“Why do you see an insect in a dream? If you see an Insect in a dream, what does it mean?

Very often, insects appearing in a dream do not bode well, especially when there are a lot of them or they cause a feeling of disgust. In general, insects do not symbolize the best human qualities, and you can find out in more detail what they mean in dreams by reading various interpretations, which often contradict each other. Well, how many people, so many opinions...

Interpretation from the dream books of Enigma and Miller

Seeing insects in a dream - all kinds of bugs, insects, flies - is not a very favorable sign. The Enigma dream book explains: obstacles will arise, you will have to communicate with an unpleasant person or deal with a lot of small troubles.

Do you have an annoying insect flying around you in your dream? According to Miller, you are tired of the problems that have piled up. You need to give yourself rest to gain strength.

If you managed to get rid of an unpleasant bug or midge, in reality you will cope with the problems yourself and solve a difficult issue.

General meaning of sleep

Most often, dreaming of insects does not bode well. They symbolize dark human nature, as well as many small problems in different areas of life that will fall on the dreamer at one time. Most likely, the enemies of the sleeping person will be to blame for their occurrence.

If a person managed to get rid of annoying flies in a dream, it means that in reality he will be able to cope with his bad traits and solve the problems that have arisen. Catching insects indicates that a person often wastes his time. Beautiful bugs usually portend disappointment in expectations associated with other people.

Interpretation from other dream books

Vanga believes that somehow contacting small insects means: the dreamer will get sick or lose his job.

Why do you dream that they bit you painfully? Interpretation according to Freud: his own children disappoint the sleeper, their behavior annoys him.

Was there an insect in the night dream? The Muslim dream interpreter says: you have an enemy. Its danger depends on how dangerous this bug is. If a tick grabs you in a dream, the Islamic dream book warns: the enemies have begun to act.

Interpretations of the gypsy dream book

According to the gypsy dream book, killing insects in the kingdom of dreams means experiencing an anxious state in reality. However, the interpreter warns the sleeping person that in most cases all experiences are simply groundless, so you should not dwell on them for a long time. Otherwise, you risk plunging into deep depression, from which it will be almost impossible to get out of it on your own.

Killing mosquitoes in a night plot means getting rid of annoying people in the real world who have been disturbing you all this time with their advice or simply their presence. An alternative interpretation is a small family quarrel, initiated by the dreamer himself. If you want to avoid a huge scandal, then be sure to choose phrases when communicating with loved ones.

Have you ever killed various insects in your dreams? Such a symbol speaks of the fears that a sleeping person experiences in reality. However, this is nothing more than an interpretation of your thoughts in the kingdom of Morpheus. Sleep will not help you cope with them until you want it yourself. However, the vision also does not promise anything unambiguously bad.

What insects did you see:

  • large ones - there is danger ahead;
  • large - fears constantly interfere with life;
  • small ones - you will be forced to refute false accusations;
  • dead - you will alienate your friend with incorrect statements;
  • unknown, but harmless - you will gain wealth;
  • volatile - rapid deterioration of the situation;
  • whites - financial difficulties will be resolved with difficulty;
  • green - new trouble will happen;
  • yellow - those who promise a lot will not fulfill it;
  • red - jealousy, discord in love relationships;
  • black - the plans of your enemies will fail.

Have you seen furry ones? There's no need to wait - it's time to act. The dream book tells you: only through decisive actions will you overcome difficulties.


Why do you dream about blood-sucking mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs? Interpretation of the plot: the dreamer will suffer from headaches. We need to get examined.

Poisonous insects in a dream indicate: next to the sleeper there are insidious, insincere people who are waiting for the moment to harm. You have to figure out who it is.

Be less frank about your personal or family life - you will avoid unnecessary problems. Everyone judges for himself, so some of your actions may seem unjustified or stupid. Why bring yourself down in the eyes of your friends?

I dreamed about different

Did you dream about different insects - by type, size, color? The dream book warns: a difficult time has come. It is important not to panic, remain calm and work as usual.

Why do you dream about different things that fly but don’t bite? They promise a threat that will not come true. Floating on the water - to quick pleasures.

Were they huge?

Have you seen huge insects? An acquaintance will do great meanness, which will bring you difficult trials.

Unusually huge cockroaches in a dream, which you were afraid of, indicate minor difficulties that will turn into major problems.

Scary giant beetles warn of a serious illness with fever.


Nasty white beetle larvae or worms that cause disgust indicate the bad intentions of acquaintances, says the dream book. There may be a major quarrel soon.

Why do you dream about a big white beetle? An attractive or long-awaited event will occur, but the result will be great disappointment.

Loff's Dream Book

The interpreter believed that for creative people this image would mean a surge of inspiration and strength. You will be able to fully realize your own talents to achieve recognition.

If you dream that you are surrounded by insects from all sides, but you cannot move to get rid of them, in reality you feel constrained. It's difficult for you to take decisive steps because something (or someone) is limiting you. Because of this, you risk getting into an unpleasant situation.

If you dreamed that they were crawling on your body, it means someone is trying to drag you into a risky undertaking. Beware of those cases that cause you vague suspicions.

Actions of insects in a dream

Remember what the insects did:

  • hatched from eggs - a society of people you don’t like;
  • circled overhead - a lot of worries;
  • ran away - the financial condition will be shaken;
  • attacked you - enemies will unite to harm;
  • bit - you will face an unfair attitude;
  • crawled out of the cracks - a lot of unexpected interference;

Are there a lot of them crawling under your feet in your sleep? The calm stage of life will end. There is a lot of trouble and worry ahead. The story warns a businessman about an embezzler among his subordinates.

Did a beetle fly by and hit you in the face with its wing? An unpleasant situation will happen to someone that will affect you too.

Got started in the house

Have there been insects in your home? The dream book explains: there will be losses and unjustified expenses that will undermine the well-being of the family. The vision also indicates problems with household members.

Woodlice in the bathroom in a dream promise the changes you have been waiting for. But minor troubles will lead to white heat. Were there moths and other insects on the ceiling? You will lose peace and sleep at home.

Crawling on the bed

Why do you dream of finding insects in your bed? Give yourself a reason for gossip and discussion by strangers about your intimate life.

Were they crawling on the bed? This is a warning: you are going to connect your life with a person who stays with you for selfish reasons, says the dream book.

Swarmed in the bedroom? Misunderstandings, disagreements, conflicts with your spouse. Look for ways to reconcile.

climbed on you

Were there insects on your body in the dream? The dream foreshadows a deterioration in health. Take a break from work and get some treatment. Did they crawl on your skin? There are domestic troubles ahead.

Why do you dream that they were in your arms? A difficult test lies ahead in a love relationship. Show more sincerity.

Got into the ear and nose

Little bugs crawling into your ear? Receive bad news. You will have to put aside current affairs and deal with the difficulties that have arisen. Did they crawl around your ears? Someone is trying to force their opinion on you.

Have insects gotten into your nose? The dream book warns: in a difficult situation, make a mistake. You may have incomplete information.

Got in the mouth, eyes

Did you crawl on your head or hair in your sleep? Confusion will arise in your thoughts, some confusing events will occur that will be difficult to understand.

Did insects get into your mouth? There is a big scandal ahead with colleagues or acquaintances. Got it in the eye? Advice from someone around you will push you to make a mistake, which will lead to losses.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the famous psychoanalyst, this image is directly related to children. Therefore, what you do with insects in a dream can tell about how you relate to children:

  • destroy, poison - you don’t really feel affection for your own child;
  • crushing them one by one, tearing off their legs or wings is a sign that you have bad inclinations. Do you want intimate relationships with minors?
  • they bite you - you do not feel satisfied with the behavior of your children. They disappoint you;
  • watching insects is a sign of uncertainty that you will be able to provide a decent future for your own children. Therefore, you are not ready to have a baby yet.

Saw insects in food

Why dream of seeing an insect in food? In reality, you will lose the benefit of your own free will - underestimate a good offer and refuse it.

Did they infest the bread? Something will happen that will cause you great feelings and stress. Try to pull yourself together.

Did you see a wormy peach in a dream? The dream book says: spiteful critics envy your successes. They will put a spoke in the wheels and disrupt plans.

If you accidentally eat an insect and vomit for a long time, you will suffer because of your shyness and listen to criticism addressed to you.

How does the size of insects affect the meaning of sleep?

If the dreamer dreamed of small insects, most likely something is bothering him. It is best to think about improving your own life, find a new job, or even move to another city.

Giant creatures most often dream of those who are afraid of disease and poverty. If the dreamer sees how one of them is preparing to attack him, it means that he should do tremendous work on himself. His imaginary fears actually attract failures into his life. They should be completely abandoned.

Why do you dream about midges?

A lot of bugs is a signal that many small but urgent matters have accumulated that will have to be resolved.

Did you dream of a midge invasion? When implementing your plans, you will encounter minor obstacles. They are quite surmountable, but they will ruin your mood.

Did those annoying midges hover around you in your sleep? The dream book explains: you will have to communicate with unpleasant interlocutors. Also, people around you tell rumors, gossip, unnecessary information that you constantly think about.

Don't get hung up on other people's actions and words that don't concern you. Don’t waste your nerves on useless worries, otherwise you risk seriously harming yourself. Do things that depend on you and will benefit you.


When deciphering a dream in which a swarm was present in one way or another, one should take into account, first of all, what insects it consisted of. Locusts are traditionally considered a harbinger of crop failure, losses, ruin; flies are associated with something unclean, blood-sucking insects are associated with vampirism and human malice.

Obviously, a swarm of such insects is a harbinger of a difficult life period. As for a swarm of bees, it can be considered a good sign if it flies towards you. If, on the contrary, bees fly out of your home, then such a dream also does not bring anything good.

How to fight insects in a dream:

  • fought off with a fly swatter - ill-wishers are not asleep;
  • swept with a broom - difficulties need to be solved radically;
  • crushed - get rid of troubles;
  • collected with a rag - you will make the right decision;
  • If you break a nest of wasps, you will bring trouble.

Why do you dream of poisoning with chemicals? The dream book suggests: you will have to deal with troubles not only on your own, but also by seeking the support of others, taking advantage of their experience. You will have to pay for this with funds or reciprocal services.

Did you destroy them in a dream in another way? Dissatisfaction with your partner sexually. We need to talk and resolve all ambiguities.

Did you catch them?

Did you catch insects? You waste time and energy on little things that are not worthy of attention, and do not complete important things. Besides, these little things are the most losing option of all.

Have you caught butterflies in a meadow on a sunny day? This means that you are about to meet an interesting person or have a romantic date with your loved one.

Did you kill the pest?

Killing all the insects that bother you is an excellent sign. The dream book promises: get rid of all difficulties and problems.

Did you kill a pest in your dream? This is a good time to implement new projects. But the plans must be well worked out so that there are no hiccups. The financial situation will also improve.

Other meanings

Have you seen how a bird pecks insects? Friends and family will help you cope with troubles and support you in difficult circumstances.

In a night dream, did a lizard eat a disgusting bug? Among your acquaintances there is a clever person who will help in overcoming difficulties, but not disinterestedly, says the dream book. Consider whether it is worth contacting him - it may be too expensive.

French interpreter

Dreamers who dreamed of killing insects in a scary place will achieve enormous success in their professional field of activity. In the near future they will make you a tempting offer, which you should under no circumstances refuse. The new position promises to bring stable cash income and respect from colleagues.

But if the insects did bite you during the fight, then you should be especially wary of trusting your secrets to unfamiliar individuals. Most likely, among your close circle of friends there is a person lurking who is trying with all his might to overthrow you from the top of Olympus. If you tell your secrets to everyone, then sooner or later this information will be used against you.

What does it mean to kill an insect in a dream that was trying to escape from you? In the real world, a sleeping person risks missing out on a rare opportunity to change his life for the better. Pretty soon you will receive interesting information, and if you use it correctly, you will not only get rid of all your problems, but also significantly increase your social status in society.

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