Why does a woman dream of apples: dream book: red, green, large, collected and ripe apples

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A woman sees apples in a dream

The interpretation of a dream in many cases depends on the dreamer’s marital status. The same dream can have different meanings for single women and married women.

The girl dreams of apples

According to the predictions of various dream books, apples can promise a young lady a cloudless family life or motherhood. Miller's work on dreams gives a hint: seeing a tree with large ripe fruits in a dream promises a woman a long-awaited pregnancy. You can prepare for serious changes in your body.

Married woman dreams of apples

Young married women dream of a spring garden, foreshadowing a rich harvest of fruits, and dream of motherhood. Delicious fruits speak of happiness and a prosperous period in life.

When a married woman eats sour apples, she should pay more attention to her husband. In reality, the husband lacks care, affection and love from her. If an important symbol is ignored, a man may begin to look for attention elsewhere.

An unmarried woman dreams of apples

Seeing a garden for a young lady or a free woman means the most pleasant sign: meeting great love or getting married. When a woman eats a very juicy apple with incredibly pleasant taste in her night dreams, the dream means that in reality she dreams of meeting the man of her dreams, whom she has liked for a long time.

For a free woman, a dream about an apple promises matchmaking. A woman who stole an apple in a dream will experience motherhood. Two apples falling from a branch mean the appearance of twins.

Pregnant woman dreams of apples

When a woman expecting a child dreams of such a plot, it predicts a successful birth and the birth of a healthy baby.

Who dreamed of an apple?

To an unmarried girl

For a young girl, a dream with apples can portend a variety of events:

  1. Rotten fruits mean dissatisfaction with your partner sexually. If this symbol appears regularly in night dreams, it means that the current situation greatly worries and worries the dreamer. The Dream Interpretation recommends not to hush up problems, but to discuss them with your chosen one.
  2. Unripe fruits are a symbol of haste. The girl rushes things too quickly in reality, thereby depriving herself of many joys and benefits. In order to achieve inner harmony and stop the eternal conflict with yourself, you should relax and let events take their course.
  3. Eating fruit means a pleasant meeting with a young man, which can lead to the creation of a new couple in love.
  4. Treating someone with fruit means drastic changes on the love front.
  5. Buying rotten and stale apples is a big failure. You should be careful and not enter into any major transactions during this period. The best solution would be to postpone all important matters for a more favorable period.

To a woman

  1. A woman who sees how she is trying with all her might to reach a branch and pick an apple, but she does not succeed, must project her vision onto real life. Most likely, she threw all her strength into achieving the intended goal, which in fact is not worth such work and effort. As a result, hopes will not be justified, and the dreamer will face disappointment and devastation.
  2. For a married woman, a dream in which the image of apples appears is a warning that you should not cheat on your spouse. Very soon the deception will be revealed and because of a fleeting affair the dreamer will lose her family.


  1. An expectant mother looking at or eating a ripe fruit in night vision may not worry about the outcome of the pregnancy. Everything will be fine, and the child will be born strong and healthy.
  2. A blooming apple orchard is a harbinger of an easy and quick birth on time.

To a man

  1. For a man, the dream book predicts a romantic relationship with a beautiful girl who will turn out to be morally immature for marriage and starting a family.
  2. There is a green apple that tastes sweet and ripe - a harbinger that the ongoing romance will be limited to intimate dates only and neither party will build romantic illusions regarding the future.
  3. Eating ripe apples means meeting a new woman who will become the dreamer’s true friend.
  4. Accepting fruit from someone else’s hands means attempts at seduction that a pretty girl will make towards the dreamer.
  5. Sitting under an apple tree with large beautiful fruits on its branches means readiness for a new relationship.
  6. Seeing large and ripe fruits means great prospects, a successful business, and improved financial condition.
  7. Cutting a fruit in half means thoughts of divorce and division of property.

Why do you dream about an apple tree?

A bad sign is a dream in which there are no apples on the apple tree. You will receive unpleasant news, perhaps grief will come to the family.

  • A felled tree also dreams of trouble, and seeing a broken branch means a breakdown in plans or unfinished business. If there were no leaves on it, you will finally be free from everything that bothered you and pulled you back.

If you dream of a blooming apple tree, it means that happy changes await you in the near future.

  • If a branch with apple blossoms is given as a gift, it will offer something for participation in an interesting project.
  • It’s good to see a big old apple tree in a dream. This is the tree of life, great events and a change of eras await ahead.

Don't be afraid to make plans!

According to the statements placed on the pages of Miller's dream book, red apples can bring good luck, especially if they were bright in color and appeared surrounded by lush green foliage. Moreover, the more abundantly the branches of a tree are covered with them, the greater bounties should be expected from fate.

Separately, the author provides an interpretation of the image of especially ripe fruits. It doesn’t matter where they were - on an apple tree, in a basket or on the dining table. All of them are a symbol of hopes ready to be realized. Just as apples ripen and fill with juice, so human aspirations go from subtle dreams to plans ready for implementation. In this case, in reality the dreamer must, casting aside doubts, immediately begin to implement his plans, no matter how bold and unrealizable they may seem.

Dreaming about apples, interpretation based on the color of apples in a dream

The presence of red apples in dreams is a sign of good news. Any business will go uphill, and relationships will only get stronger. Single girls can look forward to meeting their future husband, married girls can look forward to adding to their family.

Picking the color of a red fruit from a branch means the long-awaited completion of long-standing affairs. Take such a fruit from the ground - very soon you will receive income that you didn’t even suspect about. If the red apple turns out to be wormy, you should know that there are many envious people around. Taking a bite of a bitter or sour piece means you shouldn’t rely too much on existing plans and goals.

Free dream interpretation

Green apples in the dream books of different peoples are a good sign. It is a symbol of youth, energy and strength. Those who see it in their dreams must wait for the manifestation of new abilities or talents.

If a woman dreams of a green apple, and in the dream she cuts it, it means that she has made a mistake in her chosen one; He's not that perfect. But by putting the pieces together, a woman can help a man improve and get on the right path.

  • Seeing a lot of green apples is a sign of a long-awaited meeting.
  • Picking green fruits from a branch means you are impatient and drive your relationship forward, not allowing it to develop harmoniously.
  • Biting an unripe fruit means you are overwhelmed by strong feelings about unfulfilled dreams and hopes.
  • If in a dream someone gives you a large number of apples, he warns that you are too obsessed with finding your chosen one or chosen one.

Yellow apples are a sign of material wealth. They portend success at work or an unexpected inheritance. Yellow fruits promise a profitable deal, purchase or successful financial investment.

Free dream interpretation

A large number of yellow fruits - you should prepare for the fact that there will be twins in your family. Collecting such fruits means for a feast or a fun holiday, picking them from a branch means you will soon receive news from your loved ones, biting them means groundless jealousy is expected on the part of your significant other.

Single men, if they see yellow apples, can begin preparing for an imminent wedding. Scattering fruits from the basket in which they were going means that very soon you will quarrel with a friend. Selecting good fruits from rotten and wormy ones means mutual love.

From the tree

If in a dream you happened to pick fruits hanging on a tree, success in the financial sphere and the acquisition of desired things await you. If the apples were beautiful, a comfortable existence awaits you. But don't sit still!

Interpreters warn that now you need to immediately become more active and get down to business, without missing a single opportunity that fate will present to you.

Think about emergency exits and airbags. If suddenly something goes wrong. Only such a strategy will lead you to the pinnacle of success. And there you will rest.

If the fruits in the dream hung high on the tree, certain circumstances will change, to which you will have to quickly adapt and change your plan or line of behavior. You will learn to maneuver so as not to miss the chance.

But do not rush to rejoice, because some interpreters see the meaning of a dream in which you were picking fruits from trees in a completely different way. According to some dream books, sadness and anxiety await you, hopes will collapse, you risk stopping in the middle of the path, without ever feeling the joy of victory.

If in a dream you were picking large fruits from an apple tree, a very harmonious period will soon come when you will smile a lot and rejoice. You will feel a surge of strength, your overall well-being will improve, you will become more confident in yourself and you will see for yourself that in reality you seem to blossom and become younger.

However, if you picked large but green apples from the tree, you will soon grieve and deal with the treatment of diseases. If you picked big apples from someone else's tree, your dreams are destined to come true.

If in a dream you happened to pick red fruits from a tree, your cards will be confused by deceivers. Entrepreneurs especially need to be wary: expect meanness from competitors and unfair competition in the market. If you come up with a strategy to beat your competitors, you will achieve unrealistic heights and provide for your family for the rest of your life. If a girl had a dream, she will soon have a child.

I dream about apples – the size of apples

Large apples in dreams are a sign of global change.
The dream book says: if you dream of a big apple, you will soon gain knowledge or experience that will change your worldview and attitude towards most matters. Such a fruit at the top of the apple tree means that you are simply wasting your energy on achieving unattainable goals. A large fruit also means recognition from colleagues, loved ones and even strangers. Collecting them means that all plans will be implemented, but you should not expect their implementation in the near future. Small apples are a symbol of faded energy and connection with the outside world. It’s worth taking a break from work and pressing problems and remembering that you have family and friends. Dedicate the coming days and weeks to communicating with them. Eating small fruits means your relationship with your partner will become bland and gray; take care that this does not happen.

A businessman looking into the unknown

Before delving into the work of this respected author, who worked in the first decades of the 20th century, we note that he was naturally endowed with inexhaustible energy and an unusually sharp mind. Having devoted his life to commercial activities and achieving outstanding success in it, Miller at the same time collected information about the relationship that can be traced between the plots of night visions and subsequent circumstances of the dreamer’s real life.

Having summed up and systematized the results of his observations, he compiled on their basis one of the most popular reference books in the world dedicated to deciphering the secret meaning of dreams. Over the century since it was written, the scientist’s work has been republished many times and supplemented with materials taken from his personal archives. Therefore, we should not be surprised that there are both more complete and abbreviated answers to the same questions. That is why, in various editions of Miller’s dream book, apples have interpretations that differ in detail, but are similar in general semantic orientation.


Sometimes in dreams there is such a plot as a walk through an apple orchard. If the fruits are still unripe, then this indicates a desire to hurry and hurry everywhere. In real life, the girl constantly urges friends and family members. And this is her main conflict within herself.

Free dream interpretation

When, during a walk, one wants to get a tasty fruit, but fails to do so, this later leads to problems in the sexual sphere. In other words, a woman experiences sexual attraction to someone who cannot reciprocate her feelings.

On a note:

If the lady is already in a relationship, then let her forget about the betrayal. The fact will be revealed and it will end in serious problems.

If there are financial problems in life, the appearance of such a symbol is a favorable sign. If the garden is decorated with ripe, beautiful, glossy fruits, this is a harbinger of a change in financial situation for the better.

If there are heaps of collected fruits on the ground, beautiful and appetizing, then the dreamer will be able to achieve success and respect among the people around him. Finally, his work will be appreciated, and he will receive career growth.

Dreaming of apples – Vanga

Apples are a symbol of wisdom and reward. If you dreamed that you were picking apples from the branches, this means that under the influence of the events taking place around you, you will feel the need to comprehend the essence of earthly phenomena and you will communicate a lot with people and think, but you will understand only a small part, because everything around you is... God's creation and its incomprehensible mystery. Eating an apple in a dream means that in reality you will become wiser when you meet a person older than you.

Free dream interpretation

He will teach you a lot of what he knows, answer him only with kindness, otherwise you will bring disaster on your own head. If you dreamed of a wormy apple, it means that you will receive false information, and if you do not think through your further actions, you will lose. A dream in which you cut an apple into slices predicts a delusion for which you will pay.

Dreaming of apples – Nostradamus

Apples - Seeing a large ripe apple in a dream is a sign that a great discovery will soon be made. Such a dream tells the dreamer that in the future he will receive respect from a large number of people. Why do you dream of rotten apples - such a dream means that the business you are doing will end unsuccessfully. Eating an apple in a dream means meeting a beautiful woman who will have a great influence on your destiny.

Free dream interpretation

Perhaps this dream indicates that in the future a woman will come to power in one of the states of the world, who will manage to make this state the most powerful in the whole world. If in a dream you saw a large number of apples, then in the future amazing fruits will be discovered that resemble apples in shape. These fruits will restore health and youth to people.

Dreaming of apples - Aesop

Apples - The fruit of the apple tree represents temptation, seduction. According to the Bible, the apple symbolizes the forbidden fruit, because of which Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise. But also in ancient mythology and Russian folk tales, apples are associated with health and vitality. Remember how in one of the fairy tales the king sent his sons for rejuvenating apples, which returned him strength and health.

  • To dream of being treated to apples means that someone will try to involve you in a risky enterprise that will significantly damage your reputation.
  • A dream in which you eat an apple indicates that you need to take care of your health in the near future.
  • If in a dream you saw an apple lying on a plate or saucer, you will become a participant in interesting events.
  • To see in a dream how you roll an apple on a plate - in reality you will accidentally learn someone’s secret.
  • Cooking apple jam in a dream means that you will become a participant or witness to a sad event.
  • Why do you dream of golden apples that you hold in your hand - in reality you will receive universal love and recognition.
  • Collecting fallen apples is evidence that in real life you are hoping to get something that is not available to you. An unripe apple means bad news.
  • If in a dream you pick a green apple, then remember one folk wisdom: “Don’t pick an apple while it’s green: it will ripen and fall on its own.”
  • Don't rush things, let everything take its course.
  • A dream in which you eat a wormy or rotten apple means poor health and loss of vital energy.
  • Seeing a huge mountain of red and ripe apples in a dream means success and complete well-being.
  • If in a dream you saw an apple rolling along the path, it means that in the near future you will be hosting your relatives.
  • To see one rotten apple among ripe apples in a dream is a sign that all your failures and problems are connected with a person close to you. “One spoiled apple causes a whole cart to rot.”

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

Since ancient times, the apple tree and its fruits have been considered sacred. And seeing the fruits of an apple tree in a dream foreshadows family happiness, love, success and the harmonious development of all aspects of life. Apples often symbolize energy, youth, and liveliness. A dream with apples can be interpreted as a harbinger of good health, peace of mind, and longevity. All these interpretations and many other nuances are contained in popular dream books.

Miller's Dream Book - you will be happy

Ripe apples symbolize an open road to the fulfillment of desires. Having seen such a dream, you need to start taking active action and success and reward will come. But all actions must be thought through and transformed into a clear plan. Did you see apples at the top of the tree? Be careful with the height of your desires so as not to be disappointed and fall painfully.

Vanga's Dream Interpretation - you like to think

According to Vanga’s dream book, apples on a tree in a dream are a symbol of your wisdom.

The wise seer interpreted the apple as a sign of wisdom. She believed that if a sleeping person picks apples, then in reality he wants to know the meaning of existence. A lot of thought and reflection will eventually lead to the realization that everything was created by God and this is his mystery. Eating an apple means you will soon meet someone older and have the opportunity to learn wisdom. If in a dream you cut an apple into pieces, then false information and disappointment await you

Particular care should be taken if you dreamed of a wormy or rotten apple.

Freud's Dream Book - disappointments in love are possible

The one who saw apples in a dream is looking for intimacy with a person who will never reciprocate, due to the fact that he has a weakness for representatives of the same sex

If you had a dream where you are shaking a tree, then your partner’s pleasure is important to you, and you need to be creative in this matter, but the reward you receive will not keep you waiting long

Seeing a rotten or wormy apple promises treason and betrayal. But you don’t need to be afraid of anything, since your beloved person will not want to change the cozy family “nest” for the sake of affairs on the side. So stay calm. Soon the sheep that has gone astray will return to you.

Modern dream book - success and abundance await you

  • Apples with bright red skin that grow on a tree with thick and green foliage - to success and abundance;
  • If you see one apple at the top of a tree, then the dream book recommends that you think about whether you have set a realistic goal for yourself? If the whole tree is covered in apples, this is a sure sign of success in your endeavors. Go for it!
  • When the apple falls to the ground, you should be prepared to be surrounded by insincere friends;
  • Seeing rotten and wormy apples means useless efforts and failures.

Assyrian dream book - get ready for replenishment

Ripe apples are a new addition to the house. The birth of a child, the appearance of a pet, the purchase of new furniture - one way or another, something significant will appear at home. Seeing in a dream how every single apple falls from an apple tree is a warning about the possibility of imminent ruin.

Psychological dream book - communication with children ahead

Communication with several children, perhaps speaking in front of a children's audience, working with a group of children. Falling apples - you have to bear responsibility for someone else’s child. Picking apples, shaking a tree - because of your fault, someone else’s child will suffer.

Veles' Dream Interpretation - meet a woman

Mother with children. Picking apples from a tree means meeting a mother with many children and having a nice conversation. Seeing falling apples means meeting a woman who has problems with the behavior of children. Shaking or chopping an apple tree is a conflict with a mother of many children.

American dream book - family holiday

Abundance, praise, good wishes. Probably a family holiday with many guests and gifts, perhaps a wedding. The more ripe and appetizing the apples on the tree, the more joy the event will bring.

Chinese dream book - you will receive a reward

It’s time to “harvest” - the results of your recent activities will become clear. You will face problems due to wrong decisions and receive a well-deserved reward for your efforts. Falling apples - news of any result will come from the outside.

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Culinary dream book - intellectual work

Mental stress. A lot of ripe apples - puzzles, tasks, finding a solution. Picking apples means intellectual work and creativity. Falling apples are mistakes. Shaking an apple tree is a desire to escape from thoughts, irresponsibility.

New family dream book

If you dreamed of apples, fate foretells happy events. This symbol represents virtue, purity and generosity. Large red apples hanging on a strong green tree promise the sleeper good luck in all matters and endeavors.

A lot of ripe apples - an incentive to action, to achieve desired goals. Now is a very favorable period for starting work on a new project or idea. For the dreamer who saw the ripe fruits of an apple tree, fate foreshadows dizzying success and good luck in business.

Free dream interpretation

Seeing fruits growing at the very top of an apple tree in night visions means inflated expectations that are very difficult to fulfill. If fruit is on the ground, be careful. You do not know how to distinguish flatterers from unselfish friends, which is why you constantly get involved in unpleasant circumstances.

Rotten fruits on a tree

The family dream book interprets rotten apples as follows:

  • Spoiled fruits that barely hang on to the branches can mean futile attempts to solve family problems. In this case, it is not appropriate to talk with relatives who can help in a difficult situation.
  • If some fruits lie on the ground, then a solution to the problems should follow immediately.
  • Green fruits located between rotten ones can mean that the solution that comes first is one of the best in the current situation.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, rotten apples are a bad sign, personifying envy and self-interest. Perhaps the person is surrounded by unpleasant people who can bring disappointment and pain. If there are a lot of rotten fruits, then the person may worry about little things and try to help everyone around him without getting any benefit from it.

Dreaming of apples - intimate dream book

If in a dream you ate a juicy, ripe apple, it means, unfortunately, that your attempts to get closer are in vain. You would really like to meet a certain person who interests you, but he will not respond to your calls simply because he is inclined to have sexual relations with members of the same sex.

Seeing wormy apples in a dream means your “other half” gives you serious concerns: it seems to you that he (or she) spends too much time outside the home, and this is not caused by career considerations. Don’t worry in vain - nothing bad threatens either you or your union, and if there was some kind of “left-sided” interest, then soon enough something will happen that will finally open the eyes of the “lost sheep” and everything will fall into place . Your partner will understand that there is nothing stronger than old love, and peace of mind can only be found in your own family, and not in casual relationships on the side. So your spouse will return to the bosom of the family, where you will welcome him with open arms.

Shaking an apple tree so that apples fall from it to the ground means that in order for your partner to enjoy sex with you, you need to try hard. However, later, after you have shown everything you are capable of, you will see how good it was for the other person to be with you.


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