A married woman getting married in a dream - interpretation of dream books

Dreams don't just appear. Any dream is associated with a waking experience. Women are much more likely than men to be interested in the question of what this or that dream means. As natures, more emotional women attach importance to night visions, trying to unravel their meaning by analyzing messages from the subconscious.

If you do not pay attention to the signals from the inner world, sooner or later the problem will still come out, turning into a conflict, quarrel or depressive mood.

Dreams can mean real desires that are not advertised to others in the real world. Getting married in a dream means that a woman dreams of starting a family in order to live happily ever after.

Dream interpretations differ depending on the key points. Namely: whether the wedding takes place in a dream with one’s own husband or with someone else.

General interpretation

Getting married in a dream promises good luck for a married woman if the chosen one is her own husband. Positive emotions and joy after waking up predict strengthening relationships. Conceiving a child will strengthen mutual love, so the dream foreshadows an unexpected pregnancy.

The dream foreshadows increased intimacy; if the birth of a child is not planned, it prefers to develop and strengthen relationships. Getting to know your partner again, discovering the hidden depths of your loved one, will require more attention and care. Unobtrusive flirting, intimate exciting conversations, and experiments will serve to maintain and develop mutual interest.

The dream takes on a negative meaning when the husband is not familiar. Among the main interpretations, the most likely are: imminent betrayal, deception, possibly treason.

The role of a newlywed for a woman who has been married twice may indicate burnout and chronic fatigue. Business ladies who are building a career and value professional growth often dream about this. In addition to such disturbing dreams, there is a decrease in interests, psychological exhaustion, and depressive moods.

A sad mood at your own wedding indicates a distant, indifferent, perhaps cynical attitude. The dreamer is asked to make a toast of gratitude, but she refuses - one should think about how critical self-esteem is, what competence and productivity are. Your shoes are tight, your dress is tightening your chest, making it impossible to breathe - these are signals of overwork, chronic fatigue, the body has stopped coping on its own.

In a dream, the groom asks you to remove your festive makeup - you should think about your spouse’s trust. He needs to see the true essence of his partner, he needs to prove loyalty, fidelity, love, reject suspicions, save the marriage.

What else can a married lady expect from her own wedding in a dream?

There are also other interpretations:

  • trying on a friend’s or acquaintance’s wedding dress - there is a risk of a passing hobby or affair;
  • a stranger makes an offer - light flirting, strangers will highly appreciate the attractiveness;
  • the groom has a family - the goals set have a low chance of success. It is necessary to reconsider priorities, make more realistic plans;
  • the holiday left the guests indifferent, the bride is lonely - an alarming signal, the marriage has gone wrong, has the risk of being short-lived, causing mental pain;
  • the wedding dress is expensive and luxurious - worries and unjustified expenses are coming, threatening the family budget;
  • dreaming of an ex-husband, remarriage is a sign of mental torment, the sleeping woman is oppressed by thoughts about the correctness of the divorce, revaluation and a new existence cause torment, only rolling back is useless;
  • the groom is much older - the subconscious foretells meeting a wise, experienced person who will help restore a positive attitude in life and teach him to appreciate simple joys;
  • The dreamer's daughter dreamed of a wedding - a first date will happen.

Getting married - Islamic dream book

The Islamic dream book foretells that the dreamer who sees her own wedding will receive honor and respect from the people around her. If a girl is forced into marriage, against her will, this may indicate involvement in a love affair, which will negatively affect the girl’s reputation.

ATTENTION: in addition, the dream indicates that the girl is on the right path, heading towards achieving long-awaited happiness.

Why dream of marrying a stranger, your husband, an ex, a dead person?

A stranger, a foreign groom threatens family troubles. For a married woman to marry a widower in a dream is a danger from an old acquaintance. A dream about a former gentleman promises little pleasant things - a serious long-standing problem will come to light. Marrying a dead person means the revival of interrupted relationships and affairs.

Marriage with a real husband - one should be wary of the upcoming vicissitudes of life. We will have to unite and go through all the tests hand in hand. The bride is not familiar with the name and appearance of the groom - she should stop rushing between options in reality, wasting her energy in vain.

For a girl

If a girl accepted a marriage proposal in a dream, this means success in society and the achievement of a good reputation.

If a girl feels unhappy when she gets married, this may be a sign of disappointment in a love relationship or a harbinger of an imminent illness.

If, in addition to the wedding ceremony, the dreamer was shown her future family life, this may mean receiving a new position, promotion, or career growth.

A wedding that was distinguished by pomp and gaiety predicts a real-life encounter with tears, helplessness and a feeling of hopelessness.

What does it mean to get married without a groom?

It happens when the ceremony in the dream takes place without the groom. This is considered a harbinger of unpleasant events in reality, foreshadowing many experiences that will require the mobilization of all forces. The runaway groom is also an alarming symbol: the soul is tormented by excessive suspicion and anxiety. You can’t let fear kill your motivation; there’s a great risk of losing everything.

The disappearance of the groom threatens a sudden separation. Marriage without a man will be an impossible task in reality. Looking for a spouse in the crowd means you have to make a difficult choice.

Brief interpretation of sleep

A woman who dreamed of her own wedding wants to improve her relationship with her husband. There is not enough romance and bright emotions in her life, which is why in her dreams she wants to see pleasant moments from the past. The dream speaks of the revival of romantic feelings between partners. A happy life awaits her, which she will build on her own, without the help of friends or outside advice.

Often such a dream promises changes in life. The dream predicts a new addition to the family. The vision also speaks of the profit that the dreamer will receive. The dream shows the sleeping woman that she needs to make the right decision to achieve her goals. Success depends only on how the dreamer manages her ambitions.

Why does a single girl, a married woman, a pregnant woman get married in a dream?

Getting married to a stranger means there is a risk of finding out about cheating, and it also promises misunderstanding at home. To see the ceremony take place means you will have to make a responsible decision that is important for the family.

Why does an unmarried girl dream about marriage? It is necessary to pay more attention to current affairs; the dreamer dreams a lot and has lost her sense of reality. Unpleasant things are possible: shame, risk of illness, possible death, indecent, undignified proposal. Pregnant bride - additional responsibilities and obligations.

For a married woman

If a woman is already engaged and suddenly sees herself getting married again, this can be interpreted in two ways:

  • A woman loves her husband, feels comfort, warmth and coziness next to him - the dream is in the nature of a warning. She will probably soon face betrayal or betrayal from her husband;
  • If a woman, while married, at some point feels discomfort in her relationship with her chosen one, this means that the existing marriage will “get a second wind”, her personal life will improve, and sparkle with new bright colors.

Why dream: getting married and giving up

Refusal to get married at the last minute promises failure: a lot of effort has been put in, the goal has not been achieved. A refused groom is causeless jealousy.

This can be interpreted as follows:

  • you will have to change plans after some important event;
  • you need to understand yourself and change.

Vanga's Dream Interpretation - Get Married

Based on the judgments of the Bulgarian seer Vanga, the dreamer can explain her night vision as follows: a wedding can happen in reality. Vanga does not exclude that the wedding celebration is evidence of the existing uncertainty in a love relationship with a partner, a certain deprivation in psychological and spiritual terms.

But at the same time, the seer speaks of a good chance to start a qualitatively new life, improve your relationships, and turn them for the better.

Author's dream books

Dream books of different authors give an expanded interpretation.

Gustov Miller

Seeing your own wedding as a married woman portends pleasant changes and events. The relationship will open a new stage, feelings will become stronger, and the experiences that arise will strengthen the marriage. Strengthened relationships foreshadow increased wealth.

For a single person, seeing a familiar married lady in a wedding dress promises a quick date with a nice girl who will have many advantages. This is also a chance to start a good relationship and possible marriage soon. For a married person, such a dream foreshadows temptations and a test of the strength of family ties.

Sigmund Freud

Why does a married woman dream of getting married according to Freud’s dream book? This indicates a desire to diversify the intimate side of existence; strangers are of interest.

Wearing someone else’s wedding dress indicates doubts about the correct choice of a spouse. Years later, a relationship crisis occurs, the quality of sexual pleasure deteriorates - common reasons for such dreams.


An unmarried woman getting married in a dream means she will soon make an important choice that will determine the future. The more guests, the more people will depend on the consequences of the decision made.

Wedding waltz - many pleasant inspiring events are coming. They will motivate you to achieve new heights; there is a support group (dance partner) nearby.

You should be wary when you see parents dressed in dark mourning clothes: some relative will become very ill for a long time.

According to the dream book of spouses Winter

Celebrating someone else's wedding means making useful contacts. If the dreamer is a lonely girl, big changes await her.

Feeling happy is a harbinger of success. You should be afraid of dreams with an old, sick, infirm groom; they promise imminent disappointment and missed opportunities.

According to the dream book for the whole family

Why do you dream that a girl is getting married? The dreamed proposal promises change, stability, peace. Canceling a wedding ceremony threatens with rash actions and unpleasant consequences.

A white wedding dress is a danger of getting seriously ill. Wearing someone else's wedding ring without the intention of getting married is a bad sign, promising family feuds, possible loss of work, and troubles. A lost wedding ring: “a symbol of betrayal, quarrels with friends,” says the Dream Book for the Whole Family.

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Miller's Dream Book - getting married

Based on the interpretations of the famous American psychologist Gustav Miller, this dream can be interpreted as follows: the heroine of the dream actually has a considerable number of problems in relationships with the opposite sex. However, she does not feel deprived of their attention. Trying to redirect the vector of the relationship, the girl may be doing something wrong in real life. The dream gives a hint - to analyze your actions and behavior.

REFERENCE: If a girl sees herself getting married in a dream with a beautiful hairstyle, then you can expect good news and an increase in salary. Choosing a wedding ring before becoming a wife indicates possible failures and deceptions happening behind the dreamer’s back.

Dreams about a wedding without a groom

If an unmarried young lady in a relationship saw herself in a dream at her own wedding without a groom and did not feel worried about this, then she will soon be disappointed in her lover. A married woman may dream that at a wedding with her legal spouse, he is taken away by a friend, and she is left alone. The dream gives a hint, so as not to lose your loved one, you need to be patient.

Version of Freud's dream book

The founder of psychoanalysis said that for a woman her own wedding can mean an unexpected gift. Such an event will play an important role and change the life of the sleeping woman. It is better not to rely on the fact that the donor did not have selfish motives. You should make sure that the gift is non-binding and will not become the subject of dispute.

By realizing ambitions and achieving goals, a married woman will become closer to her dream. The dreamer herself is responsible for how quickly her life will change and become more successful.

Interpretation according to the Islamic dream book

Such a dream predicts financial profit. There will come a time in the dreamer’s life when the money problem will be resolved. You should not overly hope that the issue will disappear on its own; you need to actively work and make decisions that will help you gain financial stability. It is better not to go on adventures, but to calculate the possible profit and what will happen if expectations are not met. Smart decisions will lead to solutions to problems.

It is also possible to receive an inheritance. But you shouldn’t rely too much on unexpected money, because it may end without bringing any profit. Only by working hard will she secure her future.

Interpretation of sleep by day of the week

Your own wedding speaks about different things. You need to remember when the dream occurred. Let's consider the interpretation of a dream about one's own celebration by day of the week:

  • Monday – you need to pay attention to your well-being;
  • Tuesday – self-development, new opportunities, dating, patiently sorting out relationships with loved ones;
  • environment – ​​getting rid of negative experiences, resolving issues of concern;
  • Thursday – positive emotions and pleasant surprises;
  • Friday – manifestation of talent and leadership qualities, creativity will help realize dreams;
  • Saturday – relaxation with family, meetings with old acquaintances;
  • Sunday - fulfillment of desires on your own.

Own marriage in a dream for men

A dream in which a bachelor is going to his own wedding foreshadows him entering into a lucrative contract at work.

If an unmarried guy in a dream was the groom at a wedding, then he is given a sign that in the near future he will have to independently make a decision regarding an important matter.

He should not count on anyone's help and support. The second interpretation portends success in business and career growth, but long-term loneliness in personal life.

When a married man marries his own wife in a dream, then in reality he will experience a deterioration in his health. A wedding with an ex-wife foreshadows scandals.

A spoiled wedding celebration or a poorly prepared celebration symbolizes the onset of a dark streak in life with problems and failures.

Why do people dream about their own marriage?

Let's start with the fact that a wedding in dreams does not mean a marriage ceremony, but is a symbol of the transition from one life stage to another. Thus, the dreamer has ended a certain period of life and is facing some kind of renewal, which can be pleasant or unpleasant.

The interpretation of the dream depends on the details and emotions experienced by the sleeping person.

So, upcoming life changes directly depend on his mood and attitude towards his partner. When the dreamer had fun at his own wedding, and the chosen one or chosen one was to his liking, then good changes should be expected. Sad guests at their own wedding celebration foretell receiving unpleasant news from afar.

When the dreamer cried at his wedding, then in real life there will be a reason to rejoice. It is important to remember how you cried.

Sobbing bitterly in night dreams foreshadows vivid emotions and passionate relationships in reality. Having shed a few tears in a dream, expect unpleasant news in reality.

In many dream books, partying at your own family birthday party is deciphered as upcoming prospects in the business sphere of life. Being late for your own wedding ceremony in a dream symbolizes the appearance of obstacles in reality, as well as failures in financial matters and serious losses.

By drawing the right conclusions from the warning received from above and taking preventive measures, it will be easier to cope with emerging threats.

If you dream about your own wedding ceremony many times, then this is a sign of an upcoming dark streak.

Failures, unpleasant events and various troubles await you. You should mentally prepare yourself for the onset of a difficult period, and then you will be able to survive it more easily, and the negative effect will be weaker.

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