Why do women and men dream about Strawberries - 75 interpretations of the dream

For many, strawberries are a symbol of love and romance. And the dream of such a berry has several different interpretations. Usually the dream book deciphers what strawberries mean in dreams as a precursor to joyful events. But since this science is quite subtle, you should carefully remember the smallest details of night dreams so that the interpretation is as accurate as possible.

Positive and negative meanings of sleep

Red strawberries in a dream are considered a good sign. Such a dream predicts positive changes, increased creative energy, or an invitation to a date.

A dream about strawberry jam promises a passionate romance that will turn your head.

According to another version, sweet berries symbolize sexual pleasure and the pleasures of life. The sleeper should be careful and control himself, because due to his passion for his partner, he risks missing out on many business opportunities.

Who dreamed of strawberries

The interpretation of the dream will be different for men and women.

To a woman

A girl dreams of strawberries as a sign of the need to provide support to a loved one who is in trouble.

For a married woman, the dream promises family happiness and prosperity. Relationships with your spouse will improve, mutual understanding and love will reign in the couple.

To a man

For a lonely young man, the plot predicts a visit from guests. This will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions. A dream warns a married man of financial difficulties: someone will demand repayment of an old debt, or he will have to borrow money himself. The difficulties will be temporary.

What strawberries were like in the dream

Interpretations depending on what kind of strawberry was in the dream:

  • dirty - to loss of reputation;
  • crushed - to unreasonable spending;
  • rotten - to melancholy and tears;
  • frozen - to separation from your loved one;
  • sweet - for pleasant leisure;
  • ripe - to fulfill a dream;
  • blooming - to success in business;
  • the first - to illness;
  • washed - to hard work;
  • late - to the respect of colleagues;
  • early - to failure;
  • wild - to loneliness;
  • sour - to conflict with superiors;
  • cloying - for travel;
  • chopped - to support relatives in a difficult situation;
  • dried - to a quarrel with loved ones.

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Interpretations of what you saw: nuances of sleep

Nuances and little things that you may not pay attention to at first help you find the right answers. It is small remarks, objects or sensations that help to fully understand what a dream means, what information it conveys to a person.

  1. A large number of strawberries is an expectation of a pleasant event that will happen very soon.
  2. Bushes with berries - a good mood is guaranteed.
  3. Strawberry flowers - new love, sincerity in relationships.
  4. A strawberry field seen in a dream means various interferences in business are possible that will not cause serious harm to plans.
  5. If you see this berry on a tree, then in reality you need to prepare for the fulfillment of your desires.
  6. Forest and strawberries are good news or an event; caring for the plant means you have to do the work without much enthusiasm.

A large number of strawberries - anticipation of a pleasant event that will happen very soon
. More meanings:

  • Making jam - an unpleasant conversation, contact with bad people;
  • Purchase – transfer of responsibilities;
  • Green berry - possible disappointment in a person or a task being performed;
  • Compote - negative plans directed towards someone who had a similar dream, but their plans cannot be fulfilled for a number of reasons.
  • Sale – well-being in the family, positive.

You should also pay attention to your own emotions, which are present during sleep and after waking up. Thus, good emotions give positive impressions, and sadness gives the need for rest in reality.

Strawberry color in a dream

The interpretation of the dream depends on the color of the berries. Red strawberry signifies passion, pleasure and mutual love. For lonely people, such a dream promises a meeting with a soul mate, and for married people - an improvement in relationships.

Additional explanations depending on color:

  • green dreams of conflict with relatives;
  • black - to gain negative experience;
  • white - a waste of time.

If in a dream you see green strawberries, then in reality there may be problems with relatives.

Eating strawberries: meaning

The decoding is based on the remembered shades of taste. If it brings positive emotions when eaten, then the plot attracts only positivity.

According to scenario features:

  1. Wash to feast - preparation for a happy period.
  2. Treat your acquaintances - with them there will be some kind of shared pleasure, like a trip to a resort.
  3. Sorting before serving is a sign of special well-being.
  4. Eating from the garden without cleaning it means accepting everything from life, forgetting about problems.
  5. I found a particularly sweet one - stop focusing on the negative, everything is great these days!
  6. Eating something sour but tasty is an easy way to get out of a difficult financial situation.
  7. The strawberry sundae is a happy accident.
  8. Eating with your loved one improves relationships. He treats and prepares a surprise.
  9. Nibbling on ice cream means meeting an old friend and having a good time with him.
  10. Feeding the cat (amazing plot) - children will delight.
  11. Make jam, jelly or compote - you will help a loved one. Subsequently, you will receive financial gratitude.
  12. Treated by a stranger - the guy will fall in love.

If you saw strawberries with sugar on a plate, but didn’t eat them, think about the people who appreciate you. Some of them need support.

A dream in which an ex-girlfriend brought a garden gift promises profit in some small matter. Option: successful sale of old household appliances.

Where were the strawberries: in the garden, in a bucket, in hands, on the field

Dream interpretation depending on where the strawberries were:

  • in the garden - to receive vivid emotions, the cause of which will be a loved one;
  • under the snow - to victory over enemies;
  • in the clearing - to a cheerful feast;
  • in a bucket - to sexual activity;
  • in the field - to solve all problems;
  • in hands - to profit;
  • in a basket - to good luck in your personal life;
  • in a drawer - to chores around the house;
  • in a bag - to trouble;
  • in the ground - to deception on the part of a loved one;
  • in the store - to conflict with relatives;
  • in the refrigerator - an invitation to a party;
  • in the bank - to the lies of the spouse.

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The dreamer's actions and their meanings

Interpretations depending on what to do with strawberries in a dream:

  1. Planting - in reality you will be able to overcome all obstacles. Dreams will come true, and the dreamer will have good luck and respect from others.
  2. Stealing means participating in a risky event. Caution should be exercised.
  3. Yes - to harmony and comfort in the house.
  4. Washing means hard work, but in the end the sleeper will be generously rewarded.
  5. Selling means unexpected profits. It is possible to return an old debt or win.
  6. Buying means intrigue from enemies. You need to be ready and strike back.
  7. Watering - routine and boredom await the sleeper. You need to find a new passion or hobby.

You can make unexpected profits after sleeping with selling strawberries.

Bad dreams about berries

  1. Rotten berries are a symbol of loss, especially among people close to you: the dreamer better prepare for a difficult, protracted and painful period in its stability, filled with disappointment and boredom.
  2. Picking victoria in a dream, but losing the berries without bringing them to the basket - the dream represents real losses in life associated with one’s own carelessness, carelessness, or self-importance inflated for no reason.
  3. Berries with beetles and insects in a dream speak of vile and unreliable people, capable only of betrayal and deception: they will never change, and no matter how they pretend, sooner or later they will stab you in the back.
  4. To dream of a bucket of strawberries with beetles eating the crop - the dream speaks of serious problems in the work sphere: soon the dreamer will have to defend his professional territory or even financial stability, and the overall outcome of the situation is still unknown.
  5. A dream where the berries are limp or dark represents empty hopes: first of all, the dreamer will be disappointed in his own desires and dreams, and then he will lose any interest in all matters.

What dish with strawberries did you dream about?

Dreaming of chocolate-covered strawberries predicts stability, success and wealth. Making berry jam is a sign of pleasant leisure time with your lover. For lonely people, such a plot predicts a whirlwind romance.

Strawberries and cream portend an acquaintance with an interesting person. Communication will soon develop into a relationship.

Additional transcripts:

  • berry cake - to flirt with a colleague;
  • pie - the need to make a choice;
  • jelly - to victories at work;
  • mousse - to change profession.

Interpretation of dream events

I detail the foreshadowing of the situation occurring in the night scenario. What did you have to do? Collecting, planting, choosing in the store or preparing crops for canning? Plot features are used by the subconscious for a clearer prediction.


A rich harvest of plant products is always a plus in dreams. Details about strawberries:

  1. Collecting a significant amount (full baskets) means good news from neighbors.
  2. To tear carelessly is to show disdain for a loved one.
  3. Hastily grabbing from the garden and crushing the tender pulp is an unfair way to offend a friend.
  4. A lot of fruits, abundant fruiting - overestimate your own strength in a financial matter without any bad consequences.

Collecting and immediately putting the sweetest delicacy into your mouth means getting the most out of life, especially in terms of money.

Plant, water

The sign of agricultural work in a dream is determined by the location of such work, as well as the type of useful activity. Specifically:

  1. Preparing seedlings and trimming mustaches is a promise of revealing serious prospects in the field of professional fulfillment. It is necessary to improve qualifications.
  2. Fussing with seedlings in your own garden is the beginning of a protracted, dreary renovation in your apartment.
  3. Weeding the beds of a stranger is a pleasant introduction to romantic prospects. Planting on someone else's property means resuming interrupted communication.
  4. Weeding from your enemy means making peace with someone.
  5. Replanting house plants in different pots is a sign of renewal. There will be extra funds for organizing inspired shopping.

Planting bushes in a cemetery is a strict recommendation. Visit the church, order a memorial for the departed.


Acquisition is a good omen. Details:

  • shopping in a store - financial success;
  • at the market - a change in the inner circle;
  • for a neighbor in the country - participation in social activities.

It takes a long time to choose the right product - you cannot decide on a sexual partner, but both are waiting for the relationship to develop.


Nothing bad. The scenario means the defeat of a powerful enemy who has spoiled a lot of nerves. Variations:

  • professional rivalry;
  • fight for a man's love;
  • competition in business;
  • confrontation with government agencies (no certificates provided).

The picture brings positive news to a lady who has a married man as her lover. The guy will make a choice in your favor.


Trade in food products portends success in the fight against disease. Strawberries in this context communicate victory over colds; pulmonary ailments - bronchitis, pneumonia. But this does not mean that you need to refuse treatment. Doctor's help is necessary without options!

It is advisable for a sleeping mother to carry out preventive measures with her offspring. The absence of acute respiratory infections on the eve of sleep is an indicator of its prophetic accuracy. In a couple of days, you will notice signs of a runny nose in your child, if you do not take care of vitamins, seasonal clothing, and eliminating drafts.

Value by day of week

Interpretations of dreams by day of the week:

  • on Monday - to profit;
  • on Tuesday - to difficulties in business;
  • on Wednesday - to financial difficulties;
  • on Thursday - to respect others;
  • on Friday - to illness;
  • on Saturday - to get rid of bad habits;
  • on Sunday - to quarrels with relatives.

Other details of the dream

If you dreamed about strawberries and cherries, then such a dream promises popularity and prosperity.

Weeding the beds means severe fatigue caused by hard work or conflicts with relatives.

Watching someone throw away berries is a sign of losses and unreasonable spending.

Treating someone with strawberries is an invitation to a date.

An invitation to a date may come to you after sleeping with a strawberry treat.

Detailed interpretation from famous dream books

Popular dream books compiled by scientists and esotericists will help you figure out why you dream about strawberries.


The dream foreshadows experiences that will turn out to be groundless. Sweet-tasting berries promise positive emotions, while sour ones promise negative emotions.

If in a dream the sleeping person wanted to feed his partner strawberries, but he refused, then such a plot warns of discord in the couple. You should be prepared for the fact that a third person will appear and try to take your spouse away from the family.


Dreamed sweet berries symbolize new knowledge and well-being, which are given to a person for good deeds. If they turn out to be bitter, then everything that the sleeper receives was acquired by deception.

Such a dream warns the patient of an exacerbation of the disease.


The Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that a dream about strawberries foreshadows success: the sleeper will achieve his goals without effort, but there will be many temptations on his way. If he can resist them, then everything will end well.

Selling berries in a dream means prosperity. To grow - to the emergence of original ideas, thanks to which the dreamer will be able to earn big money.


The dream predicts the fulfillment of a dream.

Additional interpretations:

  • a bush strewn with berries symbolizes an exciting journey;
  • strawberries on a plate - a sign of spending time with your family; in your hands - a nervous breakdown.


Such night dreams warn of melancholy and unrest. Eating berries in a dream means illness.

For women, the dream predicts a new relationship, for men - unexpected profits.


Strawberries symbolize the sexuality of the sleeper. If it was tasty, then in reality the dreamer experiences pleasure from intimacy with his loved one, and unripe or rotten berries indicate indifference to his partner.

Eating greedily on berries in a dream means that in reality the sleeper is ready to have children. Picking strawberries from a bush means non-reciprocal love.

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The dream predicts material wealth and prosperity. Planting seedlings means unexpected difficulties, because of which the sleeper will fall into despair. Don't worry, the difficulties will be temporary.

Picking strawberries means an additional source of income. Yes - peace and tranquility will reign in the dreamer’s life.

If in a dream you planted strawberries, then in reality you will be overcome by despair and fatigue.



  • on a full moon, a dream promises the conclusion of a profitable deal;
  • on the new moon - respect from colleagues and friends;
  • on the waxing moon - failures in business;
  • on a waning luminary - to victory over competitors.


The dream foreshadows a happy and long life next to your loved one. If in a dream the dreamer made jam from berries, then you should expect a pleasant surprise from your partner.

Spoiled or dry strawberries warn of unpleasant consequences after a whirlwind romance.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Enjoying sweet berries in a dream, picking them from the garden, means that in reality the sleeper will spend many pleasant minutes alone with his loved one.

Cooking compote in a dream means that in reality the dreamer will cross the path of an influential person. Buying strawberries means misunderstanding with colleagues.


The dream foreshadows a cheerful meeting with friends. Communication with friends will lift your spirits and charge you with energy, thanks to which things will go uphill. Also, such a plot predicts an improvement in relationships with a partner.


Strawberries promise wealth. Large juicy red berries indicate the generosity of the sleeper; small ones predict good luck in business.

Why do you dream about strawberry bushes?

  • Strawberry bushes without berries usually mean that the work to which you have devoted a lot of time will not bring you any income. And the money invested in any enterprise will not only not pay off, but you will also remain at a loss.
  • Berries hiding in the strawberry bushes, which are invisible at first glance, warn you against letting strangers into your personal life. Don't be too frank - there are a lot of gossipers, envious people and ill-wishers around. In some cases, they will be able to interfere in your relationship with your loved one and create problems. Remember - what is said in a fit of frankness can be used against you.
  • If you are a gardener and grow strawberries, dreaming of strawberry bushes abundantly hung with ripe berries predicts a big harvest.
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