Dream Interpretation: What do you dream about? Seeing a lot of human shit, eating it in a dream

They say that if you are shitted by a bird, or suddenly lucky enough to step into someone's excrement, this is a sign of money. But it also happens that feces appear in our consciousness at night, when we do not expect it at all and are sleeping soundly. Be the first to find out how to explain a foul-smelling dream in our material.


Why do you dream about Shit?

Dreams in which feces appear are quite unpleasant, but, as a rule, there are no sharply negative interpretations about them even in the most common online dream books. Such dreams occur on the eve of important events, changes and improvements in the dreamer’s financial condition.

If you dreamed of shit, it means that in the near future money will fall on the dreamer, especially if you dreamed that it fell on your head. At the same time, you don’t have to make any special efforts for this. Perhaps it will be an inheritance or even winnings at a casino.

It’s not difficult to understand why you dream about shit if you remember all the details of the dream:

  • whose excrement appeared in a dream (human or animal, a child’s feces deserves a separate interpretation);
  • where they were: on the street, in the toilet, or maybe on the bed;
  • what you had to do with it: hold it in your hands, wipe it off your body or clothes.

Having analyzed all the details of what you saw, you can get the most accurate interpretation if you dream about something similar.

How do the most popular books interpret the appearance of feces in a dream?

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It may seem that the topic of human excrement is so “untouchable” that experienced interpreters will not bother to study it. But this is not true: feces are an integral part of the life of any creature, so seeing them in a dream is as natural as seeing food, water or a pillow. And this is how respected authors of books about the secrets of human dreams interpret such dreams...

Miller's Dream Book

  1. People who are in rather strained relationships with their neighbors can see or smell poop.
  2. If, feeling an unpleasant odor, you tried to find its source, but did not find it, the dream says: many people give you advice, interfering in your life, but this advice is of no use.
  3. Also, such dreams promise profit for businessmen and financiers, and a great harvest for farmers or summer residents.

Loff's Dream Book

  1. Such a dream shows your desire to have a lot of money and other benefits that can be bought with it. It is quite possible that you are financially broke right now.
  2. If in a dream you get dirty in human intestinal waste, you will become one hundred percent rich.

Identification by type

The origin of shit from dreams is of fundamental importance for their interpretation. And if human, as a rule, means unexpected profit or a profitable deal, then the pile that animals left behind can talk about relationships in the dreamer’s environment.

To big money

And a child’s feces can mean the real appearance of an heir.

Human feces

According to the modern dream book, shit from a person in dreams means unexpected profit. But here too the details are important: how did it appear?

  • If a person’s feces just fell on his head, it’s a win, a lot of money without any work.
  • Stepped into a nasty pile - to be involved in some profitable business.
  • Scooping from a cesspool or cleaning a rural toilet is theft, fraud, deception. You need to be very careful and not trust anyone with your finances.
  • A pile of worms is a betrayal. Someone close to him had long ago plotted an insidious plan against the dreamer and even involved other people in this.
  • Shitting yourself, or even farting if you want to, is an impossible task. If the project has just begun, it is better to refuse to participate in it.
  • Diarrhea is a lie. Seeing large quantities of raging rivers of diarrhea is a huge scam, as a result of which the dreamer risks finding himself without a single penny.
  • Holding a bucket full of poop in your hands means a tendency towards acquisitiveness, the ability to create significant savings.
  • When you dream that shit is floating on clear water - an unexpected thing, success, a thought that came at the right time.

Animal poop

Horse - for travel

Seeing animal feces is a sign that the environment requires your close attention. For farmers, this is the type of dream that predicts abundant fruiting, harvest and livestock brood. And if a representative of the intelligentsia saw something like this, he needs to take a closer look at which of his loved ones was planning something wrong.

  • Feline - the deceit of loved ones. Someone has been eyeing your success and enterprise for a long time, so cat shit from dreams is an occasion to test the sincerity of the intentions of friends who insist on closer communication. Since cat shit most often indicates a woman’s insincerity, you need to look among them.
  • Dog - symbolizes a friend. Accidentally stepping into dog shit means a meeting with a friend will soon take place, which will end in a grand binge. Seeing dog shit with worms moving in it is a bad sign. A friend will inevitably become a participant in a conspiracy against the dreamer. But he had no bad intentions. His participation in this is completely accidental.
  • Horse - for a trip. A lot of piles - a long business trip.
  • Cow - for dinner with the family. Perhaps parents really want to gather the whole family at one table.
  • Holding a bucket of manure in your hands is extraordinary luck.

Baby's bowel movements

a child craps in his arms - news

There are a lot of jokes about new mothers being too sensitive to their baby's poop. In part, the interpretation of dreams about shit carried over this tradition, which has already become the talk of the town, especially online. Therefore, having seen a child’s feces in a dream, many interpreters predict a new addition to the family and, as a result, a painful attitude towards his stool.

  • Seeing your child covered in feces from head to toe is a lucrative business. Your child will be his main inspiration.
  • Watching someone else's child eat feces - you will learn secret details about one of your partners, which may turn out to be incriminating evidence.
  • Drying a child, washing him - your unique ability to make money out of nothing will be passed on to your children. But they will succeed in earning more than you.
  • Child feces with worms - competitors have coveted your new endeavor. A little more, and you will lose the ability to manage the situation - skillfully spread gossip will negate your reputation and the achievements you have made. If the shit is white, it’s better to give the initiative to the spiteful critics. Complete collapse awaits them.
  • Putting your baby on a bucket is a significant acquisition that will help you start your own business in the future.
  • Holding a child in your arms and noticing that he has crap himself is a surprise, good news from afar.
  • The baby catches poop in the water while bathing in the bath - the dreamer’s too much curiosity can lead him to the right time, to the right place. And then success is guaranteed to him.

Bird and animal excrement

At a certain point in life, a person may dream of a waste product of a particular animal, the image of which he associates with calm and safety or, conversely, with threat and attack. Only bird droppings, which have always been considered a harbinger of wealth, have an unambiguous interpretation for everyone, and the feces of other representatives of the animal world are classified according to the experience of researchers depending on the reaction of the human subconscious to poop:

  • felines - betrayal of close relatives and friends, they will become an unexpected source of trouble;
  • canine - a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend to resolve a long-standing misunderstanding or support of friends in an important matter, however, if there are worms in the contents, you should be wary of intrigues behind your back and be prepared to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • equine - the medieval aristocracy considered feces similar to golden apples to be a hint of fortune for receiving a new title, expanding their possessions and an influx of funds from their superiors, which is still relevant in our time;
  • cows - unlike horses, symbolize stable income within one’s social circle without moving to an elite one, but staying in one’s element will also give the dreamer mental comfort;
  • goat peas - money receipts will be small, but frequent, luck will become constant, pregnancy is likely for women;
  • mouse or rat - an attempt to deceive the sleeper will be unsuccessful, but he still needs to be careful in undertakings that raise doubts;
  • cockroaches - dirty gossip and rumors that distort a person’s true intentions will bring a lot of problems;
  • bearish - you will have to overcome a lot of difficulties on the way to the desired result, and if there is blood in the excrement, then the dissatisfaction of relatives about excessive zeal at work to the detriment of the family and the hostility of colleagues who suspect the possibility of rivalry.

The feces of cubs, especially a puppy and a rabbit, with the simultaneous presence of animals promise joyful surprises, and for unmarried girls it foretells a period of romantic interests. Pregnant women often dream of colored poop, symbolizing the sex of the child, but you should not take the blue or pink shade literally, perhaps these are just the internal expectations of the sleeping woman, but pleasant colors carry a positive charge for the entire dream as a whole.

It portends good luck and a smell that sensitive people are quite capable of detecting. Unlike reality, in parallel worlds, if you smell excrement, it means that the gates to reality are opening, where your wildest dreams of wealth will come true.

Thus, a dream where feces is present is favorable; the only danger is represented by visions where worms are swarming in the poop, which always means the interference of negatively minded people in the dreamer’s personal themes.

Where did the dreamer find feces?

The place where the dreamer got dirty or found shit may indicate an area of ​​life or relationships that requires the most careful attention. If this happened on the street, it means that the situation will develop on its own, and the sleeper cannot influence it at all. When you had to see him in a dream at home, it means that the circumstances developed solely thanks to your actions, says the online interpreter.

  • A lot of feces in the toilet means a significant increase in income. Trying to wash it off or wash it away, but it still comes up - an incessant financial flow.
  • In a public toilet there is feces with worms - you will find a skeleton in your partners closet. No one will even guess how valuable information you have.
  • A pile in your own bed - a great vacation ahead.
  • To hand it over to someone means you have to give a gift to that person.
  • Carrying a bucket of shit behind you is a preoccupation with investing money.
  • Floating on the water in a mountain river is an unexpected event that will bring success to the dreamer.

Basic meanings of dreams with excrement

Feces that appear in a dream can be interpreted differently depending on the specific details and the behavior of the person himself when he sees them:

  1. Admiring children's excrement in a dream means a person's self-satisfaction. Baby feces in a dream is a good sign for a person. This means that he is happy at the moment, and this state will last for a long time. Touching children's excrement in a dream is a sign of complete happiness and success.
  2. Observing children's excrement in a potty or toilet is a sign that it is worth paying attention to possible cash flows.
  3. Seeing feces in your own bed does not mean anything bad. This is a good sign, since a person is expected to experience a significant increase in finances.
  4. Seeing dried human feces in a dream is a sign of internal dissatisfaction with oneself.

Actions with a smelly substance

to a profitable job

The interpretation also depends on what was done with the excrement in the dream. This indicates the dreamer’s vector of thought and his plans for the future. This way you can predict which planned events will be successful and which ones should be abandoned.

  • Seeing your hands in feces is a profitable job.
  • Throwing around a viscous mass is a financial waste.
  • Eating a lot of your own feces means diseases of the digestive tract. And strangers - to huge profits.
  • Seeing a festive table set with shit is a feast that can end very sadly.

Get dirty in them

In fact, the interpretation here is in many ways similar to the reality sign that many people know. As you know, if you walk along the road and step in feces, then it is considered a sign of money. Dreams where you step or get dirty in feces are interpreted in a similar way.

If you are lucky enough to fall into shit, then the dream means that you enjoy wealth and luxury.

For example, Loff’s dream book considers such an omen to be an almost 100% guarantee of any profit or income. Therefore, you should not be sad about such a slightly unpleasant dream.

Interpretations of different dream books

Many authoritative sources agree that such dreams come as a harbinger of quick profit almost out of nowhere. The exception is Miller's interpretation, which comes from European traditions of cleanliness. Although the ancient symbolic interpretation suggests that feces can symbolize human experience and accumulated knowledge. And passing it from hand to hand means getting a talented student.

Ancient Slavic dream book

Like many dream interpretations, this ancient source speaks of making significant profits. Manure, livestock excrement from dreams - definitely a bountiful harvest. Passing it to someone or offering to eat at the table is a transfer of money, a gift.

  • To join a pile in a latrine is a conversation between respectable people about big money.
  • Eating it or seeing it on the table is a new activity that will bring significant profit.
  • Collecting a lot of manure in a bucket means preparing to receive guests.
  • Shit in the hands of a friend - lend him money.
  • Shit with worms from dreams suggests that even the best intentions can turn against you.

Miller's Dream Book

if you washed the child

Not a very optimistic source. Most of all, he focuses on the emotions of the dreamer. Feeling disgusted by the smell or appearance of feces is a sign of trouble. Getting dirty and getting your clothes dirty means you will be drawn into an unpleasant matter.

  • Washing a dirty child is an unpleasant job.
  • Walking into a bucket when there is a great need is stinginess, stinginess.
  • To hold in your hands means to fully control the situation and understand all your vices.
  • Yes - a reprimand from the authorities.
  • A big pile in the middle of the room is a surprise.

Vanga's Dream Book

This interpretation is close to symbolic. The prophetess said that feces in a dream come to those who are able to digest information and offer it in an accessible form to those who are ready to hear it. It has a bad meaning only if you had to eat it in a dream. This means an unpleasant illness, malaise, possibly poisoning.

  • Emptying a bucket at night means transporting valuable cargo, responsibility for someone else’s property.
  • Taking human shit into your hands means becoming a famous representative of your kind.
  • There is one’s own – illness, poor health. Another person - to the successful start of a profitable project.
  • Slipped on a heap, which means that misunderstandings are possible in the near future, but they will be resolved very quickly.

Dream books of psychotherapists and clairvoyants

Discharge in a dream is always associated with events that are close to the sleeper and affect the depths of his nature - survival, enrichment, sex and reputation. Since ancient times, the topic of feces has been taboo and requires special attention when it comes to mysticism and predictions. Many dream books were compiled, the contents of which were hidden by censorship for centuries, but humanity continued to see the contents of the intestines in night illusions, which required explanation.

Archetypes of the human unconscious

The interpretations of ancient philosophers, who showed considerable interest in the topic of bowel movements, were continued in the works of psychotherapists. Freud believed that people perceive feces as an extension of their own personality, because until a certain age a child does not feel disgusted when playing with excrement and studying it. Colleagues took his idea as a basis and developed it, recording long-term observations for patients:

  1. Miller. Stepping in poop means changing your place of residence due to unforeseen changes in your love relationship. Seeing a large specimen floating in the toilet is a sign of receiving a huge amount of money from an unexpected source. Defecating in a crowded place or in an office in front of everyone means getting into an unpleasant situation, which will result in disappointment and loss of money.
  2. Freud. Having difficulty pumping out the contents of your intestines and experiencing relief foreshadows a successful ending to a complex and confusing story, the completion of a labor-intensive process with an increase in salary, and frigid women can hope for an orgasm. Getting into someone else's excrement and hastily wiping your body and clothes means in reality you will accidentally find out someone else's secret of an unpleasant nature, which will be difficult for the dreamer to keep. It will probably touch him personally.
  3. D. Loff. Fresh, pleasant-colored stool symbolizes peace and contentment in life, which will last for a long time. Falling into a bed full of excrement means finding a rich patron with whom you may have a whirlwind romance. This psychologist also noted that employees most often dream of feces in the toilet in anticipation of a salary increase or an unexpected bonus. In his dream book, poop always portends passion and enrichment.

Modern psychologists confirm that such dreams promise benefits, especially in the case of joyful emotions and the absence of disgust, but the profit can be quite insignificant, it all depends on the capabilities of the dreamer.

Healers' predictions

Clairvoyants who work with the aura and energy content of a person note that most patients dream of their own feces on the body as a reflection of internal fears and stressful experiences. The desire to get rid of it immediately betrays the desire to cleanse the soul of adhering negative energy. Such visions leave a depressing and unpleasant feeling. The healers included the accumulated observations in their personal dream books:

  1. Natalya Stepanova . Taking with your hands and eating body secretions in the form of delicacies at a table covered with a tablecloth portends a huge income, even if in reality nothing promises fabulous wealth, an unpleasant dream, from the point of view of consciousness, says that poverty will remain a thing of the past.
  2. Felomena . Slipping on a puddle of feces and falling in it is a financial waste for unforeseen reasons: you need to beware of losing your wallet, bag and documents. Standing on a huge pile of manure - capital growth, swimming in water with a lot of hard poop - help from relatives in matters that seemed hopeless, but in the end there will be enough profit for everyone.
  3. Healer Fedorovskaya . A strange vision when you need to find your own excrement, but it is nowhere to be found, this is a bad sign. The personal life of the sleeping person is subject to gossip and gossip, and shameful secrets will be revealed. To clean your mouth and underpants from feces - you need to carefully monitor the purity of your soul and speech; perhaps the dreamer swears a lot and condemns others, which will come back to him like a boomerang.

For seriously ill patients, defecating on themselves in a dream is a sign of returning to normal life and liberation from the cause of the illness. Baby feces are a wonderful omen for those dreaming of pregnancy; it will happen as soon as possible.

General symbolic interpretation

A processed product seen in a dream that comes out of a person’s body symbolizes the experience gained. Passing on or offering it to someone means sharing knowledge and helping people. Sometimes such visions are intertwined with sacred initiations, during which they also had to perform completely unexpected and disgusting actions.

When you dream of constipation, the inability to free yourself, the dreamer is afraid to express his thoughts out loud. He is afraid that he will not be understood and heard. But diarrhea is just the opposite phenomenon. The dreamer is inclined to talk, give advice where he was not asked, and can be annoying (an eloquent expression is “verbal diarrhea”).

In any case, if the dreamer reacts neutrally to his own or other people’s bowel movements, this is a good sign.
Events, profit making, pleasant chores are possible. Disgust, disgust - problems with one’s own subconscious and perception of oneself as an integral person. (Visited 1,504 times, 2 visits today)

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