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Sleep for a person is rest. A person rests and gains strength, restores the energy lost during the working day. It’s good if you have pleasant, light dreams. It happens, however, that sleep does not give a person rest, confusing him with strange visions. One can argue for a long time whether dream books tell the truth, but many, having seen something unpleasant in a dream, rush to open any dream book and look at the answer. For example, why do you dream about a snake?

Different views on the snake

Oddly enough, this unpleasant animal does not always have a sharply negative interpretation when it appears in your dream. In many dream books, a snake is not considered something bad at all. Compilers of dream books often assure that the main thing is how this slippery, scaly, poisonous guest will appear in your dream. Indeed, in many cultures the snake is seen as a symbol of wisdom. In other cultures, this is a healer, the owner of the secret of eternal youth, since she has the opportunity to change her skin annually, thereby rejuvenating herself and prolonging her life.

However, do not forget that this is still a poisonous creature. For many, this fact is fundamental. Poisonous, slippery, writhing, cold. In no culture has a single person been able to completely tame a snake, which also does not speak in its favor. And Christians are sure that it was she who seduced Eve in Paradise, and it was through her fault that man lost access to Eden for many millennia. It is not surprising that, having seen this unfriendly and unpleasant person in a dream, a person begins to literally panic.

If a girl dreams of a white snake

A reptile in sight indicates an interest in her old friend's boyfriend. And the white color of snake skin is a sign of the purity of his thoughts. A girl should not rush to refuse advances, but should take a closer look at the person. It is possible that he will be the one who can make her happy.

If a girl dreams of how she takes out a white snake, she will really have a rare chance to stand out at work. Show willingness, show professionalism - he will receive a strong promotion.

A dream in which you managed to catch a white snake promises an unprecedented surge of energy. The girl will decide to live an independent life and move away from her parents.

Dream book of the 21st century

Let's look at some of the most popular dream books here. Let us first turn to the most modern interpreter. Like everything in our 21st century, the dream book sets its readers up for the positive. Very streamlined and unclear answers. If you dreamed of a ball of snakes, you need to listen to yourself and understand your emotional experiences. A snake bites you - unpleasant events will happen, and if someone is in front of you, you sting and offend someone without noticing it. A nest of snakes in a dream symbolizes scandals; a snake swimming away in the water is a sign that problems are washed away on their own. Quite positive answers in the spirit of the modern century.

What the dreamed snake character looked like

Every nuance of the midnight picture radically shifts the prophecy into plus or minus. Only bright, memorable characteristics are recognized. Then you will be able to understand exactly what the disturbing character means.

Example. In a man's dream, a snake kills a black horse. The signal is extremely negative. The dreamer will lose his source of income, family and friends. There will be only one left, naked as a falcon.

I dreamed of a big snake in black tones

Dimensions mark the size of future disasters or joys. Specifics:

  1. A big reptile is crawling around the rooms - don’t anger God. Today, circumstances are in your favor.
  2. A huge one hisses and tries to sting - protect yourself from an intriguer whose personality is known.
  3. Suddenly he crawls out from under the sofa - he is drawn into a mess with distressing consequences.

The giant hulk is interpreted positively. The blackness of the skin is an echo of past failures. Negative experiences make you lose your breath. But he reincarnated into wisdom. Don't be afraid to show up in society. Now luck is on its heels.


Small specimens reduce the heat. There are many tedious worries ahead, annoying troubles that poison everyday life. But there is no one to shift it to.

Grabbing the snake's tail and throwing away the uninvited “guest” means coping with adversity. The efforts will not be in vain.

A few are entwined in a ball underfoot - the stupidity of colleagues and neighbors will irritate them.


This is an indication of the time period. The troubles will drag on. Be strong. You will pass the tests calmly, gain popularity, money, and a high position.


One major failure, a wrong decision, being late, or another negative incident will cause disappointment to those on whom you depend. It will take you a long time to make excuses and restore trusting contact.

With spots or stripes

Splashes of color shift the sight of the future. Specification:

  1. Black and white - a thunderstorm in the partner space. Resentment, omissions, betrayal.
  2. Black and yellow - waste, squandering, need. Tighten your belt, take care of the bag.
  3. Black-green - disease. Carry out preventative measures according to the season.
  4. With red spots - risk of fire, accident, electrical failure.

A lot of different individuals means you will find yourself in an awkward situation. You won't be able to get out. You will suffer from ridicule.


A non-living individual means the end of problems. Everyday life gets better, and complications disappear.

Kill the snake aggressor

To solve a frightening animal is to cut the knot that dominates the personality. Ahead lies freedom from burdensome obligations, conventions, and public opinion. Sign of a successful person.

Killed with one’s own hand is a sign of determination, courage, and high intelligence of the sleeping woman.

Strangling with your hands means getting out of a difficult situation thanks to the ability to put the villain in his place. Killing with a weapon, a knife - skillfully resorting to modern technologies in confrontation. To cut with a sword means to survive in a fight with a powerful person, to defend one’s own right.


If you are sure of the mortal danger posed by the reptile, then an enemy attack is definitely ahead. Build a perimeter defense. Don't be afraid to seem like a coward.


A sign of increasing the energy level of a dreamer. An angry individual attacks, which means you cause jealousy, anger, and irritation among haters. Don’t take their hostility into account; let them rage out of powerlessness.


Alarm bell. Often shows the place where the disease builds a nest. According to other sources he prophesies:

  • bitten on the hand - they will cause harm in the business direction;
  • by the leg - risk of an emergency;
  • in the back - they will slander you, entangle you in gossip;
  • in the neck, throat, face - they will spit on you, accuse you of something you didn’t do.

He just tries to bite - the attacks come from a fool who does not know your true position. Leave him to languish in shame and powerlessness.

Biblical dream book

The biblical dream book, giving the snake qualities of deceit, as well as, in a sense, sexual perversion, warns that if a snake has crept into your dreams, you should take a closer look at your surroundings. It is quite possible that among your good friends and girlfriends you will clearly see those who secretly harm your life, family and reputation. If a young girl dreams of a snake, most likely she will have to go through serious temptation from a depraved man. If a woman dreams of her, she should take a closer look at the relationships of her friends and her husband. Perhaps, secretly from you, they are trying to seduce him or have already achieved success in this. For a man to meet this reptile in a dream means to find himself in a difficult situation when he needs to make a firm man’s decision without relying on the advice of those closest to him. This will be a real test, which may lead to a deterioration in relations with one of the women close to him, since by making a decision on his own, a man is freed from her influence and control. To some extent, this can be called growing up.

If a man dreams of a white snake

Married men should exercise caution and discretion in their relationships with the opposite sex. Politeness, good manners and education are perceived by women as courtship. Some of them will try to start a relationship, and therefore the situation that has arisen will complicate the man’s life and relationship with his wife.

For bachelors, a white snake portends a quick change in marital status. The path to this will not be easy, as many friends will dissuade you from this. Before you decide to put a ring on your finger, you will have to go through a number of doubts.

Islamic dream book

The Muslim dream book is not so strongly negative against the snake. Of course, if she crawled and lay down right next to the fireplace, there is nothing good about it. Most likely, an enemy has infiltrated your family. And the larger the snake, the more dangerous and evil is the one who is plotting intrigues against you in your own home. However, simply meeting a crawling snake means an inevitable promotion in rank, and therefore profit and wealth. If this is a whole tangle of snakes, most likely the person who sees them will experience a sharp career and material rise.

Where did you see the asp?

The environment is also worthy of attention. The soothsayers described the following:

  1. A snake in the water is a negative prediction. An irreparable mistake was made the day before.
  2. In the aquarium there is an inevitable collision with a hypocrite, a scoundrel who was considered a comrade.
  3. In the pool - to disappointment. Swimming and noticing a dark arrow means burning tears.
  4. At home - for a visit from dishonest friends. Don't open the door.
  5. On the table, on a plate - don’t overeat. Otherwise you will get poisoned.

A snake crawled onto your head - a sign of great luck. Set unrealistic plans and rush to implement them. It will burn out.

Russian dream book

In the Russian dream book, a snake is a sign that means illness, evil, betrayal, and sometimes even death. For a woman, this is most often an insidious and very strong rival. If it attacks and stings, then, most likely, family ties are under serious threat. If a snake is strangling, then someone is gossiping and intriguing behind her back, which will inevitably lead to a scandal in which the dreamer will certainly suffer. If a woman sees herself surrounded by snakes in a dream, then in the near future she will learn news that will destroy her usual life. However, killing a snake and defeating it means that soon problems that seemed insoluble will begin to recede. For a man to see a snake in a dream means bad news about his health. To kill a snake means to overcome many fears. If you dreamed of a gentle snake that climbs into your bosom and curls up there, expect a very strong temptation in marital fidelity. Most likely, you will soon meet a woman who can destroy your family. So be extremely careful when communicating with lovely ladies who have reappeared in your life, especially if the day before you warmed a snake on your chest in a dream.


The bite of a black snake, even in a dream, leaves an unpleasant impression. Such a dream is a warning. The dreamer needs to carefully analyze literally all aspects and spheres of his life. Now is the time to change something in your life.

You can start small, for example, by taking care of your health. Now the dreamer should not trust people; when communicating even with familiar people, he should carefully consider the information received. Someone is trying to deceive you.

If a black snake bites in the leg, an ill-wisher has appeared in the dreamer’s life who is persistently trying to cause harm, to knock the ground out from under the dreamer’s feet. Some cunning man acts cleverly, you don’t even notice how you are being fooled.

If she bites you in the hand, this is a sign that it is time for the dreamer to resolve protracted conflicts with colleagues or household members. In the near future, try not to provoke quarrels, behave peacefully and kindly. In this case, a large-scale conflict will be avoided. Show wisdom and the truth will be on your side.

If a black snake bites you on the head or neck, then the dreamer is exhausted. Such a person needs vital nourishment and bright emotions that will help cope with the accumulated negativity.

A bite to the body indicates the presence of serious problems with the dreamer’s health. In the near future, you need to give up bad habits, if you have them, walk more and reconsider your usual food system.

Vanga's Dream Book

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga was not so good-natured. For her, snakes are a symbol of danger. Depending on how they dreamed and what they did, what kind of situation they dreamed about, what the sleeper felt in it - all this mattered. The snake is always either an enemy, or fear, or a disease. If a snake bites in a dream, it means that your closest friend, whom you thought you could always rely on in any situation, will soon disappoint you and betray you. If they wrap a person around him and he begins to choke, most likely, in the near future this unfortunate person will be given a fatal diagnosis. When you see a ball of snakes, don’t hesitate, look for hidden enemies among your friends and loved ones who are ready to attack and sting, united against you. If a reptile crawls along the ground, it means that soon your enemy will launch an open attack and you will have to accept this battle. But you will only find out who will emerge victorious after surviving this attack. Driving away snakes in a dream is a very good sign. Defeating them means returning to your spiritual roots. To kill is to defeat an illness or survive a period when it seemed that there was nothing good left in life.

I dreamed of a lot of white snakes

For women and girls, the dream promises the temptation to rush into the whirlpool of a love affair. What it will be: a connection with a stranger, the favor of a longtime admirer is still unknown.

If a man has a dream, then this is an indicator that he is in vain doubting himself and looking for shortcomings. After all, the opposite sex always pays attention to him. She just needs to look around and react more boldly to the flirting.

A ball of little snakes

If the dreamed individuals were small, the dreamer will face many problems. Maybe he'll be out for a walk before he leaves for the holidays - you'll have to deal with tickets, taxes, a pet boarding facility. It is better for the dreamer to make a list in advance of all the things that need to be done so that nothing gets lost quickly ????.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud's dream books are distinguished by their unconventional approach to familiar problems. This scientist always positions sex as the basis of all human complexes. The snake is also no exception. Personifying this reptile as a masculine principle, Freud argued that seeing a snake in a dream is not just a sign of an approaching event. A person must look for the problem within himself. Perhaps your relationship with your partner has reached a dead end. Or his sex life must undergo radical changes. If a man tries to hide from a snake in a dream, it means that a period of sexual impotence is coming in his life. If she attacks and bites, most likely, quarrels and discord are brewing in the relationship. Or you will simply soon be replaced by a more successful opponent. However, a snake that lies calmly and basks in the sun indicates that the person who dreamed about it is currently at his best sexually.

General meaning of the image

The symbolism of the snake may differ in different beliefs and traditions. When interpreting dreams, you need to take into account the version that is closest to your worldview.

In Christianity, she is the direct personification of the devil. This is the ominous face of temptation, deception and seduction. For residents of Asia, on the contrary, this image is associated with wisdom and sacred secrets.

Also, a dream about a snake draws a person’s attention to his health; just remember the ancient symbol of medicine used worldwide.

Interpreting color is much easier. Black, in almost all traditions, is associated with darkness, powerful force, mourning, mystery and disturbing thoughts.

Nostradamus about snakes in dreams

Nostradamus, one of the most mysterious soothsayers, also did not shy away from the interpretation of why to see a snake in a dream. Since he predicted for the powerful, his dream book was important mainly for those close to power and money. Often Nostradamus tried to tie dreams to astrology. The eastern horoscope, which has a twelve-year cycle, consists of the names of animals that are symbols of these years. If in the year of the Snake someone dreams that a reptile is crawling towards him, most likely, this person will soon lose privileges, money and favor from more significant people. If someone dreamed that a snake looked at him, then, apparently, this threatens him with a slander in front of the overlord, evil in preparation, and secret intrigues behind his back. However, as soon as you killed a reptile in a dream, you could easily identify the enemy and thereby get rid of him. If the snake managed to bite, then soon an inevitable scandal awaited the person.

White snake in the house

The behavior of the reptile tells the dreamer about the relationships in his family and the state of his home.

A dream with a white snake is evidence of the pure energy circulating in the house. Family members know how to find mutual understanding and compromise. If you do not deviate from these principles, serious conflicts will not arise.

Restless movement of the reptile may indicate difficulties in children. Problems are likely at school, college or work. While the younger generation is trying to cope on their own, but this is possible, they will need the help of their parents.

Hasse and the snake woman

Polish Miss Hasse assured in her dream book: a snake is a symbol of an insidious and dangerous woman! If a woman dreams of such a thing, you should think about the fact that someone is tempting your husband or whispering nasty things to you about him, and to him about you, thereby destroying your family. For a man, such a dream also carries information about a woman, who can bring discord not only to the family, but also to business relationships. Defeating a snake in a dream, killing it and destroying it speaks of a person’s strength, his ability to cope with difficult situations without help and support from loved ones.

White snake attacks

It would be nice if the dreamer remembered which white snake he attacked in a dream - poisonous or not. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to his actions, since the interpretation of the meaning depends on this:

  • poisonous snake attack - health advice;
  • a non-poisonous snake rushed - in reality someone is discussing the sleeping person;
  • attacked and dead - until the end of the quarrel;
  • grabbed a mouse (cat) - expose gossip;
  • rushed to a stranger - end the relationship.

Drawing conclusions

So, having analyzed the most popular dream books in which snakes are mentioned, it can be noted that it is almost impossible to find a definite answer to what a snake meant in a dream. Rather, it depends on the individual's personal perception of the creature. If such dreams are frightening, carry a negative charge, or cause suffering, it is worth thinking about what exactly your subconscious or God or the Universe is trying to tell you using this method. Perhaps they contain a hidden message about impending danger, or perhaps this is just an impression after a hectic day and unpleasant encounters that occurred during the day. If the dream did not cause any inconvenience, the memories, although vivid, do not carry a negative charge, then, most likely, the dream carries either positive warnings, or you simply dreamed of a snake, without any message. Perhaps the brain decided to remind itself what this particular creature looks like. Why snakes dream, the dream book can only give you a very rough answer. Only life will give a clear answer to this question.

Basic interpretations

You should remember how a snake behaves:

  • Calmly - do not get involved in conflicts or risky plans.
  • Aggressive, wiggling, preparing to attack - beware of enemies who hate you. Better take precautions.
  • The snake opens its mouth, showing its teeth and tongue - someone wants to take revenge on you for long-standing grievances.
  • It wraps around you, encloses you in a ring, is ready to sting - nothing will correct your situation, the enemies have completely seized power. Try to free yourself from the snake's grip in a dream. In reality, this will give you strength to free yourself from serious problems.
  • To be bitten by a snake means you risk becoming a victim of an accident. Exercise extreme caution. Rash actions can be costly.
  • To be bitten by a dead snake - you will be upset by the hypocritical behavior of some individuals, your enemies will celebrate triumph.

To see in a dream how a podkodnaya bites someone - you will harm a friend with your actions. Fighting a snake yourself does not bode well in reality. Beware of diseases and enemies. If the dreamer has previously violated the law, then he cannot avoid a prison sentence.

The plot, where the snake grows into a large snake preparing to attack, warns of a serious threat that was not initially possible to consider. If you managed to escape from the snake - in reality you will cope with a difficult test, you will piously go through all the difficulties, you will literally come out unscathed.

Seeing a snake in your hands is a symbol of a brilliant victory over your enemies. Sometimes it is a sign that predicts the betrayal of a loved one, especially if the underwater person has changed her color or behavior.

A dream where you can see snakes from behind a friend or friend is a warning - a conspiracy is being woven against you. There is also a positive interpretation - if a person can control snakes, then you will find a strong patron who can protect you from trouble.

Seeing children playing with a snake in a dream is a warning of a great threat. Better watch your kids, otherwise there is a risk of them falling under bad influence. A similar interpretation applies to night vision in which you protect your child from a snake attack. Another meaning is that you should pay attention to business partners, someone is capable of betraying.

Killing a snake in a dream is a symbol of a triumphant victory over a terrible enemy, the fulfillment of a dream, gained respect. If you dream of already being dead, you shouldn’t foolishly trust everyone, many people selfishly take advantage of your kindness. Sometimes a dream talks about a threat that has passed.

Why does a man dream of a snake that crawls relentlessly? This is a warning of future remorse. Seeing yourself surrounded by snakes is a symbol of the fact that people from your inner circle are not at all friendly. Calmly leaving the snake cluster means you will be able to get out of a difficult situation without harming your reputation.

The interpretation depends on the type of reptile. Poisonous vipers portend discord in family life or disagreements with colleagues. The Viper behaves without aggression - get married according to convenience, but you will not find happiness. To be frightened by a viper - a dream warns of enemy revenge. Non-venomous snakes and snakes are symbols of invented danger, imaginary anxiety.

Stepping on a snake without noticing it, without being bitten, means avoiding the bad consequences of a thoughtless mistake. If you dreamed that a snake fell on top of you, it means that intrigues are being woven against you by a person endowed with power.

Snakes are wise creatures, so you need to be careful about dreams in which they are present. Most often, the subconscious tries to warn you of any danger or evil. Women are much more afraid of snakes than men, so you need to listen carefully to the predictions.

If a representative of the fair sex dreams that a snake has bewitched her, expect oppression of your rights, but influential acquaintances and the letter of the law will be on your side. To be stung by a dead underwater - an evil, two-faced friend will make you suffer. In a dream, worrying about a child hidden behind your back, hearing the hissing of a snake - succumb to persuasion for the sake of well-being, give up something dear to the soul; Later the girl will realize that she was drawn into a dishonest game.

Snakes in night vision wriggle and rush at someone - symbolizes the struggle for survival and torment of conscience. To see in a dream a friend who is on a forest path and underwater reptiles raising their heads behind his back in defiance means that in reality a conspiracy woven against your person and this friend will be revealed. If you realize that your friend is keeping the snakes under strict control, expect the protection of serious people, they will protect you from the enemy’s machinations.

Warm a snake in your hands - the developed strategy against enemy machinations will bear fruit. To be bitten - you will follow the lead of enemies who will damage your work success. Finishing off a snake in a dream means victory over ill-wishers. Or neglecting the interests of people in order to achieve one’s goal. You are in captivity of a snake, it spits out its sting - lack of strength to resist enemies; imminent illness. A snake bites someone - portends an offense to a friend.

Stepping between snakes means a constant fear of getting sick; the desire of ill-wishers to take your place in your circle of friends. Stepping on while swimming or wading a river means anxiety while expecting blind joy.

Sometimes I dream of such an interesting plot: a snake crawls up to a person, he jumps away from it and remains unnoticed. Suddenly it crawls and approaches again, increasing in size and turning into a huge monster. A person, having gathered all his strength, repels an attack or completely gets rid of a terrible vision - in reality, the imagination will play a joke. There will be a feeling of not being in demand and disrespect, illnesses will occur. But soon all fictitious problems will be forgotten, unnecessary obligations will be thrown away, and in the end you will receive satisfaction and reward.

Little children play with snakes - you will get confused to determine who is friend and who is enemy. Small snakes predict a heartfelt reception for enemies who are looking for ways to slander and disgrace you, trying to interfere with the execution of plans.

There are also such stories:

  • Hair turns into snakes - life events, insignificant at first glance, will bring torment, anxiety, problems;
  • Snakes take on strange shapes - expect troubles that will soon pass if you maintain indifference and peace of mind.

There is an opinion that snakes, like other reptiles, are associated by the subconscious with the penis. In the esoteric world of dreams, there are many interpretations of dreams of such a plot. Why does a man dream of a snake crawling nearby? Let’s look at it in detail:

  • A snake basks in the sun's rays - a symbol of the excellent sexual tone of a young man.
  • I dreamed of a snake - there are homosexual inclinations, possibly hidden. Or the risk of becoming a target for a homosexual;
  • Why does a man dream of snakes that bite - the relationship with his partner may suffer if another young man intervenes. Bites someone - the sexual desire of this person, the desire to change partners, if the victim of the bite is unfamiliar;
  • Hunting a snake – the ability to take an active sexual position, frequent sexual intercourse;
  • Run away from the snake - there are problems in your intimate life that cannot be solved due to embarrassment;
  • Admiring the elegance of a snake, admiring it - you are easy-going, change your intimate preferences without difficulty, and get great satisfaction from experiments in bed.

Why do you dream of a crawling snake? Simply a crawling reptile is a symbol of sexual intercourse. Kissing a snake means you are a supporter of oral sex, but embarrassment prevents you from admitting it even to yourself. To see a snake curled up in a ball - love self-satisfaction. If a woman dreams of a snake instead of her sexual partner, expect positive changes in the relationship.

Other dreams

We offer several more interpretations of popular dreams about white snakes.

Kill the white snake. Such a dream means that you will receive valuable advice from your loved ones - it is worth listening to them. Also, killing a white snake in a dream promises good luck and success.

Attacks. In reality, minor troubles await you, mainly at work. A reprimand from a boss or colleagues, ambiguous situations. Be patient.

White boa constrictor. Don't expect anything good. It foretells the collapse of your plans. If you saw such a dream on the eve of an important event: a wedding, a trip or a major deal, you should know that everything will not go according to the planned scenario.

Many white snakes in a dream. If in your night dreams you saw not just one snake, but a whole snow-white ball, you will be at odds with yourself. It will be difficult to achieve internal harmony, because there is a series of unpleasant events ahead. A lot of white snakes in the house - deceitful and negatively-minded guests.

Dreams about snakes, regardless of whether they are white or green, definitely do not bring pleasant emotions. However, there is no need to be negative. White snakes from dreams can still bring something new into your life: untold wealth that will literally fall to you from the sky, or a real life revolution.

And if you are very lucky, then secret knowledge and the gift of clairvoyance may be revealed to you. It is better not to think seriously about the problems and troubles that dreams about white snakes portend. Just be careful and take care of yourself. And then all adversity will pass you by.


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