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Every person knows the image of the ideologist of the Third Reich, the leader of world fascism, a skilled orator with the characteristic black bangs and mustache. The Great Patriotic War evokes heavy, depressing associations, coming in dreams, such pictures provoke fear and worry. If you dreamed about Hitler, what to expect? A significant figure with a pronounced negative component can lead a person into bewilderment. Why did the dictator come into a dream? What does the vision convey, how to correctly decipher the subliminal message? Let's see what interpreters say when explaining such a dream.

Decoding actions

A complete interpretation of a dream is impossible without deciphering the various actions of both the dreamer and the character.

  • Attacks - astral attack.
  • Fighting is a love date.
  • To kill is to successfully overcome difficulties.
  • To speak is a terrible disappointment.
  • Kiss - make peace with a friend.

Did you dream that you listened to Hitler’s “incendiary” speech? In the real world, never agree to someone else's terms.

General value

According to the dream book, the image of Hitler becomes part of a mysterious subconscious message, when in reality a person did not even remember the dictator. Some external experiences, future events served as an impetus for the formation of an unusual symbol. Think back to the day. Evaluate the news received, analyze yourself - perhaps you can guess on your own what triggered the vision.

The general interpretation of sleep is power, strength, protection. The future prepares a protector for the dreamer. Another explanation is possible: the observer of the dream will personally become a mentor, a patron for someone. Moreover, the influence will be almost limitless. Considering the peculiarities of perception of the figure of Hitler, many interpreters insist: you will turn out to be a tough, strong, suppressive leader. Subordinates, household members, dependent people will respect, fear, admire.

Having received power in reality, stop. Remember how Hitler's reign ended.


Why dream of relatively calm communication with Hitler? In real life, you will have to do something completely unfamiliar, which will cause you a lot of doubt and uncertainty.

Any difficulties in understanding this character hint at a number of difficulties that await you. Try to soberly assess your own capabilities and refuse obviously risky enterprises.

If, during a difficult conversation in a dream, you come to an agreement, then the dream book predicts unprecedented success for the undertaking.

Real prerequisites

In order to correctly interpret the message, it is necessary to take into account the dreamer’s personal attitude towards the controversial historical figure. Lately it has been fashionable to exalt the activities of the fascists and worship the great Fuhrer. This view evokes a positive attitude towards night visions involving Hitler. Most dream books believe that such dreams should not be interpreted seriously, because they often turn out to be a projection of an extraordinary hobby that has captured all the thoughts of the dream observer.

The above is also true for ardent haters of fascism. Does Hitler evoke bright, negative emotions, rejection, negativity? Having appeared in a dream, the Fuhrer becomes a symbol of real experiences, without any sacred meaning.

Victory or defeat?

Did you dream that Hitler was going to war against your homeland? A period of intense work is coming, requiring the full mobilization of resources and spiritual strength.

It's good if you won the war against Hitler and his troops. Expect family well-being and revival in business.

Losing a confrontation in a dream is bad. The dream book believes that internal reserves will dry up, and you will plunge into a quagmire of apathy and indifference.

Implications for the future

Any dream predicts something. Dream Interpretations interpret the prophetic component of dreams with Hitler as follows:

  1. for an accomplished person - increased influence, great success, the opportunity to leave a historical mark;
  2. To an ordinary guy or girl, such a dream says: curb your sense of self-importance;
  3. to a subordinate - do not go against the collective opinion, you risk causing general discontent;
  4. fight with Hitler in a dream - expect an unusual proposal that causes a strong mental struggle of contradictions;
  5. to fall in love with the Fuhrer, to be friends - the dreamer intends to do something bad, contrary to character, to contact an extremely dangerous person;
  6. talking to a dictator in a dream means terrible, complete disappointment;
  7. killing the main Nazi promises a successful way out of the difficulties that have arisen in reality.

Adolf Hitler is the brightest historical figure who evokes corresponding emotions. Coming in a dream, the image leaves a noticeable “aftertaste”. With what feelings did a person awaken when he saw the dictator? Calmness and tranquility indicate that the dreamer’s internal state is in order. Frustration, anger - destructive changes occur in consciousness. Be attentive to your own health, otherwise you will end up with a serious nervous breakdown.

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