Why do you dream about Words: interpretation in various dream books

A kind word as a symbol of well-being

Hearing beautiful words is a great happiness, since they prophesy prosperity, Pastor Loff’s dream book pleases.

But to find out why you dream that you yourself are saying something quiet and pleasant to someone, you can look into Miss Hasse’s dream book. And he will tell you this: a gentle whisper from one’s own lips that the dreamer dreams of means life’s grace. Everything you dream about will come true!

The word “beloved,” uttered by a guy in a girl’s dream, promises the dreamer happiness in love. And hearing a lot of words about feelings is a sign of a wedding.

The meaning of the word Dream in the dictionary of D.N. Ushakova

SLEEP, Sleep, man. 1. units only A periodically occurring physiological state opposite to wakefulness, during which the work of consciousness completely or partially stops. “He spent more than one night without sleep.” Goncharov. “Matvey Savvich muttered something in his sleep.” Chekhov. “Soon both fell asleep in a sweet sleep.” Griboyedov. “I have a light sleep: as soon as someone creaks, I’m already watching.” Goncharov. "Sleep closes your eyes." L. Tolstoy. “He fell asleep in a heroic sleep.” Melnikov-Pechersky. “You wrote everything and didn’t forget about it.” Pushkin. To rise up, to awaken from sleep. Fall into sleep. He's getting sleepy. I didn't hear anything from sleep. Seeing something in a dream. Go to bed (go to sleep or ***** mountain." Baratynsky. "Seville is embraced by both darkness and sleep." Pushkin. | translation. Monotony, dullness, stagnation, lack of movement forward, change. Their life was immersed in sleep. Bring colonial countries out of sleep. 2. What is dreamed, vision, dreams of the sleeper. “I slept well all that night and had no dreams.” A. Turgenev. “Dreams are strange, but in reality they are stranger.” Griboyedov. Prophetic dream. Dream in the hand (see hand). “Bring golden dreams to silk eyelashes.” Lermontov. 3. translation. A dream, a dream, something that captivates the imagination and feeling (poet.). “Was it a dream of imagination?” Pushkin. “ She gave the poet the first dream of his youthful delight." Pushkin. "In the wilderness, a lyrical voice is more sonorous, creative dreams are more vivid." Pushkin. 4. transfer. About something unrealizable, fantastic, fabulous, about some product of the imagination. All this is a dream. To fall asleep (sleep) in eternal sleep or plunge into eternal sleep (·rhetor.) - to die. As in a dream - 1 ) about something delightful, unusual. It was beautiful, like a dream. 2 ) about the half-asleep, half-conscious state of someone, about the state of a person who has temporarily lost the ability to distinctly, clearly hear or see something, or understand something. I sit as if in a dream: I listen and understand nothing. Not at all (not guilty; colloquial) - completely, not at all guilty. “I’m not to blame for this, neither in my dreams nor in my spirit.” Leskov. Through a dream - during sleep. I heard it in my sleep. “With a clear smile, nature greets the morning of the year through a dream.” Pushkin. “I still remember, as if in a dream...” Herzen. I don’t want to sleep in one or (simple) one eye at all. What does this dream mean (mean, etc.; joke) - how should this be understood, what does it mean?

Barbs and swearing are a sign of unpleasant conversations

If you dreamed that you were shouting obscenities, difficulties awaiting you in understanding with others.

Do a lot of caustic and offensive words come at you? Think about it! You are not being fair to someone in reality.

If you dream that you are participating in a conversation consisting of swear words, be prepared for an unpleasant dialogue, moreover, with someone from whom you did not expect any dirty tricks.

Choosing a rhyme for a swear word in a dream means insulting people close to you.

Interpretation of the dream Words in the dream book Dream Interpretation Sonan

Words in a dream - If you dreamed of words spoken by someone in a dream and clearly etched in your memory, then this refers you to those people who in similar situations or recently uttered these words in real life. If you dreamed of a word on the wall of a building, it means that something awaits you ahead that is directly related to the meaning of this word. If you dreamed that you were given the floor, but you cannot formulate your thoughts, it means that in reality you will have to hold on to someone. If you dreamed that under pressure you uttered a word that no one should hear, it means that you will soon be punished for your inaction or negligence

If you dreamed that you heard only one word from a conversation with someone, it means that in reality you pay too much attention to what this word means. If in a dream some word was whispered in your ear, then in reality you will have to keep some secret that could possibly harm you

If you write a word in a dream, then in reality you are thinking about what you wrote. If in a dream you make some kind of report, give a speech and the words come to you quite easily and coherently, then this may mean that you need to cleanse yourself, cleanse your conscience and soul of sin, as if to confess. If a voice pronounces words from somewhere above, from the unknown, you do not see the speaker, but listen to him, then this means that soon you will be given useful advice that you should use in order to achieve success in the future or consolidate it. If these words are abusive, swearing or swearing, then this may indicate an internal conflict within you. Try to understand yourself, decide what is more important to you at the moment, what you want from life, and take steps, thinking about them in this light. If these words are warnings, some kind of threats, then this may mean that a very fair conscience has awakened in you. Remember who could have been offended by you, with whom you did not do badly or are about to commit a dishonest act. Prevent it and you will avoid serious consequences. Dreamed words refer us to the people who uttered them in front of you. Seeing a word written on paper in a dream means slander. To see in a dream how someone asks to say a word, but they are not allowed to do so, means that in reality you have a chance to correct what you consider necessary. Hearing an indistinct word in a dream that you could not remember even after sleep is a sign of empty troubles and worries.

The dream came true once55170Author of the article: astroson.com

Words written - for joy and sadness

Why do you dream that you are reading words whose meaning you do not know, the Lunar Dream Book will tell you. To sadness and boredom.

But the word “love” or the word “death”, written in huge letters on the wall of your house, portend either a good mood or universal sadness - depending on what you see.

Reading poetic rhymes written by a poet or poetess in love with you in your notebook - you won’t be bored, Medea’s dream book promises.

What Vanga says about the words that you dream about

Considering the interpretations from different dream books, let us pay attention to the prophecies from Vanga:

  • you could hear poetic phrases, quotes, passages in reality, but “remember” only in a dream;
  • in a dream you can see not only people, but also phrases that will be metaphors for these persons;
  • a dream in which you read a literary text can encrypt people from your everyday life, where they will become heroes of a poem or novel;
  • warnings or warnings are the voice of your conscience, which in ordinary life you do not listen to;
  • slurred speech is dreamed of in cases where you have failed in something or do not understand something;
  • advice is interpreted by the clairvoyant as your attempt to shift responsibility to another person (if you are giving advice to yourself, then listen to it: this will be your true position).

As we see, the Bulgarian prophetess interprets such dreams like a real psychologist.

Strange communication, or Miracles happen...

If you dreamed that you saw in front of you a mythical character who uttered phrases that you did not understand, this meant an unexpected but pleasant visit from a stranger.

To see a wonderful dream in which you yourself speak some strange and unfamiliar dialect - what was a mystery to you will become clear.

If you want to tell interesting news, but you can’t say a word, something will greatly surprise and delight you.

If you dreamed that you couldn’t say what you wanted, but at the same time see that your interlocutor already understood everything, this means wonderful events, the Women’s Dream Book prophesies.

The meaning of the word Dream in the Vasmer Max dictionary

genus. n. sleep, dial. in dreams “in a dream” (Melnikov) from other Russian. in snekh, Ukrainian dream, birth n. sleep, blr. dream, birth sleep, other Russian, old Slav. сънъ ὕπνος (Supr.), Bulgarian. son, Serbohorv. san, born p.sna, Slovenian. sǝ̀n, born. p. snà, Czech, Slavic sen, Polish sen, born n. sna, v.-luzh. son, born n. sona, sna, n.-luzh. soń f., b. n. sni.Praslav. *sъnъ from *sърнъ, related to *sарati (see sleep), as well as lit. sãpnas “sleep, dream”, sãpnis – the same, ltsh. sapnis “dream”, Old Indian svápnas “sleep, dream”, Avest. χvafna- (m.) – the same, Arm. kΏun, Greek ὕπνος m. “dream”, lat. somnus – the same, tochar. A ṣpäm, B ṣpäne “sleep”, Old Norse. svefn, irl. súan, Alb. gjumë. Wed. also lat. somnium "sleep", Greek. ἐνύπνιον, ancient Indian svápnyam, other Russian, old Slav. сънѥ “dream” (Trautman, ВSW 292; Meillet, Ét. 383; M.–E. 3, 706; Meilleux–Ernoux 1121 et seq.; Uhlenbeck, Aind. Wb. 355; Thorp 548; G. Meyer, Alb. Wb. 142; Pedersen, Kelt. Gr. 1, 94; Walde-Hofm. 2, 557 et seq.). which form with the listed forms a heteroclitic base on -r/-n; see Frisk, “Eranos”, 48, , 1950, p. 131 et seq. - T.)

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