Why water indoor flowers and garden plants in a dream?

Flowers have always been the personification of joy and beauty. It is not surprising that most dream interpreters interpret dreaming flowers as a good sign. For example, many dream books associate a dream that featured flowers in pots with the sphere of interpersonal relationships. Attention to the details of a dream allows you to get a more detailed and accurate prediction.

Details: type of flowers

In the General Dream Book, the interpretation of a dream in which you have to sprinkle an indoor flower is associated with the type and condition of it:

  • violets - foreshadow a romantic date;
  • cacti - promise care for a sick person;
  • ficus - prophesies praise from management, promotion;
  • geranium - broadcasts the need to pay more attention to the words of children;
  • indoor roses - for an exquisite gift from friends;
  • watering flowers in a pot of extraordinary beauty - you will discover a hidden talent in yourself.

Dreaming of flowers

Watering plants in a dream

As in reality, in a dream you can receive flowers as a gift, give them yourself, grow them, water them, pick them. Any action you perform will have its own unique interpretation.

Why water flowers in a dream

Watering plants can symbolize a variety of things, from positive resolution of controversial issues to improved family relationships.

The dream book makes predictions depending on which flowers you watered. Perhaps it was a home lawn or flower beds near the house. Before picking up a dream book, try to reproduce as much as possible what you dreamed.

Water the flowerbed

Watering flowers in a flowerbed in the open air is a symbol of a pleasant life that the dreamer will spend in material prosperity.

The dream book draws attention to the type of flowers that are abundantly watered by you in the flowerbed:

  • peonies - management will entrust you with a responsible task, and you will complete it perfectly;
  • pansies - you will have a pleasant time with your childhood friends;
    Irrigate plants in a flowerbed in a dream
  • chrysanthemums - you are very worried about the fact that you have not heard from your loved one for a long time;
  • asters - your life will be filled with pleasant and interesting events;
  • daisies - you are a romantic person, you lack warmth and affection from your significant other;
  • narcissists - loneliness weighs heavily on you, but at the same time you do not want to change your behavior so that your loved ones want to spend more time with you;
  • tulips - the person for whom you have the most tender feelings is not worthy of them;
  • gladioli - you will enjoy success with the opposite sex;
  • daisies - peace and mutual understanding will reign in your family.

If in the flowerbed you see only the sprouts of future flowers, then you are concerned about your material well-being. But, according to the dream book, irrigating the sprouts in a flowerbed with a powerful stream from a hose means financial prosperity and prosperity.

A dream in which you water flowers in a flower bed from a watering can or other available container speaks of your stinginess and inability to enjoy life. You constantly save, deny yourself pleasant little things. You also behave in relationships with other people, which greatly repels them.

Water indoor plants

Watering potted indoor plants is a pleasant experience. The dream book says that watering flowers in pots means an expensive gift. But don't be upset if you don't get what you want. The dream indicates that soon you yourself will be able to acquire the desired thing.

The interpretation will vary depending on what kind of flowers you saw in pots:

  • indoor roses - receive an expensive gift from your friends;
    I dreamed about moistening the soil of cacti
  • cactus - you will prove yourself by caring for a disadvantaged person;
  • geranium - care for children who will cause a lot of trouble;
  • multi-colored geranium - peace and tranquility at the family hearth;
  • violets - for a romantic date, your feelings with your partner will become warmer;
  • lilies - receive the support of an influential person who will significantly improve your financial situation;
  • unusually beautiful, unknown flowers - you will discover a new talent that will give you material well-being.

If in a dream the flowers in pots did not look the best, namely limp, broken, withered, then you are worried about the health of your household. After you watered, did the flowers in the pots come to life? Illnesses and diseases will leave your family for a long time.

Dreamer's gender

For interpretation, it is important who exactly has a dream about watering flowers in a flowerbed or in pots.

If these actions are performed by a girl, then she will have a relationship with a wealthy young man. Your feelings will be mutual and lasting if you did not spare water.

For a guy, such a dream promises a new highly paid job or a promotion.

Everything will work out!

The Dream Book of Lovers quite favorably interprets a dream in which dried plants come to life after irrigation. For women, a dream about this action promises finding peace and reciprocity in their relationship with their spouse.

Seeing a similar plot for young ladies who are planning to return to a past relationship means a revival of old feelings. But to see that weeds have grown in place of a flower garden in a dream - this idea will only bring you unnecessary trouble and suffering.

Flowers in pots in a dream and the dreamer’s actions

The actions that you performed in a dream with plants in pots are also important. Based on the interpretations given by various dream books (universal, Miller, Vanga, Grishina, gypsy, family, female), the following results are obtained:

  • planting flowers in pots means a desire for privacy and peace. Sometimes such a dream speaks of changes that can be both positive and negative, but ultimately joy will definitely replace the negativity;
  • planting a plant in a pot and observing its rapid death means financial problems. If the flower you planted withers instantly, get ready for difficulties in your personal life;
  • replanting a houseplant is a good sign for a married woman. Such a dream promises the onset of pregnancy (and it will be easy) and the subsequent birth of a baby;
  • watering a flower in a pot means favorable changes in your career: receiving a bonus, promotion. Some people may have a similar dream before winning the lottery;
  • feeding a plant in a pot - receiving an expensive gift or making an expensive purchase;
  • receiving a potted flower as a gift means news related to a person you have not seen for a long time. Vanga’s dream book gives a not particularly favorable interpretation of such a dream: the dream promises health problems for your loved one, but promises a quick recovery (especially if you dreamed of a young plant in a pot);
  • giving someone a houseplant means helping that person in real life;
  • dropping a flower and breaking a pot promises major troubles, the elimination of which will require a lot of effort and financial investment from the dreamer;
  • breaking a plant while leaving the pot intact warns that the dreamer has secret ill-wishers who know important information.

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