company. There are many different interpretations:

planting flowers can bring trouble, but growing them is a favorable sign if the plants have grown and please with their appearance, they portend joy and family happiness;

  • to see drops of dew - all undertakings will not bring success, they will fail;
  • if someone tramples plants underfoot, then you should take a closer look at your immediate surroundings; ill-wishers have decided to go on the offensive;
  • planting flowers in a vegetable garden or flowerbed means engaging in noble deeds that will certainly bring gratitude;
  • A houseplant planted in a pot of soil can bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

Important! Planting flowers with a deceased person in a dream means the creation of a family for single people, and for married couples it foretells an addition to the family.

What does it mean if you dream about an indoor flower?

Why do you dream about house plants? The answer to this question largely depends on the circumstances of the dream, on the type, size, color and condition of the leaves, buds, roots and stem.

The authors of many dream books agree that a flower is a good sign. Especially if he looked healthy and beautiful. In this case, researchers say that we are talking about good family relationships. Your home is a full cup, relationships with family and friends are emotional and deep. Thus, indoor plants most often symbolize the psychological climate in the family.

Some dream books interpret this plot as a warning: you should shift your attention to the home sphere. A man may need to pay more attention to his family. For a housewife, it can be said that she is completely concentrated on household chores. Perhaps you should change your priorities slightly, find time for a hobby, play sports or be creative.

Note! Poisonous plants usually dream of gossip, intrigues, and intrigues.

General meaning from the dream book

To understand sleep, your condition and attitude towards the plant are important. If the mood was cheerful, then the dream may indicate good chances for an improvement in the home environment or other pleasant events in the family. A peaceful family life awaits you, the joy of communicating with your family. Now you are in a good period in your life, your family is close-knit and friendly.

Other researchers believe that the image of a potted flower reveals the theme of household chores. There is also an opinion that such a dream can speak of your experiences or growing inner strengths.

The meanings of a home flower in a dream are as follows:

  • good family relationships (between husband and wife);
  • harmonious relationships between children and parents;
  • household chores, chores, worries;
  • the internal state of a person, his internal resources.

Important! If the state in the dream was neutral, there were no special emotions, then you can pay attention to other details. For example, the lighting of the room and its condition play a big role. If the apartment looked dark or unkempt, then we can talk about a negative meaning.

What flowers did you see in your dream?

  • Belykh - to a joyful event.
  • Field - to improved relationships with colleagues and high authority in the team.
  • Narcissists - to misunderstandings with loved ones.
  • Lilies of the valley - to unrequited love.
  • Violet - you will find out the secret of a loved one.
  • Red - to falling in love with a dangerous and suspicious person.
  • Black - to a difficult period in life.
  • Blue - to calmness and mental balance.
  • Pink - for tenderness and affection.
  • Yellow - to an acquaintance that can develop into a strong friendship.
  • Chrysanthemums - to break off relations with a partner or friend.
  • Hydrangea - for a pleasant gift.
  • Peonies - an invitation to a luxurious place.
  • Rose:
  • white - to strong love and a change in life orientations;
  • red - to pain and disappointment, which you will have to go through to improve your life;
  • blacks - to depression.
  • Tulips:
  • red - to wealth and a comfortable life;
  • pink - for forbidden love;
  • yellow - to the lies of a loved one.
  • Water lily - for rest and relaxation.
  • Lilacs - to beauty and love.
  • Orchids - to realize goals and overcome difficulties.
  • Carnations - to the disease.
  • Snowdrops - to reconciliation with the enemy.
  • Dandelions - to conflicts in the team.
  • Podsolnukhov - to a cheerful meeting with an old friend.
  • Daisies - to deception.
  • Jasmine - for a successful purchase.
  • Bird cherry - for the wedding of one of the relatives.
  • Lily - to overstrain.
  • Makov - to a difficult decision.
  • Violets - for travel.
  • Gladioli - means meeting an unpleasant, hypocritical person.
  • Irisov - to a beautiful way out of a difficult situation.
  • Forget-me-nots - for small but pleasant changes.
  • Asters - to improve your financial situation.
  • Artificial - to tense relationships between relatives.
  • Chic - to sexual satisfaction.
  • From fresh flowers to a feast.
  • Vasilkov - for outdoor recreation.
  • Flowers with thorns - a loved one lies for the sake of the dreamer’s peace of mind.
  • From spring flowers - to increase efficiency and energy.
  • Glass - to the appearance of several fans.

Interpretation depending on the color scheme of the seedlings

If a person is trying to find out why flower seedlings dream, then they should definitely remember the color scheme of the plants:

  1. blue - unexpected and pleasant news from friends;
  2. orange - for positive events;
  3. pink - pleasant acquaintances and a new passionate romance;
  4. white - meeting with a life partner;
  5. red - good news;
  6. black - problems and sorrows;
  7. green - to achieve financial well-being;
  8. yellow - discord in relationships and separation;
  9. brown—too high an opinion of oneself.

Dreamed of flower seedlings

The dream interpretation of flower seedlings foretells incredible luck. You can engage in new projects in the near future; they will definitely be successful and bring financial well-being. Also, such dreams can predict the emergence of new relationships that will lead to the creation of a family.

The place where the action takes place in a dream

In night dreams, even small details are of great importance, because they help create the correct decoding. It is worth remembering what emotions the dreamer experienced, who was doing the business, whether he himself personally or whether he had to observe from the outside the actions of others.

Important! If the earth turns out to be soft and loose, then all things will bring real results in the near future.

You should remember the area and other details of the dreams:

  1. planting seeds in a dream means pleasant chores and emotions, meeting with loved ones;
  2. plants in the forest portend that you should urgently take care of things that have been put off for a long time;
  3. if you think about why you dream of planting indoor plants, then soon a person will begin to do something useful for the environment, which will bring him moral satisfaction;
  4. seedlings in a greenhouse means an opportunity to achieve a goal, it is advisable to listen to the cues of fate and not miss the chance;
  5. the dream book of planting indoor flowers together with another person means receiving a very profitable and tempting offer, which it is definitely recommended to agree to;
  6. if in night dreams several people are engaged in a pleasant activity at once, then it is advisable to start preparing for the holiday, which is sure to come soon;
  7. planting yourself - to stability at work and in your personal life, a promotion and an increase in wages is possible;
  8. plants around the house portend a harmonious and stable relationship with a partner;
  9. a vegetable garden foretells the onset of a successful period in fate, a white streak will begin, and the dreamer will experience success in any endeavor.

Important! Plants in a flowerbed predict that you will have to change your views to the opposite, it is advisable to start studying new sciences, change your field of activity and principles.

Dreaming of planting flowers in a cemetery

If you think about why you dream of planting flowers on a grave or cemetery, then you shouldn’t worry too much about this. Such dreams foreshadow success and career takeoff.

No matter how gloomy the place may be, such dreams hint at happiness and stability. Some interpreters believe that a person will be able to achieve his goals, even if this has not been possible for a long time. However, you will have to make a certain sacrifice, give up an important part in life.

Planting flowers in a garden in a dream

In the case when plants are simply placed in the soil, one should think about the noble activities that will soon lie ahead. All this will benefit others, gratitude for the dreamer himself. Such work also portends experiences and pleasant troubles.

Dreaming of planting flowers in a flower bed

If plants are placed over the entire area of ​​the front garden, then the person will become the favorite of fate in the near future. Good luck and boundless happiness await him; he needs to urgently get down to business, they will certainly bring success and material well-being. The main thing is to make every effort to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of planting flowers in a pot

Planting a flower in a pot means the onset of a stable period in life, especially if a person experienced pleasant emotions in the process. Interpreters generally associate such night dreams with the feminine principle, which symbolizes rebirth and the beginning of a new life.

Important! Such dreams can portend dramatic changes in fate, which will invariably turn out to be positive. They will play an important role in a person’s life and help him change his own worldview.

If you dreamed of calmness and loneliness in the process, then the dreamer will soon spend time in the pleasant company of close and dear people.

Wilted plants that look unattractive warn that something in life is not as it should be. It's time to think about what is really important for the dreamer, to decide on your own purpose. Perhaps in real life, boring relationships can be revived and old feelings can be returned.

Planting flower seeds in a dream

Planting plants in a dream can foreshadow other events in life. If they grow right before our eyes, turn into strong and attractive, then a person will begin to develop rapidly, move towards his goal, and no obstacles will arise on his way. There are also other interpretations:

  • after such a dream, lovers may think about starting a family; very soon the chosen one will propose marriage, and the newlyweds’ marriage will turn out to be very happy, as well as the appearance of a new addition;
  • seeds in night dreams symbolize a person’s efforts in real life, but until he understands whether the undertakings will be successful or useless, it is advisable to prepare for defeat; the plan will succeed, but will not bring much benefit.

Important! Semyon is advised to take an observant position and wait until everything goes as usual. This will help you realize the mistakes you have made and avoid them in later life.

What bouquet of flowers did you dream about?

  • Large - to difficult relationships in the team, quarrels and gossip behind your back.
  • Handsome - good for a date.
  • Small - to a difficult conversation with a loved one.
  • Wedding - to a new addition to the family, a joyful event and happiness.
  • White - for a joyful event.
  • Fresh means a healthy purchase.
  • Dried - a dream reflects the dreamer’s hidden resentment, which poisons life.
  • Exotic - to an invitation to an interesting establishment or to moving to another country in the future.
  • Graceful - to the appearance of a gallant suitor.
  • With a bow - to relationships with several people of the opposite sex at once.
  • Lush - for mutual love and joyful events.
  • Funeral - to trouble, quarrel with a loved one and disappointment in him.
  • Huge - for the wedding of someone in the family.
  • Withered - to fatigue, exhaustion.
  • Luxurious - to wealth, rapid advancement up the career ladder.
  • Collapsed - to the collapse of plans and hopes.
  • Rare - to boredom, melancholy, disappointment. Not understanding what to do next in life, devote time to yourself, communicate with yourself, remember your values ​​and hobbies.
  • Fragrant - to fame and high authority in your environment.
  • Paper - someone from the inner circle says something different from what he thinks.
  • Decorative – it’s time to take time for yourself and your health.
  • From soap - to falling in love, which will bring drastic changes in life style and a change of views.
  • Faded - a relationship crisis, boredom and indifference in communication are expected in a couple. This is a temporary stage.
  • Motley - for new impressions, relaxation and entertainment.

What actions were taken in relation to the bouquet of flowers in the dream?

  • Seeing means positive changes.
  • Throwing it away means the appearance of fans or separation from a partner.
  • Holding means sincere love.
  • To choose means a difficult choice in reality.
  • Buy - your efforts will be appreciated by your superiors.
  • Catch - to competition.
  • Receive as a gift:
  • from a man - to his strong love;
  • from a stranger - to recognition of the success of the sleeping person;
  • from a husband - to deception;
  • from a lover - to sexual satisfaction;
  • from a colleague - to help from colleagues;
  • from a friend - a friend will tell his secret and ask for help.
  • Collecting flowers in a bouquet is for a date.
  • Arranging bouquets means adding to the family.
  • Lose - to the loss of an important thing or money.
  • Carry - someone close needs help.
  • Present:
  • for a woman - to the victory of a rival;
  • to a colleague - to establish good relations with the team;
  • to a friend - a friend will ask for advice;
  • for a man - to a non-reciprocal love for a vile person;
  • for a girl - for a romantic but short-lived relationship;
  • child - for vacation.
  • Sniff - your friend will disappoint.
  • Putting it means making a dream come true.
  • Making a bouquet is a sign of self-development and overcoming complexes.
  • Accept - to receive help at the most difficult moment.
  • Giving means a profitable deal.
  • Walking on a bouquet means failure in your personal life.
  • Selling means extra income.
  • Throwing means making the wrong choice in a difficult situation.
  • Cutting flowers for a bouquet means boredom. It's time to relax and find new hobbies.
  • Considering it leads to relaxation and spiritual harmony.
  • Trimming the stems means controlling others and deteriorating relationships with them.
  • Drop - someone wants to offend the dreamer.
  • Destroy - to a difficult relationship.
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