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Kira Stoletova

There has long been an opinion that dreams are a door to the other world, where you can learn something mysterious and even look into your future. Quite often a person sees food in his dreams, especially if he went to bed on an empty stomach. Today we will talk about why a person dreams of tomatoes, what to expect after such a dream, whether it is a good or bad sign.

Interpretation of dreams about tomatoes

Why do you dream about fresh tomatoes?

If, after waking up, you remember that you saw fresh tomatoes in a dream, this is most often a good sign, foreshadowing the receipt of money. In the case when the vegetable was far from you, this indicates that creative inspiration will soon come to you, which simply needs to be directed in the right direction. If you happen to see a fresh tomato lying on the ground, but it remains intact, you will soon have the opportunity to restore a recently lost relationship.

  • In a dream, tomatoes were sliced ​​on a plate - expect unexpected guests soon
  • Among the vegetables there was a pink tomato - fate will open new opportunities for you
  • A large number of small cherry tomatoes on the table - a lot of negativity will fall in your direction, be prepared for this
  • If you cut fresh tomatoes for salad, a pleasant surprise awaits you
  • If you walked on fresh tomatoes with your feet, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that may await you on the path of life
  • Someone stole tomatoes from the garden - you will be successful and rich
  • Steal it yourself - you are waiting for loneliness, which, however, will not last long.

What did the tomatoes look like?

Seeing salted tomatoes in a dream means important and exciting events.
Your life may change dramatically, causing you to reconsider your life views and priorities. Don't be afraid of change. A new stage will come in your life, which you can fill with good meaning. Ripe tomatoes in a dream promise a favorable period for love. In the near future, a romantic acquaintance will occur, which will develop into a happy relationship. Use the right moment for a romantic confession. It's time to reveal your feelings to the one you have a secret crush on.

A dream in which there were fresh tomatoes symbolizes success in love. In reality there will be a meeting with a life partner, a marriage proposal, and marriage. Don't be afraid to open up about your feelings. Tell your loved one how important their care and support are to you.

For a woman to see fresh tomatoes in a dream is a favorable omen. Family and material well-being awaits you.

Rotten tomatoes in a dream are harbingers of serious illnesses. Soon you or your relatives may find themselves in a hospital bed. Don't ignore symptoms of illness. Weakness or pain in the body is a reason to seek medical help.

Large tomatoes are considered a positive symbol in dreams. They promise the successful implementation of plans, the realization of bold desires and the acquisition of personal happiness. This will require minimal effort from you and absolute confidence in your victory.

Sometimes dreaming of big tomatoes hints at your excessive selfishness. You live solely in your own interests and do not notice that there are people around who need your help and support. Over time, pride and arrogance will cause conflicts and misunderstandings with loved ones.

Rotten tomatoes - to a scandal with a relative or colleague.

Cherry tomatoes - you will learn about the existence of a secret admirer or fall in unrequited love.

Overripe tomatoes - be the source of your problems.

Unripe tomatoes indicate the need to become more self-confident.

According to the dream book, tomatoes on the bushes are a bad sign. In life, you may be surrounded by ill-wishers and people with dishonest intentions. Be careful when choosing your social circle. Avoid dubious companies. This will protect your reputation.

Tomatoes in the garden - your worries will dissipate.

Tomatoes in a jar - to favorable changes on the romantic front.

Why do you dream about yellow tomatoes?

If you managed to see a yellow tomato in a dream, this promises hopes that are never destined to come true; it is also a sign of duplicity and hypocrisy that you will have to face. This sign can be interpreted as a change in your personal life, and, unfortunately, it will be negative for you. It may happen that a person close to you betrays you or does not fulfill his promise.

However, this does not mean that you should despair or blame yourself for what happened. Maybe it wasn't your person.

Yellow tomatoes in the garden

When you saw yellow tomatoes in a garden bed in a dream, this speaks about your present, namely, it characterizes your personality. You can safely consider yourself an extraordinary person. And others notice this. This feature should be used in the professional field. This will help you achieve success at work. This dream is a reminder that you have talents that you are not using.

Large and small

Large tomatoes in a dream predict troubles, shame, scandals, and sometimes fever and inflammatory diseases. If you dreamed of red tomatoes at the market and there were a lot of them, beware of an unpleasant situation that could weigh heavily on you.

Some books indicate that you or a loved one may be in serious danger, an accident or a disaster. Therefore, tomatoes can be a hint that someone's blood may soon be shed, especially if they were bright scarlet in color.

Just seeing tomatoes and being afraid of them in a dream is also a bad sign. If there were a lot of tomatoes on the shelves and they were lying in piles, beware of an inflammatory disease, poisoning of the body, as well as violent death or an accident, a stabbing. Hard fruits predict troubles, illness, headaches or a situation in which you will be ashamed in front of others.

Seeing red tomatoes in a dream that are soft, rotten and slightly spoiled means the danger of an accident, bloodshed, miscarriage for a pregnant woman, as well as bleeding

If you bought them and did not bring them home, be careful at home


What kind of tomatoes promise you an exacerbation of a chronic disease, injury, shame in front of others and humiliation. It’s very good if you manage to get rid of them in a dream.

Small red tomatoes can predict a mild illness, acne and minor troubles.

If you see them in a store or on a market counter, then such a vision symbolizes small and non-life-threatening problems. If you collect too many of them, you are taking too much on yourself in life. This dream warns you against excessive stress.

Why do you dream about green tomatoes?

Green color is associated with the permissive traffic light signal. A dream about green tomatoes is interpreted as a symbol of warning. Why do you dream of green tomatoes? After such a dream, you should reconsider your responsibilities and affairs; perhaps you are taking on too much, and the time has passed to shed unnecessary burdens.

Such a dream can tell you that you will soon receive an increase in money: money will come quickly and go away just as quickly. Often modern dream books offer a different interpretation when such a dream promises successful contracts or business acquaintances, but you should be prepared for the fact that this will not be easy.

The overwhelming majority of dream books say that green tomatoes in a dream are a sign that a lot will depend on your opinion. There is no need to worry about this, trust your intuition and inner voice, believe me, it will not let you down. If doubts arise among those around you, try to explain your decision.

What did you do with the tomatoes?

A tomato on a branch promises a romantic relationship

It’s good if you managed to remember what action you performed with green tomatoes.

  • Tomatoes just grow on a bush, you didn’t do anything with them - soon you will start a new romantic relationship.
  • If you watered a tomato bush with your own hands, planted seedlings or seeds, you have a rival who is vying for the attention and love of your man.
  • You picked tomatoes - expect financial losses.
  • Green tomatoes were lying on the cutting board, and you were cutting them - things will go downhill at work.
  • If you ate green vegetables, there is a risk that you will lose something dear to you.
  • If you dreamed about the process of pickling or salting, it’s worth reconsidering your behavior and attitude towards other people, you can be too harsh.
  • Green tomatoes growing in a greenhouse - there will be a short black streak in your personal life, which you just need to wait out.

Large green tomatoes

Quite often in a person’s dreams the image of large green tomatoes appears. What does this mean, what does such a dream promise for a woman? If you believe Miller’s dream book, then huge green tomatoes are a sign that you will fall in love, and, with a high probability, this particular person will become your destiny. However, it may also be that the object of love will not be free, perhaps such a man is worth fighting for, so this is not the time to retreat.

It is worth saying that such dreams most often occur to young unmarried girls, who often think about how to arrange their destiny.

What kind of tomatoes did you dream about?

Depending on the type of vegetable in the dream, the meaning of the dream is determined. In dream books related to medical topics, a tomato is a sign of stones in the kidneys or liver. Therefore, if you feel discomfort in these areas, it is better to consult a doctor.

One big red tomato

Sometimes a red tomato is a negative sign, indicating that someone is holding a grudge against you and is angry.

  • A large red tomato warns you that it is worth undergoing a routine examination at the hospital, since you may have a hidden disease that is asymptomatic.
  • For people who were born in winter and at the beginning of spring, the dream interprets that they need to learn restraint.

Growing tomatoes

Growing tomatoes are a good sign. In most cases, they dream of happiness and well-being in the family. Such a dream will be especially pleasant for family men who have several children - this means that they will get sick less often.

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Growing tomatoes on bushes means success in your endeavors.

Unripe, green tomatoes

People who doubt the correctness of their decision often dream of an unripe tomato. You need to be more decisive, otherwise confusion can cause further problems both in business and in your personal life.

  • Unripe tomatoes are a symbol of monetary profit, which will come quickly and be spent just as quickly.
  • Unripe vegetables portend successful contracts and new useful contacts for business. However, it is worth working to earn the trust of your partners.

Rotten Tomatoes

Damaged or rotten tomatoes promise a dark streak in your life, but don’t be upset, it won’t last long.

  • Mold tomatoes mean financial losses and failures in your personal life. Dream books interpret that troubles are often caused by negative character traits: arrogance and excessive ambition. The sooner you reconsider your attitude towards things and people, the sooner the streak of failures will end.
  • Spoiled, particularly blackened tomatoes often indicate eye disease. It’s better to get checked by an ophthalmologist before your vision starts to rapidly deteriorate.

Why do you dream about red tomatoes?

What does it mean to dream about red tomatoes? In most cases, red tomatoes in the dream book are interpreted as a positive sign, being associated with bright and colorful events during which you only get pleasure. Moreover, the interpretation applies to both men and women.

In addition, you can characterize the person who saw this dream. Such people are full of energy, inexhaustible optimism, they are able to charge everyone around with their mood. Such individuals are not used to giving up, giving up in the face of obstacles; one can only envy their willpower and determination. Such an impressive list of positive qualities cannot but be noticed by people around them; they are drawn to it and try to inherit it.

Red tomatoes on the table

If you dreamed of a red or brown tomato lying on the table surrounded by other vegetables and foods, the interpretation of the dream book changes somewhat. You should be more attentive to your health, perhaps this is a planned visit to the doctor, an untreated cold, in any case, this requires attention.

In all other respects, such a dream continues to be a positive sign, which once again suggests that everything in your life is good, luck is on your side.

Important! If you were born in winter or at the beginning of spring, you had a dream in which red vegetables appeared, this suggests that you should learn restraint. You have probably noticed yourself that you can be overly impulsive and aggressive, now this can play a cruel joke.

General values

The most common interpretations of dreams with tomatoes:

  • vegetables that were lying on the table or plate - to a calm life. In the future you have nothing to fear, all troubles will pass you by;
  • growing tomatoes is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your own appearance and health;
  • vegetable in the garden - to pleasant events in the near future;
  • a lot of tomatoes - to add to the family;
  • weeding and watering vegetables is a symbol of the fact that in reality all your efforts are not appreciated by the people around you;
  • tomatoes that taste good - for a quick trip that will leave a lot of pleasant impressions for the rest of your life;
  • to feel the sugary taste of a vegetable - to misunderstandings with loved ones and possible betrayal of your lover;
  • crushed, bruised tomatoes - to a crisis in family life;
  • rotten tomato - to trouble. You should have patience and strength, because in the future you will have a long dark streak;
  • picking red tomatoes is a sign of secret love intentions and flirting on the side. However, you should not make hasty conclusions about your partner’s infidelity; perhaps, with the help of innocent flirting, he is trying to make up for the lack of attention on your part;
  • tomato seedlings - to an unpleasant and unexpected visit. Your guest will create some chaos in your home and work affairs, which will greatly complicate your life;
  • planting tomatoes means hoping to strengthen love relationships and achieve harmony in family life.

The color of tomatoes in a dream is also of great importance. If the vegetables were bright red, then soon a new romantic feeling and passionate love awaits you. However, you should be careful and not rush headlong into new feelings.

Green tomatoes symbolize the inexperience of your thoughts, and indicate that in reality you have taken on an overwhelming burden of responsibility and obligations. Also, the green color of vegetables indicates a possible increase in your financial status if you take advantage of the presented situation correctly.

Contemplating how tomatoes grow in a dream means amazing success in your business in a fairly short time. If you saw a greenhouse full of these vegetables, then a long-awaited addition awaits your family in the near future.

If in your night dreams you saw bare tomato bushes without fruits, then soon you will experience discord in your family life. Only patience and the ability to compromise will allow you to maintain harmony and happiness in your married couple.

Seeing tomatoes and cucumbers in a dream is a warning that debts will soon need to be repaid. Moreover, this does not necessarily concern money. Perhaps you are in a moral debt to someone.

Canned tomatoes may appear in your dream if in reality you have changed your views and tastes on love relationships. Being pelted with tomatoes means receiving insults, disrespect, or contempt in the present from the person who was present in your dream.

Tomatoes in a jar appear in dreams as harbingers that happy changes are passing you by. You should be less conservative in reality; you should not be afraid to allow changes into your home, because they can bring positive results.

Tomatoes have always been in great demand in any period. They are preserved for the winter and added to various dishes. Often a person on an empty stomach may dream of a tomato. In general interpretations of dreams, a vegetable practically does not foretell trouble:

  1. Red tomatoes dream of something related to love. Often this is a sign that the dreamer is expecting romantic adventures. If there were conflicts in the family, they will soon be forgotten.
  2. If fresh tomatoes visited a girl in a dream, this is a sign of an imminent meeting with her soulmate. For a guy, this dream means receiving pleasant love satisfaction.
  3. Picking ripe tomatoes in a vision means there will soon be a long-awaited happy marriage. If you had to water ripe tomatoes in a dream, this is interpreted as hectic preparations for the wedding.
  4. Watching tomatoes on a counter or store foreshadows successful things in real life. Problems and failures will leave the dreamer and life will shine with bright colors. This dream promises a sick person a quick recovery.
  5. Tasting ripe fruits predicts that you will soon receive very important news about started business, which in most cases ends in incredible success.
  6. A jar of red tomatoes in a vision will upset the dreamer because favorable changes will not affect him.

Why do you dream about salted tomatoes?

Salted tomatoes bring joy to dreams

Most dream books interpret a dream with salted tomatoes as a positive sign that foreshadows only joyful events. If you happen to see a barrel of salted tomatoes in the basement, this indicates that good news awaits you at work - a salary increase or promotion. When the same barrel is already located in a house or apartment, expect a vacation that will be full of a series of interesting events.

If you salted tomatoes yourself, this indicates that you are not satisfied with the job you currently have and are subconsciously ready to change it. When you manage to see at least one cucumber in the mass of pickled tomatoes, you can safely quit; a good and interesting job will not keep you waiting long.

Other interpretations

  • In your dream you happened to eat salted tomatoes - soon you will be confused, you will have to choose one of two evils.
  • If you poured brine over tomatoes in a bucket, you will encounter difficulties that you can easily overcome.
  • Tomatoes were on the festive table - love will soon visit Vasya, a new romantic relationship will begin
  • Cutting salted tomatoes - you need to have patience and endurance
  • If you treated your guests to a salty dish, it’s worth accepting the offer you’ll receive soon
  • It also happens that in a dream salted tomatoes grow in the garden, because this is a dream, this is perhaps the only negative current. Such a dream suggests that you will soon be nervous
  • sell salted tomatoes - to the deceased.

What does tomato mean in a psychological dream book?

A strong, ripe tomato speaks of the dreamer’s energetic and strong character. In addition, this dream advises not to be very assertive and intrusive.

Tomato seedlings indicate the difficult and confusing situation you are in right now. Sometimes such a dream indicates the need to communicate with people you don’t like.

If you canned or pickled tomatoes, this indicates that your outlook on life is now changing.

Tomatoes in a jar are most often dreamed of by conservative people who are afraid of change. The dream may also mean the dreamer’s desire to return to old times.

If you cooked borscht with tomatoes in a dream, then this dream symbolizes your love, which lives in your soul. Now you are hiding your feelings, but soon they will spill out.

Why do you dream about canned tomatoes?

Tomatoes in a glass jar promise an acquaintance that will not pass without a trace, becoming the beginning of a new romance or business relationship. Remember whether the jar was opened, if the answer is yes, this acquaintance is just around the corner. If the jar was firmly closed, you will have to wait, maybe more than one month.

If you saw canned tomatoes fall from the table, it means that your wishes are not real, they are not destined to come true. When you removed vegetables from the table, on the contrary, you will be able to accomplish everything you planned.

Other interpretations

  • Ate canned tomatoes - an unexpected meeting with old friends will happen soon
  • Canned vegetables were bright red - reconsider your previously set priorities
  • There were small cherries in the jar - a successful date awaits you
  • Treated loved ones and relatives with canned vegetables - your project at work will be successful
  • If you purchased canned food in a store or at the market, fun awaits you.
  • If you sold the banks yourself, expect good luck in your finances.
  • If you crush a tomato in your hand or foot on your own, you will soon receive a financial offer, which is better to refuse, as it will not bring profit.
  • Canning yellow tomatoes is dreamed of as a sign that the decision made will be correct.

General interpretation

The tomato carries within itself positive symbolism, success in love and material well-being. This is a sign of passion and monetary abundance. But the dream may contain aspects that clarify the interpretation, on which the correct interpretation will depend:

  • create red tomatoes indoors;
  • collect the harvest from the garden with your own hands;
  • take fruits from the market/store;
  • eat tomatoes and taste them;
  • throw the fruits in the trash.

Seeing ripe tomatoes in the garden or at a vegetable stall is a sign of successful resolution of your plans. You will overcome all obstacles and get the result of your own efforts. Ripe tomatoes hanging on a branch promise great happiness. Observing the ripening of fruits predicts current success.

Placing tomatoes on the table means a long, prosperous life with loved ones. Cutting tomatoes for salad means sadness and melancholy. If they throw tomatoes at you, you will soon face the contempt of the people around you.

Collecting ripe tomatoes means a prosperous current step ahead, filled with satisfied events and news.

To create tomatoes in a jar - happy actions will pass by, your plans will not be realized. Maybe you are very conservative about any changes? Let happiness into your life, open the door to suitable changes.

For an unhealthy person, a ripe vegetable predicts a quick cure. Tasting a sweet tomato means gaining all the benefits.

Red tomatoes in a dream indicate a secret love affair, which is painstakingly hidden from inquisitive eyes. But soon they will find out about the secret connection - the dream warns about this.

  • For single people, a vision of burgundy tomatoes predicts an early meeting with their soulmate. For men, this plot predicts the love pleasure that a partner will give.
  • Ripe fruits in a dream also warn: the time has come for active action on the love front. Those who did not dare to reveal their feelings need to make a confession. For those who have been in a love affair for a long time, it’s time to propose marriage.
  • Picking ripe tomatoes with your own hands means waiting for a marriage proposal. Watering tomatoes in the garden means wedding celebrations are just around the corner. But seeing a huge number of tomatoes promises the spread of gossip about your love victories, so don’t share your secrets with your friends.
  • To create a huge number of juicy fruits - to a pleasant romantic acquaintance, a desire for love. Also, ripe tomatoes can predict a joyful feast with friends. A huge tomato means a fun party and relaxation with loved ones.
  • Tomatoes that taste sour are a sign of love disappointment. Bringing purchased tomatoes into the house means an unexpected betrayal of a precious person. An unripe tomato indicates cooling in a relationship: perhaps the time of separation is approaching.
  • If your loved one or spouse was in the plot of the dream, this indicates flirting on the side. It is more terrible if a loved one ate tomatoes in a dream - this reveals his secret connection with his mistress.
  • If the dreamer himself ate tomatoes in a dream, this indicates a lack of love memories in life. You miss a stormy intimate life, love experiences and intense feelings. A vision of unripe tomatoes indicates that the dreamer is not ready for an active intimate life.
  • For family people, this plot predicts complete well-being in the home and mutual understanding between wives, a family idyll.

Why do you dream about rotten tomatoes?

In a dream, you can see not only fresh and ripe vegetables, but also rotten, rotten ones that have an unpleasant odor. Such a dream foreshadows bad events that will occur along the path of life in the near future. If you happen to see crumpled rotten tomatoes growing in a garden bed in a dream, this is a sign that your family life will crack. In the near future, there is a high probability that there will be frequent quarrels and conflicts in the family. Often the cause of such negative events is a person who is not related to your family, but will become an insurmountable stumbling block.

To avoid long-term conflicts, you should not follow anyone’s lead, defend your opinion, and do not let anyone destroy your family idyll.

Red rotten tomato

A rotten tomato in a dream indicates failure in love

The red color of a spoiled tomato, according to the interpretation of Miller's dream book, indicates that you will not be lucky in love. You will feel like an unnecessary person, your heart will be filled with despair and melancholy. You should not delve into this state, depression and blues will not last forever. Remember that after the black stripe there will definitely be a white one.

If there were worms in the tomato, you should be more careful, as someone from your close circle may turn out to be a traitor. You should not talk too much about your personal life; as you know, happiness loves silence.

A little history

The appearance of tomatoes in Europe in the second half of the 16th century was accompanied by legends and fictions that influenced the perception of this vegetable crop. The deep red color was strongly associated with passion and sensuality. The shape of the fruit, which resembled a heart, as well as the strong opinion that this plant is poisonous, evoked fantasies of unrequited love, poisoning the soul and mind. In French, the tomato received the name “apple of love” - pomme d'amoure, and in Italian - pome d'oro (golden apple). They also called it magical and heavenly.

All this created a stable symbol, which was used both in the literature of the 17th and 18th centuries. , and in poetic interpretations of night visions of that time. And if you consider that the general public only tasted the vegetable towards the end of the eighteenth century, then it is not difficult to understand why its appearance in a dream spoke so much about romantic feelings and nothing about gastronomic preferences. At the same time, the belief arose that ripe tomatoes are a sign of prosperity, well-being and stable social status.

Why do you dream about tomato beds?

Why do you dream of tomatoes in the garden beds? Such a picture, according to the dream book, promises a series of victories on the personal front, thus, this is a good time for making new acquaintances, as well as for weddings. Such a plot promises pleasant troubles.

Author of dream interpretation, Miller. also suggests that beds with tomatoes are a positive sign that promises resolution of problems and getting rid of troubles. If a sick person sees such a dream, his illness will soon be resolved. A girl who has such a dream may soon find herself pregnant.

If you managed to remember what the tomatoes looked like in the garden, that's very good. According to the dream book, picking ripe tomatoes symbolizes good news or an event that will happen soon. Picking green vegetables from branches means that you are an absolutely healthy person.

What will Miller offer?

Miller's dream book suggests interpreting a dream with tomatoes in this way:

  1. Seeing delicious vegetables in a dream means the exact opposite of reality.
  2. A sick person who sees this vegetable in his vision will definitely recover.
  3. Lonely people will find friends and like-minded people.
  4. Feeling the taste of tomatoes in a dream is news of joy; soon there will be success in a business that is just starting or just planned.
  5. Sometimes you can see canned tomatoes, what then? Some minor disappointment or embarrassment. And it is not at all necessary for your own actions: perhaps for the actions of loved ones.

The taste of tomatoes in a dream

It happens that in a dream a person clearly remembers the taste of a product. If you managed to remember what tomatoes tasted like, this will be useful in interpreting the dream.

  • Gorky - expect trouble from a woman you know.
  • Sour - you will have to blush for some action, and not necessarily your own.
  • Sweet taste - a pleasant trip awaits you with your loved one, which will be remembered forever.
  • Too sweet a vegetable - you risk being rejected by society.

Who had the dream

A woman's dream of tomatoes foreshadows possible boredom for her household.
The dream book advises spending more time with children and your life partner. This will strengthen the family. For a young girl, a dream about tomatoes has a romantic meaning. There will be a meeting with a person in whom you will be able to consider your future life partner. This will lead to a quick marriage. Such a marriage will be happy and strong.

For a pregnant woman , tomatoes in a dream symbolize worries about the upcoming birth and the health of the child. The fears will be in vain. Do not panic - childbirth will be easy and without complications.

For a man , a dream in which there were tomatoes promises an increase in social status. You will be able to strengthen your authority and defeat your competitors. Career ups are likely.

Other interpretations of sleep

Let's find out what other meanings dreams have in which tomatoes are present:

  • Vegetables are on the plate - your life will soon be calm and measured, all problems and adversities will pass you by
  • You grew tomatoes yourself - this is a sign that you should be more attentive to your health, as well as your appearance.
  • If the tomato was in the flowering stage, expect a pleasant surprise soon
  • There were a lot of tomatoes of different colors in the garden - expect an addition to the family; if a young girl had a dream - this promises an early pregnancy
  • Taking care of the tomato beds in the garden, harvesting the harvest - everything you do in real life will be fully appreciated by those around you
  • The tomatoes looked stale and bruised - a dark streak is coming in family life
  • Such a dream for a man means a stable family life, where a man is given the role of head of the family
  • We saw a dead tomato plant - one of the relatives will get sick
  • Giving tomatoes is good news
  • Buying ripe tomatoes - you are looking for adventures for yourself, which do not always end well
  • Buying rotten vegetables - on a subconscious level you feel guilty
  • Giving tomatoes to the poor means luck will be on your side
  • The tomatoes were in the boxes - it’s time to put everything in its place
  • Washing tomatoes denotes a feeling of shame and a desire to cleanse oneself of what one has done.

Other dream options and their interpretation

Most night dreams have the most bizarre shade. Therefore, it is necessary to remember all the details exactly for the most accurate explanation.

As a rule, harvesting, canning or peeling ripe tomatoes for pickling foreshadows a stormy and passionate romance. If the vision appears to family people, then it warns them that their relationship will soon become known to their spouses. Therefore, it is better to take appropriate measures in advance.

A man came to the supermarket and saw canned tomatoes on the shelf. Then a sign is sent to him from above that he needs to boldly undertake difficult things. Luck will be on his side. No failures are expected in the future. If a chronic disease has worsened, then such a symbol portends an improvement in well-being.

If the tomatoes have already been taken out of the jar or barrel with pickles and dinner is being prepared from them, then the dream signals suppressed emotions. If you do not open your soul to your loved ones, then complications with them are expected soon.

It is necessary to conclude that the vision of tomatoes becomes a very difficult symbol to unambiguously explain. It is necessary to study a large number of authoritative interpretations in order to thoroughly understand it.

Interpretations of various dream books

Juno's dream book claims that a tomato eaten in a dream indicates that in reality you are capable of moving mountains with your own hands if this is required to achieve your goal. A tomato bush seen in a dream promises a happy marriage for women and a stable marriage for men.

The Ukrainian Dream Book interprets dreams in which tomatoes are present as a harbinger of something shameful and disgraceful. That is, something will happen soon that will make you blush. If the tomatoes looked juicy and appetizing, this is a sign that your health is not in the best condition.

According to Tsvetkova’s interpretation, tomatoes are a symbol of the fact that a person has a secret connection with the cosmos. Grishina, a famous Soviet psychologist, shares the same opinion.

Hasse claims that a tomato seen in a dream is a sign that the existing love union will not last long and will soon break down due to everyday problems.

According to Vanga, any mention of tomatoes in a dream indicates that for such a person everything is going well, nothing threatens him, life goes on as usual. In the morning you need to get out of bed and immediately read the prayer “Our Father” in order to give away all the negativity.

Negative interpretation of dreams with tomatoes

Caring for tomatoes in your garden - such a dream means that a secret that you are trying with all your might to keep secret may be made public.

If a woman waters tomatoes in a dream, the dream foretells that a rival will soon appear.

Picking unripe, green tomatoes - such a dream threatens to result in an unwanted delay in business.

Seeing blackened tomatoes in a dream means weakening or loss of vision.

Throwing away rotten tomatoes means you may suffer from your own carelessness.

Buying fresh tomatoes in a dream is a very unfavorable dream for businessmen. There may be a loss of profit from the actions of more successful competitors.

Seeing red tomatoes in a dream is a very favorable sign.

But if you suddenly saw unripe, blackened or rotten tomatoes, or did something with them, such a dream may portend trouble.

And yet, by making the necessary conclusions for yourself, you will minimize the risk of not very pleasant consequences and protect yourself from the influence of dubious people from your environment.

Other dreams

Sometimes our subconscious sends us signs that are “wrapped” in a rather strange shell. Same with tomatoes. If you have unusual dreams about tomatoes, rely on your feelings and emotions to decipher the vision and find a clue. Here are the meanings of some more “tomato” dreams.

Yellow tomatoes in a dream - to an attack of jealousy, and completely groundless. Calm down - your partner is faithful to you. Dream books promise the dreamer who saw a dream about yellow tomatoes an unexpected trip, a pleasant trip.

Seeing seedlings in a dream means a visit from an unexpected and unpleasant guest who will greatly ruin your life.

Cutting tomatoes in a dream is not a very good sign. It promises failure at work and in your personal life. Your life will get worse. If a married lady dreams of cutting tomatoes, it means that her husband is unfaithful to her.

Watering tomatoes in a dream: you have an envious person or rival who is part of your social circle. Try to be more careful. Some dream books interpret watering them in a dream as follows: you will receive a quick reward for your labors.

Stealing tomatoes in a dream - such a dream means that the dreamer is not living his own life. Jealous, copies the happiness of others. There is no need to compare - be an individual and then your destiny will change.

Salting tomatoes in a night dream means your outlook on life will radically change. Pickling a tomato promises troubles that will be caused to your household.

“Tomato Dreams” is not only pleasant to watch, but also the events behind it are romantic, filled with love and happiness. Therefore, seeing a tomato in a dream can be considered a great success. Long-awaited love will come to single people, married couples will feel warm and cozy together. And if a tomato dream promises an improvement in your financial situation, then you can safely go to bed every day thinking about tomatoes.

But don’t forget about your health: it’s better to eat plenty of these healing vegetables in reality than to eat them in your dreams. Then the heart will work better and blood circulation will improve. And with health, love and money will certainly come into life. Sweet Dreams!

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