Why do you dream of a dead man in a coffin - interpretation of the dream according to the dream books of Vanga, Miller and Islam

To see a dream in which Islam is accepted by several people at once - in reality a person will have the opportunity to go abroad, but he will prefer to stay in his native country, since the customs of the country to which the leadership is sending him to work will be alien to him.

Adhering to Muslim traditions in a dream means in reality there will be a visit to a person who professes Islam, so the dreamer should not speak badly about this religion and laugh at its laws and regulations. If a person is trying to understand Islam, then this means that he does not like his faith and is ready to change it, but one should not rush, since each religion has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account. Hearing talk that Islam will soon become a world religion means going on vacation to a Muslim country in reality.

Coffin interpretation of the dream book

This item is an ambiguous symbol for the interpretation of the dream book. Its meaning depends on many details that are present in the plot. Often such a vision symbolizes the logical conclusion of something or the predetermination of the end of a relationship. The interpretation of the dream, why the coffin is dreamed of, will help the sleeper orientate himself in reality.

Miller's interpretation

A dream about a coffin made in advance for yourself has a good omen. For single people, it predicts marriage. For married people - increase in wealth. And for those who have children, it means that they will live a comfortable life and leave behind a good legacy to their worthy descendants. However, if the coffin is broken and destroyed, then the dream takes on the opposite meaning.

Sleeping in a coffin is an unfavorable dream for the patient and promises a protracted course of the disease. And for a healthy person - an obstacle and a stop in business, says Miller’s dream book.

According to Grishina's dream book

According to Grishina, this plot offers several interpretations.

So, if in a dream the coffin is open and empty, then most likely someone from your immediate circle is in danger, which can subsequently lead to death.

But if you happened to see yourself inside in a dream, then in reality many obstacles await you on the way to your goal. To lie inside means to sin or be afraid of something in reality.

According to Hasse's dream book

Hasse also has an answer to the question of why the coffin is dreamed of. And if in a dream you happened to look at the coffin, then in reality you will have to face obstacles that can be overcome if you show persistence. But looking inside means idle worries. Lying inside means living happily ever after.

If in your night dreams you have to watch a coffin being carried, it means that in reality you should prepare for unpleasant news. Digging a hole means entering into a long-awaited marriage soon.

But if you dreamed of a coffin buried in the ground, then in reality you should be more careful about your health. An open burial box promises a celebration soon.

According to the Modern Dream Book

Why do you dream of an empty coffin? Such an episode foretells a long life for the dreamer. If a dead person lies in it, then in reality the sleeper will have to face various anxieties and worries. And those who are planning to implement new projects should carefully weigh everything. Perhaps it is better to wait a while with changes.

Seeing a hearse moving in a dream is evidence of the dreamer's shame in the future. At the same time, it will be caused by one’s own actions. The modern dream book believes that it is necessary to reconsider your behavior in relation to people around you. You need to be more patient.

If you happen to put together a coffin with your own hands, then you can count on real career growth. However, if you had to steal boards, then in reality you are in danger.

According to Shereminskaya's dream book

According to the interpretation of the dream according to Shereminskaya’s dream book, slightly open thunder in a dream promises the achievement of the set goal. If you dreamed that your friend was buried in it, then in reality you will soon be able to rejoice at his successes.

For young people, such a dream foreshadows a hasty marriage. For family people - wealth and well-being.

According to the dream book of Vanga and Danilova

According to Danilova, such a vision in most cases foreshadows a quarrel with her lover. For people in marriage, such a dream predicts conflicts and omissions or the death of a partner.

Vanga believes that if in a dream you went to a funeral and were able to find your initials on the lid, then in reality you should be careful. First of all, you need to change your lifestyle

Otherwise, troubles cannot be avoided.

According to the Dream Book of Wanderers

This interpreter considers a coffin in a dream a symbol of grief and loss.

If you took part in the funeral ceremony and helped carry the coffin, then you will probably actually bring grief to your loved ones with your actions.

Digging up a coffin in a dream means the secret will definitely come to light. If you happened to bury a coffin, it means that in real life you are trying to throw unpleasant memories out of your memory.

Seeing a coffin without a dead person means experiencing mental anguish in reality. Falling - promises the help of a guardian angel.

Other interpretations of sleep

The vision is a projection of the dreamer’s desire to isolate himself from the outside world, to be alone with himself.

Interpretation from Aesop predicts a good profit for the sleeper if he happened to see himself carrying the deceased.

Hammering the lid means trying to get rid of your own weaknesses.

If the father died long ago

Did you see a dad who has actually been dead for a long time? Such a vision should never be ignored. Its details can be very useful during interpretation. Here are some interpretations:

  • Father's funeral means conflicts with loved ones. If a person avoids disputes and disagreements, this will only play into his hands. You must try not to take the antics of your relatives to heart. The sleeper is tired of hectic work activity and a difficult family situation. We need to unwind and relax. It is best to go on vacation with friends who are always on a positive wave. Extraordinary adventures are expected, thanks to which you will be able to forget about routine and feel the joy of life. You should not deny yourself such pleasure.
  • If a dead father suddenly came to life in a dream, this indicates the need for friendly support. Soon the sleeper will experience minor troubles that will cause him to become despondent. However, you won’t have to grieve and be sad for a long time, since your friends will provide the required help and allow you to find a way out of your predicament. If the sleeper plans serious matters, luck will smile on him.
  • Visiting your father at the cemetery means you should focus on your own affairs and stop giving advice to others. They don’t need them at all and feel irritated every time. After a short pause, you need to return to your own projects. The sleeper should be attentive to the signs of fate. He will receive a valuable hint that will help him make a win-win decision and avoid making a fatal mistake.
  • Crying at your father's grave is a sign of insight. This is not the time to lose your head, you should concentrate on the main thing and devote time to fruitful work.
  • Seeing your father in a coffin means circumstances will arise during which you will have the opportunity to radically change your destiny. Now, under no circumstances should we remain on the sidelines. If a deceased parent raised his hand several times in a row while lying in a coffin, this means that the efforts expended will bring an excellent result.

General interpretation of dreams about a coffin

Most often, the dead predict a change in the weather. The presence of a coffin is optional and does not matter for interpretation. It is also considered a harbinger of pleasant changes: useful purchases, good guests.

Common dream plots about the dead:

  • the deceased comes to life;
  • the dead man begins to speak;
  • the deceased turns over, moves in every possible way;
  • I just dreamed about the funeral;
  • someone is buried alive;
  • funeral service for the deceased;
  • the dead man opens his eyes.

Dreaming of a funeral foreshadows changes. The situation and weather in a dream suggest the type of future changes. A sunny day promises favorable events; rain and bad weather threaten sad events. Carrying the coffin of a deceased friend in the rain (in reality he is alive) means waiting for betrayal. A waking funeral for someone who is alive promises longevity. To bury a close friend who is currently living - he will soon help resolve difficulties and provide significant support.

The dead man opened his eyes - a warning: a certain former acquaintance would emerge. The dream has an additional interpretation: memories that cause pain will soon stop bothering you, and the soul will experience relief.

A dream about a funeral service threatens an unsuccessful marriage. Such a dream before the wedding is a direct warning not to rush. A similar plot is dreamed of by insecure individuals who question their choice of partner.

For girls, a dead man foretells a quick date and a groom will be found. The old man promises a groom older than the dreamer, the young one - the same age. The more richly dressed, the more luxurious the decoration, the wealthier the man will be in reality.

For a married lady, the vision promises an admirer, a lover. For a man to see a dead person - it will help him overcome tormenting problems; a dead woman predicts happiness. A sick dreamer kisses a dead man - recovery is near.

What does your own funeral mean?

Attending your own funeral means longevity and prosperity. If until this moment the dreamer was tormented by solving problems, the dream promises a quick, painless solution. Come to life - a new happy streak of life begins. The man expects a new job, a promotion, the girl - marriage.

To lie in a coffin, to accidentally fall - sad news and events are coming. A fall warns - someone close is planning betrayal. Solving the problems that have arisen in reality will require a lot of effort. Just lying down, sitting on the lid - the dream has 2 interpretations. First: it’s time to finish what we started, to “bury the problem.” Second: dangerous troubles begin.

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Lots of dead people and coffins

A large number of dominoes and the deceased enhances the upcoming negative or positive events. Interpreted as follows:

  1. Two - a difficult choice awaits. You won't be able to dodge this.
  2. Three is risk. If they are buried in a church, it’s an accident. If they bury you, you might get into an accident. Bury - beware of death in a fire. All three are familiar - insurmountable obstacles. Unknown is a problem.
  3. A lot with the deceased - problems will arise like mushrooms after rain. Before you have time to deal with one, a whole heap of new ones will come out. Empty - unreasonable worries.
  4. The multitude of those who have come to life are the inner fears of the sleeper. If they speak, expect an attack from ill-wishers and envious people. Those who get up show a desire to hide from emerging problems.

Dream Interpretation – Deceased, deceased

Seeing your deceased father or grandfather, mother or grandmother alive in a dream means getting rid of difficulties and problems.

Seeing living loved ones dead means that their life will be extended.

A dream in which the deceased beats the dreamer means that he has committed some kind of sin.

Whoever sees that he has found a dead person will soon become rich.

If the deceased whom you see in a dream does something bad, then he warns you against doing it.

Seeing a single deceased means marriage, and seeing a married deceased means separation from relatives or divorce.

If the deceased whom you saw in a dream did some kind of good deed, then this is a sign for you to do something similar.

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream and testifying that he is alive and everything is fine with him indicates a very good position of this person in the next world.

The Koran says: “No, they are alive! They find their inheritance from their Lord.” (Sura-Imran, 169). If the dreamer hugs and talks to the deceased, then the days of his life will be extended.

If the dreamer kisses an unfamiliar dead person in a dream, he will receive benefits and wealth from where he did not expect.

And if he does this with a deceased person he knows, he will acquire from him the necessary knowledge or money left behind by him.

Whoever sees that he is having sexual intercourse with the deceased will achieve what he has long lost hope for.

Whoever sees in a dream that a dead woman has come to life and has had sexual intercourse with him will have success in all his endeavors.

Seeing a dead person silent in a dream means that he from the other world treats the person who saw this dream favorably.

Anyone who sees that the deceased gives him some good and pure thing will receive something good and pleasing in life from the side from which he did not expect.

And if the thing is dirty, then he may commit a bad act in the future.

Seeing a deceased person rich in a dream means that everything is fine with him in the next world.

Greeting a deceased person in a dream means receiving favor from Allah.

If a deceased person is naked in a dream, it means that he has not done any good deeds in life.

If the deceased notifies the dreamer of his imminent death, then he will really die soon.

The blackened face of a deceased person in a dream indicates that he died without faith in Allah.

The Koran says: “And to those whose faces turn black, (it will be said): “Have you not renounced the faith that you accepted?” (Sura-Imran, 106).

Whoever sees that he enters the house with the deceased and does not come out will be on the verge of death, but then will be saved.

Seeing yourself in a dream sleeping in the same bed with a deceased person means longevity.

Whoever sees in a dream that the deceased is calling him to himself will die in the same way as the deceased died.

Seeing a deceased person performing Namaz in a dream in the place where he usually performed it during life means that he is not doing well in the afterlife.

Seeing him performing Namaz in a different place than where he performed it during his life means that in the next world he is destined for a great reward for his earthly deeds.

A dream in which the deceased is in a mosque indicates that he is deprived of torment, for a mosque in a dream means peace and security.

If in a dream a deceased person leads the prayer of those who are alive in reality, then the lives of these people will be shortened, because in their prayer they follow the actions of the dead person.

If someone sees in a dream how in some place some previously deceased righteous people came to life, this will mean that goodness, joy, justice from their ruler will come to the residents of this place, and the affairs of their leader will go well.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman in a dream bought a coffin for a deceased person, according to G. Ivanov’s Newest Dream Book, favorable life changes are just around the corner. It’s just important not to ruin everything by being impatient.

To a man

According to Vanga’s dream book, if a man bought himself a coffin in a dream, such a dream says that you may become a victim of deception. Try to temporarily not open your soul to every first person you meet and be on your guard.


A dream in which a pregnant girl bought a coffin for a living person suggests that a carefree period of life lies ahead, when one can only enjoy being. No trouble knocking on the door.

Why do you dream about living relatives?

The appearance of a mother-in-law in a dream means complications in the business sphere and misunderstandings between household members. The father-in-law foreshadows a sharp change in plans. Other relatives of the husband

– warning. In reality, you are likely to encounter deception and betrayal. Relatives of the ex-spouse foretell deterioration in all directions. Intrigues weave around the dreamer and unpleasant gossip spreads.

To understand why a guy’s relatives dream, it is important to take into account their mood. Friendly ones are a good sign, and dissatisfied ones are a hint about the inevitability of an imminent separation

The ex-boyfriend's parents mean that they are probably thinking about the dreamer. This is a reflection of their regrets about the breakup of a beautiful couple, in which they were also involved.

If you dream about your wife’s relatives, there are separate interpretations for mother-in-law and father-in-law

The “second mother” prophesies that pressure from outside will prevent you from making an independent decision on an important issue. A dreamed father-in-law means that in reality you will have to deal with the affairs of strangers, perhaps even to the detriment of your own

Distant relatives mean a period of peace approaching the end. They will probably really remind you of themselves with a call, letter or visit. When I dream about relatives with whom I do not communicate, dreamers will have to face enormous changes

An invitation to an important family celebration may follow.

It is important to take into account the form in which loved ones appeared. A relative in the blood is interpreted by different sources as both a good and a bad sign

In a positive sense, this is a harbinger of an imminent meeting, and in a negative sense, a threat hanging over him.

Dreaming drunk

the relative serves as a warning that in reality he is in a difficult situation. It is advisable to provide support.


a relative in a dream has a similar interpretation: in reality, this person is in great need of help. For representatives of the stronger sex, such a dream foreshadows troubles at work.

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a relative is the personification of remorse. Such a dream suggests that you are moving somewhat away from loved ones, recklessly forgetting to visit and take an interest in their affairs and health.


a relative warns that the situation is not very favorable for the implementation of plans. However, the dreamer is able to cope with a difficult situation even without outside help.

An unusual subject is a pregnant male relative. In reality, he is capable of unpleasantly surprising him with criminal tendencies, and it is advisable to help him return to the righteous path of life or reduce communication to a minimum

A relative in an “interesting” position warns that before starting an important task, you need to think through everything carefully and weigh all the positive and negative arguments

If you dreamed about many relatives

who behave noisily, there is a period ahead filled with quarrels. It is likely that mutual understanding will deteriorate even with loved ones.

Relatives seen as cheerful and satisfied guests are a reflection of a real desire to meet them

Alternative interpretation - when implementing new ideas, it is important to take into account previous experience and avoid old mistakes

I often dream about relatives and friends

as a reflection of everyday communication. In this case, the world of night dreams becomes a place where the sleeper can express all the accumulated emotions.

Popular dream books

To explain why a living person dreams in a coffin, you can turn to popular dream books. In most books there are many interpretations, taking into account the details and emotions of the dreamer. In Gustav Miller’s dream book, such dreams are interpreted as follows:

  1. A colleague or acquaintance in a wooden box - in reality, the sleeping woman is jealous of this woman, her charm, success, attractiveness, and ability to communicate with the opposite sex. The girl’s subconscious says that her hidden desire is to eliminate her rival. You should pay close attention to such a dream and try to suppress your hostility. If after waking up a woman experiences relief and joy, she will soon be able to solve her problem.
  2. Ex-boyfriend in a coffin - the sleeping woman needs to forget about past relationships, try to be in society more often, and find new friends. If a girl experiences melancholy and disappointment in a dream, a series of troubles await her in the near future. However, this period will quickly end, and a bright streak will come.
  3. A distant relative with open eyes in a coffin is almost always a prophetic dream for the sleeper; it predicts problems whose solution was postponed some time ago. The dream acts as a sign indicating the need to urgently resolve the problem.

A dream with an elderly person in a coffin usually portends longevity and good health for the sleeper. If an elderly person sees himself in a box, most likely, the journey of life will soon end. For elderly spouses, such a dream foreshadows death on the same day.

Tsvetkov's book

The dream book of Evgeniy Tsvetkov is popular among those who want to know the meaning of what they saw. If you dream of someone else's funeral, there are a lot of people around, troubles, financial difficulties, quarrels with loved ones, colleagues, problems at work or in relationships with your boss will begin in the dreamer's life. In the near future, it is recommended to take a more responsible approach to fulfilling your duties and devote more time to your family.

An unmarried girl can dream of a man in a coffin quite often. The dream acts as a sign. Perhaps the loved one does not have strong feelings for her, the relationship has changed, but the sleeping woman did not notice this. A serious and frank conversation will solve the problem, return old feelings and strengthen the connection.

For a man, an unfamiliar woman in a coffin portends good luck, especially when in reality she is alive and well. The dreamer will soon expect a promotion at work, meeting interesting people, and good luck in any endeavor. It is recommended not to miss the opportunity to improve your financial condition.

Often their loved ones dream of dead people, but they see them alive. Tsvetkov’s dream book says that you should remember all the details of the dream. If the deceased said something, gave advice or warning, you need to listen. If you are asked to do something, you should do it. Perhaps the deceased relative did not have time to do what he had planned during his lifetime, so his soul cannot calm down.

Interpretation of Vanga

The Bulgarian clairvoyant interpreted dreams with a man in a coffin in different ways. For a young unmarried woman, the dream foreshadowed a quick meeting with an interesting man, a new hobby, a passionate romance or an exciting journey.

For a girl or guy, the plot foreshadows some difficulties in studying. It is recommended to prepare seriously for the upcoming exams. For a married woman, a dream with a funeral foretells an imminent addition to the family

It is important to determine your attitude to the event and consult with your spouse

A coffin with a person in the sleeping person’s apartment is a bad sign for the dreamer. Vanga's dream book warns that you should not abuse alcoholic beverages. This lifestyle will lead to quarrels, resentments and may even provoke the separation of the couple.

Other dream plots

  1. Buying a coffin for a child means participating in an interesting event in the near future.
  2. Choosing a coffin in a funeral store means changing your place of residence or renovating your apartment.
  3. Buying a coffin and discovering that there is not enough money means a quick recovery after a serious illness.
  4. Buying a lot of coffins and selling them on the market means good luck in solving money-related issues.
  5. Buying a coffin with a deceased means getting rid of problems with the active support of friends.

Sleep options


A stranger lying in a coffin symbolizes life changes. A change of job, field of activity, or breakup of a relationship with a sexual partner is likely.

If the coffin is in the dreamer’s house, a series of quarrels and conflicts with household members will soon begin.


A terrible dream in which a deceased loved one appeared has the following interpretation:

father - you should pay attention to the financial issue; mother - problems with business partners or children ahead; grandmother - a serious decision awaits. It is necessary to listen to the words of the grandmother in a dream, since they can be prophetic; hugging a dead person means big changes; kissing means getting rid of complexes and fears

(Revived) alive in a coffin

  1. If a dead person suddenly comes to life in a dream, the dreamer should prepare for the visit of unexpected guests.
  2. Also, a dream can be interpreted as an opportunity to make a large profit in reality.
  3. If the deceased, having risen from the coffin, entered into a conversation with the dreamer, this is a bad sign, foreshadowing serious misfortunes and troubles. The sooner the conversation with the dead was interrupted, the easier it will be to overcome all adversity.


A resurrected dead man - to the resolution of an old hidden conflict between the dreamer and his loved one:

  1. If the resurrected person looked great and was in a good mood, the conflict will be resolved peacefully and both sides will be satisfied with the decision made.
  2. If the resurrected person caused horror or tried to attack the dreamer, during communication there will be long-term disputes and new disagreements between the parties.


A naked dead man is a harbinger of a series of troubles and misfortunes in the near future.

  • if the deceased is in the dreamer’s house on a bare floor and no funeral ceremonies are held, this is an inevitable symbol of loss;
  • if the dreamer saw himself in the role of a naked dead man, this indicates an imminent liberation from oppressive obligations and responsibilities;
  • if the dreamer was lying on a cold floor, serious financial problems and poverty lie ahead.

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In an open coffin

If a peaceful deceased person lies in an open coffin, this foreshadows the transition of the deceased’s life achievements to the dreamer in reality. It is also likely to receive an inheritance or news from distant relatives.

  1. If the deceased was a wealthy person, this means an improvement in his financial situation;
  2. if the deceased was poor, losses and expenses lie ahead.

In a closed coffin

This dream means that the sleeper in real life is trying to erase from memory or hide from others an unpleasant situation that occurred through his fault. If the coffin with the deceased is opened in a dream, all the secrets and mysteries of the dreamer will become known to the public.


What kind of coffin did you buy?

The meaning depends on what kind of coffin was bought in the dream:

  • dreaming of buying a large coffin means unexpected luck;
  • huge - to reluctance to solve old problems;
  • small - to large income;
  • for children - to skillful management of affairs;
  • wooden - to a business proposal;
  • oak - to short-term separation from friends;
  • iron - to the onset of a difficult period;
  • zinc - for easy overcoming of obstacles;
  • stone - for the visit of an important guest;
  • marble - to grief in the family of a loved one;
  • expensive - to a dangerous situation;
  • cheap - to the appearance of a devoted friend;
  • handsome - to cruelty towards loved ones;
  • broken - to moving for permanent residence abroad;
  • with a lid - to steal money from a relative;
  • without a lid - to visit the museum.

Interpretation depending on the color of the coffin:

  • a black coffin dreams of an insoluble problem;
  • white - to an accident due to negligence;
  • red - to an important event in reality;
  • pink - to the approval of superiors;
  • green - to the appearance of an annoying admirer;
  • yellow - to receive an invitation to a friends wedding;
  • blue - for a trip in the company of loved ones;
  • blue - bad news from envious colleagues;
  • brown - to misunderstanding in relations with a friend;
  • purple - to anger at a loved one;
  • multi-colored - to personal superiority over enemies.

Other interpretations

Dream interpretations involving cemetery paraphernalia are associated with changes:

A lot of flowers on the deceased, lying peacefully, around mournful crowds - to fun. For young people, the picture promises parties with dating and entertainment

For older people - a celebration on an important occasion. The soldier's coffin was carried to the churchyard - you will soon go on a journey

Sitting next to the deceased in church or on the street means moving far from your homeland. Several dominos stand in a row - a rapid career take-off. Many boxes without the deceased - wealth. Hugging and kissing the deceased - to increase self-confidence. You will be able to overcome phobias. Following him somewhere means depression, accident, illness, death. Several deceased relatives have a nervous system disorder. Intimacy with the deceased is a great success. The deceased woman whom he kisses on the forehead promises a quick recovery to the patient. Deceased male - deterioration of condition.

What does it mean if you dreamed of a funeral and a dead person in a coffin?

To a woman

For a young woman, this image foreshadows an arranged marriage. If a woman has already become disillusioned with love and is determined to have strong material support in life, this union will be an ideal solution for her.

To the girl

For a young girl, a dream foreshadows an imminent wedding:

  • if there is a young guy in the coffin, the groom will be her age;
  • if the deceased is wearing a cheap suit, the groom will be poor;
  • if the dead man’s coffin and outfit are expensive and beautiful, the husband will be very rich.


For the expectant mother, after such a dream, first of all, you need to listen to your feelings in the dream:

  1. If in a dream the dreamer experienced fear and discomfort, the dream book recommends visiting a gynecologist and taking care, since the dream may be a warning about a miscarriage or a difficult birth.
  2. If there were no negative feelings in the dream, a serene, favorable period will come ahead and problems will remain in the past.


For a married lady, having a dream with a deceased person means the appearance of a secret admirer, a relationship with whom can develop into friendship or love.

Many people try to forget their nightmares as quickly as possible, but with great pleasure they replay in their memory good dream scenes, which, in their opinion, are certainly harbingers of the brightest and most joyful events. But a dream, the plot of which involves attending someone’s funeral and seeing a dead person, evokes the most negative emotions, although in fact it is never interpreted literally.

However, if your soul is anxious, then it is worth studying in more detail what you saw at night, trying to remember every little thing that will seem important


It is also of great importance who exactly will appear in the unenviable role of the deceased to the dreamer’s attention, because it is one thing if you had to attend the funeral of someone close, and quite another when a stranger was lying in a coffin.

In the latter case, higher powers send such visions in order to warn the sleeper that his impious behavior can lead to very bad consequences.


The appearance of a relative in a coffin in a dream also has a double interpretation, and, first of all, experts recommend taking into account the fact whether this person is actually alive

So, if he has already passed away, then his appearance in a dream may indicate that it is time to pay attention to him by lighting a candle for the repose of his soul or visiting the grave

The vision in which a loved one was lying in a coffin, alive and well in reality, is interpreted completely differently, because then he could be in serious danger.

Living Dead

If suddenly the sleeping person saw how the deceased came to life and began to smile, then in reality his life circumstances will certainly change for the better. But having a conversation with the deceased is, on the contrary, not the best harbinger, since it can promise a person extremely unpleasant news.

To obtain the most accurate interpretation of the image seen, it is strongly recommended to take into account such important factors as the gender, age and position of the dreamer. For example, for a married woman, the appearance of a deceased man in a coffin in a dream promises a secret admirer with whom she will be able to have a whirlwind romance.

But for representatives of the stronger sex, such symbols are considered far from the most positive, promising serious difficulties that only the most devoted comrades will help solve.

Who bought

Its meaning depends on who exactly purchased the coffin in the dream:

  • if your mother bought it, such a dream symbolizes an attack from enemies;
  • deceased mother - the need to make a choice;
  • father - to participate in a sports competition;
  • deceased dad - to a feeling of guilt for an offense;
  • grandmother - to troubles due to high ambitions;
  • deceased grandmother - to a surprise from the manager;
  • grandfather - to talk with influential people;
  • deceased grandfather - to an awkward situation at work;
  • son - to failures in the intimate sphere;
  • daughter - to renew a relationship with a friend;
  • brother - to fear for the child’s health;
  • sister - to a valuable acquisition soon;
  • husband - to the loss of the opportunity to change life for the better;
  • ex-husband - to new achievements at work;
  • wife - to refusal to participate in some business;
  • ex-wife - to career problems;
  • colleague - to receive a reprimand from management;
  • boss - worries about a loved one;
  • neighbor - to join a charitable society;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - to regret your mistakes;
  • dead man - to short-term unhappy relationships.

Adjusting values ​​for gender and dreamer’s condition

Night images are significantly influenced by the maturity of a person’s psyche, his experience, and the level of tasks being solved. It is customary to take these factors into account when forming interpretations:

  1. For a married lady, a deceased man indicates the presence of a secret admirer. If she wants, she can have an affair on the side, which will make her experience true happiness.
  2. It is not good for family people to see a dead person jumping out of their graves and swearing terribly. This is a sign of a huge scandal.
  3. The plots recommend that men rely on sincere friends in difficulties. The dreamer clearly has these.
  4. A pregnant woman does not need to be afraid of dreams.

For an unmarried woman, the deceased prophesies a quick wedding. The groom is described by the following details:

  • the guy is lying in the house - a peer will woo;
  • the old man is covered with a rich shroud - an older man with a fortune;
  • the deceased carelessly vows - the proposal will be made by a poor man;
  • there is a lady in the coffin - the wedding will fail;
  • a lid near the house - an unexpected date and a swift declaration of love.
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