I dreamed about cherries - a prediction from popular dream books

Cherry is a positive sign and symbolizes a new stage in life, heartfelt affection and success in work matters. However, such rosy interpretations only apply to ripe and tasty berries, while green, sour or rotten cherries promise problems in all areas of life. To correctly decipher a dream, you need to remember the taste, color of the berries, where they were and what the dreamer happened to do with them. If you dreamed of a berry after the cherry harvest, or the dreamer feasted on it the day before, for such people the dream does not carry a semantic load and does not need additional interpretation.

Success at work, well-being in the family

Dreaming of berries promises excellent news that will delight and give hope that a better future will soon arrive.

Seeing cherries on a tree in a dream promises, according to the dream book, success at work. Are the berries growing low? You will fulfill your duties conscientiously and receive a decent reward for your work. High? Soon you will be offered a promotion.

Did you see one berry among the foliage and were planning to eat it? This is a wonderful omen, which means: everything will be fine in the family, financial difficulties will not affect you, and your other half will be loving and faithful.

Meaning according to dream books

The meaning of the dreamed cherry according to various dream books:

Dream InterpretationMeaning
ModernA favorable sign foreshadowing love victories, career advancement and family harmony
FreudTo a spontaneous acquaintance with a representative of the opposite sex, which will continue to be intimate
FemaleTo gossip and defamed honor
Maly VelesovTo anxiety and sad events
MillerTo luck and success in all endeavors
GrishinaFor a young girl, such a dream means an imminent wedding, and for a married woman, an extramarital relationship of an intimate nature.
MorozovaTo love adventures
FedorovskayaSoon the life of a sleeping person will change for the better
UkrainianA blooming cherry tree promises trouble, and red berries on a tree mean tears.
GeneralTo a solid income
AvadyaevaTo great joy and all kinds of pleasures
EnglishIf you dreamed of cherries in winter, expect disappointments and love failures
FrenchTo a pleasant pastime and joyful friendly meetings
AutumnThe sleeping man will soon learn about something very good
AdaskinaTo long-awaited purchases and valuable acquisitions
SpringThe upcoming fun will turn into bitter sadness

A good deal, prosperity, help from relatives

Did you dream of seeing ripe cherries on a tree? The dream book states: management will give you a bonus or even increase your salary.

For businessmen, these ripe berries in a dream promise the conclusion of a rather profitable deal that can bring good profits.

Have you ever harvested cherries on a tree? This means: you will soon be returned the money that you borrowed and no longer hoped to get it back.

Why do you dream of picking cherries and putting them in a bucket? Prosperity and a stable financial situation lie ahead.

Did you dream of not collecting it yourself, but watching how others did it? In reality, you will receive unexpected financial assistance from relatives.

General interpretation

Cherry in a dream is a favorable symbol if the berry was ripe and sweet. Blooming gardens have always symbolized happy families, and the first inflorescences foreshadowed the birth of children. This is a symbol of stability, prosperity, and fertility of the earth. The cherry tree always begins to bloom before it leaves. Therefore, it marks life, its cyclical nature, the appearance of a person and his departure.

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In Christianity, this berry is called heavenly. She is often depicted in the arms of Christ. She gives blissful joy to humble, meek and wise people. Planting a garden near your home is a lucky sign for the dreamer. This means that all family members will find happiness and prosperity.

For a girl to meet a stranger under a flowering tree - in the near future she will marry a man who will love and protect the dreamer. Hugging a trunk in a dream means being imbued with a special energy force, which will give you faith in yourself and open up limitless possibilities, expanding the boundaries of your desires.

A mother with a sick child dreamed of breaking a cherry branch and tying the bush with a string in the same place - in reality she would learn about her child’s speedy recovery. For those who suffer from an exacerbation of a chronic disease, such a vision is a sign that the illness will go away and will give the opportunity to continue doing what they love.

I dreamed of making a staff from a cherry branch - in reality, to have good financial support, to provide a comfortable life for myself and my loved ones. You are not afraid to meet old age, since you have enough funds that you can count on. Receiving a staff from your grandfather means inheriting a good family business that will generate stable income for many years to come. Perhaps, along with your inheritance, you will receive unique knowledge and secrets of the success of your ancestors. You shouldn’t trust family secrets even to a close circle of friends; there will always be someone who wants to borrow a piece of happiness from you.

There was a belief that the cherry tree had a powerful patron who could bring a rich harvest of vegetables, cereals, and fruits. For a farmer, to see a tree strewn with bunches of ripe berries in a dream is a sign that your expectations are not in vain and you will soon have a lot of work to do to sell your products.

A married woman dreamed of treating herself to a merchant of ripe cherries - succumbing to temptation and temptation. A very assertive and persistent young man will pursue you for a long time. This relationship may not last long, but it will negatively affect your relationship with your spouse. Refusing a treat means rejecting obsessive courtship and saving the family.

For an aspiring businessman, planting a tree and soon seeing its fruits is a symbol of successful endeavors. Your efficiency, determination and gift of foresight will help you implement a large and promising project that will bring good dividends and affect the growth and stability of your family’s well-being.

Eating red cherries is a sign of fidelity and constancy to your other half. This symbol comes to those who involuntarily want variety and relaxation from everyday worries and communication with household members. It is not worth breaking the strong bonds of marriage for the sake of instant and one-time passion. There is love between you, which means you need to make adjustments to your relationship with your spouse, diluting it with something bright, original and pleasant.

Carrying a basket full of juicy berries means achieving success and mutual understanding. This represents home - a full cup of goodness and prosperity. But if the basket turns out to be quite heavy for you and you feel pain in your joints, in reality it’s time to take care of your health. The reason for your poor health is expressed in your desire to shoulder a large burden of responsibility and responsibilities. Don’t exaggerate your importance; entrust some of your affairs to your family. Otherwise, future receipts of material goods will no longer please you.

Picking wormy cherries in a dream means failing in your plans and prospects. Your wishes are not destined to come true in the near future. You should look for other ways of self-realization and not dwell on previous failures. Over time, more knowledge and experience will come to you, but only if you are active and not depressed.

For a woman to eat green berries, this means senseless spending of money. You are used to spending a lot of financial resources on things that soon become useless and unnecessary for you. Expenses often exceed your cash receipts. This situation can cause instability and strife in your relationship with your loved one. Try to justify the need for a particular item before you buy it.

Love affection, good relationship

For a man in a dream to see a cherry tree with fruits that an attractive girl picks is an excellent sign. The dream book suggests: he will develop a love affair.

For a woman, this tree with fruit promises many good opportunities to show her abilities at work and in personal relationships. She will gain popularity, including due to the fact that she treats others in a friendly manner and does not use them for selfish purposes.

Why dream of eating cherries straight from the tree? The dream book says: an interesting acquaintance or other significant event is coming up, which will turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpreter associates cherries with pleasure, passion and sexual lust. Seeing a ripe berry in a dream means being ready for a new acquaintance with a person who will bring many pleasant and unforgettable sensations. Intimate intimacy will be full of vivid emotions and feelings.

Choosing the ripest and juiciest cherries means, in reality, suffering from selfishness and self-love. These character traits are extremely repulsive to potential lovers and make it impossible to find a permanent sexual partner.

I dreamed of watching cherry berries fall from a tree - a sign that you should think about your personal life and actively search for your beloved. Over the years, your sexual activity falters and there is a high probability of remaining completely alone in old age.

Gustov Miller

Cherry in a dream predicts positive changes in the dreamer’s life. Eating a delicious berry means having good health, which will be passed on to your children and grandchildren in the future. This is a sign of good genes that you maintain with an active lifestyle.

If you dreamed of watching a cherry tree ripen, you are getting ready to go on an interesting business trip or an exciting journey. A change of scenery will bring a lot of impressions and emotions. New acquaintances will be very useful for successful prospects in the future.

Harvesting means expecting a long-awaited profit or an expensive gift. Any income will be useful and necessary for you.

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