Why do you dream of a dead man in a coffin - interpretation of the dream according to the dream books of Vanga, Miller and Islam

The dream book is a complex and ambiguous thing. Even identical dreams can have very different meanings depending on the context, time, gender and age of the dreamer. The dream book that a person turns to in the morning also plays an important role. In what dream interpretations do Muslims appear?

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Interpretation from dream books

As you know, not all dream books interpret even the same dreams in the same way. Sometimes they can even have the opposite meaning. It all depends on individual choice, each person chooses for himself which dream suits him best. You will find the meaning of a Muslim dream below from the most popular dream books.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller's dream book is one of the most popular in the world. There are more than two thousand interpretations in its pages, many of which contain very detailed analysis. Here's what Miller's dream book says:

  1. If you dream that a Muslim comes to you from outside, such a dream warns you of impending conflicts at work, which will be difficult to avoid.
  2. If in a dream a Muslim brings you bitter food or drink, this dream is a sign of impending loss that will affect your entire family. The loss can be in things or loved ones.
  3. If you dream about Muslims, as long as you lend money to someone, they will not return.
  4. If a person who professes Islam dreams of a person of another religion, painful betrayal on the part of a loved one is very likely.
  5. If in a dream a Muslim brought you raw or bitter food, this indicates a loss that the dreamer will not be able to cope with.

In Miller's dream, the Muslim dream has only negative meanings.

Vanga's Dream Book

Wang's dream is popular not only because it was written by such a famous soothsayer. His interpretations of dreams are multifaceted and ambiguous, they concern not only individuals, but also entire families, cities and countries.

  1. Seeing Muslims in a dream means beware of gullible colleagues, this will not lead to anything good.
  2. If a Muslim dreams while praying, it may mean abandoning important values. The dreamer's life has become too material; money has taken a leading position in life. Such a dream is a way to tell a person that deep down he needs people, love and elusive joy.

In this interpretation, the dream has more to do with personal life and condition than with real events.

Islamic dream book

This dream book can hardly be called widely known, but it is directly related to the dreams of Muslims. Also, the Islamic dream book is rightfully considered one of the oldest. This is a dream book in which Muslims play a significant role. Of course, the interpretation of this dream book is in many ways suitable only for Muslims.

  1. If the general mood of the dream in which a Muslim appears is positive and favorable, then such a dream is good news from Allah.
  2. A frankly frightening and unpleasant dream can be a harbinger of trouble, as it is sent by Shaitan.

Each of these dreams must be accompanied by a specific awakening ritual to either ward off the bad or increase the likelihood of the good.

General interpretation of dreams about a coffin

Most often, the dead predict a change in the weather. The presence of a coffin is optional and does not matter for interpretation. It is also considered a harbinger of pleasant changes: useful purchases, good guests.

Common dream plots about the dead:

  • the deceased comes to life;
  • the dead man begins to speak;
  • the deceased turns over, moves in every possible way;
  • I just dreamed about the funeral;
  • someone is buried alive;
  • funeral service for the deceased;
  • the dead man opens his eyes.

Dreaming of a funeral foreshadows changes. The situation and weather in a dream suggest the type of future changes. A sunny day promises favorable events; rain and bad weather threaten sad events. Carrying the coffin of a deceased friend in the rain (in reality he is alive) means waiting for betrayal. A waking funeral for someone who is alive promises longevity. To bury a close friend who is currently living - he will soon help resolve difficulties and provide significant support.

The dead man opened his eyes - a warning: a certain former acquaintance would emerge. The dream has an additional interpretation: memories that cause pain will soon stop bothering you, and the soul will experience relief.

A dream about a funeral service threatens an unsuccessful marriage. Such a dream before the wedding is a direct warning not to rush. A similar plot is dreamed of by insecure individuals who question their choice of partner.

For girls, a dead man foretells a quick date and a groom will be found. The old man promises a groom older than the dreamer, the young one - the same age. The more richly dressed, the more luxurious the decoration, the wealthier the man will be in reality.

For a married lady, the vision promises an admirer, a lover. For a man to see a dead person - it will help him overcome tormenting problems; a dead woman predicts happiness. A sick dreamer kisses a dead man - recovery is near.

What does your own funeral mean?

Attending your own funeral means longevity and prosperity. If until this moment the dreamer was tormented by solving problems, the dream promises a quick, painless solution. Come to life - a new happy streak of life begins. The man expects a new job, a promotion, the girl - marriage.

To lie in a coffin, to accidentally fall - sad news and events are coming. A fall warns - someone close is planning betrayal. Solving the problems that have arisen in reality will require a lot of effort. Just lying down, sitting on the lid - the dream has 2 interpretations. First: it’s time to finish what we started, to “bury the problem.” Second: dangerous troubles begin.

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Interpretation according to the dreamer

Everyone knows that an important fact when interpreting dreams is who had the dream. The meaning of dreams can change.

To a woman

If a young woman or girl dreams of a Muslim at any age, this dream is a harbinger of happy love. A romance that begins after this dream can lead to a happy marriage.

If you dream of a Muslim man or a Muslim woman trying to put a veil on the head of a Russian woman, the dream warns that intrigues and conspiracies against him are going on behind the dreamer’s back.

If a woman has a dream in which she is visited by several Muslim women or a whole group, then in real life she has no rivals to the heart of her beloved man. If a woman is already married, such a dream tells her that her husband is faithful to her and does not look around.

To a man

A Muslim woman in a dream without a clear context is a harbinger of some fateful events. These events can be both negative and positive.

A man seduces a Muslim girl in a dream? In real life, the dreamer will take a risky step, which can lead to a huge breakdown. And he will do it because of his ego.

If in a dream a Muslim woman or girl dances in front of a man, this is a sign that the man has a strong sexual desire at this point in his life. But he does not admit this to himself or others.

Gender is not important

If a Muslim woman appears in a dream and prays, this is a dream of great and long-awaited happiness. This dream is a harbinger of financial success and ease of completing assigned tasks.

Is this really the dream of a Muslim woman who was kicked out of the mosque for no apparent reason? Then the dreamer himself will experience an unfair shame or humiliating event, which will be blamed on circumstances or betrayal.

If the dreamer witnesses the death of a Muslim woman or attends her funeral in his dreams, he will soon have to take responsibility for the wrong behavior of others. It will ruin your reputation.

Dreams of Muslims and Muslims have a variety of interpretations, but most of them are negative. It is worth doing everything possible to avoid negative consequences and not to ignore such a sign.

Who dreamed about it (woman, man, girl)

The interpretation is adjusted for gender, age, even personal interests. If you remember the nuances correctly, it will serve as a support for preparing for the event. Prophecies:

  1. Married - to an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes to unreasonable jealousy, nagging spouse.
  2. For a lonely, widow, a relationship with a married lover is coming.
  3. For a pregnant woman, misfortunes will pass. Rest and think about good things. The deceased pronounces the name; it is worth naming the baby. This will protect him from misfortune.
  4. Unmarried - to a rich lover.
  5. For a girl - to a wonderful marriage with her beloved husband. The virgin will have a romantic evening.
  6. For a married man - an affair with a young beauty. A sarcophagus with red upholstery means that excessive attention from women will lead to self-confidence in male power and selfishness.
  7. Single - you have to win the affection of a cute girl. The end of adultery with a married employee;
  8. For a widower - commercial success.
  9. The child is offended by the control of adults.

For the patient - to recovery. A harbinger of a break in relations with a person who poisons existence with his presence.

Why do you dream of a white car?

Our dreams can hide various secrets of the subconscious, about which little is known. The only way to better understand all the secrets of dreams is to use dream books that have been developed by experienced psychologists using a special technique. If you dreamed of a white car , then you should not take everything so unambiguously. This is because there are a considerable number of interpretations that must be familiarized with for a better understanding of this dream.

What to do with good and bad sleep?

If a person happened to see a sign of Allah in a dream or an instruction from the Prophet, he must do the following:

If a person is sent a terrible dream, you need to do the following:

  • Pray to Allah
    asking for protection from evil.
  • three times for protection
    from Satan.
  • Spit three times to the left.
  • When falling asleep, you need to change your position.
  • Perform Namaz
  • Do not tell anyone about the dream or even interpret it for yourself.

Having completed all these points, a person can be sure that by the will of Allah the bad vision will not come true.

Interpretations according to the Holy Quran

  • The rope symbolizes the covenant of Allah.
  • the ship is a symbol of salvation.
  • Wood - hypocrisy in faith.
  • Stone is a hard heart.
  • The infant is the enemy.
  • Ash, ashes are an empty matter.
  • Greens and vegetables - replace the good with the bad.
  • A good tree is a good word.
  • Bad tree is a bad word.
  • Garden - good deeds.
  • Eggs and clothes are a symbol of a woman.
  • Light is the path of truth.
  • Darkness is the path of delusion.

Islamic dream book as an answer to many questions

Dreams enchant, frighten, give hope and make you angry. All the deepest fears and desires can come true in them. A person is able to visit fabulous places, drink and eat anything, and even speak an unfamiliar language.

But what do the various situations, pictures and images that appear during sleep mean from the perspective of Islam? When a believer reads the Koran, it means that the Almighty is talking to him, but he can communicate with his faithful novice even through dreams. Muslims believe that a dream can only be considered prophetic by a true believer. They also believe that they will be the ones who can be saved during the Day of Judgment.

Lots of dead people and coffins

A large number of dominoes and the deceased enhances the upcoming negative or positive events. Interpreted as follows:

  1. Two - a difficult choice awaits. You won't be able to dodge this.
  2. Three is risk. If they are buried in a church, it’s an accident. If they bury you, you might get into an accident. Bury - beware of death in a fire. All three are familiar - insurmountable obstacles. Unknown is a problem.
  3. A lot with the deceased - problems will arise like mushrooms after rain. Before you have time to deal with one, a whole heap of new ones will come out. Empty - unreasonable worries.
  4. The multitude of those who have come to life are the inner fears of the sleeper. If they speak, expect an attack from ill-wishers and envious people. Those who get up show a desire to hide from emerging problems.


The source of life, something without which not a single person can survive for more than three days - all this is water. According to Surah Jinn, 16,17 it means test. The test can be either a meeting with an old enemy or a promotion.

In the Islamic dream book, water does not have a single interpretation, therefore, if you see it in a dream, you should be prepared for the scenarios described below:

  1. Drinking hot or boiling water means trouble and illness. And if the water was also salty, then poverty would overtake the person.
  2. If the water was yellow, it means that the disease is already on the doorstep and will soon seize the faithful.
  3. According to the Koran, crossing a body of water in a boat with the current, a person can easily earn money, but if the boat sinks, then one should think about spending in the future.
  4. According to the Islamic dream book, water turned into blood means large-scale changes in life, perhaps even the death of loved ones.
  5. If the water you drank was clean and tasty, it means that your immediate dreams will soon be fulfilled. And if a person washes himself in such water, it means that he will soon find peace.
  6. If the water was bitter, death may occur in the immediate environment and will have to be mourned for many days. Sometimes bitter water is a harbinger of a serious illness.


There are several definitions on this subject in the Islamic Dream Book. Some of them are contradictory, but have a rational grain. The Islamic dream book defines a pregnant woman in a dream as follows:

  1. If a woman is old and sees her pregnancy, then she needs to wait for illness.
  2. If a woman has not yet been married or is a virgin and sees her pregnancy, it means that she will soon be married.
  3. Anyone who witnesses their pregnancy will ultimately receive an increase in their benefits and an increase in material wealth.
  4. If a husband sees his wife pregnant, you should expect good news soon.
  5. If one of your friends becomes pregnant, it means that they will soon have a new baby.
  6. If a pet becomes pregnant, there will soon be a lot of joy and peace in the house.
  7. If your daughter becomes pregnant, it means she will get married soon.
  8. If a pregnant woman sees herself with a beard, she will give birth to a son.
  9. If there are a lot of pregnant women around, it means that family well-being will burst into the house.

Interpretations according to the Sunnah

  • Raven is a wicked man.
  • The mouse is a sinful woman.
  • Rib, glassware - a symbol of a woman.
  • The shirt is a symbol of religion, faith.
  • Milk is knowledge.
  • A black woman with shaggy hair is a plague.
  • Rain is the path of truth and knowledge.
  • Smooth road - .
  • Walls are the commandments of Allah.
  • Open doors are the prohibitions of the Almighty.
  • Home is heaven.
  • Feast (feast) - Islam.
  • The caller to the feast is the Prophet.
  • Camel - greatness.
  • The sheep is the grace of the Almighty.
  • Horse - prosperity, goodness.
  • Sweet lemon - a true believer who reads the Koran.
  • Date is the one who does not read the Koran.
  • Basil is one who pretends to be a believer and reads the Koran.
  • A coloquint is someone who pretends to be a believer and does not read the Koran.
  • Oppression is darkness.
  • Stinginess means bloodshed and death.
  • Palma is a Muslim devoted to Allah.
  • Fire - confusion, destruction.
  • The stars are scientists.
  • Iron weapons - victory, strength.
  • Aroma is praise, a good deed.
  • The Rooster is an influential person.
  • The snake is a distributor of heresy.
  • The patient silently leaves the house - to death.
  • A sick person leaves the house talking - to recovery.
  • Coming out of narrow doors is liberation, relief.
  • The death of a person is a return to the Almighty.
  • Working with the soil is work.
  • The dog is not a dangerous enemy.
  • Leo - power and authority.
  • The fox is a treacherous person.

Characteristics of dreams

Holy Scripture defines three types of dreams:

  1. dreams sent by Allah;
  2. dreams from Shaitan (Satan);
  3. dreams from the subconscious.

The signs sent down by the Almighty bring goodness and edification

. These are small prophecies that show a person the right path. These dreams are distinguished by the presence of the image of the Prophet, Angels and saints.

Dreams from Satan are filled with nightmares or temptations

. These paintings are designed to lead the believer astray from the true path and lead in a dark direction. Sometimes Shaitan influences a person with fear in order to force him to commit haram (sin).

Scientists of the Islamic world believe that dreams from the shaitan come only if a person spent the day incorrectly - succumbed to temptations, did not perform the ritual of going to bed or did not perform ablution before going to bed. It is forbidden to tell others about these dreams.

Dreams from the subconscious

talk about the experiences of the current day, the person’s impressions. Sometimes these dreams are confusing and incomprehensible: such visions do not need to be deciphered.

Adjusting values ​​for gender and dreamer’s condition

Night images are significantly influenced by the maturity of a person’s psyche, his experience, and the level of tasks being solved. It is customary to take these factors into account when forming interpretations:

  1. For a married lady, a deceased man indicates the presence of a secret admirer. If she wants, she can have an affair on the side, which will make her experience true happiness.
  2. It is not good for family people to see a dead person jumping out of their graves and swearing terribly. This is a sign of a huge scandal.
  3. The plots recommend that men rely on sincere friends in difficulties. The dreamer clearly has these.
  4. A pregnant woman does not need to be afraid of dreams.

For an unmarried woman, the deceased prophesies a quick wedding. The groom is described by the following details:

  • the guy is lying in the house - a peer will woo;
  • the old man is covered with a rich shroud - an older man with a fortune;
  • the deceased carelessly vows - the proposal will be made by a poor man;
  • there is a lady in the coffin - the wedding will fail;
  • a lid near the house - an unexpected date and a swift declaration of love.

What to do if you have a favorable or unfavorable dream

If you happen to see a sign from Allah or an instruction from the Prophet, do the following:

  • Give praise to the Almighty for your sleep.
  • Be filled with joyful anticipation of the fulfillment of the sign.
  • Tell those who love and appreciate you about what you saw.
  • Interpret the dream correctly, because exactly those symbols that you have designated through the dream book will come to life.

If you happen to have a scary dream, do the following:

  • Ask Allah in prayer to protect you from evil.
  • Ask for protection from Shaitan - three times.
  • Spit to the left three times.
  • Change your position when falling asleep (turn over to the other side).
  • Perform the ritual of Namaz.
  • Don't tell anyone about the contents of your dream.
  • Don't try to interpret it even for yourself.

If you do the above seven points, the dream will not come true by the will of Allah.

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